His True Colors Chapter 1681-1683

 Chapter 1681

Han Qianqiang had no doubt that if he said something wrong, Cool-Son Ye would even ki ll him on the spot, but it wasn't that he was afraid of dying or being threatened by him, he just couldn't find an excuse to explain it.

        Nodding his head, "Yes!"

        Hearing this, Ye Liao Cheng smiled in satisfaction, looked at Qin Frost, revealed a smile that he thought was very handsome, and said, "Sister Qin Frost, are you okay?"

        Qin Shuang quietly looked at Han Qianqian, with a complicated mood, but just now, wasn't it Han Qianqian who saved herself?

        How could that ball of energy be sent by Cool-Son Yeh?

        It's just that one admitted it, and the other didn't deny it, Qin Frost can only admit it as a fact.

        In addition, even if what Ye Guocheng said was false, but Han Qianli did not even have the courage to admit it to herself, as much as in Qin Frost's heart, thinking of this, she deliberately smiled at Ye Guocheng: "Adjusted for a period of time, much better, since you saved us, that's really thanks to you, right, why are you here?".

        "Oh, in a few months, it will be our sect's entrance examination, I wanted to improve my cultivation, so I ran to the Fourth Peak to catch the spirit pet, but I didn't expect to see you, junior sister, and in a rush, I saved you. Originally, I wanted to follow you quickly, but that big flying horse was too fierce, so I tangled with it until now, and I guessed you were far away, so I came to chase you." Ye Guocheng smiled.

        Qin Frost was as beautiful as an immortal, and her talent was outstanding, she was simply the dream lover of every Void Sect disciple, and Cool-Son Ye was no exception.

        It's just that for so many years, his chances were not very good.

        This time, Qin Frost actually encountered the attack of the big flying horse, for Cool-Songyi Ye, it was like a reward from God.

        He did come to catch the spirit pet today, but the second half of the story was fictional, he didn't make a move at all, instead he chose to retreat after seeing Qin Frost being repulsed by the big flying horse.

        The golden beast was so strong that even if he went to help Qin Frost, it wouldn't help, but would probably drag him down, so he remained an indifferent observer.

        Just when he was sighing that Qin Frost was about to fade away, Han Qianqian, the slave, suddenly rushed out, and with an extremely strong energy, he repelled the big flying horse and managed to escape.

        This made Ye Kucheng very surprised, how could a small slave have such strong power? The most frightening thing is that this energy is obviously not owned by the Void Sect.

        Instead, it was more like a cult technique!

        After a moment of trepidation, Ye Lone City laughed coldly, so he waited until it was dark, and after the big Pegasus left, he thought of an excuse and chased after him.

        Sometimes, no one believes the truth, and it is not easy to lie, but this kind of half-truth is the most difficult for people to understand.

        He also expected that Han Qianqian wouldn't dare to refute it, because he had a hold on him, and he knew it well.

        Seeing that he was so sure of what he said, and that he was right on the money, Qin Frost nodded his head, feeling grateful.

        "It's been hard for you." Qin Frost faintly nodded his head.

        Ye Liao Cheng was incomparably excited, in the past, Qin Frost's attitude towards him always rejected people, now, at least it had been much better.

        This trip was worth it.

        "You're welcome, this is my part of the business." Ye Guocheng smiled lightly.

        Han Qianqiang has no interest in these pickup games, he also has no interest in Qin Frost, although Qin Frost several times almost unintentionally tempted him to overturn the boat, but that is just a man's physical instincts, his heart, living is always Su Yingxia.

        "Right, so now we are going back, or ......" Han Qianli can't stand Ye Liao Cheng's dummy fake appearance, at this time to speak out.

        "Sister, let's go back, it's not too early, and there are big Pegasus infested near here, I'm afraid ...... "Ye Lusheng didn't dare to speak out his inner fears.

        The first thing that I'm going to do is to take a look at the newest version of this article.

        She was a person who had a beginning and an end, but also a stubborn person with her own principles.

        Moreover, Han 3,000 always needs to pass this trial, although Ye Lone City has proved that he was the one who saved himself just now, but one thing is undeniable, Han 3,000 also ran a long way with himself in his arms.

        Although, he is still doing what only those slaves do, but at least, this slave is loyal.

        Secondly, Qin Lang has his own thoughts, just like Ye Liao Cheng, the entry competition is about to begin, whoever can win the excellent results in the competition, who will become the disciple of the master, then not only the future head of the Void Sect, but also the master's master's master's hand, the future is expected.

        "But junior sister your body ...... "Ye Kucheng deliberately made an excuse.

        "Oh, with Brother Ye here, is Sister Qinshang's injury still a problem?" Han Qianqian at this time.

        It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time before you have a chance to get to know each other," he said.

        He was embarrassed when he saw Qin Lang looking up at him and cursed Han Qianqian, a dead b*tch, with a smile on his face: "That's for sure, with my cultivation, this small injury of Sister Qin Lang is nothing.".

        After saying that, Ye Kucheng gently transported energy and started to heal Qinshang through the air.

        Han Qianqian smiled disdainfully, let you f*cking pretend, this is the price you have to pay.

        The next morning, Qin Frost woke up, and Han Qianli brought some water to quench her thirst, which she had been meditating on since last night.

        Qin Frost took a shallow sip, looking extremely gentle, and her frosty and beautiful face now had a lot of blood back.

        Han Qianli looked at the slight water stains on her lips, and really wanted to taste it herself.

        "By the way, where's your Solitary Senior Brother?" Qin Frost looked around and asked.

        Last night, that greedy fellow who was afraid of death sneaked out in the middle of the night.

        "Oh, Senior Brother Lonely City said last night that Master urgently summoned him back to the peak, so he went back in the middle of the night." Han Qianqian said with a fleshly smile.

        That guy obviously knew that there were gold-ranked monsters in the area and didn't dare to stay long, plus he spent a lot of energy to cure Qin Shang, so, hearing that Qin Shang had to continue looking for strange beasts, he slipped away.

        In case he encounters something big again, it's not worth it to lose his life here.

        Qin Frost didn't think much of it and nodded, "Alright, let's continue then."

        Han Giangli nodded as Qin Frost left the spring and slowly made his way towards the deeper forest.

        The two had no idea that a greater danger awaited them there.

Chapter 1682

The entire surrounding area was completely obscured from view by the dense foliage, and it was black as far as the eye could see.

        "Be careful." Qin Frost warned, she could already feel the energy fluctuations nearby.

        Han Qianli nodded and nested behind Qin Frost, peering around.

        "No, right?" Qin Lang's incredibly light chanting was followed by her bringing out her sword.

        The first time I saw her, Han Qianqian's entire body was very nervous, no, did she encounter some big boss again?

        Is this good luck or bad luck?

        At this moment, the surrounding grasses gently leaped up, and a rustling sound came from all directions, Han Qianli was confused, and so was Qin Frost.

        Hundreds of strange beasts in the form of a circle surrounded the two of them!

        "Red-Eyed Beast, One-Horned Horse, Heavenly Kui, Divine Wind!" Qin Frost was almost depressed, what are they catching up with? Into the Beast's Den?

        Why are all the big yellow beasts!

        If you want to pick on a group of people, even an idiot knows the result.

        What Qin Frost didn't know was that they were indeed lucky enough to have a big scene with a strange beast protector.

        "Ki ll them!" At this time, standing at the top of the hundred beasts was a white haired sleepy-headed gorilla, which was the largest size gorilla Han Giang had ever seen.

        "Buddha Sound Stone Monkey!" Qin Frost was surprised and lost his voice.

        This was a top-level golden beast, not to mention the four peaks, even the entire Void Sect might not have more than four golden beasts, but today, it was good that the two of them had directly bumped into two of them.

        Moreover, it included the strongest one!

        Qinshang just wanted to catch a better yellow-grade beast and get a bronze beast for Han Qianqiang, why is it so difficult!

        With a roar from the big monkey, hundreds of strange beasts suddenly attacked directly at the two, and Han Giangli was bitter in his heart.

        After a night of healing, Qin Frost's fighting strength had almost recovered. In the face of the incoming beasts, she flew left and right, flying in the sky, looking good, but at the same time, Han 3,000 knew that she had a hard time holding on.

        But when he had to expose his Heavenly Yin Technique in front of Qinshang, Han 3,000 didn't want to do it unless he had to. He used it before, but only because Qin Frost was in danger.

        How about letting her go?

        "Get out of here!" Before Han Qianqian spoke, Qin Shang in mid-air shouted coldly.

        Han 3,000 was hesitant, running is not his style, leaving his woman behind, Han 3,000 couldn't let go of his dignity, while hesitating, Qin Frost had already landed in front of him, and without waiting for Han 3,000 to say anything, he lifted his clothes and flew away with him.

        Han 3,000 thousand wanted to say that he would too, but Qinshang did not give him the chance.

        Looking back, the hundred beasts were frantically chasing after him.

        And then looking up, many strange beasts suddenly appeared on the road ahead.

        There were pursuers behind and interceptors in front, and just at the critical moment, the big white monkey suddenly shouted, and a huge wall of wind suddenly blew out directly from his mouth, and expanded larger and larger!


        Like an airplane with its wings broken, Qin Frost was hit by the wall of sound and fell heavily to the ground.

        Facing the rushing stone monkeys, Qin Frost couldn't care less and climbed up and attacked towards them.

        Han Qiangli looked around, and there were all kinds of strange beasts around, one by one, with claws and teeth, seemingly wanting to skin and strip Han Qiangli. But years of experience had taught him not to panic in any situation.

        He quickly searched for a breakthrough, and soon locked his eyes on a large stone cave behind the hundreds of beasts.

        The cave was easy to defend and hard to attack, and was the best choice for the two of them. Although they would face death sooner or later, they had a chance to wait for the aid of the Four Peaks disciples. ,.

        Watching Qin Frost retreating, the stone monkeys attacked very fast, and in just a few rounds, Qin Frost was wounded again and again.

        "Sister, over there!" Han Qianli shouted, and secretly transported the Voidness Sect's skills, while using the energy of the Heavenly Yin Technique, directly to the stone cave side while kil ling and breaking through.

        Behind them was the base camp that the beasts were guarding, and a group of beasts all came out of their nest to ki ll the two, but they never expected that the direction they were running would be there.

        Their defense was weak, plus the two of them were surprised by Han Qianqian, the strange beasts did not reflect very well, that head Han Qianqian had pulled the landed Qin Frost desperately ran into the cave.

        "That's enough!" The stone monkey waved his big hand and took up his position a hundred meters away from the stone cave, stopping the hundred beasts from pursuing him.

        "They want to go into the stone cave, let them go, it's just right, we can make dinner for the Beast King." The stone monkey laughed coldly.

        "But Monkey King, the Beast King is also currently about to be born, will he not be able to beat those two humans?" A henchman, now worried.

        "As for the man, he is nothing but a fast runner, and he is no threat to the Beast King. The Stone Monkey said coldly and confidently.

        "Also, don't forget that the Beast King is weak at birth, but there are still four bodyguards inside."

Chapter 1683

Hearing of the four bodyguards, the beasts were suddenly very relieved.

        These four bodyguards have always recognized money but not people, not to mention two small humans, even if the world's humans came, they would still be the same.

        In addition, the four bodyguards' abilities were quite good, although each of them was only at the yellow level, the four of them coexisted together for a hundred years and had a perfect understanding, plus the four of them's attributes were completely compatible with each other, the four of them together could at least top one and a half of the gold level.

        "This group of humans, all day long, capture our kind, let us sign a master-servant contract with them and become their slaves."

        "Yeah, especially in this Void Sect, we're better like captive fish, fattening up and kil ling them, it's too much."

        "When the Beast King is born, we will work together to protect it, and in the future, it will certainly be able to lead us to fight back against the humans, don't humans love to sign contracts? Well, we'll sign with them later, but they're our slaves!"


        Outside, a hundred beasts were boiling.

        At this time, the two people who entered the cave, Qin Lang finally could not support, a mouthful of blood gushed up the throat, the entire body is very soft, if not for Han Qianqian help, she would have fallen.

        She was not healed at all, but she is similar to Su Yingxia in that she would rather grit her teeth and smile than shed even a single tear quietly.

        And even if she is not injured, first she fought against the big Pegasus, and now she meets the stone monkey, everyone is tired, not to mention that she is a woman.

        "Sister, are you okay?" Han Qianqian was worried.

        Qin Frost did not reply, but said to him, "Help me find a quiet place, I want to heal my wounds."

        Han nodded and helped her into the cave about five meters inland, where it was empty and too deep for Han to enter, but in this direction, he could see the entrance of the cave.

        As soon as Qin Lang sat down, he directly transported his power to heal his injury, but only a little bit, a mouthful of blood was spat out.

        Han 3,000 was sprayed with blood, but when he touched it, Han 3,000 suddenly stood up in a tense manner: "Sister, are you poisoned?"

        Qin Frost's blood was black, which proved she was poisoned.

        "That monkey deliberately let me go when I was leaving, I was a little loose and he slapped me." Qin Frost shook her head with difficulty, the injuries in her body made her very uncomfortable.

        Even she could feel death closing in on her.

        "Those monsters don't seem to be chasing us in." Han Giangli swept a glance outside the cave and saw that there was no movement and hurried to Qin Frost, then he transported the Heavenly Yin energy in his body to heal Qin Frost's injuries.

        "What are you doing?" Qin Frost drank with cold eyes.

        "Heal your wounds ah."

        "No!" Qin Frost shook his head: "With that little energy of yours, not to mention saving me, it's not bad if you can save your own life, but you can do me a favor."

        "What favor?"

        Qin Frost hesitated for a moment, but still placed her eyes on Han Qianqian. ""Help me seal the two meridian points to prevent the severe poison from attacking my heart.""

        She knew that the severe poison of the Golden Wonder Beast could not be cleared in her current state. The only hope was to protect the meridians and delay the onset of the poison, waiting for the rescue of the Four Peaks disciples.

        However, she had already been poisoned, and any further movement to seal her veins would only make the poison come stronger, so she could only hope for Han Qianqian.

        "Okay no problem, Sister, which two acupuncture points to seal."

        Qin Shang blushed slightly and didn't say anything.

        Han Qianqian said urgently, "Speak quickly."

        "On the left side of my ...... on the left side of my ...... as well as in the center of my chest."

        Han Marchian's raised hand froze in mid-air ......

        Do we really have to do this?

        The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

        The first time I saw it, I thought it was a good idea to have a little more information about it.

        "Seal the meridians, I'm no different from normal people now, and I'll be relying on you during the time I'm waiting for rescue." Although Qin Frost understood that it was unrealistic to place hope on Han Qianqian's body, because even he might not be able to withstand the attacks of so many strange beasts.

        But there was no middle way.

        "I'll teach you a few advanced Void Sect spells, I'll read, you learn, understand?" Qin Frost instructed.

        Han 3,000 nodded, and then, under Qin Frost's guidance, carefully studied several advanced spells of the Voidless Sect, which were divided into three types: offensive, defensive, and auxiliary.

        The offensive one was the Falling Rain Ice Sword, and the defensive one was the Ice Wall Technique.

        Half an hour passed, and Han Qianqian knew the heart of the spell by heart, and the moves were becoming familiar under Qin Shang's guidance, so he was about to practice, when suddenly there was a burst of cold laughter from the cave.

        "Hehe, when did such a superb beauty enter the cave."

        "Look at this body, it's just the best of the best."

        "I can't stop drooling already, hahaha."