His True Colors Chapter 1659-1660

 Chapter 1659

"Sister Qinshang, you're here, younger brother Folding Void is courteous."

        The fat man is a gas can, and if it's dark and he's lying on the ground, you can't tell which is the head and which is the tail.

        When he saw Qin Frost, he smiled, and his tongue couldn't help but lick the saliva from the corner of his mouth.

        But when the fat man smiled, it was quite cute.

        "In the future, there will be one more person in the vegetable garden." Qin Frost said in a cold voice, and as soon as he finished, the white damask was lightly withdrawn, and Han Qianli regained his freedom.

        The first time I saw her, I had a look at her, and then I smiled and looked at her again.

        After saying that, Folding Xuuzi rushed to Han 3,000 and slapped Han 3,000 on the head: "Let your grandson trouble my senior sister."

        Han 3,000 was depressed, what the f*ck does it matter to me!

        After patting Han Qianqian, Fuxuzi immediately put on a pig face and smiled: "Sister, since you're here, why don't you bring some peaches to eat? The peaches in the orchard have recently ripened, but they are still very young."

        "No need, I have work to do, so I'll leave the slave to you." Qin Frost said in a cold voice, turned around and left.

        Looking at Qin Frost's back, Folding Xuuzi's saliva dropped half a foot long, and when he was sure that the person was walking away, he came back to his senses, wiped his fallen saliva with a big wave of his hand, and glared at Han Qianqian: "What are you looking at, look, look again to poke your dog's eyes!"

        "Come with me!"

        A furious drink, the folded Xuuzi led Han three thousand to the vegetable garden in the thatched-roof room.

        The thatched-roof house was built around, like a courtyard, and in the courtyard, there was a black skinny boy, black as charcoal, thin as wood, who was now raising an axe to chop wood, and a small fat man, a smaller version of Folded Hollow, but could distinguish between head and feet, with a silly look and a three-layer swimming ring squeezed on his stomach.

        "Come here, all of you." Folding Hollow's fat hand waved, and the little black skinny and the little fatty hurriedly put down their work and ran over.

        "Brother Guishou!" They all spoke in unison in respect.

        "Here's a new slave, hey, what's your name?"

        "Han three thousand!"

        Folding Xuuzi nodded: "From today onwards, you are a slave of the vegetable garden. The slave has three requirements: first, work at sunrise and rest at sunset every day; second, do not go near the peak hall without permission; third, the rest of the explanation belongs to me."

        Hearing the third requirement, Little Black and Little Fatty lowered their heads in obvious frustration, while Folding Void looked proud and smug.

        The meaning of these words, Han Qianli understood, he was the king of the earth here, and what he said was what he meant.

        "The skinny one is called Zhang Jin, and the fat one is called Floating. From now on, you are slave friends, Floating, take this cargo to get clothing and labor tools, Zhang Jin, prepare some food for me, I'm hungry."

        After saying that, Fuxu Zi farted towards the middle of the thatched hut.

        "In the vegetable garden, there is a fruit garden to the east, a vegetable garden to the south, a livestock garden to the west, and a water garden to the north, so apart from working in the vegetable garden, we can only go back to the thatched-roof hut to stay, and we can't go out anywhere." While holding out her big belly, Fau Hua led Han Qianqian into a thatched hut on the west side.

        "By the way, Han 3,000, how much did you ...... buy it?" Floyd suddenly asked.


        "Or rather, what goods to buy you with."

        "A bottle of green jade energy bottle, no ...... it should be half a bottle." Han Qianli answered honestly.

        It looked like he was a bottle, but if you buy one, get one free, you seem to be worth only half a bottle.

        "F*ck ......!" When Fuhua heard this, he looked at Han Qianqian as if he had seen a ghost: "Is your family very poor?"

        In the Octagonal World, there are many strong people, but there are also many weak people, and no world can be separated from the Pyramid Principle. Here, anyone can eat ordinary food without having to wrap his stomach, but he also needs to eat the food of the Eight Directions, which contains minute amounts of energy.

        But in the law of the jungle society, the strong can plunder and the weak can only be plundered, and the polarization of the Eight Directions is even greater than that of Earth and Xuanyuan.

        The weak are even weaker, and many poor families, in order to survive, end up selling their bodies.

        The family was already poor, but the boy was a good eater, so the family sold him to the Void Sect as a slave, which was a better way to supplement the family's income and not to starve the boy to death.

        But after all, being a slave is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so the price is not low.

        But half a green energy bottle to buy a slave, floating unheard of, take him as the lowest slave, he converted the eight world currency exchange, can also change about three bottles of green jade energy bottle, Han 3000 half bottle?

        "Okay, okay, it's good to have you, I won't have to bottom out in the future." After being shocked, Fauve was quite happy again.

        "According to your price, you only wear the 9999 slave uniform."

        Han Giangli's eyebrows furrowed as he probed and asked, "What number are you?"


Chapter 1660

Han Giangli resisted the urge to ki ll, what was the difference between 9999 and 102, it was simply one heaven and one earth.

        "How many slaves are there in total in these six peaks?" Han Giangli pressed the corner of his mouth and held strong.

        "102 people."

        Han 3,000 yuan felt a thunderbolt from the clear sky hitting the core of his brain, and his whole body was burnt to the core.

        Just looking for a simple shelter, but this is like falling deeply into a vortex, and, still, the kind that can not crawl out.

        "After that, go fertilize the vegetable garden in the South Garden. As for the fertilizer, go to the livestock garden in the West Garden. After handing the clothes to Han Qianqian, Fuhua instructed.

        The North Garden covers a vast area, where several small rivers converge to form a huge field, with clear, gurgling streams and countless exotic fish that Han had never seen before swimming in the water.

        Han's task was to fill the large water tank in the thatched hut that was more than one person high.

        After finishing this, Han 3,000 went to the livestock area in the West Garden, which was actually more like a prehistoric era than livestock.

        All kinds of birds and beasts as big as elephants roamed around in the garden, which, according to Fuhua, were actually small livestock, mainly used for making some delicacies.

        Han Qianqian's job was to collect these dung and then go to the East Garden to water the vegetables.

        In the main hall of the Green Luan Peak, a middle-aged woman was drinking green tea while raising her eyebrows, as if she had a heavy heart, and even though she was already in her old age, she was well taken care of, her charm remained, and her posture was wonderful.

        This is the fourth peak's Zhang Lao Lin Mengxi.

        Qin Chang returned to the main hall after explaining Han Qianqian's business, her face still cold as silk.

        "Have you done the things I explained to you?" Lin Mengxi asked.

        Qin Frost was silent.

        Lin Mengxie saw the situation and shook her head helplessly, "Why don't you say anything."

        "Whether Qin Qingfeng is dead or alive, what does it have to do with us, I don't understand why you have to help him out." Qin Frost was unhappy.

        Lin Mengxi smiled bitterly: "Frost, he is your father in the end, you are not allowed to talk like this."

        Qin Frost sneered disdainfully, "Does he deserve to be my father too?"

        "But your last name is Qin!" Lin Mengxi gave an anxious cry, but for a moment, she returned to her normal state: "Besides, I let you use the green jade energy bottle to exchange for Han Qianli, it's the palm master's intention."

        "The palm master's intention?" Qin Frost was puzzled.

        Lin Mengxi nodded her head.

        After the drill was over, Lin Mengxi returned to the Fourth Peak, but soon after, the Headmaster suddenly sent a message to her alone, asking her to use this method to replace Han 3,000 to the Fourth Peak.

        "Oh, Han 3,000 is just a piece of trash, everyone saw the results on the drill field, how could the headmaster personally interrogate her for such a piece of trash?" I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that.

        In the past, when Ye Kucheng defected from the Seventh Peak to the First Peak, the Master did not say a word, but today, for a ridiculous piece of trash, the Master came to intervene.

        So, Qin Frost's first reaction was simply that Lin Mengxi was looking for an excuse to intentionally help Qin Qingfeng.

        She still has residual feelings for Qin Qingfeng!

        "Frost, Mother has always taught you that sometimes what your eyes see may not really be the truth. There are some things you don't need to know too much about, it's not good for you. You ...... can just think of it as two green jade bottles and buy a slave back." Lin Mengxi said.

        This was obviously even less convincing to Qin Frost, confirming even more that Lin Mengxi simply had compassion for Qin Qingfeng.

        "That trash, is he also worth two green jade bottles?" Qin Frost did not say.

        "In addition, you can help Han Qianqian get through his introductory foundation." Lin Mengxi said, ignoring the reaction of Qin Frost behind her, and hurriedly left. After Lin Mengxi said that, she quickly got up and left, not caring how Qin Frost reacted behind her.

        She knew Qin Frost's temper too well, but also understood that she was an obedient person.

        After a day's work, Han Qianqian reluctantly watered enough vegetables in the East Garden until sunset, and returned to the thatched hut, where Folded Xuuzi was asking Blackie Zhang to line up straight with Floating Hua, with a serious look as if they were ready to go.

        Han Qianqiang was stunned for a moment, not knowing whether to join them or to put his guts back into the utility room after picking out the dung first.

        "What are you waiting for, a slave worth only half a son! Why don't you get your ass in there and get to work?" Origami's fat eyes squeezed shut and said with disdain.

        He looked rather nine-thousand years old.

        Han Qianli nodded and withdrew to his own room.

        At this time, seeing Han Qianli go in, Folding Void cleared his throat, "Okay, Operation Falcon, let's begin!"

        After a long day, Han Qianlian wanted to have a good rest, but he never thought that he would end up as a strong man of the Xuanyuan World, but he would end up in the world of the Eight Directions.

        He never thought that he would end up in the world of the eight directions picking on the sh*t.

        "What are you waiting for? Go with it." Lin Long was now quietly saying.

        Han Qianli didn't bother to pay attention to him and turned over on his butt: "Why should I go?"

        "Oh, don't you want to know what they're going to do?"

        Han 3,000 shook his head, he just wanted to rest now, otherwise he would definitely be the first person in the three worlds to die of exhaustion after ascending to a higher realm.

        "Three thousand ah, so I say you silly, this moon dark and windy, I suspect that these guys, to catch spiritual pets. The strong man depends on his cultivation, the second on the divine weapon, and the third on the divine pet, how good of a chance can these guys get to cultivate, and what kind of ghost divine weapon can they get? The most likely is a god's pet."

        "A god's pet?"

        "That's right, you should be aware of how much a divine pet acknowledgement boosts the master's cultivation."

        Han 3,000 nodded, a person, without the right cultivation methods, to become strong, is not impossible, in case of any luck, hit a good divine soldier, or top divine pet, indeed can overnight loser suddenly become handsome rich.

        In the Linlong's bluff, Han 3,000 ghosts followed up.

        In the cool of the night, a few puffs of cold wind on the face, the folded Xuuzi dragged his fat body, leading a pig and a monkey behind him to move quickly in the dark.

        After a few minutes, there was a large hall in front of them, and the lights were brightly lit.

        With a frown on their brows, Han Qianli followed them in.

        When they entered the palace, Han 3,000 saw from a distance that Folding Void was hiding in front of a window of a house, forgetting about the pushing and shoving by others.

        Through the shadow of the window, Han 3,000 was stunned.

        It was an exquisite body ......