His True Colors Chapter 1679-1680

Chapter 1679


        Numerous ice swords struck directly on the body of the big Pegasus, but the seemingly strong attack on the body of the big Pegasus was like rain falling on the velvet, and it only shook a little, and all the ice swords inserted all over its body were instantly shaken to the ground.

        Qin Frost's face was cold, and he regrouped his energy on the ice sword and swooped down directly from the sky with the sword.


        The Sky Silkworm Pegasus roared at Qin Frost when it reared its head.

        The first time I saw it, it was like a kite that had broken its strings, and was pushed hundreds of meters away by the air currents.

        The strength of the golden beast is so strong that it is unimaginable, even Qin Frost herself is only a yellow spiritual pet by now, and this is what Lin Mengxi brought her to subdue.

        Seeing the big Pegasus approaching Han 3,000 once again, Qin Frost bit her jade lips and dashed over again with her sword.

        It was true that Han Qianqian was a slave to her, but since she had brought him here, she had the responsibility and obligation to protect Han's safety.

        But as soon as she rushed over, after only a few rounds of fighting, Qin Shuang was knocked out of the room because the difference in strength was so obvious.

        Smashing heavily on the ground, Qin Frost's green clothes were covered with mud and blood dripping from her own mouth.

        She could never have imagined that the two of them would be so lucky as to meet the fiercest big boss just at the edge of the beast world.

        Looking at Qinshang, who was constantly injured from saving herself, Han Qianli shouted with all her might, "Sister Qinshang, you go first!"

        Qin Frost snorted coldly, "Han Qianqian, are you teaching me how to do things?"

        After saying that, she dragged her injured body, flew to Han Qianli's side quickly, and slapped her palm directly on Han Qianli's back. Han Qianli only felt a warm current enter his body, and helped himself to repair his injured organs.

        Then, Qin Frost pushed Han 3,000's palm out dozens of meters: "I'll attract its attention, go quickly!"

        After Qin Frost said that, he held his sword in his hand, and once again, he killed towards the big Pegasus!

        Han Qianli watched her stubbornly rush up, but she was quickly beaten back, and after a few times, her green dress was stained with blood. But Han Qianli also understood what it would mean to her if she left.

        She was already outmatched, and had just used her energy to heal herself so that she would have a chance to escape, but now she would only lose even faster.

        Even if she goes back to move help, when she gets here, she will be a corpse.

        I didn't expect that the normally cold and impersonal senior sister would treat Han Qianli as a human being at a critical moment.

        The corner of Han Qianli's mouth twitched, revealing a sardonic smile.

        At this time, the successive failed attacks, Qin Lang's internal energy was severely depleted, coupled with severe injuries, she had understood that she was incapable of confronting the big Pegasus in front of her.

        With a bitter smile, she didn't expect that the genius disciple of the Void Sect would die on the road of catching strange beasts, just like most of the rookies who had just entered the sect.

        Although there was much reluctance in her heart, the end was already set, looking at the Pegasus that was furiously pouncing towards her, Qin Frost closed her eyes slightly!

        "The heavens and the earth and the eight desolations, Hades is eternally fallen, give me death!"

        Suddenly, at this moment, a furious shout came out, and before Qin Frost had time to open his eyes to see what was going on, a black ball of energy instantly fell from the sky and smashed less than two meters in front of him.


        The entire forest shook slowly with the explosion, and at that moment, Qin Frost felt an arm pick himself up directly from the waist, and then quickly ran away in the distance!

        From afar, the big Pegasus shook his head, woke up from the huge explosion, looked at the two people who had run far away, and let out a roar unwillingly.

        After the aftershocks of the explosion, Qin Frost was held back from running for about a minute before the whole thing slowed down a bit, slightly opening her eyes, and through the sunlight in the cracks between the leaves of the forest, she saw that Han Qianxiang was gritting his teeth and running forward desperately.

        Sweat was slowly falling down his cheeks.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services.

        For a moment, Qin Frost felt that she enjoyed this feeling.

        But soon, Qin Frost turned cold and tried to struggle, but found that she couldn't move at all, and it wasn't until Han Giang carried her to a water fountain and set her down that she regained some strength.


        A slap on Han Qianqian's face: "You are rude!"

        The first time since childhood, Qin Lang was so intimately touched by a man, of course, if she knew that the first time she was seen naked was also the man in front of her, I wonder how she would feel.

        After confirming that the big Pegasus wasn't coming after him, he breathed a sigh of relief and leaned against the boulder, panting heavily with a tired face.

        A moment later, Han Qianqian stood up, his eyes, however, kept staring at a certain part of Qin Frost's face.

        "You ......" Qin Frost was suddenly furious, but before the words could fall, Han Qianqian had bent down and moved closer to her!

Chapter 1680

Han Qiangli's body was bent low, no more than a few centimeters away from the reclining Qin Frost.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

        For a moment, Qin Frost blushed slightly, and her heartbeat increased abruptly.

        "Hiss la!"

        At this moment, Qin Frost heard a crackling sound, and then half of her arm and sleeve were torn open by Han Qianqian.

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available.

        No matter how hard she pushed, Han Qiangqian still pulled off more clothes by her jade arm by herself.

        Then, Han 3,000 took out half of the branch from the wound on her arm, and then tore off a small piece of cloth from his own clothes to cover the wound.

        Looking at his serious appearance, as well as his eyes without any distractions, Qin Frost's cold face had the slightest hint of embarrassment, beating Han Qianqian's hand, and also gently placed it on his back.

        "Okay." Han Three Thousand smiled slightly and stood up.

        Only then did Qin Frost wake up from the disorientation of having been watching Han Three Thousand, and slightly pulled up the clothes on her arms, barely covering her fair jade arms, without speaking.

        "Where is this?" Han Qianqiang looked up and around.

        Qin Frost looked around with him, "You're going in the wrong direction. You're going deeper into the forest."

        Han Qianli stroked his head in embarrassment, it had happened suddenly and he was panicking.

        "It's okay, there are no energy fluctuations from the spirit beasts around here, so it's safe for now, you help me protect my Dharma, I need to transport my power to heal my injuries."

        After giving these instructions, Qin Frost reluctantly sat up, then transported his energy and began to heal himself.

        When he opened his eyes again, Qin Frost was awakened by a fragrance, and when he opened his eyes, Han Qianqian was not far away, setting up a fire and earnestly roasting two red spirit fish fished out from the spring.

        Under the glow of the bonfire, Han 3,000's back is a bit thin, but it is full of masculinity, giving people a feeling of security.

        Hearing Qin Frost's cough, Han 3,000 got up, and then, carrying a large leaf with water in it, handed it to Qin Frost's side.

        Qin Frost took it and took a shallow sip, and Han Three Thousand then handed over the grilled fish he had taken from beside the fire.

        "It's battered." Qin Frost's willow brows furrowed as she looked at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianli shook his head, "No, it's called grilled fish, try it."

        Qin Frost nodded, and as a result of the grilled fish, she gently tore open the surface of the fish with her delicate fingers, then tried a bite, and for a moment, an aroma entered her mouth, making Qin Frost quite surprised.

        "I didn't expect that you can still make things?" After a few more bites, Qin Frost fell in love with the taste.

        It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time before you get to the point where you can't do anything about it. As long as you have the means, you can roast a whole lamb.

        Looking at the stars in the sky, Han Qianli really missed the life on Earth.

        Although there wasn't much power there, people lived in style, simplicity, freedom, and crispness.

        "As a slave, isn't it normal to know how to cook something to eat?" Han Giangli laughed.

        "Just now, why didn't you leave?" Qin Frost nodded her head, which was the end of the conversation.

        "If a grown man wants to leave a woman to protect him, I'm not willing to do it, and if I want to leave a woman to run for my own life, then I'm even more unable to do it, so I'd rather give my life here than live in a nest forever, and then I can go to hell and continue to be a slave for my senior sister." Han Qianli mocked himself.

        "A slave, isn't that a lump?" Qin Frost asked.

        "Do I have a choice?" Han Qianli was depressed.

        "There's no choice, you're my Qin Frost's slave, right, since you're a slave, shouldn't you tell your master what just happened to that black energy ball?" Qin Frost's focus is on this.

        Han Qianqiang also knew that there was no way to avoid this question.

        Qin Frost was no fool, she would ask sooner or later, but after thinking about it for a day, Han Qianli didn't know how to answer her.

        Yes, she did save herself, but in the end, she was Lin Mengxi's beloved disciple, and Lin Mengxi was Zhu Ying's sworn enemy, so if Qin Frost knew that her technique was Zhu Ying's Heavenly Yin Technique, once she told Lin Mengxi, then she, Zhu Ying's successor, probably wouldn't be able to live to see the dawn!

        So, after thinking about it, Han Qianli thought that he shouldn't say anything, but Han Qianli wasn't a person who liked to lie, and lying was simply a difficult thing for him to do.

        Just as Han 3,000 was about to answer, a dashing figure quickly rushed out.

        "That ball of energy was just my carving technique."

        A nice male voice rose in the sky, and a handsome figure also landed in front of Qin Frost at this moment.

        The gentleman was like a jade, standing proudly with his bones and style, and Ye Lusheng was holding his chest out with his hands negative.

        "Ye Kucheng?" Qin Lang was stunned.

        Ye Liao Cheng nodded and smiled slightly, at the same time, his eyes looked at Han Qianqian, very cold and gloomy.

        "Did I say it right? Han 3,000!"