His True Colors Chapter 1634-1636

 Chapter 1634

The Imperial Dragon Hall.

        Fu Leng is still sitting on the seat of the Emperor.

        This was the position where the Imperial Court of Xuanyuan World represented the supreme power.

        But this did not allow Fu Leng to enjoy the supreme power, because in his opinion, Xuanyuan World was just a group of mole crickets, and ruling the world of mole crickets would not give him any sense of accomplishment.

        If he was able to sit on the supreme seat of the four of the eight directions, it might make Fu Leng very excited.

        But that position was something Fu Leng didn't dare to imagine.

        The Fu Clan was now without a True God, and the position of one of the three great families was in jeopardy, not to mention the supreme rulership of the Eight Directions.

        "Will this position give you a sense of accomplishment?" A woman's voice suddenly rang out from the empty Royal Dragon Hall.

        Fu Leng was alert at the first time, because it was no ordinary person who could appear in this way.

        Seeing his enemy Meng walking towards him.

        Fu Leng's eyebrows were knitted together.

        He couldn't even see through the realm of the woman in front of him.

        There were two possibilities in this situation.

        One was that she was just an ordinary person, with no realm to speak of, and that's why he couldn't see anything.

        But the second possibility was a bit terrifying for Fu Leng.

        Her realm was above her own.

        In a place like Xuanyuan World, it was absolutely impossible for anyone to exist who was higher than Fuleng.

        So Fu Leng was convinced of one thing at first glance, that she was from the Eightfold World.

        "Who are you?" Fu Leng asked.

        "What I am is not something you are qualified to know, you are kil ling innocent people in Xuanyuan World, who gave you the right to do that?" Chi Meng questioned.

        Fu Leng's heart thumped.

        No wonder the woman in front of him was sent from the top of the Blue Mountain?

        Fu Leng is able to come to Xuanyuan World because Fu Tian has gotten permission from the top of the Blue Mountain to catch Han Qianqian.

        But capturing Han Qianxiang does not mean Fu Leng can do whatever he wants in Xuanyuan World.

        Perhaps his methods were too vicious and he had kil led too many people, which had caused the Blue Mountain Family's discontent, and that's why the Blue Mountain Family had sent someone to Xuanyuan World.

        If this assumption was true, then the current situation was not optimistic for Fu Leng.

        "Are you from the top of the Blue Mountain?" Fu Leng asked.

        Chi Meng only smiled faintly and did not answer Fu Leng's question.

        This kind of approach of not admitting, yet not denying, almost made Fu Leng think that he had guessed right.

        "The ones I kil led were just some Gryllons, and they didn't have much impact on the Xuanyuan World." Fu Leng said.

        Facing the people at the top of the Blue Mountain, Fu Leng put away his arrogance in Xuanyuan World, because he knew that this world belonged to the top of the Blue Mountain, and if he didn't even care about the people at the top of the Blue Mountain, then I'm afraid that his life would end in this place.

        "Even though they are like ants, they are still ants at the top of the Blue Mountain, and only the top of the Blue Mountain is qualified to judge their lives, what kind of a thing are you?" Chi Meng questioned.

        When she heard this, Fu Leng was even more sure of her Chi Meng's identity, if she was not from the top of the Blue Mountain, how could she consider the top of the Blue Mountain?

        "I know I shouldn't do this, but I don't know where Han Qianqiang is hiding, so I have to force him to show up in this way," Fu Leng explained.

        "Do you understand the principle of kil ling people to get what you want?" Chi Meng asked.

        Fu Leng stood up directly from the emperor's seat.

        The meaning of Chi Meng's words was very clear, that is, he wanted him to pay for the lives of those who died.

        But in Fu Leng's eyes, those guys are all just ants, using their own lives to pay for their lives, do those trash have such qualifications?

        "Who gave the order, the Lord of the Blue Mountains?" Fu Leng asked, knowing that if this woman came to Xuanyuan World and it was the Lord of the Blue Mountain himself who asked, then he would have no chance of living at all.

        "A wise man would have an easier death," Chi Meng said.

        Fu Leng's eyes flashed with a trace of despair, but he did not choose to accept his fate, even if the Lord of the Blue Mountain personally ordered, he could not allow his Chi Meng to take his own life.

        And after he returned to the Eightfold World, there might be room for reversal, so he couldn't let himself die in the Eightfold World.

        "If you want to ki ll me, you'll have to see what you can do." Fu Leng said.

        The two of them were on the verge of a battle.

        Fu Leng was trying to save his own life.

        Chi Meng, on the other hand, had to ki ll Fu Leng in order to be able to link hands with the emperor and complete the task Han Qianqian had explained.

        Fu Leng has a not bad realm in the world of the eight directions, and in the Fu lineage, excluding Su Yingxia, he is also considered a leader, so he also has some strength.

        And Chi Meng, after all, is an ancient product, even though it is only a sword spirit, but the strength is also not to be underestimated.

        The Imperial Dragon Hall soon became a mess, and the sounds of fighting were incessant.

        Not far away, the emperor and the senior official watched carefully.

        "Empyrean, do you think that woman can win?" The senior asked the emperor.

        The emperor nodded without hesitation, if she was not sure, how could she easily take action against Fu Tian?

Chapter 1635

Piao Miao Sect.

        Han 3000 had learned that he was wanted, but he didn't have much to worry about; Chi Meng had already gone to find Fu Tian, and he believed that the trouble would soon be resolved, and his warrant would be meaningless.

        Even if the warrant is not revoked, as long as Fu Tian is dead, there is no need for Han 3,000 to worry, after all, he is still invincible in Xuanyuan world.

        But on the matter of controlling his enemy, Han 3,000 hasn't thought of a better way, he can now use the Pan Gu axe to deter his enemy, but he can't always use this method.

        If he wanted to give the jade sword to Su Yingxia and make his enemy Meng recognize his master, this oppressive method obviously wouldn't work.

        "It's already a fight." Lin Long looked in the direction of the Royal Dragon Hall and said to Han Qianli.

        Han Qianqian didn't dare to release his consciousness before for fear of being detected by Foutian and exposing his whereabouts.

        But since Chi Meng had already fought with Fu Tian, Han 3,000 didn't have to worry about it.

        His consciousness instantly arrived at the Royal Dragon Hall, and the process of the fight between the two was clear enough for Han Giang to feel.

        "I didn't think this guy's strength was really good, Chi Meng only had a slight upper hand," said Han Qianli. Han 3,000 said.

        Chi Meng was an ancient product, and her strength was not absolute in the Eight Directions World, but it wasn't bad either.

        The fact that Fu Leng was able to fight Chi Meng back and forth also proved that Fu Leng had good strength.

        "And someone like him, in the World of Eight Directions, is not considered an absolute strong man." Lin Long said, and these words were also a reminder to Han Qianliang.

        After all, he would have to face the Eightfold World in the future, and he would encounter many opponents like Fuleng, or even stronger than Fuleng.

        "When I can make good use of the power of the Pan Gu Axe, I won't have to be afraid of these guys, right?" Han Qianqian asked.

        Han 3,000 didn't know enough about the Pangu Axe, nor did he know how strong it was.

        But the Lin Long knew it very well, so Han 3,000 hoped to get an answer from the Lin Long.

        "If you can completely control the power of the Pangu Axe, then you will have the power to rule the Eight Directions World, but in my opinion, this is not realistic," Lin Long said.

        "The power of the first person in the world is indeed not so easy to control, and I've already tasted all the pain these days." Han Giangli said with a sigh on his face.

        Closing the door to control the power of the Pan Gu Axe, Han 3,000 had already suffered countless backlash, and each backlash made Han 3,000 feel like he would rather live than die.

        Up to now, Han 3,000 hadn't made the slightest progress in this matter.

        "Perhaps, someone can help you." Lin Long suddenly said.

        "Help me control the power of the Pan Gu Axe?" How in the world could anyone help him with this, Han Qianqiang wondered?

        "I don't know, but you can give it a try." After a pause, Lin Long continued, "In the Eightfold World, there is the Pangu clan, and they know more about dealing with the Pangu Axe than anyone else, and may know some hidden secrets, or even the knack of controlling the Pangu Axe."

        "Are you saying that there are descendants of Pangu?" Han Qianli asked, startled, this was the first time he had heard of such a statement.

        Pan Gu created the world, opened up the heavens and the earth, and transformed his flesh into everything in the world, how could he have descendants under such circumstances?

        And there were no other women who could supply Pangu with offspring to reproduce.

        Looking at Han Qianqian's expression, Lin Long knew that he must have been thinking wrongly, and couldn't help but reveal a look of contempt.

        "What are you thinking about, is it hard to believe that those dirty things are the only things on your mind?" Lin Long said.

        Isn't that the one thing you need to have children and raise them?

        Han Qianli didn't feel dirty about her thoughts.

        "I'm your master, are you sure you want to talk to me with that attitude?" Han Qianliang said.

        Lin Long had no choice but to explain, "According to the legend, although Pangu's flesh transformed into everything in the world, the seven parts of his divine body also made the Ancient True God."

        "Seven parts?" Han Qianli eagerly wanted to satisfy his curiosity.

        "None of this is important, what is important is that a drop of Pangu's essence blood has made a race." Lin Long said.

        "This race, now living in the Eight Directions World? It's not a very powerful family." Han Giangli said.

        Lin Long shook his head, the powerful families in the Eight Directions World now had nothing to do with the Pangu Clan, and the Pangu Clan had never been strong, even though they had been extinct in the Eight Directions World for many years.

        Rumor has it that the Pangu tribe found a place outside of the Eight Directions, and lived an uncontested life.

        But no one knows what the truth is, and no one has ever gone to find out if the Pangu tribe still exists or not.

        "They have been silenced for very many years, and no one knows if they still exist," Lin Long said.

        "You don't even know if they're still around, are you playing games with me?" Han Giangli felt like he was being played, and gritted his teeth as he looked at Lin Long.

        "I'm just telling you that this is your chance to understand, or even truly control, the Pan Gu Axe, whether you want to believe it or not is up to you."

Chapter 1636

In Han 3,000's current state, it was a distant matter for him to truly control the Pangu Axe, and Han 3,000 didn't even have the slightest inkling of it.

        Although the Linlong didn't know much about the Pangu tribe, and couldn't even be sure if the tribe existed, this was indeed an opportunity for Han 3,000.

        With his own ability, or comprehension, it was very unlikely that he would ever be able to control the Pangu Axe, let alone do it in a short period of time.

        If he found the Pangu Clan, then this was a huge opportunity for Han 3,000.

        Only when he understood the Pangu Axe could he truly control it.

        And as descendants of the Pangu, they might know more secrets about the Pangu Axe.

        "But if you want to find the Pangu Clan, you have to go to the Eight Directions World." Han Qianli said with a serious face.

        With his current realm, going to the Eightfold World was a death wish.

        And once this was known by the Fu Clan, it was very likely that Han Third Thousand would live in the shadow of being hunted by the Fu Clan, which was not a good thing.

        "Scared?" Lin Long said disdainfully, "Aren't you willing to do anything for her, and this little situation makes you afraid?"

        The corners of Han Qianqian's mouth suddenly rose and said, "You're deliberately provoking me like this just to get me to go to the Eightfold World, tell me, what else do you want."

        This made the Lin Long's expression become a bit unnatural, its desire to have Han Qianlian go to the Eightfold World was so strong that it was detected by Han Qianlian.

        "I just don't want to waste time with you in Xuanyuan World, I've already obtained the Heart of the Dragon Race, so naturally I want to return to the Eightfold World as soon as possible to rescue my race." Lin Long didn't hide anything and told the truth.

        Han Qianlian could understand how the Lin Long felt, after all, it had been hiding in Xuanyuan World for so many years, wasn't that what it wanted to achieve?

        But Han 3,000 still need to consider carefully, this is not a house, there is a chance to start over, once the choice, Han 3,000 may pay the price of life, this is not a joke.

        "In fact, you don't have to worry too much, you can just restrain your enemy dream, and it's a good helper for you, isn't it?". Lin Long said.

        Chi Meng's strength was not bad, although it could not be compared with the top experts of the Eightfold World, but to ensure the safety of Han 3,000, he still had some strength.

        And the top experts of the Eight Directions World are not rotten cabbages, not anyone can threaten Han 3,000's life.

        "You're right, it seems that I should indeed go to the Eightfold World as soon as possible." Han Three thousand said.

        If it weren't for the threat of the Fu Clan, Han Qianli wouldn't have the slightest hesitation about this matter, because he knew that his growth in Xuanyuan World was limited, and if he wanted to become stronger in a short time, he could only seek a breakthrough in the Eightfold World.

        "Of course, the Xuanyuan World brings you a bottleneck that you can't break through no matter what." Lin Long said.

        Han Qianqian nodded his head.

        At that moment, Han Qianlian and Lin Long suddenly looked up together in the direction of the Imperial Dragon Hall.

        "It's over."

        "It's over."

        One man and one dragon said in unison.

        On top of the Royal Dragon Hall, it was already a mess, like a garbage heap, completely losing the original appearance of the highest hall of the Royal Court.

        When the sound of the fight ended, the emperor standing outside the palace was very nervous, because the next step was to foretell his fate.

        If the one who came out of the palace alive was his enemy, then he, the emperor, would be able to go on.

        But if the person coming out of it is Fu Leng, he is afraid that he can only give his life here, because Fu Leng in this situation, there is absolutely no way to let him go.

        When the door pushed open, the emperor's whole body tensed up, his whole life, never had the current sense of tension and fear.

        Only when the emperor saw his enemy dream did he breathe a sigh of relief.

        Since Chi Meng was alive, it meant that Fu Leng was dead!

        "Are you all right." The emperor walked to his enemy's side at the first time and asked in awe.

        On Chi Meng's body, there was no sign of a fight, as if she had defeated Fu Leng very easily.

        "If I'm not okay, will you still be able to see me?" Chi Meng said faintly.

        The emperor nodded repeatedly and quickly said, "You said so, leave the rest to me."

        "I need to find a place to retreat, Han Qianli is in the Piao Miao Sect, don't forget what you promised me." Chi Meng reminded.

        How dare the emperor forget this matter.

        Although there was less danger from Fu Leng now, Chi Meng was still a threat to the emperor.

        The only difference between Chi Meng and Fu Leng was that it was negotiable and she would not ki ll innocents.

        Of course, the emperor also knows that if he fails to do the things that Chi Meng explained, Chi Meng will not let him go.

        When Chi Meng left, the emperor came to the palace inside, looking at the shocking traces of the fight, the emperor look not too much shock, because he is a strong man, these traces are also he can do.

        But in the middle of the palace, the man who was sitting on his knees but was no longer breathing was not someone he could deal with.

        "After kil ling so many people in my Imperial Court, you still want a full body?" Walking up to Fuleng's corpse, the emperor, filled with rage, directly dismantled Fuleng's corpse with a slap.

        "Someone come." A furious shout, outside the palace forbidden army rushed in.

        "As soon as possible to restore this place to its original appearance, the situation here, must not reveal a word to the public, order to revoke the warrant for Han Qianxiang." The emperor said.

        After arranging this matter, the emperor also left the palace, he still had to do the things his enemy had explained.

        In his capacity as an emperor, he definitely couldn't go to invite Han 3,000 personally, but this matter was not trivial, and the emperor didn't feel comfortable letting just one person do it, so he called in his beloved, Yuexia.

        "Empyrean, what is your order?" Moon came down to the emperor and asked respectfully.

        "Go to the Misty Sect yourself, find Han Qianxiang, and tell him that I have invited him to come for an audience." The emperor said.

        Hearing the words Han 3,000, Yuexia was stunned, wasn't this a wanted guy, how could the emperor know that he was in the Misty Sect?

        "Emperor, is it please? Not scratch?" Moon was confused.

        "You remember, be nice and invite him to be a guest at the Royal Dragon Hall." The emperor said.

        Yuexia didn't understand what was going on, but since it was something the emperor had told him, he could only do as he was told.

        "I understand, please don't worry Emperor, I will do my best to complete it." Tsukishita said.

        "The emperor did not finish his sentence, because he could not really guess the consequences of breaking his promise.

        Perhaps, his enemy will ki ll him.

        It's also possible that his enemy will destroy the entire imperial court.