His True Colors Chapter 1671-1673

 Chapter 1671

I don't wait for Han Qianli to speak, at this time a disciple burst out laughing, "I told you, a slave, I heard it was still a cabbage slave worth only half a sub, how could he survive in a place like Ciyun Cave?

        "Yes, people like him, not to mention dealing with the monsters in the Ciyun Cave, even we can squeeze him to death with one finger."

        "A slave is a slave is a slave, even if he flies to the top of a branch, he's just a slave who picks fruit to eat."

        A group of disciples indulged in sarcasm, but in Han Qianli's eyes, this was nothing. Two worlds and two lifetimes of experience made him face this as if he were playing with a child.

        It's just a matter of saying what you want to say to others.

        He also didn't want to explain. After learning about Elder Lin Mengxi from Zhu Ying, Han Qianli didn't have much affection for this superficially moral person, and naturally couldn't tell her the secret of what happened in the cave.

        "Master, if there's nothing else, then I'll leave you alone. There's still a lot of work in the vegetable garden," Han Qianli smiled. Han Qianqian smiled.

        Lin Mengxi wanted to stop talking, but since Han Qianqian didn't want to say anything, it was pointless to press her further, so she nodded and asked the other disciples to disperse.

        After everyone had left, Qin Frost frowned, "I always feel that things aren't that simple. If the monster in the Ciyun Cave didn't care to ki ll him, then what was that explosion before?

        "What's the use of pressing him if he won't talk? As for the explosion, he can explain that he used brute force, but the four stone statues were also blown up in his hands before anyway." Lin Mengxi smiled bitterly.

        Qin Frost nodded, "Then how exactly did he get out of the Ciyun Cave?"

        "I was also surprised by this. When I came back, I sent my divine sense to check his entire body, and he had multiple skin wounds, indicating that he must have been in the Ciyun Cave and had a fight with her before." Lin Mengxi shook her head.

        "Then you mean, could it be that in the end he beat up the monster in the Ciyun Cave?" Qin Frost was surprised.

        Lin Mengxi shook her head: "Absolutely no such possibility, that person in the Ciyun Cave, his cultivation itself is not below mine, even if you go in, not to mention Ying, just to say that you want to get out of the whole body, it's impossible."

        Qin Frost was even stranger: "Then he fought and couldn't win, what's going on."

        "That's the question to ask you." Lin Mengxi smiled gently and looked at Qin Frost.

        "Ask me?"

        "Aren't you going to teach him the introductory basics, so you can take the opportunity to learn more about it then." Lin Mengxi smiled.

        Qin Frost was stunned, and after a moment, she nodded her head and prepared to leave.

        But after taking two steps, she suddenly turned back, looked at Lin Mengxi and asked, "Are there any other hidden experts in the Four Peaks other than the monsters in the Ciyun Cave? I mean, the cultivation is probably above me and can break the defensive shield I've set up!"

        Lin Mengxi was stunned, and after a moment, she said, "I don't think there's anyone else but me who can do the silent breaking of your defensive shield, why do you ask?"

        Qin Frost coldly replied back, "Nothing."

        In the thatched cottage in the vegetable garden, Folded Xuizi returned with Han Qianqian.

        Little Blackie's face was full of disbelief, and Fuxuzi's anger was unbearable.

        Han Qiangan was fine, but he was almost kil led himself.

        So, as soon as he saw Han 3,000, he was so angry that he couldn't stand it.

        "Let you f*cking send a food, you f*cking make such a big noise, what a rice bucket, Han 3,000, from tomorrow onwards, east, west, north, south, four vegetable garden work, you alone package." The man in charge of the shop was a man who was not afraid to let Han 3,000 go back to the Ciyun Cave, so he found another way to take revenge.

        Fuhua pleaded, "Brother Fold, the workload of the four vegetable gardens in the southeast, north, south, and east is too large, and Han Three Thousand Thousand won't be able to finish it even if he works from morning to night."

        "Want you to be f*cking nosy!"

        With a slap, Folded Hollow directly slammed Fauhua, then coldly looked at Han Sanqing, "Do you understand?"

        Han Giangli smiled helplessly and nodded, "Got it."

        "Hmph, if you can't finish it, you're not going to do anything else." Dropping this sentence, Folded Xuizi threw his hands in the air and turned to go back to the house with a cold snort.

        Little Blackie spat on Han Qianqian and followed him back to the house.

        The next morning, Han 3,000 got up and went to work. He first had to go to the East Garden to pick some vegetables for the kitchen at noon.

        While he was busy, Han 3,000 suddenly smelled that familiar and delicious fragrance, but Han didn't look back, minding his own business.

        When the sound of footsteps approached, the fragrance became even more charming.

        "Put down your things and come with me." The person who came was Qin Frost.

        "What for? No go!" Han Three thousand directly returned.

        Qin Fang was furious, no one had ever rejected her, but Han Qianli, the slave, rejected her: "Han Qianli, I am ordering you to put down what you have in your hands and come with me right now!"

        Han Qianli finally got up, looked at Qin Frost, and was stunned for a moment: "No!"

Chapter 1672

As soon as he thought of this, his anger was ignited again, and he took a step towards the East Garden. 

        The first beautiful woman of the Void Sect, who is usually a man who can break his own waist with a wave of his hand, came to fawn over the woman. 

        "You're looking for death!" Qin Lang's face was cold, and the powerful anger inside her instantly made her lift her hand lightly and place her silver sword across Han Qianli's neck.

        Han Qianli lowered her head helplessly, "Sister, it's useless even if you ki ll me.

        Hearing this, Qin Shang's face looked a little better: "Why?"

        "Senior Brother Folding Xuuzi said that from today, I have to finish the farming work in the four vegetable gardens by myself, otherwise, not to mention you looking for me, I can't even take a break if I want to." Han Qianli shook his head, "Folding Xuuzi, I'll see how you d i e.

        The reason he didn't tell the truth right away was to stir up Qin Frost's anger, so that when Han 3,000 said the reason slowly, Qin Frost would certainly pour out his fire on Folding Xuoshi after hearing it.

        This is not to blame Han 3,000 for being cruel, but rather the old man is cheap, and Han 3,000 has never provoked him, but the old man is plotting against Han 3,000 at every turn.

        Hearing this, Qin Frost's cold face had a rare hint of puzzlement: "He made you work four vegetable gardens a day?".

        Han 3,000 nodded his head, and sure enough, Qin Frost got up furiously and flew towards the thatched hut after hearing this.

        In the thatched-roof hut, Folded Void was lying on a recliner, comfortably eating the immortal grapes fed into his mouth by Little Blackie, and after finishing, he spat out the skin with a squawk: "Han 3,000, this kid, probably won't be able to come back in the middle of the night.

        Little Blackie laughed flatteringly, "Don't say midnight tonight, tomorrow morning can dry play even if he is great, but don't forget, then it will be a new day."

        "Hmph, if you offend me, this is what will happen." Folding Void's proud cold glance, can't say it's cool.

        "Haha, I guess he will beg to kneel before you and apologize then." Little Blackie also compensated with a smile.

        Folding Xuizi nodded his head in satisfaction, he had been the king in the thatched hut for too long, no one dared to disobey him, and if anyone dared, it would be an injury to Folding Xuizi, and he would certainly suffer his crazy revenge.

        "Apologize? If an apology is useful, we can't fix a damn fairy. When that brat comes to beg me, yes, eat the gold I pulled down from the great master, I can consider it."

        Little Blackie clapped his hands repeatedly, "Haha, Brother Folding's method is wonderful."

        With a look from Folding Xuizi, Little Blackie quickly picked a grape and gently put it into Folding Xuizi's mouth.

        But as soon as the grape went into his mouth, Folding Xuizi suddenly felt his whole body lose its center of gravity, and before he could reflect, the reclining chair under his buttocks was already in pieces, and Folding Xuizi's huge fat body also smashed heavily on the ground with a crash.


        The fat body of Folding Void, hitting the ground could even make the ground tremble slightly, like an elephant falling to the ground.

        "F*ck me, who the hell." After Folding void roared, he rolled up from the ground and stood up, his anger aching.

        But after seeing the visitors, Folding Xuizi stunned: "that ...... that, Qin ...... Sister Qin Frost, what ...... what wind blew you here, huh? Hehe."

        Folding Void's fat face was suddenly crowded with smiles.

        Qin Frost swept a glance at the grapes on the ground and said coldly: "Quite enjoyable ah."

        "The first thing I noticed was the fact that I was a little embarrassed about this ...... ......, and I quickly made a wink at Little Blackie, who is really a master of flattery.

        After Qin Frost sat down, Folding Xuizi quickly and honestly stood by the side.

        "I thought you were short of manpower on this side of the vegetable garden, but it turns out that one is eating grapes here and one is serving grapes here, which is a bit interesting." Qin Frost mocked in a cold voice.

        Folding Xuuzi was sweating profusely, where did he think that Qin Frost would suddenly run into the thatched-roof room at this time.

        In the past many years, Qin Frost had never come to the thatched-roof house even once.

        But lately it was as if he had seen a ghost, and Sister Qin Frost had been coming every day, three times in full!

        That's too f*cking often!

        "Sister, it's just that I have some free time in the afternoon, so I'm just ......" said Folding Xuizi with a guilty smile.

        "Free? Has the garden been free lately? But I've heard that the vegetable garden has been very busy lately, so busy that one person needs to be in charge of four gardens." Qin Frost said in a cold voice.

        Badly, Folding Void's heart was shocked.

        "Sister, you misunderstood, there hasn't been much going on in the four areas of the vegetable garden lately, so that's why I asked Han Qianqian to just keep an eye on things."

        "In that case, Folding Xuuzi, you go and change Han Qianxiang back, I'm looking for him for something." Qin Frost said.

        Change back? Folding void didn't want to do the work that Han Qianqian did, it was simply exhausting.

        "Oh, what's the matter with him, Sister, he's just a lowly slave."

        "Do you have to care? Who are you to ask me? Immediately change the person back, if something goes wrong, I want you to bring your head up to meet." Qin Shang was out of patience and stared at Folding Void with a cold face.

        Folding Huzi shivered with fright, "Yes, I'll go now."

        On the way, Folded Xuizi cursed, what the f*ck has he attracted to the plague, so that was also hit by Qin Frost, the little black man followed behind the ass, thoughtful.


        I'm not sure if this is the case, but it is.

        In the past, I felt that the top beauty like Sister Qinshang could come to patronize the vegetable garden, which was simply a blessing for the vegetable garden, and he felt that he had no regrets in his life even if he took a look at it for a few moments.

        "Brother Folding, I don't think this is simple. Even if Sister Qinshang came, how would she first know that Han Qianxiang was busy in the four vegetable gardens?" Little Blackie was puzzled.

        The words also kind of woke up Folding Xuizi, but this damned fatty has always been vain and used to doing evil, but did not feel anything else, but instead thought of another possibility: "You mean to say that Han Qianxiang, the b*tchy dog, went to Sister Qinshang to sue me?"

        Although Little Blackie didn't say anything, his attitude was already very obvious.

        "Damn it, Han Qianqian dares to sue, I want him to d i e a horrible death today!"

Chapter 1673

As soon as he thought of this, his anger was ignited again, and he took a step towards the East Garden.

        Han 3,000 yuan was pouring manure on vegetables, and the stench was rolling, and then Folded Xuizi rushed over and kicked Han 3,000 yuan with his big foot.

        "Han 3,000, how dare you sue me in front of Sister Qinshang, do you believe I will f*cking ki ll you." Origami was so angry that he took up his sleeve and started to work.

        Han Qianli smiled contemptuously, stood up, and looked at Folding, "I don't believe it!"

        Don't believe me!

        These two words were like thunder pouring into his ears, causing Folding Xuizi to stay where he was, feeling that his authority had been deadly offended, with not even a scrap left.

        Seeing that Folding Xuizi was about to storm out, Little Blackie hurriedly attached herself to his ear and whispered, "Brother Folding, Senior Sister Qinshang is waiting inside the house."

        As soon as he heard this, Folded Xuizi was like a ball out of breath: "Okay, cut the bullsh*t, pack your things, Sister Qinshang is looking for you, hurry over."

        Han Qianqian looked at the sky and shook his head: "No, it's almost noon, I'm not even finished with this East Garden, I don't have the time to take care of idle people."

        Idle man!

        Sister Qinshang is an idle person?

        Folding Void was about to explode again, and this time Little Blackie hurriedly put his arms around him with both hands: "Brother Folding, it's important."

        "Ah, right!" Origami nodded his head like a pig's head: "Hurry up and go, that's why we're here, just to replace you, we know your work."

        "That's not going either!" Han Qianli smiled and laughed.

        Folding Void was about to thunder again, Han Qianli opened his mouth, "I'm afraid that senior brother is deliberately trying to test me, don't worry, senior brother, the task you've told me, Qianli will definitely complete it, and if it doesn't, I'd rather not rest today."

        "A test?" It's not a f*cking test!

        "Yes, brother you are so fierce and serious, what is it if it's not a test for me?" Han Qianli sneered.

        "Then what would it take to not be a test?"

        "Then senior brother give me a smile." Han Giangli Dao(Dao means Said).

        Folding Void was going to storm off again and again, he had always been the only one who commanded others, when was it his turn to be told what to do, not to mention, a lowly slave!

        Folding Xuizi looked at the little black man who involuntarily jumped on him, and moved him away in anger, and in the next second, his anger-filled face was suddenly crowded with a disgusting smile: "Hey, three thousand brothers, this, you can go."

        Han 3,000 looked at Folding Xuizi like a monkey, Folding Xuizi heart also understand, heart could not wait to Han 3,000 a thousand cuts, but the face still has to smile.

        "Brother, you're laughing so ugly." Han Qianqian said sarcastically.

        Folding Xuizi's smile was almost distorted, more ugly than crying and continued to laugh: "Oh, 3000 ah, you see brother has done what you said, you are not ......"

        "Or not!" Han Giangli refused again.

        "I ......" this time, Little Blackie directly the entire body hung on the body of Folding Huxu Zi: "Brother, you are not impulsive ah, not impulsive ah."

        Folding Void exhaled heavily and readjusted his mood: "Three thousand, what's wrong with you again?"

        "Sister Qinshang is a celebrity of the Four Peaks and the future star of the Void Sect, and her status is not ordinary. Han Qianli forced a smile from within and pretended to be embarrassed.

        Both sides were competing in an acting contest, depending on who held back the last.

        "What do you want then?" Folding Void squeezed out a smile full of anger.

        Han Qianqiang laughed lightly, looking at the clothes on Folding Hollow's body.

        Ten minutes later, Han 3,000 walked out of the East District vegetable garden in very ill-fitting clothes, and behind him, Folding Hollow was naked and shivering in the wind.

        "Little ...... little ...... little ...... black ...... black, ah, give, give me remember... ...Remember, I ...... want Han ...... Han 3000 ...... not ...... No good, Achoo~!"

        Back at the thatched hut, Qin Frost saw wearing Han 3,000, and although she didn't know what exactly happened, she understood roughly what the situation was.

        "Hello, Senior Sister." When Han Qianli saw Qin Frost, he greeted her politely.

        Although Qin Frost's face was expressionless and cold as ice, there was a helpless bitter smile in her heart, and she didn't expect that Han Qianli was quite clever with his ghostly head, and it was only just now that she recalled that Han Qianli had acted in front of her in such a play.

        It was interesting to borrow her own hand to turn back the folded xuoshi.

        "You follow me into the house." Qin Frost said coldly, walking directly toward Han Qianxiang's house.

        Although Han Qianli believed that Qin Frost did not mean what she thought she meant when she asked her to come in, she couldn't figure out what she was singing about.

        I don't know what to do.