His True Colors Chapter 1661-1663

 Chapter 1661

This bunch of grandsons, which is not to catch any divine pet, is simply to peep at others bathing.

        On this day, the elders in the peak will specially mix the hot spring with spiritual energy, and the female slaves will use it to wash their bodies, so that they can clean and absorb the spiritual energy.

        "There are lewd thieves!"

        Han Giangli shouted, got up and ran.

        His voice terrified the three people who were squatting at the window, pushing and shoving each other, and after a moment of clarity, they fled the "crime scene!

        After confirming that it was safe, Folded Xuizi breathed a sigh of relief: "Damn it, whoever was shouting ghostly just now almost kil led me.

        After saying that, Folded Xuizi resignedly looked at the distant big house where the chickens had flown, shook his head, and went back toward the thatched hut below.

        When the three of them were far away, next to the bush where the three of them were standing, Han Qianli stood up with a grass in his mouth and looked disdainfully at Folded Hollow's faraway figure: "Cheap!"

        At that time, a group of female slaves in a big house in the distance had chased them out with an aura lamp in their hands, and Han 3,000 said in secret that it was bad, and wanted to run down, but the group of people of the Orphans was not far away, so they looked left and right and ran into the dark jungle.

        Running all the way, Han 3,000 escaped, but he also managed to get lost.

        But as the old saying goes, if you get lost, you can find your way by following the river.

        The sound of water was heard in the distance, but even he didn't notice that when he stepped over the third evergreen vine tree, the boundary there suddenly lit up, but it was completely offset by the golden light from his body, and he walked in as if no one else was there.

        After bypassing the ancient tree, Han Qianli came to a patch of grass, and then opened it up again.

        Under the waterfall, the spring water was crystal clear and even emitted a burst of fragrance. When Han Q3 fixed his eyes again, under the moonlight, the water was shimmering, and a jade-like white figure was in the water, heading in his direction, playing with her jade fingers.

        This place is so clear that you can see the bottom of the spring!

        "Holy Sh*t ......"

        Han Qianqiang claimed to be holy in heart and had no second thoughts about Su Yingxia, but after all, he was a normal man.

        "What man!"

        There was a scream in the water, and then the whole spring exploded, and the waves were a hundred meters high, completely enveloping the woman who had just been there, unable to see clearly.

        If Han Qiangli doesn't slip away now, when will he wait!

        When Han Qianqian had just slipped away, a woman dressed in white, with long, wet hair and a long, silvery sword, landed coldly on the ground.

        A pair of willow eyebrows locked tightly, a pair of charming eyes into the cold sword, sweeping the surroundings.

        For a long time, she gave up, murmuring and frowning, "Could it be that I'm hallucinating? Among the four peaks, who else but my mother can break through my spell without making a sound? But my mother's voice is not the voice of a man at all."

        Under the moonlight, Qin Frost's stunningly beautiful face was unusually beautiful.

        The next morning, just after dawn, Han 3,000 was woken up by Folding Xuizi. Before Han 3,000 could reflect, Folding Xuizi had tugged at his ear and carried him out like a monkey.

        With a great effort in his hands, Folding Xuizi threw Han 3,000 into the courtyard.

        Only then did Han 3,000 notice that dozens of gray-clothed hair-bundled disciples had already gathered in the courtyard.

        The leader was a woman in her late thirties, who was quite pretty and pretty.

        "Sister Ruoyu, it's this kid!" Origami pointed at Han Qianqian and said to the leading female disciple.

        Ruo Yu stared at Han Qianqian, and suddenly emitted a murderous heroic spirit.

        "Han Qianqian, how dare you, a small slave, how dare you trespass into the girls' bathhouse, someone, arrest me." Ruo Yu shouted coldly, before Han 3,000 yuan reflected, dozens of silver swords were already placed on his throat.

        Han Qianli understood, it seemed that these people were here to investigate last night's incident.

        "Sister Ruo Yu, this matter has nothing to do with me ah, this ......."

        "Shut up, is it your turn to speak here, a slave who is only worth half a son?" Before Han 3,000 words were finished, Folding Xuuzi immediately interrupted with a guilty conscience: "Sister Ruoyu, Han 3,000 came back from outside late last night, and this matter can be witnessed by Zhang Jin from my vegetable garden, as well as Fuhua."

        The first time I saw her, I thought about it, and then I thought about it, and then I thought about it, and then I thought about it, and then I thought about it, and then I thought about it.

        Seeing that the three of them also nodded, Ruoyu laughed coldly: "Han Qianxiang, do you have anything to say?"

        "Yeah, Han 3,000, don't you dare say you haven't peeked into someone's shower." Folding Void also accelerated the question.

        This question, I must say, is simply very good, has Han Giang read it? I really saw it by accident.

        "Since there are no words, according to the rules of the Four Peaks, cut Han Qianxiang into pieces on the spot as a warning to others."

        After Ruo Yu said that, more than a dozen swords were directly raised, while Han Qianxiang also gently transported his qi at this time, the timing was not right, he also had his own preparation.

        "Stop!" Just then, a nice cold drink suddenly came out.

Chapter 1662

When everyone looked back, Qin Frost stepped down on the damask, like a fairy descending from the heavens, swept a glance at them, and whispered, "Let him go."

        The people were puzzled, but Qin Shuang knew in his heart that the thief would never be Han Qianli.

        In fact, the investigation within the peak today, Qin Frost has been quietly followed, she was peeped at, unable to speak, just as someone in the peak said that found a peeping thief has also seen their bath, so she thought it was the same person, she naturally also wanted to know who was peeping at her last night.

        But when they found out that it was Han Qianqian, Qinshang vetoed the result.

        Han 3,000 was just a piece of trash in exchange for half a bottle, so what ability did he have to break through the curse he had set up without anyone noticing?

        But Qin Frost might not have dreamed that Han 3,000 yuan would break through the spell without his knowledge or even his own knowledge.

        "Sister Qin Frost, what do you mean? Han Qiangqiang is a peeping Tom. The evidence that he is a peeping Tom is overwhelming, are you helping him?" Ruoyu was disdainful.

        She had always been very envious, jealous, and even hateful of Qin Frost.

        If it wasn't for Qin Frost, she should have been the most beautiful female disciple of the Void Sect, and one of the most promising three stars, but Qin Frost's appearance deprived her of everything she thought should have been hers, Qin Frost was too good, no matter her figure, looks, face value, or cultivation, she was far superior to herself.

        "Then Han Qianqian, let me ask you, have you ever peeked at them in the shower?" Qin Frost said coldly.

        Han Qianli wanted to explain, I haven't seen them, but I've seen you, but as soon as I opened my mouth, I was immediately interrupted by Qin Frost, "You only need to answer yes or no, we don't have time to waste on your half-bottle-for-uselessness."

        "I'll ask one last time, have you ever seen them bathe!"

        "No!" Han Qianli gritted his teeth.

        "Make you lie!" Qin Frost's face was cold, and his body fiercely flashed with cold Qi, and several ice cones were instantly inserted directly into Han Qianqian's body.

        "Now, you've been hit by our clan's Needle of Words, if you're lying, the Needle of Words will instantly explode inside your body, if you're telling the truth, the Needle of Words will turn into water vapor and will not harm you in any way, now, did you watch them take a bath or not?" Qin Frost cold voice.

        "I ......" Han Qianqian wanted to explain ah, he is not the kind of person who dares not admit.

        "I'll warn you one last time, you just have to answer, have you seen them."

        "That no!" Han Qiangli nodded his head affirmatively.

        A group of disciples stared at Han 3,000's body one by one, and after a few seconds, they saw that there was no explosion in Han 3,000's body at all, and understood the truth all of a sudden.

        However, they didn't know that Han 3,000 was telling the truth, but that was entirely because Qin Lang, out of his own sense of pride, had only been directing the peeking incident to the other female slaves, leading to a misunderstanding within a misunderstanding.

        "Since Han 3000 didn't peek, then it's none of his business, but, Folding Xuizi, Han 3000 came back very late is an indisputable fact, you as the vegetable garden supervisor, negligent management, according to the rules, the battle is eighty." Ruo Yu looked at Qin Frost in annoyance, and finally took her anger out on Folding Xuizi.

        If it wasn't for this son of a b*tch, how would she be pressured again in front of Qin Frost!

        Folded Xuuzi was quickly pushed down to the ground by a group of people and beaten eighty times. The disciples who practiced in the mountain were all good at it, and when the eighty strokes went down, the first ten could still hear Folded Xuuzi's pig-like screams, and the next seventy strokes could only hear the buzzing sound of dying.

        Han Giangli had no sympathy for him; he had brought this on himself.

        At night, in the house of Folded Xuizi, the pig-like screams of Folded Xuizi were heard again: "Gently, Zhang Jin, I'll dig up your ancestor's grave, I'll dig up your ancestor's grave, gently~".

        Little Blackie Zhang Jin nodded, quickly and gently to fold the fat buttocks of the virtual child to continue to drug.

        "The more I think about it, the more I think about it, the more I think about it, the more I think about it, the more I think about it. The more she thought about it, the more reluctant she became, and the more reluctant she became, the more angry she became.

        Zhang Jin shook his head and sighed, "Hey, yes, I heard that the Four Peaks recently bought a particularly beautiful female servant girl to work as a kitchen maid in the kitchen above us, and I heard that it's an excellent looking one that's comparable to our Senior Sister Qinshang.

        "It's all f*cking blamed on last night, I don't know which son of a b*tch shouted last night, or else, f*ck ...... ouch, you lighten up!"

        "If I knew who was shouting, I'd have to ki ll him. Zhang Jin nodded his head repeatedly.

        "I'm not the only one who can't find a way to get rid of him," Zhang Jin said.

        Zhang Jin hehe laughs: "To ki ll him, that's not simple, we east of the vegetable garden in that waste cave ......" said this, Zhang Jin's smile is very sinister.

        "Damn, you don't want him to go there to die, do you? Damn, you're a sneaky kid, but I like it, hahaha!"

Chapter 1663

The next morning.

        As in the previous days, Han Qianqian was carrying a bucket, ready to fetch water.

        When Hua Fuhua walked up to Han Qianqian, he couldn't stop talking. Han Qianqian saw his strange appearance and stopped: "What is it, Hua Fuhua?

        "No, it's fine, it's getting late, let's get to work. By the way, remember to water the vegetables in the East Garden a few more times today." Floyd thought, looking a little panicked, and looked behind him at the room of the fold.

        "Water more than a few times?" Han Giangli didn't quite understand.

        The East Garden's vegetable garden was so large that a few days ago, Han Qianqian's average daily work could only take care of a certain type of vegetable.

        It would take at least a week to water all of them. Just a few times more.

        Intuition let Han 3,000 know that Hua Hua should have something to say to himself.

        Han Qianli, with a smile, said, "Brother Hua, if you have something to say, just say it."


        When he saw Folded Xuizi, Floyd lowered his head: "Brother Folded Xuizi."

        "Early in the morning, not working well, chatting here, do you want me to give you some extra work?" Origami was unhappy and reviled.

        Little Blackie Zhang Jin quickly echoed, "Get lost, what are you waiting for."

        The two laughed at each other as Hua Hua fled in the wilderness, then Folding Void took a few steps and patted Han Qianli's shoulder: "Qianli, yesterday was senior brother's mistake, misunderstanding you, you don't blame senior brother, do you?"

        When Han Qianli looked at the two of them, he knew it was absolutely no good, and said with a smile, "Senior brother is not saying anything, senior brother is also duty bound, Qianli has not blamed you."

        "If it wasn't for Sister Qinshang's discernment, I would have almost caused your head to fall off." Origami pretended to be indebted.

        "Let's put it this way, Qianqian, I see you picking manure and fertilizing every day, and your work is quite tiring, brother will arrange a good job for you to compensate you, okay?"

        The first thing he noticed was that he was not sure what kind of drugs were in the gourd of the folded child, but one thing he was sure of was that there was no good news.

        The first thing that I want to do is to say, "I'm not going to do that," he said.

        At this time, Little Blackie, who was standing beside him, said with a cold, disdainful smile, "Han 3,000, if you say so, you're not giving face to our senior brother.

        Han Qianli smiled and didn't say anything. This little blackie, who is dark, has a ruthless heart.

        "Grass, I'm talking to you, dumb." After Little Blackie said that, he raised his hand and punched Han 3,000 directly.

        Although Xiaoheizi was only a very unpopular slave in the Four Peaks, he was a good flatterer, and had learned a few things from Origami, so he was confident in dealing with Han Qiangan.

        With one blow, Han Qianqian retreated several steps, and his chest ached.

        Seeing that Han Qianli was beaten back by himself, Little Blackie was both proud and arrogant, looked at Han Qianli and said with a cold smile: "I tell you, Han Qianli, in the Fourth Peak, you should learn to recognize yourself, you are just a f*cking garbage in exchange for half a green jade bottle. Act like it's a big deal, or I'll hit you once I see you."

        "Do you hear me!" Seeing no response from Han Qianqian, Little Blackie growled again in anger.

        Han Giangli suppressed his anger. He could endure it, but it didn't mean that any cat or dog could ride on his head.

        If Blackie still wanted to fight, Han 3,000 was definitely not going to let him go.

        Just at this time, Folding Xuuzi hypocritically grabbed Little Blackie and bleated, "Zhang Jin, what are you doing, we are all brothers in the same courtyard, what are you doing to hurt the peace?".

        Han Qianli gave a sneer, the white and the red face sang seamlessly, Han Qianli himself almost looked into it, he does not believe in this set of folded xuizi, if the little black man does not have his authorization, would dare to get rough with himself in front of his face?

        It was clear that Folding Xuizi had given his permission, and for someone like Han Qianqian, in his eyes, it was simply a plaything, but play is play, trouble is trouble, and the rules of the Four Peaks have always been extremely strict, and Sister Ruo Yu, like Elder Preceptor, has never been ruthless, so Folding Xuizi had to do things somewhat moderately.

        "Who asked him to disobey the arrangement." Little Blackie said coldly.

        "Well, three thousand, you too, senior brother is for your own good, look at your noise ...... "Folding Huxu Zi said a little aggrieved.

        Han Three Thousand can't look at it anymore, shaking his head, he said, "Then what do you want, senior brother."

        Han Qianli knew that if he didn't agree, these two could act in front of him for a day.

        "Senior brother asked you to deliver food to the Ciyun Cave." Zhang Jin snapped coldly.

        "Ciyun Cave?" Han Qianqiang wondered.

        "East of the vegetable garden land, keep going east, and after climbing over two cliffs, you will see a cave entrance with a stone tablet, the upper peak of the Green Luan Peak, and the middle cave of the Ciyun Cave." Zhang Jin said impatiently.

        "Well, just to deliver food?" Han Qianli asked.

        "Oh, yeah, senior brother felt sorry for you after yesterday's incident, so he sent you an errand boy to deliver a meal, so this job is simple, right?" Folding Void smiled sinisterly.

        Han Qianli nodded his head, he knew it must not be simple, but he didn't want to waste words with these people: "Okay, I'll go, what should I do when I get back from the meal?"

        "Just deliver the food, it's in my brother's room, go get it yourself." Zhang Jin said with a cold voice.

        Fetching the food, Han Qianli set off.

        "What else do you want to come back and do, make a hair, you can come out alive and say it." Seeing Han Qianli leave, Folded Hollow spat a mouthful of saliva toward his back.

        Han 3,000 didn't know that Zhang Jin's words about the upper peak of the Green Luan Peak and the middle cave of the Ciyun Cave had a second half to them - laughing in white clothes and tears under the skeleton.

        An hour later, Han Three Thousand Thousand stopped at the location of the stone monument.

        Next to the half-meter high stone monument, which was filled with all kinds of skeletons, five skeletons were gathered at the top, and three characters were written in thick blood on the stone monument: Ciyun Cave!

        Looking forward, in the dense jungle, there is a burst of white smoke rising, even in this scorching sunny day, more than ten meters away, it is still a gloomy atmosphere!

        After the white gas, there is a black hole, the entrance of which is dark and deep, and from time to time there are bursts of strange sounds, like laughing instead of crying, like crying instead of laughing, sometimes like a baby crying, sometimes like an old man whispering, and sometimes like no sound at all.

        Food delivery? Han Qianqiang, however, felt that it was clearly a death sentence!