His True Colors Chapter 1674-1676

 Chapter 1674

In Han Qianli's mind, the perfect body next to the spring that night popped up, and the whole person was suddenly a little energized.

        "What are you waiting for? Is that the dress you're going to wear?" Qin Frost saw that Han Qianqian was unmoved, and said in a cold voice, "Do you want to take off all your clothes?

        Do we have to take off all our clothes then?!

        Han Qianli almost blurted out the words, but reason told him it was impossible.

        He loved Su Yingxia, and no evil force could possibly occupy his heart.

        While Han 3,000 was fighting for chastity, Qin Frost was already sitting cross-legged on the bed, without the cover of the outer gauze and misty, but even more so, Qin Frost's perfect curves to reveal a clear, make people want to have an impulse to rush up and pull off the training clothes she wore inside.

        "Sister ......" Han Qianqian wanted to express her firm stance.

        "Sit down." Qin Shang interrupted Han Qianqian in a cold voice, "Take care of yourself, and pay attention to your vomit, now, I will teach you the cultivation heart method of this sect, you remember it clearly, I won't say it twice."

        The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a look at it.

        As Qin Shang's recipe was recited one by one, Han Qianqian followed her method and began to enter the cultivation state.

        In some ways, the Void Sect's cultivation technique was similar to Zhu Ying's Heavenly Yin technique, but in general, they were two completely opposite ways.

        If the Celestial Yin Technique is an evil and sinister sword that goes off the beaten path, then the Void Sect's is more like a great opening and closing with a hint of abandonment.

        When Han Qianqian cultivated with the Void Sect's mind, his entire body emitted a faint white blur that he could have seen if his eyes had been open at the time.

        The Void Sect emphasizes coexistence with the world, emptiness and nothingness, empty and one. Therefore, when practicing with the Void Sect, one should try to wear light clothing to avoid affecting the sensation with the world.

        After two hours, the heart method Han Qianqian had already memorized it clearly, and under Qin Frost's teaching, he went all the way through forty-eight weeks, which slowly opened his eyes.

        At this time, Qin Frost has already approved the outside of the gauze clothing, Han 3,000 actually feel, a little pity ......

        "This is all of the introductory techniques of this sect, you will devote yourself to cultivating for the next period of time, usually after three months, you will be able to transform qi and condense water, and injure people with water."

        After Qin Frost finished speaking, she was just about to walk out, when an ice sword slashed across her eyes and nailed her directly on the wooden door next to her!

        Qin Frost took a glance at the Ice Sword and looked back at Han Qianqian incredulously.

        "Sorry, Sister, the operation is not skilled." Han Qianqian touched his hand awkwardly, the Eightfold World's manipulation of energy, indeed the method is completely different from what he had encountered before, moreover, the power of energy here is also far more powerful than in other places.

        The same is to pick leaves to hurt people, one leaf in the Eight Directions World can hurt ten thousand troops, Xuanyuan World can hurt a hundred people, while Earth, at most a dozen people, this is the difference in class, sometimes extremely terrifying.

        Qin Frost did not speak, because her heart was already shocked.

        The Void Sect's introductory technique, since the Void Sect's founding, there has never been a single person who could learn it on the same day and be able to integrate it and directly issue an attack technique!

        Even though Han Qianqian's current technique is very lame, Qin Shang is ashamed of herself for this speed of comprehension. She, who is regarded as a rare genius of the Void Sect, took more than seven days to comprehend the introduction, but Han Qianqian, the slave, took only one day, no, it should be only two hours.

        How is this possible!

        You're blind!

        Yes, he was definitely blindfolded, otherwise, such a talent would have come to be Qin Qingfeng's disciple. And still run to Four Peaks to be a good slave?

        Even if he was willing, the sects of the Eight Directions would not be willing, as this is a great treasure that everyone is competing for.

        Qin Frost believed that if such a person really appeared, the sects would probably fight each other to the death over the disciples.

        So, the only explanation is Han Qian Meng's.

        "Alright, you have a good cultivation, I still have important business, I'm going back to the palace, right." Qin Frost had just taken two steps when he suddenly stopped again and aimed an attack wave directly at Han Qianqian.

        Han 3,000 yuan's entire body was suddenly knocked to the ground by a strange force, his chest even more painful to feel his chest cavity shattered, he scrambled to remove his clothes, and at this time, a red frost character fell on his chest.

        "From today onwards, you are my slave." After Qin Frost finished speaking, he gave a strange look at Han Qianli, got up and left the house.

        Han 3,000 hearts 10,000 grass mud horses, who wants to be your slave, without any consent at all, just a rash decision? I was about to speak, when Qin Frost's voice came from the air.

        "When you're in control, I'll take you to catch the spirit beasts!"

Chapter 1675

After Qin Shang left, Han Qianli continued to stay in the thatched-roof hut to practice and comprehend the mind techniques for the second time.

        After the Zhoutian Xing Turn, Han 3,000 felt that his response to the eight directions of the world was stronger, and the energy in his body was also more and more enormous.

        Most importantly, Han 3,000 felt that his body was becoming lighter and lighter. Having cultivated for countless times, Han 3,000 understood that this kind of weight loss meant that the impurities in his body had begun to be eliminated.

        With these qualitative changes, Han Qianli's interest greatly increased, and the whole person completely entered into a state of tranquility.

        Qin Frost, who had returned to the main hall, was in her room, staring out of the window in a daze.

        Her mind was filled with images of Han Qianqian sending out that little ice thorn.

        She really couldn't figure out why Han 3,000 was able to send out an attack spell so quickly, and if she was a genius, it was impossible, but if she was blinded, her luck was too good.

        She could have tried to make Han 3,000 send out another attack spell so that she would know if she was blindfolded, but she didn't dare, fearing that she would get a definite answer.

        He's just a slave!

        "It's so late, why aren't you resting? Is it because Han Qianqiang's qualifications are so poor that it takes a lot of effort to teach?" Lin Mengxi walked in at this time with a bowl of hot chicken soup.

        "Tian Lingxue is participating in the Phoenix Feather Chicken, have some, it's calming." Lin Mengxi's eyes were filled with love and care.

        Qin Frost nodded and took the chicken soup cup, but only held it in her hand, her thoughts still drifting outside.

        Lin Mengxi smiled gently, sat down next to her, and said softly, "What's wrong? If Han 3,000 is indeed too junior, I can find someone to replace you."

        Lin Mengxi arranged for Qin Frost because Ruo Yu was usually helping her with all the big and small matters in the peak, and the other disciples appeared to be underqualified, after all, Han 3000 was authorized by the Head Master, so she finally chose Qin Frost.

        "Do you think that someone can instantly comprehend the Void Sect's cultivation heart method when they first learn it?" Qin Frost murmured, as if talking to himself, or as if he was talking to Lin Mengxie.

        Lin Mengxie smiled, "More than thirteen hundred years ago, the Voidless Sect produced a peerless genius, back then, he was a candidate for the Three True Gods, and the most glorious moment after our Voidless Sect opened, his name was Tian Yu Zi."

        "The Void Sect's introductory cultivation method, it is said that he learned it the same day and was already able to send out attack spells the next day, and his talent was sensational throughout the eight directions. However, because he was so outstanding, the three great families assassinated him before he reached his peak in order to keep the position of the True God intact, causing our Void Sect to have no successor.

        If Tian Yu Zi were still alive, even if the three gods couldn't get their hands on the Void Sect, at least with such a great successor, the Void Sect would at least be a strong sect in the Eight Directions.

        Unfortunately, things are unpredictable, and there are many people.

        "Do you mean that even our best genius needs one day?" Qin Frost asked, "The Void Sect's power is to coexist with the world.

        Lin Mengxi smiled: "The Void Sect's technique emphasizes co-existence with heaven and earth, so that all laws can come and go, and all things can come and go. But because of this, when you practice our Void Sect's introductory techniques, whether you are skilled or not is one thing, and whether you are able to connect with heaven and earth is another."

        "How can this be possible when one can learn it?"

        The heavens and the earth are themselves the greatest, so it is extremely difficult to form a correspondence with them.

        To learn the gong method is just to have a knock on the door of heaven and earth, but to integrate with heaven and earth is another level.

        Therefore, to learn it and then be able to attack with the power of heaven and earth is simply a dream.

        Seeing that Lin Mengxi rejected this approach, Qin Frost felt a little more at ease.

        This at least showed that Han Qianqiang was indeed lucky to have been blinded.

        "Why are you suddenly asking about this?" Lin Mengxi asked.

        Qin Frost smiled: "It's fine, I just suddenly remembered when I was teaching Han Qianqian today, so I wanted to ask."

        Lin Mengxi didn't doubt it and nodded, "Then rest early."

        After sending Lin Mengyi away, Qin Frost finally let out a long breath, she could finally rest at ease.

        At this time, in the middle of the night, Folded Xuuzi really dragged his body back this time, Little Blackie was no better, already small and thin, now looks more like a rain-soaked monkey.

        "I'm not going to teach this son of a b*tch a lesson today, but I'm going to write my name backwards," he said.

        I'll write my name backwards if I don't teach this son of a b*tch a lesson today." After Folding finished speaking, the whole man rushed in furiously.

        "Han Qianqian, you f*cking get up." As soon as he rushed in, Folding directly lifted Han 3,000 with one slap.

        Han 3,000 yuan was settling into a comfortable position, and was almost driven mad by Folding Xuizi's action.

        "I'm asking you, when did Sister Qinshang leave?" Fuxu Zi was so angry that he cursed angrily.

        Han Qianli smiled disdainfully at the corner of his mouth, "She left at noon."

        "Noon?" Upon hearing this, Folding Hollow was even angrier: "You left at noon, and you didn't know to replace me, and have been resting in the house until now?"

        Han Qianli nodded, "That's right, but I'm not resting, I'm cultivating!"

        "Practice? You practice even as a slave? Who told you to practice?" Little Blackie spoke sarcastically.

        "Sister Qinshang." Han Qianli smiled.

        After saying this, Folded Void and Little Blackie froze in place, Qin Frost came over to teach Han 3000 to cultivate!

        "Don't you f*cking bluff me, you're a slave, you're not even qualified to practice." The entrance method, that must be qualified for an entrance disciple, even the best slave is not qualified enough, so after Folding Void thought about this point, he regained his strength for a moment.

        "Oh, love to believe it." Han Qianli didn't bother to talk nonsense with him, and directly knocked off Folding Huizi's hand that was gripping his clothes on his chest.

        Folded Xuizi was even more annoyed: "You f*cking dare to talk to me like this, and, wearing my clothes, what are you bullish with me, Little Blackie, give me to strip him of his clothes."

        Little Blackie nodded his head, and when Folding Xuuzi grabbed Han Qianqian again, he took off his clothes, and the word "frost" on Han Qianqian's chest was displayed there.

        "Wait a minute." Folding Void suddenly shouted angrily, stopping the little black man.

Chapter 1676

"How did you get this ......?" Folding Void looked at the character on Han Qianqian's chest and asked.

        Looking at the eyes of Fuxu Zi, Han Qianli understood that he had seen the word "frost" that Qin Shang had left on his body.

        Han Qianli smiled, "Sister Qin Frost gave it to me. Oh, right, she also said that from now on, I'll be her slave."

        "I pooh!" Little Blackie spat, "Even if you are the slave of Sister Qinshang, you are still a slave!"

        Folding Xuizi's face shook, a serious face carefully looked at the word on Han Qianli's chest, and when he looked up again, it was already crowded with smiles, "Does Sister Qin Frost have any other orders besides saying that you are his slave."

        Seeing Folding Xuuzi's b*tchy look, Han Qianli was happy, he hadn't really thought that before he hated this seal of Qinshang, but now it had a different effect, Folding Xuuzi was obviously terrified.

        "Let me think about it." Han 3,000 stroked his chin, and Folding Xuizi quickly took the opportunity to knock off Little Blackie's hand, while also glaring at Little Blackie with an angry look, telling him to let go of Han 3,000.

        Without the restraints, Han 3,000 sat back on the bed, and Folded Void followed him.

        "And also, Senior Sister Qinshang said that she'll take me to catch some spirit pet after a while, so that I can cultivate well!" Han Qianli thought and spoke up.

        It seems that Qinshang did teach Han 3,000 heart techniques, and also took him to catch spiritual pets, which also means that Han 3,000 was treated like an introductory disciple.

        Even though Han 3,000 is an introductory disciple and Folding Void was introduced early, he is still an older brother and has nothing to fear, but the problem is that he is afraid of Qin Shang!

        She is not only the senior sister, but also the first disciple of the Four Peaks, and the future star of the Void Sect, so if she finds herself in trouble, she'll have to suffer for it!

        "Done, hehe, then 3000, you rest early, tomorrow morning, I'll ask Little Blackie to prepare some good chicken soup for you." After greeting with a smile, he pulled Little Blackie and hurried out.

        Once outside, Little Blackie became dissatisfied: "Brother, why are you being so polite to Han Qianli?"

        "Do you think I want to be polite to him? He is Sister Qinshang's slave, what can I do with him?" Origami said in great depression.

        He really wanted to take out his anger on Han Qianxiang, but the problem was, he didn't dare now.

        If Han Qiangxiang suffered a loss and Sister Qinshang came to his door to settle the score, would he feel better?

        "Sh*t, I don't know what Sister Qinshang sees in him, damn it. Right, senior brother, what are we going to do next, and we can't cure him?" Little Blackie was unwilling.

        He son of a b*tch, a day of ass-kissing, thought he could rely on the fold Xuuzi in the vegetable garden to get by, but did not expect to be Han Qianqian, a newcomer later on.

        "Treatment, of course, must be treated, offend the old man, he still want to live?" Folding Hollow's cold voice. "Tomorrow, when you serve him chicken soup, give him some extra ingredients."

        The Void Sect's technique was about perceiving the heavens and the earth, so let's just not let him perceive, and when he was a complete waste, Senior Sister Qinshang would naturally abandon this kind of slave.

        When Little Blackie heard this, he smiled eerily, "Senior Brother, are you talking about the Black Bone Grass?"

        The Black Bone Grass is a poisonous herb of the Four Peaks, colorless and tasteless, but it contains a high degree of poison. At that time, even if you don't die, you're still half a living dead person.

        "Remember, the amount is small, don't f*cking let anyone find out." Folding Huizu instructed.

        Little Blackie smiled and nodded, "Still, senior brother is insightful."

        For the next few days, Han 3,000 sat in the house like this, and every morning Little Blackie would bring in a portion of chicken soup, but Han 3,000 didn't notice any difference.

        That morning, Han 3,000 was settling down in his room, when all of a sudden, he smelled the soup again.

        Suddenly, he smelled that strange and incomparable fragrance again, but for some reason, he suddenly had a very strong kind of impulse. The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working on the development of the new product since its inception.

        But this time, completely different, Han 3,000 even directly want to get up, and then jump on her.

        Han 3,000 yuan shook her head, trying to keep herself awake, and then pulled herself out of the fixation and slowly opened her eyes.

        Qin Frost wasn't wearing the white veil like a fairy dress today, but it was much more revealing, at least she could see her jade-like arms, and Han Qianli felt like he was about to get a nosebleed.

        "Put it on." Without waiting for Han 3,000 to wake up, a shirt was thrown directly from Qinshang's hand and placed over Han 3,000's head.

        Han 3,000 quickly took advantage of this to disturb his mental impulses, and Qin Frost left the house appropriately, waiting for Han 3,000 to change clothes, she came back in.

        "Today, I'll take you to catch a spirit pet!"