His True Colors Chapter 1649-1650

  Chapter 1449

Three days later, the formation of the Royal Dragon Hall was completed.

        Chi Meng also finally showed up.

        When Chi Meng stood in front of the emperor, the emperor was still a respectful look, because he knew that his fate was completely in the hands of this woman, without her help, I'm afraid that this time there will be more bad luck.

        Facing the powerful God Realm, the emperor was not half sure inside.

        "He's already here?" Chi Meng asked the emperor.

        "It has been several days since he arrived, and he has been staying at a certain inn in the city and has not left." The emperor said.

        "The formations of the Royal Dragon Hall can raise your strength to the divine realm, although the time is short, but with my secret help, you will have absolutely no problem dealing with him." Chi Meng said with full confidence.

        Hearing the word "God Realm," the emperor leapt to his feet.

        Because it was a legendary realm, the emperor also wanted to know what it would be like to reach such a realm.

        And his enemy promised to help him in secret, which gave the emperor even more confidence to deal with Han Qianli.

        "Please don't worry, I will not dishonor my mission." The emperor said in a firm tone.

        Chi Meng faintly nodded her head.

        There was one more thing she hadn't informed the emperor, this kind of forcible elevation of the realm, and the divine realm at that, was a power that the emperor's current body couldn't withstand, so even if he was able to ki ll Han Qianqian, it would still have huge consequences on his body, and he would likely even die in the process.

        Of course, to Chi Meng, the life and death of the emperor is irrelevant, so there is no need to tell the emperor about this matter.

        After all, the emperor is just a tool for his enemy, after all, he is dead or alive, that is not his enemy will care.

        "Now, should I go to the Imperial Dragon Hall to meet Han Qianli?" The emperor asked.

        "Go." Chi Meng said, she couldn't wait to see Han Qianxiang die and then take back her own body from Han Qianxiang.

        The emperor looked at Yuexia.

        Moonlight understood and left the imperial courtyard.

        Han Qianxiang was at the inn.

        He had felt the completion of the Royal Dragon Palace's formation, which meant that the emperor should be coming to his door soon.

        "After this is over, I'm going to the Eight Directions World, any suggestions?" Han Qianliang asked to Lin Long.

        "Unless you can convince your enemy to help you open the Heaven's Gate without a word, otherwise, you'll be absolutely dead if you go to the Eight Directions World, what else can I suggest." Lin Long said in a very straightforward manner.

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly, this little thing really had a poisonous mouth, but of course, what it said was also true.

        If Han 3,000 wanted to be safe, he had to go to the Eight Directions World without the Fu Clan's knowledge, or else Fu Leng's death would definitely be on Han's head.

        If Fu Leng's death is not a matter of concern, they will all be held responsible for it.

        "If she can help, what do you think I should do in the Eightfold World?" Han Qianqian said.

        Lin Long thought very seriously and said, "There are many other sects in the Eightfold World besides the Three Great Families, you can use these sects to hide your identity, join in, secretly observe the movements of the Fu Clan, and then improve your own strength."

        "That's not exactly good advice," Han Qianli said, "Joining a clan and calling it a disciple does hide Han Qianli's identity very well, but it means Han Qianli will go through another long process of lurking.

        "This is the only way, and in the process, you can also search for news about the Pangu Clan, and once you find them, you'll have a chance to control the power of the Pangu Axe, and only then will you be able to face the Fu Clan." Lin Long said.

        Han Giangli unconsciously nodded his head, and Lin Long's words convinced him.

        It really wasn't good advice, but it was the only way, and even though Han Qianqian was reluctant, he could only do it.

        He needed to consider many factors, or else he would lose his life and everything would become empty talk.

        The temporary patience can be exchanged for a brighter future, which is also acceptable to Han 3,000.

        "Although it seems to me to be an inferior solution, I still have to thank you, don't worry, I will help you revitalize the Dragon Clan." Han 3,000 said.

        This was the deal between Han Three Thousand and the Lin Long.

        Although the Lin Long had already obtained the heart of the Dragon Clan, it was still very difficult to bring the Dragon Clan back to the pinnacle by relying on its strength alone.

        After all, the Dragons of the Eight Directions had been enslaved for too many years, and the Lin Long couldn't even find a single helper of its own.

        "The bridge of friendship between humans and dragons may be between you and me," The Linlong said.

        Han Qianli raised his eyebrows and said, "The people are coming, we have to receive the guests, after waiting for so many years, we have finally come."

        After Han Qianli said these words, Yuexia just happened to step into the inn, and everything was almost entirely under Han Qianli's control.

Chapter 1650

Before the moon went to look for Han Qianqiang, Han Qianqiang had already appeared in front of the moon.

        "Let's go." Han Qianqian said directly.

        This gave Yuexia an ominous premonition, as Han Qianxiang seemed to have prepared for everything, and the fearlessness he displayed was clearly confidence.

        In other words, even though he understood everything, he was still not afraid of the emperor, so I'm afraid that this battle of life and death is dangerous for the emperor.

        Moonlight didn't say anything, and led Han Qianqian directly towards the Imperial Dragon Hall.

        Above the palace, the emperor was already waiting and silently urged the formation to increase his strength.

        This feeling of slowly growing stronger made the emperor very obsessed, but unfortunately, once he left the Imperial Dragon Hall, he would be knocked back to his original form.

        Arriving at the main hall, Han Qianli looked at the familiar faces and couldn't help but smile.

        He didn't expect that the emperor, who had died once, would still be able to stand in front of him.

        And this time, the emperor would die in the same way in Han Qianli's hands, which made Han Qianli unable to laugh or cry.

        How could such a cruel thing happen to the same person twice?

        "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ki ll someone a second time." Han Three Thousand Thousand said with a smile.

        The emperor didn't quite understand what Han Qianli's words meant and said to Han Qianli in an accusing manner, "Han Qianli, do you have any idea how many innocent lives have been implicated because of you."

        Han Qianqian did not deny this point.

        The entire Piao Miao Sect, if it wasn't for him, wouldn't have been exterminated by Fuleng.

        But as the founder of the Misty Sect, his enemy watched all this happen without stopping it, so does she have no responsibility?

        Of course, this wasn't a time for condemnation, the emperor merely wanted a reasonable reason to deal with Han Marchant.

        "If you want to ki ll me, you don't need to make an excuse, she is willing to help you because she wants me to die, in that case, just be direct." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        He didn't sense that his enemy was nearby, which made Han 3,000 yuan a little bit strange.

        Relying on the emperor's strength alone, it was impossible for him to pose a threat to Han Qianqian.

        The emperor didn't expect Han Qianxiang to speak so thoroughly, and Han Qianxiang's fearless appearance also made the emperor feel a little nervous.

        He knew it was a dead end, yet he still came, which could only mean one thing, that he wasn't afraid of himself at all.

        "Are you that confident?" The emperor gritted his teeth and said.

        "Although she has raised the power of the formation so that you can temporarily reach the God Realm, I am a true God Realm, so how could I be afraid of you, an opportunistic God Realm? And with your current body, you can't withstand the mighty power of the God Realm, so even if I don't fight you, you will be devoured by this power, do you think I need to be afraid of you?" Han Qianli said with a smile.

        This made sense, and inevitably made the emperor a little nervous.

        Indeed, Han Qianqian was a real God Realm, while he was a temporarily enhanced God Realm, so there was no comparison between the two.

        Han Qianli's last few words made the emperor even more nervous.

        He knew all too well what the consequences of being reversed by the power would be.

        But Chi Meng had said that he would help in secret, which barely gave the emperor some confidence.

        When everything was said and done, there was no need for so much nonsense.

        The emperor urged the formation with all his might, and his strength increased at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

        This experience had already happened once for Han Qianxiang, so he wasn't surprised in the slightest, and this time, Han Qianxiang was already in the realm of the gods, not taking the emperor into consideration at all.

        What was more worthy of Han 3,000's attention was the secret Chi Meng.

        Although she didn't appear, but with her desire to ki ll Han 3,000, this matter would never be that simple.

        The emperor's realm quickly soared to the divine realm, and for the emperor who had never felt so powerful, he felt as if he could destroy the heavens and earth with the snap of his fingers.

        "This is what it feels like to be in the God Realm, to be able to be so powerful." the emperor said to himself. The emperor said to himself.

        To Han Qianli's ears, these words were like a joke.

        It was able to be so powerful?

        It must be known that Han Qianqiang had been a true God Realm for a long time, but he had never thought how powerful the God Realm was.

        The fact that the emperor said so could only mean that he had never seen the world.

        "The might in your eyes is nothing more than ants to some people." Han Qianqian said with a sigh, both mocking the emperor and being sarcastic himself.

        "Han Qianli, your time to die has come, and I urge you to stop resisting unnecessarily." The emperor said to Han Qianqian with an imposing look.

        Han Qianli couldn't help but roll his eyes and said, "You died once at my hands, you just forgot, and since I was able to make you die the first time, I can make you die a second time."