His True Colors Chapter 1664-1666

 Chapter 1664

However, even so, the food still had to be delivered, and Folding Void had deliberately arranged for himself to deliver the food, so if he failed in his mission, he would naturally have no good fruit to eat when he returned.

        Shaking his head and lifting the basket in his hand, Han Qianqian got up and went toward the entrance of the cave.

        When he entered the cave, it was very dark, with no more than five meters to go inside, but he couldn't see his fingers inside.

        Han Qianli lightly activated his energy and conjured up a fireball, which was barely illuminated.

        The walls on both sides of the cave entrance were covered with various scratches, which, as expected, should be the marks left on the walls by those who di ed here at the end of their lives with their own hands in the most desperate moments.

        Each one of these marks represents a despair!


        "Oooh ha ha~~~"

        Suddenly, at this moment, a white shadow swept past at the end of the firelight.

        Han Giangli's brow furrowed, expanding the firelight, but there was no trace of it.

        Could it be that he was mistaken?

        At close range, his eyes, which had no eyeballs but only the whites of his eyes, were only half a centimeter or less apart from Han's. Although he was used to life and death, Han was still shocked.

        Although accustomed to life and death, Han 3,000 was still shocked.

        But at this moment, there was a sudden loud bang at the entrance of the cave, and when Han 3,000 looked back, the entire stone cave door had closed!

        "The upper peak of the Green Luan Peak, the cave of the Ci Yun Cave, the laugh in white, the skeleton in tears! Wha, wha, wha, wha!"

        "The red bride in green dress and the dolls in the palanquin are smiling, I hope my lover will return and wake up with a knife in my pillow! Ah, ah, ah!!!"

        Angry and laughing, hysterical, Han Qianqian's brows furrowed as he listened.

        "Senior, my name is Han Qianqian, and I have been ordered to deliver your meal for you."

        At this moment, Han Qianqian spoke up.

        As soon as Han 3,000 spoke, peace suddenly returned to the cave, a quietness that hadn't moved for a long time, a quietness that made people feel a little afraid.

        "Delivering meals, you want to poison me!"

        Suddenly, with a stern cry from the cave, Han Qianli only felt a deadly cold Yin Qi directly on his face, and in the next second, a skeletal hand completely devoid of flesh, only a skeleton frame, was suddenly stuck on his neck!

        "Senior misunderstood, I ...... absolutely did not mean it."

        "You didn't, she did!" The sound of a furious voice, skeleton hand a reversal, Han 3,000 tons of the whole person in the air after a spin, heavy again on the ground.

        "D i e, all of you, all of you, d i e, hahaha! Hahahahaha!" With another hysterical roar, the skeleton hand stabbed directly at Han Gongshan again.


        When Han Qianqian couldn't dodge, the Lin Long roared, directly from Han Qianqian's hand, and roared and roared as it transformed into a dragon body, straight into the skeleton hand.

        A few days ago, the body of the Linlong has a hidden golden light, it seems to be the heart of the dragon family worked!

        "Earthworms, old man, I hate earthworms!"

        The voice reviled, the skeleton hand directly change towards the Linlong attack, one dragon and one hand, suddenly entangled with each other intertwined.

        Han 3,000 thought he could take a breather, but his heart suddenly had an ominous premonition, and sure enough, as soon as he looked up, the head with silver hair and pale eyes suddenly rushed straight at him from the darkness.

        The head's mouth was wide open, with sharp teeth, disgusting and terrifying!

        "Damn it, I've come to the Eight Worlds, and one by one, they all think I'm easy to bully!" Han 3,000 was furious, too, so he couldn't stand it any longer, and with a boost of energy, he aimed directly at the incoming head and hit his spirit.

        But Han Three Thousand clearly underestimated the enemy, or overestimated himself, and in just a few rounds, Han Three Thousand was already bruised and bitten by the rampaging flying head! Almost none of the clothes on the upper body were intact, and most of the arms were stained red with blood.

        If this goes on, the consumption will be exhausted.

        In the air, the golden light on the body of the Linlong was also desperately trembling, and it was obvious that it could not last much longer.

        Although the Heart of the Dragon Race was a great improvement to the Dragon Race, the problem was that the Lin Long had only recently gotten the Heart of the Dragon Race, and his cultivation was simply not enough, and he was not considered a strong object in the Eight Directions World.

        And at this time, sent away Han 3,000 God of the plague, Folding Xuizi in a good mood, floating this almost "traitor" by Folding Xuizi relegated to do Han 3,000 work, the little black son also do thatched hut repair, work much easier, to Folding Xuizi brewed a cup of good spirit immortal ginseng tea, Folding Xuizi lying on the bench, leisurely sunshine, drinking tea.

        As he was getting comfortable, Qin Frost suddenly arrived.

        "Yo, Senior Sister Qin Frost, you ...... have come again." In that moment, Folding Xuuzi was wondering if he had grown handsome, and in the last few days, Qin Frost came to the thatched hut three times.

        In the past few days, I've come to the thatched hut three times. Could it be that Sister Qinshang has fallen in love with the handsome and dashing herself?

        Qin Frost ignored him, and after sweeping the entire thatched cottage with cold eyes, he looked into the distant sky and said in a cold voice, "Where is Han Qianli."

Chapter 1665

"Han ...... Han 3000? Oh, he's gone to work in the garden." Origami was a bit faint, then covered it up with an embarrassed panic.

        Qin Frost did not doubt that this in itself was what a slave should do. "Go and call him back."

        "Call him back? Now?"

        Qin Frost's face was cold: "Is it hard to wait for you to have a meal before you go?"

        "Hehe, if Sister is willing, then I ...... didn't dare to say anything else in the second half of the sentence, because Qin Frost had already placed his sword on his neck.

        Qin Frost coldly said, "Why don't you go call?"

        The son of a b*tch had been standing there shrinking, his eyes very complicated, with greed for Qinshang, but also some sinister that Folding Xuuzi couldn't say.

        "Where the hell is Han Qianli?"

        Qin Shuang is not just a flowery person, of course, but her talent is always intelligent, and she quickly noticed that there was something wrong with Folding Xunzi.

        When confronted with Qin Frost's questioning, Folding Xuizi panicked and choked even more for a moment.

        It was not right to say it, and it was not right to say it.

        When Qin Frost put the sword against Folding Xuizi's neck again, only then did Folding Xuizi peed her face and said, "He ...... went to the Ciyun Cave!".

        "Ciyun Cave!"

        Hearing this, Qin Frost's frosty face suddenly had a hint of sadness, why go to that place? Looking for death?

        No longer thinking about it, Qin Frost hurriedly got up and flew straight toward the Ciyun Cave, and after thinking about it for half a day, he finally chose to go up to the mountain to look for help from his senior sisters and brothers.

        The Ciyun Cave was a place he didn't dare to go.

        When he arrived at the Ciyun Cave, he saw the closed door of the cave, and there was a trace of sympathy in Qin Frost's cold eyes.

        It was a sad thing to think about his life.

        At this time in the cave, after several rounds, the Lin Long's body was continuously beaten, and finally drilled back into Han Qianqian's arm, and Han Qianqian, who was also beaten, began to lose strength due to excessive bleeding.

        The flying head's teeth were so powerful that if it dug through Han 3,000's side, even if Han was prepared to dodge it, it would still be instantly cut by him, and once it was cut, even if it was just a tiny crack, the wound would continue to bleed.

        "Damn, are your teeth good?" In the next second, when the head flew in again, Han Giangli drew in a furious voice, and his body was so radiant that a large axe head fiercely blocked in front of him.


        There was a loud bang, and the flying head hit a little dizzy.

        "Come on, go on! Let's see if you're hard or it's hard!" Han Qianqian's spirit suddenly came to life.

        With a heaven-defying artifact, who in the world could compete with it?

        The flying head stopped attacking, turned around, and burrowed into the darkness, followed by the skeleton hand.

        A moment later, a cold voice came from inside: "Kid, what's your name!"

        "None of your business." Han Qianli raged. "If you want to fight quickly."

        Sh*t, just now a disagreement to fight to ki ll, and now you want me to answer I'll answer?!

        "Young man, don't be so impulsive, let's talk business, so what!"

        "No talk, nothing to talk about with you," said Han Qiangli. Han Qianqiang said.

        A man must have a backbone, not just do as you please.

        "You!" The voice inside a sudden gasp, to play these things, Han 3000 to play that is more than a lot of people have to set a set of, after all, the Earth is a big dye vat, what tricks he has not seen. A moment later, the man's sneer came from inside again.

        "Also, the people of that b*tch Lin Mengxi are all of this stinky virtue, so for so many years, come one by one, I ki ll one, I am so addicted."

        "Who is Lin Mengxi?" Han Qianqian was strange.

        "Oh, boy, you don't even know your master's name, is that how you're an apprentice?" The voice was disdainful.

        Han Qianli shook his head, he actually refused to chat, after all he couldn't be too spineless, but thinking that he also needed some time to recover, before responding, "Why don't I remember my master's name, his name is Qin Qingfeng, not Lin Mengxi."

        "Qin Qingfeng? Are you Qin Qingfeng's disciple?" Hearing Han Qianqian's answer, the voice inside suddenly became very tense, with a kind of excitement and excitement.

        Han Qianqian was about to answer, but a horrible whimpering sound suddenly came from inside.

        But for a moment, she stopped crying again: "Is your master okay? The Void Sect should be very prosperous under his leadership, right?"

        Han Qianqiang squeezed his lips: "Senior, how long has it been since you went out?"

        "How long, even I can't remember."

        "That's not surprising, the Void Sect doesn't even exist in the Seven Peaks anymore, so how can there be anything to lead or not to lead."

        "What? The Seven Summits no longer exist?" The voice was confused, and the next moment, it was angry: "So are all of you apprentices eating sh*t? It must be because you guys don't compete, that's why the Seven Summits have fallen, right?"

        "Before I came here, there was no one left in the Seven Peaks, and I was my master's last and only disciple."

        "You're his disciple, so if you're not staying at the Seven Summits, what are you doing at the Four Summits?"

Chapter 1666

Han Qianli shook his head helplessly, "Do you think I wanted to come? I was sold as a slave to Four Peaks."

        "Slave? Using Qingfeng's disciples as slaves? Ye Mengxi, this lowly woman, really does not deserve a good death." An angry curse from inside.

        Han Qianqiang didn't know why she hated Lin Mengyi: "Who is Lin Mengyi."

        "You, come over here." A cold voice from inside snapped.

        Han Qianli thought about it. Anyway, with the Pangu Axe in hand, she wasn't worried that he could hurt her, so she thought about it and went straight in.

        The cave was very dark, and the further you went inside, the more damp it became, and the bone-chilling coldness became even more compelling.

        Suddenly, several fires lit up around her, and three meters away from her, there was a square stone platform on which a half skeleton, half humanoid monster sat, covered in moss.

        When she saw Han 3,000, she slowly raised her head, with no eyes, only the whites of her eyes, which looked extremely oozing.

        After sizing her up for a moment, she shook her head, "You really aren't that b*tch, you don't even have half of her scent on you, but a bit of a breeze."

        Han Qianqian felt a bit uncomfortable, and even more wary. How could he measure himself when he didn't even have eyes? And the worst part is, he can smell it!

        "Kneel down, child." He suddenly snarled.


        Han Qianqian thought, "This is a bit too much for you, I didn't even want to talk to you before, if it wasn't for the fact that you sounded better and I needed to recuperate, I wouldn't have said anything to you. In the end, after chatting for a few sentences, you even asked yourself to kneel down on your stool.

        Dream on!

        "What are you waiting for?" He urged, and seeing the expression on Han Qianqian's face, she sighed, "Since you are Qingfeng's disciple, then according to the rules, you should call me Shisun."


        After half a day's work, he turned out to be a woman, which Han Qianli did not notice beforehand, because it was hard to tell the difference between his half skeleton and half complete human body.

        The reason for this is that he is half skeleton and half complete human body, which is really hard to tell. Han 3,000 gave her a doubtful look, and saw that she did not seem to be lying, so she nodded and gently knelt down.

        Although Qin Qingfeng was only a springboard for her in the Eightfold World, Han Qianqian was a man of principle, and a master is a master, and a disciple should have all the proper manners.

        Seeing Han Qianli's prostration, Zhu Ying nodded in satisfaction, "Child, get up, what's your name."

        "Han Qianqian."

        "Okay, Qianxiang, Shizuo took note of it. By the way, why exactly were you sold to the Four Peaks to become a slave, from my understanding of your master, even if he sold himself, he would never sell his own disciple." Zhu Ying wondered.

        Han Qianli told her everything that happened in the beginning, and after hearing Han Qianli's expression, she slapped her palm directly on the stone platform in anger: "I knew it, that b*tch Lin Mengxi has no good intentions."

        "Auntie, who the hell is Lin Mengxi."

        "Lin Mengxi is the Fourth Peak Elder, you've just come to the Fourth Peak, it's normal that you don't know, but, 3000, you must remember, Lin Mengxi is a poisonous scorpion woman, you must be careful."

        She was pretty, and was the only one who hadn't humiliated herself or her master at the beginning. Han Qianjiang had seen countless people, and judging from her face, she wasn't the kind of evil person.

        "Master, could there be any misunderstanding?" Han Qianqiang wondered.

        In fact, as far as buying himself as a slave is concerned, this is a kind of business, which is actually fair.

        "Misunderstanding? Three thousand, you are really foolish and ignorant, do you think that Lin Mengxi bought you to Four Peaks without a purpose?" Zhu Ying laughed coldly.

        "She's trying to help my master." It could be seen that Qin Qingfeng was disdained and hated by several elders, and Lin Mengxi was perhaps trying to help Qin Qingfeng through this obscure method without offending the other elders.

        "Bullsh*t!" Zhu Ying's furious voice, Han Qianli's words, I don't know which nerve was stimulated, making her whole person instantly exploded thunder: "That b*tch, not good intentions at all, she bought you, but just to let your master's only disciple, to his place to be insulted and tortured.".

        Han 3,000 yuan thought about it, but there was actually some truth to it, since she came to the vegetable garden, Han 3,000 yuan was really like a slave, did not enjoy any treatment, just work.

        "All these years, I've been kil ling people on sight in the Ciyun Cave, and she definitely wants to ki ll you through my hands."

        This is the first time I've ever been to the Ciyun Cave, and I've never been to the Ciyun Cave before.

        "Just now, I almost mistook you for a disciple of the Four Peaks and kil led you, falling for this b*tch's poisonous scheme. Fortunately, although this kid of yours doesn't have any Eightfold Cultivation of the Heart, he has an extremely strong power in his body, and was able to resist my Flying Head's attack." Speaking of which, Zhu Ying sized up Han Qianqian again.

        "Fine, since that b*tch is trying to ki ll you by all means, I won't give her what she wants, 3,000, come to me." She waved her hand.

        Han 3,000 thought about it, but finally got up and moved closer to her.

        When Han 3,000 knelt in front of him, Zhu Ying gently lifted the intact hand, which might as well have been a skeleton covered with skin, and then she slowly placed her hand on top of Han 3,000's head.

        In just an instant, Han San felt a strong force pouring in directly from the top of his head, as if someone had put an egg beater in his brain, and the intense strangling pain made Han San San's consciousness faint.

        Half awake, half suffering, the power was pushed straight into Han's body, through seven meridians and eight veins, destroying everything in its path, and it felt a violent explosion at every point.

        In the end, the force struck Han Qianqian's heart.


        There was a loud noise, and Han Giangli knew that his heart had stopped beating.

        Was this the time to d i e?

        I'm still too young to trust the monsters in this Ciyun Cave!

        Slowly, Han Giang's eyes went black and he lost his last consciousness.

        I don't know how long it took, but suddenly Han Gongqiang felt better, but between his eyes, he entered a space surrounded by darkness. He tried to run for a long time, but the darkness was as if there were no borders.

        He looked around, but there was no one there. When he turned around, his ears were filled with strange incantations.

        He turned around sharply, and a pair of eyes without eyeballs were staring at him.

        "Are you awake?"