His True Colors Chapter 1651-1653

 Chapter 1651

"You're so arrogant!" The emperor roared, and then, the whole person fiercely stored up strength, the Royal Dragon Hall for a moment of sand and stones, the moon, who had been on the side, suddenly felt extremely difficult to breathe.

        Is this the power of the God Realm?

        Is this the true power of an emperor?

        If so, what does the emperor have to fear in the future in the world of Xuanyuan?

        Han Qianqiang merely smiled, and then, with a gentle wave of his hand.


        Before the emperor could reflect, he was instantly lifted off the ground by a strange force, flew several meters backwards, and smashed heavily on the dragon chair behind him.

        The emperor only took a breath, and the entire chair collapsed!

        In the midst of the dust, the emperor looked at Han Qianxiang incredulously.

        How is this possible?

        With the blessing of the formation, I was already a God Realm powerhouse, and even if I wasn't as good as Han Qianqiang, at least I wasn't that far behind, right?

        But as soon as they touched, the emperor realized that it wasn't that far off at all, but that it was far off.

        Why was the difference so great when they were both in the God Realm?

        "Now, are you still arrogant!" Han Qianli smiled coldly, but the look in his eyes was filled with murderous intent, causing the emperor to feel a chill down his back.

        The emperor reluctantly got up, and the formation also contracted crazily at the same time. Han Qianli could clearly feel that all the energy in the formation was gathering towards the emperor's body in an instant.

        Almost at the same time, his enemy, who was hiding in the shadows, instantly transformed himself into a formation stone and maximized the energy of the formation.

        With the ancient artifact's sword spirit as the eye of the formation, the Royal Dragon Hall's formation reached its peak, and the emperor only felt an incessant stream of energy madly pouring into his body.

        The emperor smiled maliciously, but soon, he frowned slightly, because he felt the energy gathering more and more, and even his own body began to be unable to bear it.

        His enemy's plan was to use the emperor as a launching turret for the array energy, and to use all the energy of his sword spirit as a basis to deliver a fatal blow to Han 3,000, although the turret could not withstand such a huge force and would explode and d i e after an instant.

        In the world of Xuanyuan, no one could withstand their own fatal blow!

        Fu Leng of the Eightfold World is no good, and Han Qianxiang is even more impossible!

        "Almost there."

        At this time, Han Qianli suddenly smiled.

        When facing the full force of the emperor's all-consuming energy, Han Qianxiang suddenly revealed a ghostly smile.

        What made the emperor's entire body fall into a state of life-thinking and self-doubt was that Han Qianxiang was neither dodging nor defending, but just standing there with his hands in his hips.

        Was he out of his mind?

        Or, does he have no eyes for himself at all?

        In the face of his own full force, he did not even defend himself!

        Although the emperor was humiliated by Han Qianxiang's action, he was just as happy as the emperor. He liked the feeling of being a king for a short time, and was even happier that Han Qianxiang would d i e under his attack.

        At that time, he would be the strongest man in Xuanyuan World, looking down on the world!

        "Go to hell, Han Qianxiang!" The emperor burst out laughing, his whole body had turned completely blood-red due to the huge energy charge, and he didn't understand at all that his body had also reached a critical breaking point!

        Just when the emperor was about to attack with all his might, he discovered to his dismay that the energy of the formation was suddenly weakening wildly, and the power that had just made his confidence explode seemed to no longer belong to him.

        At this time, Han Qianqiang slowly pulled out the jade sword and placed it so quietly in front of him.

        Chi Meng gave up, if this attack went away, the jade sword itself shattered, and she disappeared with it!

        "Take this out, just for fun." Han Qianli suddenly smiled without a conscience, and instantly put the jade sword back.

        If you want your enemy to do things for you, then you have to make her willingly submit to you.

        Han Qianli smiled: "Now, it's okay."

        "You're looking for death!"

        At the critical moment, he took out his own sword to threaten himself, so that he had to withdraw his attack, but just as he was withdrawing he suddenly put it away.

        This is clearly a bare provocation!

        When has her Chi Meng been so humiliated by an inferior creature from Xuanyuan?

        The Emperor fiercely gathered his energy, and since Han Qianxiang wanted to d i e, he was given a thrashing. Turning his body directly into the entire formation's eye again, he gathered all the energy madly.

        "Han Qianqian, today, I'll make you avenge your blood for kil ling me back then!"

        Feeling the power gathering in his body again, the emperor's blood once again surged, looking at Han Qianqian like a duck with a beak, filled with urgent greed.

        He wanted Han Qianqian to be crushed to pieces, he wanted Han Qianqian to regret what he had done to himself, he wanted Han Qianqian to understand that this was the tragic end of offending himself.

        "Yes?" Han Qianqian smiled lightly.

        Looking at Han Qianqian's smile at this moment, the emperor was quite unhappy: "What? Han Qianqiang, up to now, are you still showing off?"

        "Who's showing off, don't you have any idea what's going on? Even if you have your enemy to help you maximize the energy of the formation, so what, you can't eat it with a body as small as an ant's? You should feel like you're bursting right now, right?" Han Qianli sneered.

        Han Giangli was right, the enormous energy completely filled his body, and he was completely incapable of containing them, let alone trying to control them.

        Now the emperor is more like a puppet in the hands of his enemy, unable to control himself.

        But the momentary strength made him not mind them at all, even as he tried to deceive himself that it would be eternal.

        "Han Qianqian, cut the crap, now, I'll show you what a true Gryphon is!"

        Han Qianli smiled and didn't want to speak, but just raised his eyebrows in the face of the emperor's confident, world-destroying strike!


        The terrifying energy that pulled the entire Royal Dragon Hall to shake the mountains and the earth directly swept past Han Qianqian, and in mid-air, the emperor's entire body was completely red, and the powerful force began to devour his body.

        He did not expect that his body would instantly go into a void after releasing all the energy.

        Eventually, his life would not be long.

        He might ki ll Han Qianqian and ascend to the throne of the number one strongest man in Xuanyuan World, even if only for a second, he was willing to do so.

        Just the wind swept through the ...... Royal Dragon Hall glass shattered, gold destroyed, the entire palace by the energy impact after a wolf.

        But only one person, a beast, is sitting on the ground, leisurely looking at the emperor!

        Han Qianxiang is not dead!

        How is this possible?!

Chapter 1652

The emperor's eyes were wide open, and he couldn't believe what was happening in front of his eyes, and even his enemy, who was in the shadows, was completely wide-eyed, unable to close his small mouth for a long time!

        The Ancient Power, combined with the power of the battle formation, could have destroyed the heavens and the earth with that strike, causing an earthquake in the world of Xuanyuan, but why did Han Qianxiang survive such an attack, and why did he survive unharmed!

        The emperor simply could not understand, and a mouthful of old blood spurted out from his chest.

        "You ......"

        "How is ...... possible?"

        "I've told you, you're just ants in front of me, I can ki ll you once, and I can likewise ki ll you twice." Han Qianli laughed contemptuously.

        "That's simply impossible!"

        The emperor roared with reluctance.

        "There are some things that you, a Gryphon, can't understand, so you will naturally find them impossible, do you want to know the answer?" Han Qianli smiled.

        The emperor nodded, he wanted to know the answer too much, at least, he could d i e in peace.

        "But why should I tell you?" Han Qianli laughed.

        The emperor spurted out another mouthful of old blood, then his entire body jerked violently, and his breathing gradually began to fail to keep up.

        Seeing that the emperor was about to be gasped to death alive, Lin Long shook his head inwardly helplessly, the hallowed Imperial Dragon emperor was dying so suffocatingly, being gasped to death.

        "The puppet is dead, isn't it time for you to come out as well?"

        At this time, Han Qianli suddenly sneered.

        In the dark, Chi Meng understood that everything was over, and she slowly showed herself.

        When Han Qianqian raised the jade sword and withdrew it, she knew that Han Qianqian knew all the truth.

        Since the fatal blow could not ki ll him, it was time to accept his fate.

        "Like him, you're very curious as to why I'm fine at all, aren't you."

        Although Chi Meng didn't say anything, his eyes kept staring at Han Qianqian, clearly wanting to know the answer.

        Han Qianqian smiled, "You should know the answer."

        Chi Meng smiled bitterly, yes, she knew the answer and even the result, but she wasn't willing to give in to Han Qianqian like this, so she chose to give it a go.

        However, Han Qianli had the Pan Gu Axe on his body, and all her attacks could not hurt Han Qianli at all, even through the emperor, but the emperor could only be a pseudo-god realm powerhouse, in front of a real god realm, how to use it!

        Han 3,000 yuan only needed to touch the Pan Gu Axe's protection mechanism, all of Chi Meng's attacks were jumping clowns, and as long as the emperor couldn't hold on, it was time for Chi Meng to fail.

        "Even if the Imperial Dragon City's formation is subtle, it's nothing in front of the Pan Gu Axe, even I am nothing, so what is it?" Chi Meng smiled bitterly, miserably.

        "It's good that you understand." Han Giangli smiled gently.

        "King or foe, you can ki ll if you want." Chi Meng gently closed his eyes, accepting the end.

        "If I were to ki ll you, I would have just used your sword body to offset it." Han Giangli smiled, "Let's make a deal."

        "A deal? And a creature like you? Do you deserve it?" Chi Meng was upset.

        "Oh, then either you d i e, anyway, I don't care."

        "How do you want to deal?" Chi Meng's cold voice said.

        "Help me open the Heavenly Gate of the Eight Worlds!"

        Hearing this, Chi Meng looked at Han Qianqiang with an extremely complex look, opening the heavenly gate of the eight directions?

        For the people of Xuanyuan, this is as hard as it gets, but for Han Giang, it's just a handy little thing, but he wants to do it himself.

        "I can give you a way out if you help me open the Heavenly Gate, how about that?" Han Giangli smiled.

        Chi Meng was furious when she heard this, she hated it when lower creatures spoke to her in such a threatening tone, but, with the sword in her arms, she had to bow her head: "Are you sure?"

        Han Qianli smiled and no longer spoke.

        "Let's go now, taking advantage of the energy fluctuations caused by the formation in the Imperial City, we'll quickly find a hidden place, quietly open the Heaven's Gate, and leave here unnoticed." Lin Long said quietly at this point.

        With such a big shake in the Imperial City, the city was bound to attract a lot of attention later, and it was the best time to take advantage of this opportunity to make a secret exit.

        Han Qianli nodded, save Su Yingxia without delay, but Mo Yang and Blade Twelve and others, from then on in the Xuanyuan world, there will be no one to rely on, Han Qianli somewhat worried about them.

        "Only a weak man would think about how to protect those around him. A truly strong man never needs to, because no one dares to provoke him, you know what I mean?" Lin Long urged.

        Yeah, only when you're so strong that people are afraid to approach you, that's when you're truly safe.

        After thinking about it, Han Qianqian's group quickly headed toward the mountains in the opposite direction from the imperial city.

        Before opening the Heavenly Gate, Chi Meng suddenly looked at Han Qianqian icily and said, "You can ask me to open the Heavenly Gate, but I have one more request."

        "Where do you have so many demands, it's good that a defeated soldier can give you a way out." Lin Long was upset.

        He couldn't wait to return to the Eight Directions World and use their dragon hearts to restart the glory of the dragon race.

        "I can open the gates of heaven and send you up, but my request is that I stay in the world of Xuanyuan."

Chapter 1653

Chi Meng was still unhappy, to this point still wondering how to get herself back to freedom, later, she could even dominate in the Xuanyuan world, also a good way to play.

        At least that way, she didn't have to be with such inferior creatures, and in Chi Meng's eyes, Han Qianqian had no qualifications!

        I'm not going to do that, I'm not going to do that, I'm not going to do that, I'm going to do that. Three thousand!"

        Han three thousand a bitter smile, Lin Long this son of a b*tch which has the courage to say this kind of shameless words with Chi Meng?

        "If you don't agree, I won't open the Heavenly Gate. I know that the reason you let me open the Heaven's Gate is to enter the Eightfold World quietly, and this kind of sneaky behavior, I don't want to be in your company, so either you agree to my request, or I would rather d i e with dignity!"

        "Pooh, and d i e with dignity, do you believe that I, Brother Long, will break your sword and then take some dragon urine to look at my handsome little face?" Lin Long said brazenly.

        The enemy Meng was so angry that he could not get out of his mouth, but his tongue obviously could not compete with the dragon, so angry that a few words came out of his mouth: "You despicable and shameless little earthworm!".

        Lin Long was about to fight back, but Han Qianqian interrupted him: "Yes, I'll meet your demands!"

        As soon as the words came out, Chi Meng was a little suspicious that he had heard wrongly, and Han Qianqian actually agreed.

        "I said you're crazy, you left it in Xuanyuan World? Didn't we agree that he would identify himself with you and you would give him to your wife?" Lin Long quickly whispered urgently in Han Qianqian's ear.

        Looked at the Lin Long look like the emperor is not eunuch anxious look, Han 3,000 shook his head, turned to his enemy and said: "Open the Heavenly Gate."

        Chi Meng was afraid that Han three thousand will suddenly change his mind, not to say more, strong enlightenment of all their energy, will slowly open the heavenly gate.

        Lin Long was still unrelentingly trying to persuade Han Sanliang, but at this time Han Qianliang simply ignored him and walked straight to the Heavenly Gate.

        "Wait a minute!"

        Behind him, Chi Meng suddenly remembered something!

        "Where is the jade sword?"

        "What jade sword?" Han Marchiang turned back.

        Chi Meng angrily, this son of a b*tch to now, but also acted like a completely innocent expression, what jade sword, your own heart is not clear?

        "She seems to be talking about her own sword body." Lin Long added at this point.

        Han Giangli nodded and pulled out the jade sword from her bosom, as if she was deliberately showing off, "You said it was this?"

        Lin Long nodded.

        Han Qianqian directly ignored his enemy's eyes, but did not dare to show too obvious eyes, then took back the jade sword: "What a joke, I just promised her to stay in Xuanyuan world, and did not promise to give him back the sword."

        Lin Long instantly understood Han Qianqian's meaning and nodded his head as if pounding garlic: "It seems like that is indeed the case."

        "Then let's go." Han Qianqian forced a smile.

        Then, one person and one beast turned around and entered the Heavenly Gate.

        The Chi Meng behind him gnashed his teeth in anger, allowing himself to stay in the Xuanyuan world, but not giving himself the body of the sword, which in the end was a disguised way to let himself d i e, right?

        If she can't be in the same space with her own body, she will d i e sooner or later!

        The first thing I noticed was the fact that I had to go through a lot of trouble to get to the bottom of the barrel of the car. "

        At this time, the heavenly gate has been slowly closed, today's war plus the opening of the heavenly gate, want to reopen, need Chi Meng recuperate for a period of time, to immediately go to find the two guys has been impossible.

        "The fastest, it will be half a month after ......." Chi Meng angrily and filled with unwillingness to shake his head, turned around and left.

        Just after the three of them disappeared, from a distance, a figure suddenly appeared, and since the beginning of the Royal Academy, she has been quietly following from a distance, until everything is over, she only appeared.

        Yuexia had asked her about Han Qianli's matter, and she also knew about the emperor's plan, so she had been observing secretly.

        Who else could it be but Fei Lingsheng!

        She neither plays the trick of betraying Han Qianqian nor the trick of betraying the emperor, but instead she walks around like a nobody, on both sides of the fence, guarding against the Buddha who has nothing to do with her own affairs, but does she really have nothing to do with her own affairs?

        It was none of his business, so why was he more nervous than anyone else to watch the whole event?

        At this time, Han Qianqian, who walked out of the Heavenly Gate, after experiencing an intense and blinding light, suddenly saw a different world when he opened his eyes.

        The azure sky, the fresh air, and the antique ......

        Wait a minute, where the fck is this?

        In the distance, a shabby village stood there, as if it were about to collapse when the wind blew.

        There was a plaque hanging halfway from the entrance of the village, spider webs all over the place.

        Han Qianli was amazed, where the f*ck is this!

        Eight Worlds?