His True Colors Chapter 1667-1668

Chapter 1667

Han 3,000 yuan shivered in fear, her body subconsciously took a few steps backward, but in the process of retreating, she caught something strange in her hands, and when she looked down, it was actually a white bone.

        Panicking, he threw the bones away, and looked fearfully at the monster with horrible eyes in front of him.

        But the more he looked, the more familiar it became, and the more strange it became.

        He wasn't dead!

        What was in front of us was not a monster, but Zhu Ying.

        It was just that this time, Zhu Ying was far more terrifying than before.

        Most of the white hair on her head had fallen on the stone platform, revealing a head full of scars. Without the hair to cover it, the full face of the head became clearer. It had only half a face, as if someone had deliberately pieced it together from half a skeleton and half a withered corpse.

        Seeing Han Qianli's fright, Zhu Ying consciously turned her head to the side, trying to show only the fleshy half of her face.

        Seeing this action, Han 3,000 felt a little guilty and embarrassed, and wanted to get up and apologize, but as soon as he did, Han 3,000's entire body shot straight toward the top of the mountain!

        Yes, it was shot, even ejected.

        He just tried to stand up with a little effort, but the result was that his head hit the stone wall above the cave.

        If it weren't for the fact that Han Qianqian's physique was so strong, he would have been able to hit his head against the stone wall above the cave.

        Upon landing, Han's feet sank half a foot into the mud!

        "This ...... "Han Giangli looked at his body incredulously.

        He felt that his body was filled with an incomparably strong power that he had never seen before, but it made his spirit very aroused, and even his facial features had a very obvious change.

        Because he could even see what was in the darkness of the cave in the distance.

        "Try pointing it at the wall of the cave!" Zhu Ying said softly.

        Han Qianli nodded, aimed at the stone wall of the cave, and punched it directly without hesitation.


        With a loud bang, Han Qianqian's entire arm went through the wall of the cave.

        If not for the fact that his arm was long enough, he would have been able to knock his hand out of the cave.

        "Shiniu ...... this ...... "Han Qianli looked at his arm in surprise.

        "No need to be surprised, I have helped you open the seven meridians and eight veins for a while, and transferred my life's power to you, but you still do not know the cultivation methods, so you can not use them, wait until you master them in the future, then you will know what the real power is, today, but just a foot of the iceberg.". Zhu Ying said softly.

        Hearing Zhu Ying's words, Han Qianqian was stunned in place, Zhu Ying had passed on all of his life's power to himself.

        "Teacher's wife, you ......" Han 3,000 finally understood why Zhu Ying's face was completely different in a short period of time.

        Remembering that she was scared when she saw her face just now, Han Qianli felt guilty, but she lost her hair for her own sake. ......

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian kneeled heavily on the ground.

        "As the saying goes, husband and wife are birds of the same forest, but I don't want to fly separately in the face of disaster, since your master has become an invalid, I, as a wife, will definitely share life and death with him."

        After saying that, she touched Han Qianqian's head: "Your master can't teach you the cultivation methods, so your wife should naturally do her master's duty for her husband, so child, you should get up."

        Han Qianxiang was moved and slowly stood up.

        "Three thousand, after you inherit most of my power, you must dive into cultivation, coupled with that strange power within your body, once you find the knack, I believe you will have some great achievements in the future." Although Zhu Ying could not have an expression on her face, it was obvious that her tone was much lighter.

        "Yes, Three Thousand will definitely cultivate well and never let down your teacher's wife."

        Zhu Ying nodded, then pointed behind herself, "You transport your true qi, then carefully look at the patterns on the wall, and remember, you must transport the true qi that I have instilled in you, otherwise, those patterns will cause you to go insane."

        "Yes!" Nodding his head, Han Qianli didn't dare to slacken off, transported his true qi, and carefully looked at the patterns on the wall.

        At first, he did not understand the patterns, but then he gradually realized that he could understand the meaning of the diagrams, and that they were all very strange cultivation methods.

        Even though he had experienced both worlds, the cultivation methods on the diagram were unheard of and unseen, and even in Han Qian's understanding, such cultivation methods belonged to self-mutilation.

        Even if Han 3,000 discarded these thoughts, he still felt that his meridians and strength were completely perverse and strange after cultivation.

        "These cultivation methods are called the Heavenly Yin Method, a forbidden art that has disappeared since the ancient times. Zhu Ying saw Han Qianqian's confusion and took the initiative to solve the doubt.

        And at this time outside the cave!

Chapter 1668

Qin Frost let out a long sigh and turned around to go back.

        Above the main hall, Lin Mengxi was sipping tea, and when she saw Qin Frost return early, her willow brows furrowed slightly: "Frost, it looks like you shouldn't return early, right?"

        Lin Mengxi asked Qin Frost to help Han Qianqian lay the foundation of initiation, she shouldn't have come back so early.

        "Han 3,000 went to the Ciyun Cave." Qin Frost returned indifferently.

        Hearing the Ciyun Cave, the cup in Lin Mengxi's hand fell to the ground with a shattering sound.

        "What? He went to the Ciyun Cave?" Lin Mengxi's face was a little pale.

        "Folding Hollow said that Han Qianqiang went to work in the vegetable garden in the morning, but he violated the ban on his own, tried to find a place to slack off, and ended up in the cave by mistake." Qin Frost said in a cold voice.

        Qin Frost obviously didn't believe in the words of Folded Hollow, but the Ciyun Cave was some distance away from the vegetable garden, so how could it be mistakenly entered?

        Lin Mengxi nodded heavily, looked out of the palace, murmured and shook her head: "Entering the Ciyun Cave is entering the mouth of death.

        "For a slave to punish an introductory disciple, isn't it too much of a fuss?" Qin Shang was a little dissatisfied.

        She didn't believe in Folding Xuizi's words, but she didn't pursue the matter too much, because Folding Xuizi was after all an introductory disciple of the Four Peaks, while Han Qianxiang was only a slave.

        "Ruoyu!" Lin Mengxi shouted loudly.

        A moment later, Ruo Yu walked in quickly and said respectfully, "Master."

        "Bind Folding Hollow to the main hall for me!"

        Ruo Yu swept a glance at Qin Frost and nodded, "Ruo Yu will do it."

        At this time, Han 3,000 must have been kil led with only a skeleton left, while Fau Hua quietly took Han 3,000's change of slave clothes from a grassy area in the back of the thatched hut and buried them in a mound.

        "Hey, I'll set up a mound for you, and in your next life you'll have a good birth!" Putting on a stick of incense, Fauhua got up and went back.

        Next to Han Qianli's mound of clothes, there were seven or eight small dirt bags.

        Slaves were just tools to do their work, and once they couldn't do that, no one would care if they lived or died. Even if they did, they would never offend a non-slave person because of them.

        A human being is a human being, but a slave is a dog, and who would offend a human being for the sake of a dog?

        When Folding Xuizi was enjoying his life to the fullest, Ruoyu brought the goods back to the main hall in the peak.

        At first, Folded Xuizi was quite scared, he never thought that he would ki ll a slave, but his master would send someone to arrest him, but then he thought about it.

        At the most, he would only be scolded. How could the master be so cruel to him because of a slave?

        When I arrived at the palace, I saw Lin Mengxi, Folding Void shouted respectfully to his master, but his face was full of carelessness, and Ruo Yu kicked at his feet, causing him to kneel on the ground.

        "Let them all in." Lin Mengxi softly said, Ruo Yu nodded and sent a message to the air outside the palace.

        Quickly, the four peak disciples walked in one by one in a regular manner, separated on both sides.

        The slaves in the peaks, on the other hand, gathered outside the palace and stood up.

        Looking at this situation, Folding Xuuzi was a little panicked: "Master, what are you doing?".

        "Folding Xuuzi, is there anything you need to explain to me about Han Qianli's entry into the Ciyun Cave?" Lin Mengxi asked with a cold face.

        It is almost a common understanding in the world that the lives of slaves in the Eight Directions world are not counted, so often when a slave is beaten to death by a folding xuizi, she as a master can only turn a blind eye.

        It's not that Lin Mengxi is cruel, but there are some things that can't be controlled, and if you do, you will be accused by a thousand people.

        It's a common thing to challenge society, and sometimes it's just like that.

        But this time, Lin Mengxi had to be in charge.

        Although Han Qianqiang was a slave of the Four Peaks, it was arranged by the Headmaster himself, and as a result, Han Qianqiang died in the Ciyun Cave in less than a week after entering the Four Peaks, how could she explain to the Headmaster?

        The first thing I noticed was the fact that there was a lot of people in the world who were not aware of this.

        "Master, Han 3,000 ...... he ...... he is treacherous ah, I said a few words to him, and then intended to fix him when he was afraid, so he ran, I chased then, who knows he panicked and ran into the Ciyun Cave. " Folding Xuuzi knew that since the master intended to pursue the matter, the previous perfunctory words could not be used, so he made up a relatively believable lie.

        "At this point, you're still lying to me." Lin Mengxi was very angry: "Ruoyu, inform all the disciples that Folding Xuizi is arrogant and disrespectful, and at the same time, violent and disrespectful of human life, starting from today, Folding Xuizi will be reduced to an invalid."

        In fact, Folding Xuizi did not know, even if he told any reason, Lin Mengxi would not believe it, she just had to find an excuse to punish Folding Xuizi, kil ling slaves can not be an excuse, but the rest will!

        Just as Ruo Yu was about to strike and Folding Xu Zi was panicking, one of the disciples in charge of patrolling the peak suddenly rushed into the main hall.