His True Colors Chapter 1637-1638

 Chapter 1637

Misty Sect.

   Han 3000 Knew that the battle between Chi Meng and Fu Leng ended, and the losing side must be Fu Leng.

        Because of the jade sword in Han 3,000's hand, it was only a little less glowing, which meant that Chi Meng had expended some power at most, and hadn't suffered too much damage, which also gave Han 3,000 some confidence in going to the Eightfold World.

        If Chi Meng couldn't even deal with the people who came to Xuanyuan World, then Han 3,000 would not have to consider going to the Eightfold World.

        "I didn't expect that just a sword spirit could still be a match for the strongest person in the Eightfold World, but strictly speaking, he lost to an opponent who wasn't human." Han Qianli said with a sigh on his face.

        "You don't underestimate sword spirits, sword spirits also have strength and weakness, Chi Meng is the sword spirit of the ancient strong man who used the divine weapon, can it be ordinary?" Seeing Han Qianqian's intention to belittle his enemy, Lin Long couldn't help but say.

        Sword living spirit, this was not a simple matter, according to Lin Long's knowledge, in the entire Eightfold World, there would never be more than five people who had sword spirits, and those people's sword spirits could not be compared to Chi Meng's.

        "Why doesn't the Pan Gu Axe have a living spirit?" Han Qianqian was curious, reasonably speaking, as the strongest artifact in the world, the Pangu Axe should also be a living spirit.

        "This is a difficult question for me, but even if there are no living spirits, the Pangu Axe is strong enough, so what do you need spirits for." Lin Long said.

        "Just curious, just saying, when Chi Meng returns, we can plan to go to the Eight Directions World, so you're happy," Han Qianqian said.

        Naturally, the Lin Long was happy, after all these years of waiting, now he was finally waiting for his chance.

        However, it was still not feasible for Lin Long to save the dragon race with his current strength, and although he possessed the heart of the dragon race, he did not yet have the power to liberate the entire race.

        The reason why it so desperately wanted to return to the Eight Directions World was that it wanted a better cultivation environment.

        The cultivation power of the dragon race comes from the heart of the dragon, but the power of the dragon's heart still depends on absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth in the Eightfold World is obviously stronger than that of Xuanyuan World, so cultivating in the Eightfold World will be more efficient for the Linlong.

        Since he knew that his enemy had consumed a lot of spiritual energy, Han 3,000 didn't expect it to return to the Misty Sect at the first time.

        Three days later, Han 3,000 didn't wait for his Chi Meng, but saw an old acquaintance, which made him feel a bit strange.

        This old acquaintance was Yuexia.

        However, Han 3,000 recognized him, but Yuexia no longer remembered that he had met Han 3,000.

        The first time they met, Yuexia showed a decent respect for Han Qianqian, although Han Qianqian looked young and not worthy of his respect, but with the emperor's explanation, Yuexia did not dare to slack off.

        "May I ask, are you Han Qianqian?" Yuexia asked Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian was confused and looked at Lin Long.

        The only one who knew he was in the Misty Sect was Chi Meng.

        And if Yuexia appeared here, it was definitely Chi Meng who had revealed his information.

        "What are you doing here looking for me?" Han Giangli asked, wondering if it was hard to fall for his enemy's accident?

        However, according to the observation of the Jade Sword itself, Chi Meng was at most just an over-consumption of spiritual energy, there was absolutely no major problem.

        "The emperor asked me to invite you to the Dragon Emperor's Hall." Yuexia said.

        Han Qianli's brows furrowed, the emperor invited him?

        Han Qianqian did know the emperor and had kil led him once, but the emperor couldn't remember him, so why did he invite him?

        "What's the matter?" Han Qianli asked.

        "I'm not sure about that, the emperor just explained that he asked me to make sure to invite you to the Royal Dragon Hall." Yuexia said.

        Looking at Yuexia's eyes, it didn't seem like he was lying, and Han Qianli felt even stranger in his heart.

        At this time, the Lin Long on Han Qianli's shoulder suddenly said softly, "I'm afraid it's related to Chi Meng."

        Chi Meng?

        Han Qianli could not figure out what the reason was.

        But there must be a reason for Lin Long to say so.

        "The boat has had a hard time, so you should rest first." After saying that, Han Qianli turned around and left.

        Leaving Yuexia standing in the same place, somewhat at a loss as to what to do, because Han 3,000 did not make his attitude clear, to go or not to go, there was no certainty.

        "Why did you say it had something to do with Chi Meng?" After walking far away, Han Giangli asked Lin Long.

        "This is just my guess, do you think your enemy will really want to be controlled by you?" Lin Long asked Han Qianqian.

        His enemy was once an ancient strong man's divine weapon, and even if she were to find another master, she would definitely be a generation strong, and naturally could not be willingly controlled by Han 3,000.

        And Chi Meng made it very clear before that Han 3,000 was just a piece of trash in its mind, so how could it sincerely submit to Han 3,000?

        "It was not intended," Han Giangli said.

        "It's a good guess that your enemy wants to use the emperor to deal with you, or take back his own body in order to get out of your control," Lin Long said.

        Han Qianqian suddenly realized.

        Although Lin Long was only guessing, this possibility did exist.

Chapter 1638

However, Han Qianli still had a question about this.

        If his enemy wanted to do this, why did he choose the emperor instead of Fu Leng?

        You know that as a divine realm powerhouse in Xuanyuan World, Han 3,000 was absolutely invincible, and the emperor had no power to deal with him.

        Before his rebirth, Han 3,000 had already kil led the emperor once, and at that time, Han 3,000 was not a true God Realm powerhouse.

        "Why did it link hands with the emperor, instead of Fuleng, who has more of a hold on me, after all, Fuleng wanted to ki ll me, and it wanted to take back its own body, wouldn't it be better for both of them to have what they need?" Han 3,000 said.

        Lin Long laughed at Han Qianqian's ignorance and said, "Hey, you're really not too bright, do you know what the Sword Spirit means to the Eightfold World?"

        "The supreme divine weapon." Han Giangli got out without hesitation.

        "That's right, supreme divine weapon, if Fu Leng knew that Chi Meng was a sword spirit, do you think Fu Leng would simply cooperate, he would definitely inform the Fu Clan at once, and the Fu Clan would definitely send more powerful people to Xuanyuan World to forcibly restrain it."

        "Although Chi Meng can escape your clutches, it will fall into the hands of another group of people, it naturally does not want to."

        Lin Long's explanation, can be considered reasonable, although the Fu's lineage will be stronger than Han 3,000, but to be compared with the ancient strong man, there is still a huge gap, Chi Meng naturally also look down on those people.

        "But the emperor is no match for me, he's not even a cannon fodder." Han Qiangli said.

        "I'm also curious as to why it would do this, but it's definitely not just relying on the emperor, there must be some other way to deal with you." After hesitating for a moment, the Linlong continued, "But if you want to know the details, I'm afraid you'll have to go there yourself."

        "Just go there, is it hard for me to be afraid of the emperor?" Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        When dealing with Fuleng, Han Qianqian had a certain amount of fear and didn't dare to appear in front of Fuleng, because he and Fuleng's strength were not on the same level.

        But now that Fuleng was dead, Han 3,000 had no scruples.

        Although Chi Meng was strong, it was naturally restrained by the Pan Gu Axe, so its strength was meaningless to Han 3,000.

        Back in front of the moon, Han Three Thousand readily asked, "When do we leave?"

        Faced with Han Marchant's sudden change of mind, Yuexia felt a little strange, but his mission was to invite Han Marchant to the Royal Dragon Hall, and since Han Marchant had agreed to go, the reason was not worth wasting his energy speculating on.

        "If it's convenient, we can depart now," Yuexia said.

        "You depart first, I'll catch up with you." Han Giangli said.

        This time to the Imperial Dragon Hall, Han Three Thousand's next trip would most likely be a direct trip to the Eightfold World.

        So it was necessary for him to make another trip to Long Yun City to say goodbye to Mo Yang and the others.

        After Han Marchant's warrant was withdrawn, Mo Yang and the others stopped worrying about Han Marchant.

        Knife Twelve, who had been in suspense and even wanted to help Han 3,000, finally calmed down.

        If it wasn't for Mo Yang and Liu Fang's strong persuasion, Blade Twelve would have left Long Yun City to look for Han 3,000's whereabouts.

        "I've already said that 3000 is capable of solving these things, and you still don't believe me, fortunately you didn't step in to add to the trouble, otherwise this matter might not have been solved so quickly." Mo Yang said to Knife Twelve.

        As long as Han 3,000 was fine, Knife Twelve didn't mind being deliberately buried by Mo Yang.

        "So we need to become stronger as soon as possible to be able to help him." Knife Twelve said.

        This matter was the common goal of the three of them.

        But compared to Knife Twelve, Mo Yang and Liu Fang were more self-aware, the couple knew very well that this matter could not be rushed, and with Han Three Thousand's current state, it was not something they could do for a while if they wanted to catch up.

        "It's good to have this intention, but we still have to measure our own ability to help him, what kind of realm would it be, and what kind of realm are we in now." Mo Yang said helplessly.

        This situation, Blade Twelve still had cognition, so he also said to do his best.

        "What kind of heart is good?" At that moment, Han Qianli's voice suddenly came from outside the room.

        The three of them were stunned at first, then they all ran towards the door.

        Knife Twelve was the fastest and was the first to run outside the door.

        When he saw Han Qianxiang, the smile on his face instantly changed from brilliant to brilliant.

        "Three thousand, how are you, are you okay." After Mo Yang came out, he asked directly to Han 3,000.

        "Look at me, do I look like I'm okay, I'm blessed with a great life, I can't d i e." Han Qianqian smiled.

        Mo Yang nodded repeatedly, he didn't think this could be as much of a threat to Han 3,000 from the beginning, and the facts also proved that his guess was correct.

        "I had expected it, and Knife Twelve even insisted that he wanted you to help him, but if I hadn't stopped him, he probably would have gone looking for trouble for you," Mo Yang said.