His True Colors Chapter 1641-1643

 Chapter 1641

Regarding Fuleng's death, Fu Tian thought about it for a long time, but he couldn't figure out how Fuleng's death was caused.

        Xuanyuan World was just a lowly world to the Eight Directions World, and the people there could never have posed a danger to Fu Leng.

        Although Han Qianqiang was a powerful god in Xuanyuan World, such a realm was like an insect to Fu Leng.

        So Fu Tian, unable to figure it out, had to come to Su Ying Xia, hoping to get an answer from Su Ying Xia.

        Perhaps only Su Yingxia would know exactly how Han Qianli did it.

        "You go first." Fu Tian said to Fu Li.

        Fu Li looked at Su Yingxia worriedly, she didn't know what Fu Tian would do to Su Yingxia, but with Fu Leng's death, Fu Tian definitely needed some outlet to vent his anger.

        "Fuleng is dead." After Fu Li left, Futian said directly to Su Yingxia.

        Su Yingxia showed a bit of surprise to avoid letting Foutian realize that she already knew about it.

        "Isn't this normal, he himself is capable of kil ling Fu Leng, it's not strange." Su Yingxia said.

        Fu Tian saw Su Ying Xia's surprise, so in his opinion, Su Ying Xia said so, but it was just a deliberate act.

        "With Han Qianqian's strength, he would never be able to do this thing." Fu Tian said in a positive tone.

        "Is that so?" Su Yingxia frowned and said, "But he's already dead, that's a fact, he can't deal with Fu Leng, but it's just your own wishful thinking."

        Fu Tian gritted his teeth, Han Qianqian, that kind of lowly trash from Xuanyuan World, how could he have the strength to ki ll Fu Leng.

        "You'd better not play tricks in front of me, I want to know exactly how he did it." Fu Tian said.

        "You don't want me to recreate the story for you, do you? I didn't see it, so how can I know?" Su Yingxia said.

        "With your knowledge of Han Qianli, you must know how he did it, right?" Fu Tian said.

        Su Yingxia really didn't know about this.

        Although she also acted as if she was taking it for granted in front of Fu Leng, she had many doubts about this matter.

        In terms of power realm, Han Qiangan is indeed no match for Fu Leng, even though Han Qiangan has an exotic beast, Red-eyed Yumen.

        But the red-eyed jade mang, a low-grade beast from Xuanyuan, could not bring much help to Han 3,000, much less help Han 3,000 to create a miracle.

        "I'm disappointed, I really don't know, if you want to know the reason, you can send someone to continue to the Xuanyuan World, one Fu Leng is not enough, can't you just send a few more people?" Su Yingxia said, "This is actually a test to see what kind of arrangement Fu Tian will make next.

        In fact, these words were also a test to see what kind of arrangement Fu Tian would make next, to see if he would continue to send people to Xuanyuan World.

        Although Fu Li has already said that this matter is unlikely, but this is also Fu Li's own speculation.

        In fact, it was true that Fuyuan could no longer do so, the top of the Blue Mountain had refused his request, or else Fuyuan would have hated to personally go to Xuanyuan World to retrieve Han Qianqian's corpse.

        "Fuyuan, I can ki ll you anytime, do you believe that?" Fu Tian gritted his teeth and said.

        "If you were going to ki ll me, I would have died long ago, so why would you wait until now?" Su Yingxia looked at Foutian with a provocative face, but she wasn't afraid, because Foutian was still putting the future of the Fou Clan on her.

        Even though Foutian is burning with anger, Su Yingxia knows that he will never do anything to her.

        No matter how much he threatened Su Yingxia, she was indifferent, which made Fu Tian feel helpless.

        If you ki ll Su Yingxia, then the Fu Clan will be doomed to have no True God, a result that Fu Tian cannot afford.

        After all, without a True God, the blow to the Fusi lineage was unimaginable.

        Not only would the position of one of the three great families not be preserved, but even the Fushi lineage itself would be in great danger.

        "Is it hard for you to stand by and watch the Fu Clan's lineage be destroyed by you?" Fu Tian said.

        "No." Su Yingxia shook her head and said, "The Fushi lineage was not destroyed in my hands, but in yours."

        "I have spent all my heart and soul for the Fu Clan, how could it be destroyed in my hands." Fu Tian retorted in a furious voice.

        "If you hadn't usurped the throne with lies, today's Fushi lineage might have been completely different." Su Yingxia said.

        These words made Fu Tian clench his fist violently, and if he didn't still have a shred of reason to restrain himself, he would have kil led Su Yingxia with one punch.

        "Did you really believe Fumang's words, he is the one who really wants to usurp the throne." Fu Tian said.

        Although Fu Mang is not entirely trustworthy, Su Yingxia still believes in Fu Mang's words more than Fou Tian.

        "Foutian, I will bring you down sooner or later." Su Yingxia said firmly.

        Although I can't go to Xuanyuan World, I will release the news and let Han Giang know your current situation. If he really loves you, I'm sure he will come to the Eight Directions World in the shortest possible time.

Chapter 1642

Ever since she was threatened by Fu Tian last time, Su Ying Xia has made it very clear that she will not compromise on anything.

        Since Fu Tian sent Fu Leng to Xuan Yuan World to ki ll Han Qianqian, she couldn't even get Su Ying Xia to compromise, so how could she promise Fu Leng at this time?

        Futian, unable to achieve his goal, could only leave angrily, and then began to make arrangements to send messages to Xuanyuan World.

        Since he couldn't ki ll Han Qianqian in Xuanyuan World, the only way was to let Han Qianqian come to the Eightfold World on his own initiative, and at that time, Fu Tian wouldn't have to have any scruples.

        And there is one thing that Fu Tian must understand, how did Han Qianqian manage to ki ll Fu Leng.

        In Fu Tian's opinion, this is something that Han 3,000 is simply unable to do, so there must be something strange about it, and even Fu Tian suspects that the top of the Blue Mountain is behind this matter, which is why he gave up the idea of sending people to Xuanyuan World.

        Fu Leng is already the leader of the Fu Clan, even he is dead, sending others is just a dead end, Fu Tian does not want to weaken the strength of the Fu Clan.

        "Patriarch, I'm afraid that this matter is related to the summit of the Blue Mountain, even if Han Qianli came to the Eightfold World, if he has the support of the summit of the Blue Mountain behind him, it's not so simple for us to ki ll him." Fu Tian's henchman Fu Shang couldn't help but remind him after learning of Fu Tian's plan.

        "Are you that sure?" Although Fu Tian had this thought, it was only speculation all along, and there was no real evidence to prove that this matter had anything to do with the summit of the Blue Mountain.

        Fushan also had no evidence, but Fuleng's death almost made him certain of his thoughts.

        "Other than that, I can't think of a reason why Fuleng died, could it be that there is still someone who is Fuleng's opponent in the Xuan Yuan World?" Fusang said, "Xuanyuan World is just a space created by the True God at the top of Blue Mountain.

        Compared to the Eightfold World, it is obviously an inferior space, and the inferior space has strength limitations for human cultivation.

        This is a predestined reality, a bottleneck that no one can break.

        Of course, this is a clear and simple explanation that Fu Leng's death could not have been done by someone from Xuanyuan World.

        Fu Tian took a deep breath, these simple truths, in fact, he understands very well, only unwilling to admit it.

        Because once the summit of the Blue Mountain was involved with Han Qiangiang, it was a fatal news to Fu Tian.

        If he can't use Han Qianqiang to threaten Su Yingxia, Foutian will have no way to make Su Yingxia change her mind.

        And if the summit of the Blue Mountain were to back up Han Qianxiang behind the scenes, it would probably cause a lot of trouble for the Fu Clan.

        "But there is an agreement between the three great families, no matter which True God has fallen, no one can cause trouble to the other until a new True God appears." Fu Tian said.

        Fu Shang smiled coldly and said, "This pact has been made an unknown number of years ago, and it's an unknown whether they will abide by it now, maybe, there is already someone on top of the Blue Mountain who wants to support it."

        These words made Fu Tian gnash his teeth!

        Indeed, the pact is made by the people who once made it, and whether the current people are willing to abide by it, this is something Futian cannot know.

        If the summit of the Blue Mountain can cultivate an ally, the status of the summit of the Blue Mountain will be above that of the three big families.

        If Fu Tian were to choose, he would do the same, because there are no eternal friends in this world, only eternal interests.

        "Whether or not this matter is related to the summit of the Blue Mountain, I can't accept my fate." Fu Tian said.

        "Patriarch, I have an idea, I don't know if you're willing." Fu Shang said.

        "Hurry up and say it, what are you selling." Fu Tian said coldly.

        "Since the summit of the Blue Mountain wants to override the three great families, we can take this opportunity to unite the Eternal Sea, if the Eternal Sea is willing to help us, we don't have to be afraid that the summit of the Blue Mountain is making trouble in the dark." Fu Shang said.

        Fu Leng savored this statement, and it did make sense.

        The Eternal Sea would definitely not want to see the top of the Blue Mountain standing on their heads, and the key to check and balance the top of the Blue Mountain was to prevent him from cultivating his own allies, as long as the Eternal Sea knew what was at stake, they must be willing to cooperate with the Fushi lineage.

        "You go and think of a way to spread the news of Su Yingxia's impending execution to the Xuanyuan World and spread it, be sure to let Han Qianqian know about it in the shortest possible time, I'll go to the Eternal Sea." Fu Tian arranged.


        The Sea of Eternal Life.

        Located in the northern part of the Eight Directions World, it was an endless ocean, and it was in this ocean that the people of the Eternal Sea clan lived.

        The people of the Eternal Sea Clan lived in the water, but their appearance was no different from that of ordinary people, except for their unique cultivation methods, which allowed them to live in the water and build their own huge race.

        When Fu Tian came to the Eternal Sea, he was immediately noticed by the people of the Eternal Sea.

        Because the Eternal Sea has its own family rules, no one is allowed to trespass into the forbidden area of the North Sea, and if no notification is given, the Eternal Sea can be kil led on sight.

        "Who are you? How dare you trespass into the Sea of Eternal Life." A few guard-like people were eyeing Fou Tian saber-to-saber, eyeing him.

        "I am the clan leader of the Fu Clan, Fu Tian, I want to meet your clan leader." Fou Tian said.

        Although the other party was just a few guards, when they heard that Fu Tian introduced himself and wanted to meet his clan leader, they immediately revealed a disdainful expression.

        In the past, Fu Tian might have been qualified to be on an equal footing with his own clan leader.

        But now, with the fall of the Fu Clan's True God, Futian was at most an ordinary clan leader, how could he be qualified to meet the clan leader of the Eternal Sea?

        "Please go back, our clan leader doesn't have time to see you." The guard said to Fouthen.

        As the saying goes, it's hard to deal with a devil if you want to see the clan leader of the Eternal Sea, you have to deal with these guards.

        Fu Tian took out what he had already prepared and said to the guards, "This is the land's abundant produce.

Chapter 1643

The Eternal Sea has strict rules against outside intrusion.

        Likewise, there are strong rules for the departure of people of this tribe, such as the ordinary guards of this race, who are almost never qualified to leave the Sea of Eternal Life, so they have great curiosity about the outside world.

        At this moment, when they saw the new stuff that Fu Tian took out, they couldn't help but be moved.

        However, they are just ordinary guards after all, not even qualified to meet the clan leader, so how can they help Fotian to inform?

        One of the guards raised an eyebrow at his companion and said quietly, "You go get it."

        The man reminded him, "Can you see the chief, and what can you do if you take it, what he asks?"

        "Take it first, then say, what's the garbage."

        The man couldn't resist the temptation, and walked up to Fu Tian, taking in all the things Fu Tian had brought with him.

        "You go back first, I will help report to the clan chief, as for whether he sees you or not, this is not my decision." After the guard got the bribe, he said to Fu Tian.

        Fu Tian bit his teeth, he knew that these two guys most likely took the things and did not do anything, I am afraid that this go, will be a stone sunk in the sea.

        "I have something urgent to see your patriarch, I can wait here." Fu Tian said.

        "Is it hard for you not to know the rules of the Eternal Sea? This is not a place for outsiders to linger, so if you're willing to wait, you can go wait elsewhere." After saying that, the two clansmen of the Eternal Sea were hidden in the water.

        Fu Tian hated it so much that he gnashed his teeth, but he didn't dare to mess around in the Eternal Sea.

        After all, he was no longer the head of one of the three great clans now, and didn't have the qualifications to mess around in the Eternal Sea.

        If he dared to cause trouble, even if he died here, no one would have sympathy for him.

        On the other hand, Su Yingxia was about to be executed.

        Su Yingxia's impending execution had already spread in Xuanyuan World.

        At this time, Han Qianqian was still at the wine table, eating and drinking with Mo Yang Knife Twelve, in order to have a good time before parting.

        Without food and wine, Liu Fang took up the task of going out to buy them.

        But when she arrived on the street, she kept hearing people mentioning Su Yingxia's name, and almost everyone was talking about it.

        The main reason for the heated discussion was because people were curious about Su Yingxia's identity, who she was, what she was executed for, and why her execution was known to so many people.

        "What are you guys talking about, what Su Yingxia?" I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do.

        "I heard that this Su Yingxia is going to be executed, and I don't know what kind of person she is, but she actually has such a great influence.

        "Yes, the entire imperial court, no one knows about it, I guess it's also a certain big person."

        Hearing these words, Liu Fang stopped buying wine and vegetables and hurried home.

        She didn't know what this was about, but the Su Yingxia she was talking about should be the Su Yingxia she knew.

        When she got home, the three of them, who hadn't used their abilities to deliberately keep themselves awake, were already drunk and confused.

        "Something has happened, something big has happened." Liu Fang said to the three of them.

        But in an instant, the three of them sobered up, after all, they were not ordinary people now, and it was only a matter of thought when the intoxication brought by alcohol would disappear.

        "What are you doing in a panic." Mo Yang said to Liu Fang, as if he was blaming her for not understanding things and ruining the atmosphere at such a time.

        "I just went out and heard everyone outside talking about Su Yingxia." Liu Fang said.

        As soon as she heard that it was about Su Yingxia, Mo Yang quickly shut her mouth, not daring to reproach her.

        Han Qianqiang went to Liu Fang at the first time and asked, "What's going on."

        "I don't know, but the people outside are all talking about Su Yingxia, saying that she's going to be executed." Liu Fang said.

        Han Qianli's face sank, and he immediately walked toward the street.

        As expected, almost everyone was talking about it, and it was like an instant fermentation, and Su Yingxia became unknown to everyone.

        But if you take anyone at random, they will only know about it, not where the news came from.

        Han Qiangli stood still and looked up at the sky.

        He knew that this matter was definitely related to the Fu Clan.

        The fact that Fu Leng had failed to ki ll him and had even lost his own life must be another tactic of the Fu Clan.

        They spread the news of Su Yingxia's impending execution in Xuanyuan World, hoping that it would reach Han Qianqian's ears.

        Their purpose was simply to get Han Qianxiang to go to the Eight Directions World.

        This kind of cheap tactics, Han 3,000 did not need to think much to see through it.

        "Three thousand, what's going on, didn't Ying Xia go to the Eightfold World?" Mo Yang asked Han Qianqian.

        Su Yingxia did indeed go to the Eight Directions, but she must have encountered some trouble, and this trouble seemed to have some kind of relationship with herself.