His True Colors Chapter 1669-1670

 Chapter 1669

"Reporting to Master, in the direction of East Peak, a strange loud explosion has just occurred!" When he saw Lin Mengxi, the patrolling disciple hurriedly knelt down, because he was in a hurry, and now his face was pale and his whole body was breathing rapidly.

        "Explosion?!" Lin Mengxi frowned strangely, the entire Void Sect is in the Void territory, in the defensive array created by the founding ancestor of the Void Sect, it is difficult for outsiders to invade, where did the explosion come from?

        A group of disciples also looked at each other, how could there be an explosion in the first place?

        "Do you know what's really going on?" Lin Mengxi frowned and asked.

        The patrolling disciple said nervously, "Reporting to Master, the explosion point is near the Ciyun Cave, and the disciple doesn't dare to approach."

        Ciyun Cave?!

        Lin Mengxi was shocked: "The Ciyun Cave has a special defensive formation, so how could it explode for no good reason? Murphy ......"

        When they heard Lin Mengxi's words, the disciples' faces were even more pale. The legend of the Ciyun monster has long been heard of by all the disciples of the Four Peaks, and they all know that it is a forbidden area where disciples of the Four Peaks are not allowed to set foot, and if they are not careful enough to go near it, they will be skinned and pulled out by the monster in the cave.

        Now, when the Ciyun Cave exploded, could it be that the monsters inside broke the restriction of the Ciyun Cave and escaped?

        If so, then the four peaks would be in danger.

        Lin Mengxi also knew the seriousness of the consequences, immediately got up, took out a jade medallion from his waist, and moved it to Ruo Yu's hand: "Notify all the disciples of the four peaks to gather at the Ciyun Cave immediately, and ki ll anyone who disobeys without pardon."

        With a cold shout, Lin Mengxi rushed out, her silver sword suddenly shifting in her hand.

        The Four Peaks disciples followed closely behind.

        A moment later, Lin Mengxi's phantom shadow flashed a hundred meters away from the Ciyun Cave, and the disciples of the four peaks flew this way one by one.

        In the distance, the huge stone door at the entrance of the Ciyun Cave had shattered to the ground.

        The long-lost light passed through the mouth of the cave, slowly illuminating the cave. Under the dim light, Han Qianli's upper body clothes shattered, showing perfect muscle lines.

        Han 3,000 yuan breathed a sigh of relief and looked back at the light outside the cave, but it was a bit uncomfortable.

        "The Heavenly Yin Technique requires an environment of extreme yin and darkness, so something slightly yang will make you uncomfortable, but there's a very strong force within you, and although you can't use it, it can act as a suppressing force," Zhu Ying reminded.

        Han Qianli nodded, although when practicing this technique, it always felt strange somewhere, but when he became skilled enough to understand it, he found that it did have many of its subtleties: "Thank you, Master Teacher."

        "But you must be very careful in the future, in case your Heavenly Yin Technique is not at a sufficient level, don't expose it freely, otherwise it may cause unnecessary trouble for you."

        The Eightfold World, although the weak are the prey of the strong, there is still a distinction between good and evil, and the Heavenly Yin Technique is an evil art, saying it will only make the righteous who covet it find a better excuse to take it by trickery.

        "Got it, Shisun."

        "Alright, it's getting late, you should go." Zhu Ying said softly.

        The evil qi in the cave was too heavy, and if Han 3000 stayed too long, it would definitely make the Yin qi in his body too heavy, and Zhu Ying was worried that he wouldn't be able to control himself then and would fall into the same evil path as himself, so he told him to break the stone door at the entrance of the cave and leave the place after learning all the heart techniques.

        What Han 3,000 didn't know was that his punch had caused the entire Four Peaks to collapse mentally.

        "Right, Three Thousand, come over here."

        Zhu Ying took out a jade-colored ring from her bosom and gently placed it on Han's hand. The ring was very delicate, with auspicious clouds imprinted on it.

        "Shizuo, this is ......"

        "This is my ring, I have kept it all my life, and it is incomparably precious to me, but some things are not brought to life and not taken away in death, you are my disciple, and passing it on to you is the most appropriate choice."

        "Shishu, won't you go out with me?" Han Qianqian was puzzled.

        The environment in this cave was really bad, and Han Qianli couldn't bear for Zhu Ying to live in such a place all the time.

        Zhu Ying shook her head indifferently, "Do you think I can survive outside with my inhuman and ghostly appearance?".

        "But ...... "Han Qianqian was about to speak.

        Zhu Ying interrupted, "You want to say that the environment here is terrible, right? I think this is a good place, even though it's full of skeletons that won't talk to me, but they will never be like those people outside, scheming and cunning."

        Zhu Ying's words made perfect sense, and Han Qianli agreed with them. Compared to all the evil in the world, the human heart is the most poisonous.

        "Don't worry, I'll be fine. Besides, that b*tch Lin Mengxi will never let me d ie. At this point, Zhu Ying suddenly burst out laughing.

        Seeing Zhu Ying like this, Han Qianli no longer demanded, her old man had his own decision, and the best way to be a senior was to respect her.

        "Then Auntie, I won't force you, but I promise you that I'll come visit you whenever I'm free." Han Qianqian said.

        Zhu Ying waved her hand, "It's enough that you have this heart. As for coming to see me, there's no need. You just need to remember that one day in the future, when you're strong enough, you must carry forward the Seven Peaks, and by the way, ki ll that b*tch Lin Mengxi and take revenge for me."

        Han Qianqian laughed bitterly inside, kil ling Lin Mengxi? The four peak elders, when he could beat the Void Sect's group of disciples was a question, not to mention these one peak elders.

        At this time, outside the cave, the Four Peaks disciples had surrounded the entire Ciyun Cave.

        A group of disciples each holding a long sword, like a great enemy to prepare for battle posture, Lin Mengxi stands in the front, Ruoyu and Qinshang on either side.

        But, even though the situation was strong, no one dared to take the first step over the thunder pool for fear of any accidents.

        "Master, what should we do now?" Ruo Yu softly urged at this time.

        She was so eager to prove herself that she sometimes didn't even consider the consequences, and in her eyes, so what if the Ciyun Cave was fierce?

        "Pass the order down, everyone get ready to attack!" Lin Mengxi said, "Waiting for death is not a solution after all.

        Waiting dead is not the way to go after all, Ruo Yu got the order, waved a hand excitedly at all the disciples, a group of disciples suddenly slowly surrounded towards the Ciyun Cave.

Chapter 1670

When she suddenly shouted, some of her timid disciples threw their swords and ran back, while Ruoyu and Qinshang also drew their swords and prepared to attack.

        At this time, there was a sudden movement in the distant Ciyun Cave.

        Perhaps, the disciples didn't understand, but she knew very well that once she came out of the Ciyun Cave, the four peaks would probably usher in a new bloody storm.

        "All disciples, prepare to attack!" Lin Mengxi gave a sigh of relief, and was just about to take action when the cat got up, but suddenly froze on the spot.

        While everyone was trembling, a bare-chested man suddenly appeared from the entrance of the Ciyun Cave, and Qin Lang soon found that the man in front of her looked very familiar.

        Wasn't that Han Qianqian?

        Why did he come out of the Ciyun Cave?

        Like her, all the disciples of the Four Peaks were also surprised, even Lin Mengxi.

        "The Ciyun Cave is the place of death of the Four Peaks. Over the past decades, many of our disciples have lost their lives in the cave.

        "Yes, the Ciyun Cave has always been a no-entry, no-entry cave, so it's impossible for him to come out alive."

        "This is simply unimaginable. Could it be that Han Qianxiang's status as a slave is so low that even monsters look down on people like him?"

        "That's right, only this possibility can explain why Han Qianli, the slave, was able to come out alive."

        Lin Mengxi was baffled as she listened to the discussions of the disciples in her head.

        Even if Han 3,000 was just a slave, it wasn't whether Han 3,000 would tell who her real identity was, but that she was unreasonable and impulsive, and would ki ll Han 3,000 as soon as she entered the room.

        This has never been the case for decades.

        In her eyes, no snowflake in the avalanche of the Four Peaks disciples was innocent.

        How could she let Han 3,000 go?

        Could it be that Han 3,000 had beaten her?

        But on second thought, Lin Mengxie felt that this conjecture was simply ridiculous, Han Qiangiang is just a slave, how could she beat her?

        But the reality is that Han Qianli did indeed come out.

        Looking at the topless Han Qianqian, Qin Shuang was not shy at all, for she was filled with the same questions as everyone else.

        How did he get out?

        Han Qianqian walked out of the cave and was also shocked by the formation of the four peaks.

        Back in the palace, Han 3,000's return caused a commotion throughout the peaks, with the exception of Ruo Yu who continued to bring some of his disciples to guard the Ciyun Cave, the other disciples all gathered inside the palace, outside the palace, a large group of slaves also squeezed their heads to get inside, to them, Han 3,000 was their hero, as a slave, from being able to come out of the Ciyun Cave, this is simply a miracle, a feat, is the light of their slaves.

        "Han Three Thousand, may I ask you a question?" Lin Mengxi's pretty head was full of doubts.

        "Master is trying to ask me how I got out of the Ciyun Cave, right?" To this question, Han Qianli smiled.

        A large group of disciples could not wait to stretch their ears to hear exactly how Han 3,000 came out.

        "Yes, Han 3,000, tell us about your legendary experience, we'd like to know." At this time, an excited slave simply shouted out boldly.

        His shout suddenly mobilized all the slaves: "Yes, Han 3,000, tell us about it, afterwards, we will all follow your example."

        "Haha, isn't it that after going in, after a dizzying contest, in the end, the monster in the Ciyun Cave lost to you."

        Seeing the slaves becoming more and more uproarious, Folding Void at this time with a complex expression stared at Han 3000, then a few steps rushed to the entrance of the temple, angry impatient voice: "Go go go go, all of you get out of the way, Han 3000 can beat the monster in the Ciyun Cave Well, it is clear that the monster is too low status, even to ki ll him, feel dirty their own hands. "

        The slaves hooted back at Folded Hollow and shouted, "What's the matter, do you want to rebel?"

        Usually these slaves, when do they dare to act like this, it's all because of this damn Han Qianxiang.

        However, the disciples in the palace, including Lin Mengxi and others, were not interested in this, but instead looked straight at Han Qiangan, hoping to get the answer they wanted from him.

        Han Qianli smiled and nodded his head, "It was indeed what Brother Folded Void said, it felt that kil ling a lowly life like me would only dirty her hands, so after I went in, she let me out."

        He didn't want to stir up any trouble, and it just so happened that Orbital Void helped him come up with a particularly good excuse.

        Moreover, he didn't want to explain himself, because, given his poor status, whatever Han Qianxiang said, these disciples would suspect him, so it was better not to say anything.

        No one wanted to believe that someone of a lower status than themselves could do what they couldn't do themselves.

        "Seriously?" Lin Mengxi asked, frowning lightly.