His True Colors Chapter 1644-1646

 Chapter 1644

"This is the Fu Clan trying to force me to go to the Eightfold World," Han Qianli said in a cold voice. Han Qianli said coldly.

        The purpose of this matter was already obvious.

        If the Fu Clan really wanted to execute Su Yingxia, there was no need to release the news in Xuanyuan World.

        The only reason they did this was to force Han Qianqian to go to the Eightfold World, right?

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Mo Yang and the three men became worried.

        Forcing him to go to the Eightfold World in this manner was clearly going to be detrimental to him.

        "This is a trap."

        "Right, the Fu Clan is definitely trying to deal with you by doing this."

        "You must be calm."

        Faced with the reminders of the three men, Han Qianli had no intention of retreating inside.

        If you know there's a tiger in the mountain, you'll be on the wrong side of it.

        How could Han Qianli stand by and watch Su Yingxia in danger?

        "It seems that this meal will have to stay for next time," Han Qianli said.

        Hearing this, the three of them knew that Han Qianli had made up his mind.

        Knife Twelve also wanted to persuade something, but was stopped by Mo Yang.

        Because Mo Yang knew very well that when Su Yingxia was in danger, it was impossible for Han 3,000 to consider his own safety.

        For example, if Liu Fang is in danger, Mo Yang will not turn a blind eye to the danger.

        But Blade Twelve was stopped, but what he wanted to say still came out: "Three thousand, this matter, you must ponder, now you are not yet the opponent of the Fushi lineage, this trap, definitely let you go to d ie."

        "There's still a chance to meet, we'll definitely drink to our heart's content." After saying that, Han Qianli turned around without hesitation and left.

        There was danger!

        Even knowing that you will d ie!

        Even if Han Qianli doesn't save Su Yingxia directly when he goes to the Eightfold World, he will still be able to follow the events in secret, so that when Su Yingxia is in real danger, he can be the first to appear in front of Su Yingxia.

        Of course, Han Qianqian is not an idiot, he would never recklessly run to the Fu Clan, such retarded behavior, he could not help but lose his life, and could not save Su Yingxia.

        After leaving the gates of Long Yun City, the Lin Long appeared on Han Qianqian's shoulders.

        Like the red-eyed Jade Mang, it was now lodged in Han Qianqian's arm, which was a good way for it to conceal its whereabouts, but for the red-eyed Jade Mang, it was not something to be happy about.

        The suppression of the bloodline has caused the red-eyed jade mang to not even dare to breathe recently.

        "Although this is something you can't run away from, I'm afraid you'll directly lose your little life if you go this way." Lin Long said to Han Qianqian.

        "Is there any way for me to quietly ascend to the Eightfold World?" Han Qianli asked.

        "If you want to ascend to the Eightfold World, you must go through the Heavenly Thunder Baptism, which cannot be changed." Lin Long said.

        If there is heavenly thunder, there is bound to be a big movement, and with such a big movement, the Fushi lineage naturally knew about it.

        In this case, Han Qianxiang was afraid that when he arrived at the Eightfold World, the Fu Clan would have already arranged for good people to catch him, which was not the result Han Qianxiang wanted.

        "My body has already been tempered by heavenly thunder, so I don't need to do it again," Han Three Thousand said.

        "Only Heavenly Lightning can open the Heavenly Gate, unless someone in the Eight Directions World is willing to help you, otherwise it's impossible for you to open the Gate with your ability." Lin Long explained that this matter was something that Lin Long didn't even have to think about, because it was simply impossible.

        "You mean that if you are capable enough, you can open the Heavenly Gate?" Han Giangli asked.

        "Yeah, but you, definitely not, there's another possibility, controlling the power of the Pan Gu Axe, you can do it easily, but you can't control it either." Lin Long said with a smile.

        Han Qianqiang was self-aware, wanting to control the power of the Pan Gu Axe, it would have to be a monkey, if this is done to be able to go to the Eightfold World, maybe Su Yingxia is already a pair of withered bones.

        "Although I can't do it, someone can." Han Qianli said.

        "Who?" Lin Long asked curiously.

        "Is it so hard for you to forget your enemy's dream? She's the Sword Spirit of the Ancient Divine Weapons, so opening the Heavenly Gate should be a small matter for her." Han Qianli said.

        Chi Meng opened the Heaven's Gate.

        It was indeed possible.

        But how could Chi Meng help Han Qianqian?

        "The emperor invited you to the Royal Dragon Hall, I'm afraid this matter is the arrangement of his enemy dream to take back the original body, it hates to ki ll you, and will help you?" The Linlong scowled.

        "We'll see, it can't ki ll me, so it has to be obedient, right? Unless it doesn't even want the original body anymore." In this matter, Han 3,000 was in control of his enemy's body, which was tantamount to having control.

        Regardless of what Chi Meng had planned, this was after all the world of Xuanyuan, and Han 3,000 was still an invincible existence.

        If it wanted to use the emperor's help to retrieve the jade sword, this was clearly a whimsical idea.

        Han 3,000 had kil led the emperor once, and he could ki ll him a second time.

        "You're also treacherous enough to encounter you, and it's really pathetic that your enemy dream has met you." Lin Long sighed with a face.

Chapter 1645

Imperial Dragon Hall.

        Chi Meng sat in the seat of the emperor.

        But the emperor was like an underling, full of awe, standing in the side seat.

        "I heard that Han Three Thousand Years is already on his way, what do you wish me to do?" The emperor asked his enemy, Chi Meng.

        Chi Meng helped him take care of Fu Leng, and this was the time for the emperor to repay Chi Meng, although he was a little conflicted about Chi Meng sitting in his seat, but due to Chi Meng's great strength, this made the emperor not dare to complain.

        The woman in front of him, after all, kil led the strongest person in the Eight Directions, and if she wanted to, she could ki ll herself at any time.

        "I want him to d i e in this palace." Chi Meng gritted her teeth and said, Han Qianli had used his original body to threaten her, which was an extremely humiliating thing for her to do.

        As an ancient divine soldier, Chi Meng's main demand was very high, and Han Qiang's trash, obviously, could not meet her requirements, so the matter of being threatened by Han Qiang had completely infuriated Chi Meng.

        "It's very simple, I will gather all kinds of experts, absolutely let him have no wings to fly." The emperor said with a confident look.

        Chi Meng smiled disdainfully, although she needed to use the emperor to ki ll Han Qianxiang, but the emperor's words also made her feel ridiculous.

        Han 3,000 was an insect to the Eightfold World, but in Xuanyuan World, with his God Realm, he was the absolute strongest.

        "Do you know what realm he is?" Chi Meng said.

        The emperor revealed a confident smile and said, "You don't know that I can enhance my strength in this palace, and even the strongest of the Extreme Master Realm is unlikely to be a match for me."

        "This ancient formation can indeed make one stronger in a short period of time," Chi Meng said.

        Hearing this, the Emperor's eyes lit up.

        Several generations of Emperors had tried to understand the secrets of this formation, but in the end, they had found nothing.

        Hearing Chi Meng say this, she seemed to know quite a bit about this formation.

        "This is an ancient formation? Do you know the secret of the formation?" The emperor asked curiously.

        "It was set up by an ancient powerhouse to defeat another ancient powerhouse, and when the formation was first established, it possessed an even greater power, but after so many years, the remaining power of the formation has become insignificant."

        After a pause, Chi Meng continued, "But for someone like you, it is still powerful enough."

        Seeing that Chi Meng spoke in a dignified manner, the emperor couldn't help but continue to ask, "Do you mean that this formation was created by an ancient strong man?"

        "Is it hard to believe you haven't heard anything about the Ancient War?" Chi Meng said, "The ancient battle is probably the most legendary legend in the entire Xuanyuan world.

        The ancient battle is probably one of the most legendary legends in the entire Xuanyuan world, but this matter has been passed down by word of mouth, and there is no substantial evidence to prove that this matter is real.

        So for most people, they just listened to it as a story, and no one would take it seriously at all.

        "I've heard of it, but many people have tried to find evidence to prove that it exists, but to no avail, and over time, it has become nothing more than a legend," the emperor said. The emperor said, he did not disbelieve all the legends of the ancient battle, but the degree of belief was also very low, after all, even the imperial secret book, there is no record of anything about the ancient battle.

        "Evidence? Do you losers deserve to find evidence? Not just anyone can go to the ancient battlefield," said Chi Meng. Chi Meng said.

        When it came to this matter, Chi Meng was still a little shocked that Han Qianli was really able to safely leave the Ancient Battlefield.

        She had tried to go to the Ancient Battlefield herself to retrieve her original body, but the powerful forces inside could tear her apart in an instant, so she had to give up on the idea until she met Han 3,000 and ordered him to go.

        In Chi Meng's opinion, there was a high probability that Han 3,000 would d i e on the ancient battlefield and be torn apart by the power, but it turned out that Han 3,000 found the jade sword and came back unharmed.

        "You know so much about it, is it hard for you to go there?" The emperor asked carefully, afraid that this question would offend his enemy, Chi Meng.

        Chi Meng's face was as frosty as ice, and instead of answering the question, he angrily scolded, "You'd better not ask more questions about matters that don't concern you."

        "Yes yes yes." The emperor nodded his head repeatedly.

        "Although the formation helps, but it's not that simple for you to ki ll him," Chi Meng reminded.

        This made the emperor feel a bit disdainful inside, even if he was an Extreme Master realm powerhouse, as long as he was within the formation, he could finish off, how could it not be simple to deal with a nameless junior?

        "He is the only divine realm in the world of Xuanyuan, and with the current power of the formation, it can't play a decisive role." Chi Meng continued.

        When the emperor heard the word divine Realm, he was stunned in place.

        Divine Realm!

        It is the legendary realm of Xuanyuan World.

        Whether or not this realm really existed, no one knew at all, because in Xuanyuan, there had never been a divine realm.

        The records of the divine realm are few and far between in the Imperial Court's Secret Book, and the descriptions are vague, so it is impossible to tell if the divine realm really exists.

        "You ...... are not kidding, Xuanyuan World, is there really a God Realm powerhouse in existence?" The emperor looked shocked and said.

        "Do you think, I would joke with you?" Chi Meng said.

        The emperor was stunned in place, not knowing how to react, because the shock of this matter was too strong for him.

        If the other party was really a strong divine Realm, then he might not be an opponent even with the battle method enhancements.

        "I will be closing up in the main hall for the next few days to enhance the power of the formation, so you commanded that no one should disturb it." Chi Meng said to the emperor.

        Only when the emperor heard this did he react a little and quickly nodded his head.

        The Emperor Zun had digested this matter of a strong divine realm for a long time, but he still didn't quite believe it, because it was a legendary matter, and the probability of it happening should be very low.

        "Empyrean, what's wrong with you?" When the moon saw that the emperor looked preoccupied, he couldn't help but ask.

        The emperor took a deep breath and said, "The Xuanyuan World has a strong God Realm, do you believe it?"

        The moon was stunned, then laughed and said, "Emperor, what are you joking about, the divine realm is a legendary realm, how can it really exist, it's just the fantasy of those who are strong in the Extreme Master realm."


        This is indeed a fantasy of the Extreme Master realm powerhouses, and only then will they have the motivation to continue cultivating.

        But this fantasy, from the mouth of his enemy, was more than just fantasy.

        And the fact that she was able to tell the secret of the formation indicates that her identity is definitely not ordinary.

Chapter 1646

"It's true," the emperor said in a deep voice. The emperor said in a deep voice.

        Seeing that the emperor didn't mean to joke, Yuexia's expression became serious.

        "Hard to say, is this God Realm powerhouse Han Qianli?" Almost everything about this incident was due to Han Three Thousand, so Yuexia subconsciously believed that the divine realm powerhouse that the emperor was talking about was Han Three Thousand.

        "That's right, her request is that I should ki ll Han Qianxiang." The emperor's tone revealed a hint of helplessness, he didn't have any confidence in the face of a God Realm powerhouse, even with the addition of the battle method, because it was already stronger than he knew.

        "Ki ll a God Realm powerhouse?" Tsukishita gulped unconsciously and said, "This is not an easy thing to do, so why doesn't she do it herself?"

        On this issue, the emperor also thought, Chi Meng was able to ki ll the strongest person from the eight worlds, the divine realm for her, perhaps a more simple thing.

        The Emperor was not able to guess at random, but the fact that she didn't do it must be due to an untold secret.

        "I don't know, but she must be unable to make a move for some reason," The emperor said.

        It wasn't that Chi Meng couldn't, but that she didn't dare.

        She did have the strength to ki ll Han Qianqian, but in the process, Han Qianqian also had all the time in the world to destroy her original body.

        Once her original body was damaged, Chi Meng, who was a sword spirit, would naturally be implicated as well, and at that time, she was afraid that she would simply turn into an aura and dissipate into smoke.

        "But isn't it a death sentence to have you deal with a strong divine Realm player?" Tsukishita said with an anxious face.

        "She can make the formation stronger, thus increasing my strength, and since she is asking me to do this, she must be doing her best to help me." Empyrean said.

        Under the Moon nodded, if that was the case, the emperor might still have a chance to deal with Han Qianxiang.

        "However, I'm now more interested in knowing if he's really a real God Realm powerhouse or not." The emperor was willing to believe his enemy's words, but he also wanted to confirm this matter through his own means.

        After all, the Divine Realm was still a bit unbelievable to the Xuanyuan World.

        "By the way, Fei Ling Sheng has arrived, perhaps she knows about this matter." Yuexia said, for him who was in charge of all the information, the first time Fei Lingsheng appeared in Huanglong City, he had already received the news.

        "Why would she suddenly come to Huanglong City?" The emperor was curious.

        "I'm not sure, but call in and ask, won't you know?" Moon said.

        "En." The emperor nodded his head and said, "You go invite her, I want to see her right away."

        A certain private courtyard in Royal Dragon City.

        This was Fei Lingsheng's home in Royal Dragon City, and although she didn't return to this place often, Fei Lingsheng stayed here every time she went to Royal Dragon City.

        The reason why she appeared in the Imperial Dragon City was actually related to Han Qianqian.

        Because the emperor invited her, Han Qianqian also came to the Imperial Dragon City, and Fei Lingsheng came to see what the emperor wanted from Han Qianqian.

        Fei Lingsheng still had her old memories, so she knew that the emperor had di ed at the hands of Han Qianqian, whether history would repeat itself and whether the emperor would d i e in the same way was something Fei Lingsheng was very curious about.

        More importantly, Fei Lingsheng also wanted to see who the person who was able to ki ll Fuleng was.

        "I didn't expect that not long after I arrived home, Lord Yue would already come to my door, I'm really well-informed."

        When Yuexia stood at Fei Lingsheng's door, Fei Lingsheng had already sensed it.

        Yuexia didn't show any surprise, Fei Lingsheng was, after all, an Extreme Master realm powerhouse, and it was only natural that she could sense it.

        "Senior Fei, the emperor wants to see you, so please come with me." Yuexia said.

        Although Fei Lingsheng was the number one strongest person in the imperial court, she still had to obey the emperor's summons.

        It was just that the emperor had come to her door so quickly, making Fei Lingsheng wonder what he wanted.

        On the way to the Emperor's Royal Courtyard, Fei Lingsheng asked the moon, "Lord Yue, I wonder what the Emperor wants with me?"

        "I'm just a messenger in charge of sending a message, Senior Fei really thinks highly of me, how would I know what the emperor is looking for you for." Yue Xia said with a smile.

        "Lord Yue is really humble, everyone in the imperial court doesn't know that you are the emperor's henchman and know all the emperor's matters, how could you not know such a small matter." Fei Lingsheng said with a smile on his face, this old thing, definitely knows the reason, just doesn't want to reveal it.

        "Senior Fei is joking, how could I know everything about the emperor, he is a high emperor, and I am just a lackey." Yuexia said.

        "Since Lord Moon doesn't mean to say it, I won't force it, I only hope that Lord Moon won't ask for anything from me in the future, otherwise, I may not be able to help much." Fei Lingsheng said in a cold voice.

        The two of them stopped talking and headed to the Royal Courtyard.

        The Imperial Courtyard, literally, was the residence of the emperor.

        This was arguably the most luxurious courtyard in the entire imperial court, and also the most heavily guarded place.