His True Colors Chapter 1657-1658

 Chapter 1657

As someone roared in shock, the crowd searched and heard the sound, and in the middle of the practice field, dust was flying, four pieces of stone statues were blown up all over the ground, and Han Giangli's face was sweating like rain, his whole body almost completely in a state of weakness.

        "The ...... group of disciples were speechless.

        The six elders on the stage, their eyes narrowed.

        "In the four hundred years of the Void Sect, no one has ever been able to break the stone statue, and this son ......"

        "How did this kid get this power when he looks so flat and unimpressive?"

        Although the four stone statues are stones, they are specially made by the Voidless Sect, and they are incomparably hard and heavy, requiring great strength to push them, and it is not easy to destroy them.

        Qin Qingfeng was delighted with Han Qianli's operation, and for a moment, he was not pleased with himself.

        Yes, breaking the statue was something that could be done by most of the disciples of the Void Sect, but the problem was that it was used to assess newcomers, so it made Qin Qingfeng feel very confident.

        But just when he was not yet extremely happy, at this time, Elder Wu Yan of the Cessation Academy, had a cold voice and a smile, "I declare that this son cannot enter the Voidless Sect."

        Qin Qingfeng's eyebrows furrowed in discontent, "Why?".

        Elder Wu Yan smiled disdainfully, "You still have the nerve to ask why? Where do I take a foolish man, let him push the stone statue, not let him smash it."

        Qin Qingfeng was stunned, according to the rules of the Void Sect, it was true that there was no elaboration on breaking, as the Void Sect did not believe that a newcomer could have the ability to break a stone statue to pieces.

        "Master, although Han ...... what do you call the visitor?" Qin Qingfeng was suddenly stunned.

        "Three thousand!" Han Giangli said softly.

        "Although Han Qianli broke the stone statue, palace master, it also shows that he has extraordinary strength and great potential." Qin Qingfeng pleaded with the palace master.

        The palace master was about to say something when Elder Wu Yan smiled coldly, "Palace master, the four stone statues were not maintained this year, that's why they broke."

        This statement was a great relief to all the disciples who were shocked.

        "I thought that guy was very powerful."

        I thought it was the guy who was so powerful. "Powerful, powerful my ass, didn't you see what Uncle Preceptor said, that's a stupid guy, let him push the statue, but he went to fight the statue."

        Every year, the four stone statues required the Void Sect to specially infuse energy, and the stone statues relied on the material of ordinary stones to reach a thousand tons, otherwise, it would only transform into its original form and become an ordinary, uncommon stone.

        On the stage, the six elders were also happy.

        You don't maintain the stone statue properly, so it becomes an ordinary stone, making people think that Qin Qingfeng has received a very talented disciple." "Brother Ring Academy, this is your fault.

        "Haha, this is to give someone Qin Qingfeng a little hope, and then ruthlessly stomp on it."

        "That's also because he doesn't know himself, and really thinks he can turn over a new leaf by accepting a loser."

        "I've long seen that kid is mediocre, but just peasant material, it's just that some people can't take on disciples anymore, so they simply came to fill in the numbers."

        Watching the six elders mock the group, Wu Yan now carefully looked towards the palm master and said softly, "Brother palm master, we all feel that this matter cannot be passed, you see ......"

        The headmaster nodded, "Good, then, according to what you said, this son, cannot enter the Void Sect!"

        "But ...... Master Teacher ......"

        "Qin Qingfeng, don't talk nonsense, the palace master has already made a decision, so don't talk nonsense." Wu Yan sternly interrupted Qin Qingfeng's words.

        "Alright, let's all disperse." The palm master said, turned around and left.

        Wu Yan swept Qin Qingfeng with a cold glance and followed the palm master.

        The six elders on the stage, however, did not leave, but instead came towards Qin Qingfeng. The disciples saw that there was still a drama going on, and chose to stay where they were.

        "It's really interesting that a loser still wants to enter my Voidless Sect, but coincidentally, there's a loser who needs an apprentice. The Five Peaks Elder was the first to speak up.

        "Old Seven, this man is old and useless, he should think about how to make a coffin for himself, and what he's doing all day." Lu Yongjin sneered.

        "Look at you, you seem to be very dissatisfied with the result just now." The Second Peak Elder said disdainfully.

        "What's there to be dissatisfied about." The Third Peak Elder directly squeezed Han Qianqian's face with one hand, just like kneading mud, "Is that all you've got? He has no meat on his body, and he's too thin to be a farmer with a fairy stone."

        Don't pinch Han Three Thousand's face painfully, angrily knocking his hand off directly, staring at the dead fat man in front of him with discontent.

        "Yo, young man is quite bloody." The Three Peaks Elder, instead of laughing in anger, directly extended his fat hand again, fiercely jammed it around Han Qianqian's neck, and threw it forward with force.

        He was unable to resist, and stumbled and fell to the ground, gnawing mud.

        The crowd of disciples burst into laughter.

        Qin Frost put his eyes away, looked at Han 3,000 on the ground, then at Qin Qingfeng, and said in a cold voice, "I knew you would come out again and again to humiliate yourself."

        "Stand up." The Three Peaks Elder mocked Han Qianli in a cold voice.

        Han Qianli was angry, but at this point, he could only silently choose to endure.

        Sometimes, in the face of absolute disparity, it was brainless to be tough, because you would bury all your chances.

        "Third Senior Brother, he's just a child, so why are you doing this?" Qin Qingfeng weakly said.

        "Old Seven, Third Senior Brother is also trying to help you, how can you say that about him, he is trying to make you see reality, understand?" The Sixth Summit Elder said, "Han Giangli had just stood up from the ground.

        Han 3,000 had just stood up from the ground, and the Sixth Summit Elder flung his hand lightly with a smile, but not a smile.

        A tremendous force instantly toppled him several meters over, and finally smashed him heavily on the ground.

        A mouthful of blood spurted out from his throat, but enduring did not mean giving in, Han Giangli gritted his teeth, braced himself against the pain, and stood up again.

        "Sixth junior brother is right, although you are now a waste, but after all, we are brothers and sisters, you can't distinguish the waste, we can help you." The fifth elder smiled, and swung his hand again.


        Han Qianqian, who had just stood up, was once again blown over several meters by a huge force, and finally smashed heavily on the floor tiles.

        A group of disciples hid their mouths and smiled one by one, obviously, Han 3,000 was now a toy that the elders used to make fun of Qin Qingfeng.

        "Old Five said it!"


        "I also agree with what San said."


        Five times in a row, each of the six elders, with the exception of the four elders who did not make a move, came once, and Han 3,000 was fanned from the central hall all the way back to the entrance of the void, covered in blood and dust.

        On top of the hall, a group of disciples were smiling, and a few elders were also satisfied.

        Qin Qingfeng gritted his teeth, and it was obvious that the senior brothers were actually like beating their own faces when they cleaned up Han Qianli, but in the end, they were brothers and sisters, so it wasn't ugly.

        But this was bitter to Han Qianxiang!

        "Six senior brothers, I'm sorry, it was my poor eyesight that took in a loser, thank you." Qin Qingfeng forcibly suppressed his anger, turned around, and hurried toward Han Qianli.

        Fourth Elder Lin Mengxi quietly looked at Qin Qingfeng's rickety back, a trace of compassion flashing in her eyes, but eventually it was replaced by anger, and she shook her head.

        If it weren't for the Pan Gu axe and the skeleton, Han believed that he would never have survived last night.

        If it were anyone else, he would have been paralyzed for life.

        This made it clear to Han 3,000 that the Eight Directions was indeed a world of strong men, and the slightest mistake could lead to disaster.

        "You're awake?"

        When Han Qiangli woke up, Qin Qingfeng, who had been guarding him all night, stood up nervously.

        He felt guilty about Han 3,000 yuan, for not taking him as his disciple, but almost letting others die because of him.

        Han Qianqian was about to say something when he suddenly smelled a strange fragrance in the air, a fragrance that charmed his heart.

        It was pure, with a hint of milk fragrance, and smelled very enchanting, even generating desire.

        But when you see the visitors, this desire will be frozen in an instant.

        At the entrance of the door, Qin Frost, in a white dress, gorgeous and beautiful, with a stunning face, coldly looked at the two.

Chapter 1658

"Frost ......"

        When Qin Qingfeng saw Qin Frost, his whole body was not excited.

        Qin Frost didn't say anything, and threw two green vials on the ground with a light hand. Han Qianqian saw this yesterday and heard that it was called Green Jade Energy Bottle.

        Han Qianqian was also shocked to see that Qin Frost's hands, which were exposed when he threw the bottles, were slender and thin, as warm as jade.

        To be honest, Qin Lang should be the most beautiful girl that Han Qianlian has seen since he traveled around the Earth, Xuanyuan World, and there is no one else.

        Even Su Yingxia, compared to her, was not nearly as beautiful.

        "Drink it."

        Qin Frost's words were few, but her voice was nice, just cold enough to make it hard to approach.

        Qin Qingfeng nodded and quickly bent down to pick it up, then opened a bottle and fed it to Han 3,000.

        Once it was in his mouth, Han 3,000 felt a warm feeling in his body. This warmth went from his mouth all the way down to his seven meridians and eight veins, and finally gathered in his dantian before slowly disappearing.

        Even Qin Qingfeng, who was opposite, drank another bottle of wine after feeding himself. Only a few minutes later, Qin Qingfeng was no longer like the rickety old man he was before, but had the feeling of a janitor on earth, at least ten years younger.

        "Frost, thank you." Qin Qingfeng smiled gratefully.

        From start to finish, Qin Frost stared at Qin Qingfeng as if he were staring at a dead man, and there was no emotion in those feminine and clear eyes.

        "There's no need to call so affectionate, I came because of my master." Qin Frost said in a cold voice.

        "Meng Xi?"

        Qin Frost was silent.

        Qin Qingfeng's hot face stuck to his cold buttocks and nodded awkwardly. "Thank her for me."

        "Your thanks will only make us sick."

        Han Qianli was a bit confused, obviously coming to help them, but in the end, why did it feel like they were meeting a bit of enemies?

        "Your name is Han Qianqian, right?" For the first time, Qin Frost locked his eyes on Han Qianqian's body.

        If Han Qianqian's gaze was murderously cold when he was furious, then Qin Frost's gaze was like the Arctic ice covering his body, freezing his bones for a thousand feet.

        "Get up and follow me." Qin Frost cold voice.

        Han 3,000 yuan was stunned, but at this time Qin Qingfeng quickly pushed Han 3,000 yuan up, what is this situation?

        "Why should I go with you?" Han Qianli wondered.

        Qin Frost turned toward the door, took a step, and stopped with a cold voice: "From today on, you are officially the vegetable garden slave of the Four Peaks."

        "Vegetable garden slave?" Han Qianqiang's entire body was stunned, what the hell is this?

        When did I agree to be your what vegetable garden slave, although Han 3,000 did not know what exactly this was for, but just hearing the name, I knew it was not good.

        "Frost, 3000 is here to worship, how can you be a slave of the vegetable garden."

        Frost coldly returned, Frost Thousand Li!

        "No, I'm not going to be some kind of slave."

        "Take the money for selling your body and not fulfill your promise?" Qin Lang said, as he slowly drew his long sword.

        The sword was so cold that it made Han Qianqian a little hairy!

        "When did I get paid to sell my body?" Han Qianqian asked.

        "Just now, the green jade energy bottle you two drank was the money you sold yourself for! Otherwise, with your two losers, do you deserve to drink?" Qin Shuang's cold voice.


        Han 3,000 was about to argue, when Lin Long spoke in his head: "3,000, go, although the Void Sect is not a big sect, but the aura within the void is extremely strong, and staying in there will help you increase your power."

        "Besides, if you have nothing to do and mix some more of this green jade energy bottle, it's fine."

        Thinking about it, this does make sense, the green jade energy bottle is indeed a bit interesting, just a bottle, Han Qianqian so serious injuries, has recovered a lot.

        Moreover, when it comes to the vegetable garden slaves, at least they can have a place to stay, Han 3,000 nodded his head and agreed.

        "What about him?" Han Giangiangdao.

        "Him?" Qin Frost took a glance, "Buy you a slave, that bottle is considered a gift to him."

        Han Qianli stared, about to speak, when Qin Frost waved his hand, a white silk fell from the sky, binding Han Qianli, and Qin Frost flew directly to the entrance of the Void.

        And then back to the Void Sect, flying in mid-air under Qin Frost's bindings, how this place looks, how beautiful.

        Qin Frost belonged to the four peaks, Green Luan Peak.

        The height of the peak is five thousand and the grass is green.

        It is located on the top of a mountainside, with a main palace and a separate palace on either side, as well as a seemingly large, but extremely humble vegetable garden.

        In the world of the Eight Directions, although there is no longer a need for things to be eaten in the belly, people are born with five senses and five cravings, and even if they have cultivation, they cannot avoid the desire for food.

        The task of the vegetable circle was to plant all kinds of vegetables and fruits needed by the entire peak, only that each of these vegetables and fruits was glowing with golden light and full of energy.

        When I heard the noise, a fat middle-aged man ran out of the thatched-roof room in the distance, and when he saw Qin Shuang, his whole pair of pig eyes glowed.