His True Colors Chapter 1629-1630

 Chapter 1629

Fu Leng ki lls in the world of Xuanyuan in order to find Han Qianqian, and to him, life in this world is just like ants. To him, life in this world is like ants. It can be trampled at will.

        Although Fu Leng came to Xuanyuan for a short period of time, his hands were already stained with blood.

        Whether or not the other party knew Han Qianqian, as long as he couldn't get the answer he wanted, he would have to d i e.

        Very soon, Fuleng's name resounded in the imperial court. Almost everyone was terrified of it, and there was even a major migration of cities. As long as it was possible for Fuleng to go, most of the people in the city would choose to flee.

        It can be said that Fuleng relied on his cold-blooded tactics to completely change the landscape of the imperial court.

        The entire Royal Court was on tenterhooks, and news had even reached the Palace of the Emperor and Dragon, hoping that the Emperor would step in to solve the problem. They hoped that His Holiness would step in to solve the problem and bring peace back to the imperial court.

        However, after receiving the news, the emperor did not show up at the first time, because he could only bring out his full strength in the Palace of the Royal Dragon, and there were rumors that this person came from the Eight Directions, which made the emperor even more afraid to act recklessly.

        Although he was an emperor of the Imperial Court, he still had knowledge of his own strength, and if the other party was really a strong man from the Eight Directions World, he would never be an opponent, even in the Imperial Dragon Hall.

        "Empyrean. If this person has completely disturbed the Imperial Court, you must find a way to curb his slaughter."

        "Please, Emperor, personally step in. Settle this man who is kil ling innocents indiscriminately."

        "He has caused my imperial court to bleed to death, it is necessary to make him pay with his life."

        In the Imperial Dragon Hall, countless senior officials petitioned, hoping that His Eminence would step in to solve the trouble caused by Fu Leng.

        And the emperor looked as if he had a difficult face.

        It wasn't that he didn't want to, wouldn't.

        Rather, it was that he couldn't!

        He wasn't even sure he was Fuleng's match.

        "Who exactly is the person he's looking for?" The emperor asked, in his opinion. Perhaps he would only stop kil ling when he found the person he was looking for.

        "A man named Han Qianxiang. According to rumors, if he can find this person, he will be able to receive his reward, and some people have already started working for him." A senior official said to the emperor.

        "Each of you has eyes and ears, is it hard not to know where this person named Han Qianxiang is?" The emperor questioned.

        If they could have found Han Qianxiang, they would have gone to Fuleng to claim the credit, but why wait until now?

        "Never heard of this person, and no one has ever seen him before."

        "My men have checked the area to which they belong, and there is no one named Han Qianqian."

        "Neither do I."

        "Me, too."

        Before the rebirth. Han 3,000 was quite famous in Long Yun City, but after being reborn. Han 3,000 was a complete stranger to Xuanyuan World, and almost no one knew him, so it was reasonable that the imperial court's eyes didn't know of his existence.

        Faced with this situation, the emperor had a headache. The emperor also had a headache.

        If he could find Han Qianxiang and serve him with both hands. Fu Leng would also stop the kil ling in the imperial court.

        Unfortunately, it was obviously not that simple to do this.

        Right at this moment. A strange figure suddenly walked up to the main hall.

        He was young and handsome. His posture was elegant and graceful, and he was definitely very attractive to young women. He was definitely very attractive to young women.

        But at this point in time, appearing in the Royal Dragon Hall. It was definitely not appropriate.

        "Who are you, how dare you trespass into the Royal Dragon Hall."

        "Kid, get out quickly, this is not the place you should be."

        "The emperor is currently here, if you act recklessly, you will d i e."

        Faced with the crowd's accusations, Fu Leng looked calm.

        How could he look at a shabby Imperial Dragon Hall?

        "In this world, there is no place I cannot go." Fu Leng said indifferently.

        All the senior officials were angry at Fu Leng's untamed attitude.

        But the emperor felt an unusual hint in his calmness.

        "Who are you?" The emperor asked.

        "You are not yet qualified to know who I am," Fu Leng said.

        The emperor's eyelids jumped, although he had never seen the person who had ki lled in the Imperial Court, he had an intuition that the person in front of him was him.

        If not, who else would have the guts to trespass into the Royal Dragon Hall under such circumstances?

        "Did I just hear you guys talking about Han Qianqian?" Fu Leng asked.

        The emperor was almost certain of his identity after he spoke the three words Han Qianqian.

        Such a dangerous person, the emperor didn't dare to take him lightly, and secretly activated the formation of the Imperial Dragon Hall as a way to strengthen his strength.

        "Don't do useless work, your means are useless before me." Fu Leng said disdainfully to the emperor.

        The emperor was shocked, his secret movements were detected by this person.

        Above the Imperial Dragon Hall, the emperor was absolutely strong, and this place could also be called the Absolute Realm by him, and in the Absolute Realm, even the strongest person of the Extreme Master Realm was no match for him.

Chapter 1630

The emperor knew that in Xuanyuan, the Extreme Master realm was absolutely strong, but the man in front of him was from the Eight Directions.

        He was able to wreak havoc in the Xuanyuan World, and his strength was in no way comparable to that of Xuanyuan World. Even though this was in the Imperial Dragon Hall, the emperor understood that he might not be his opponent.

        So after listening to Fuleng's words, the emperor didn't dare to act rashly for fear of losing his own life if he wasn't careful.

        "What can I do to help you." The emperor asked Fu Leng.

        The senior officials of the Imperial Court were a bit shocked by the emperor's attitude. This is the Palace of the Emperor and the Dragon, and this man's attitude is so rampant that the emperor even treated him with courtesy!

        "Help me find Han Qianxiang, so that no one here has to d i e, and I will ki ll one person a day if I don't find him. Fu Leng said indifferently.


        There is no justification for kil ling someone in the Royal Dragon Hall, it is simply provoking the authority of the emperor.

        After learning that Fu Leng was a strong man from the Eight Directions World, they didn't dare to say a word of discontent. They had recently heard too much about Fu Leng's tactics, fearing that bad luck would befall them.

        "I won't lie to you, we've already investigated this person, but we didn't find one named Han Qianqian, and I'm afraid it's a bit difficult to find one day." The emperor said.

        "I didn't ask you to find him in a day, I just kil led one person a day, if it takes you two days to find him, it will only be one death." Fu Leng said.

        In Fu Tian's eyes, human life was like weeds, he didn't care at all.

        Such an attitude made the emperor feel frightened.

        A person who has no information, where to find him?

        And this palace is only a total of more than ten people, are not enough for him to ki ll half a month.

        If we don't find them in half a month, all the top officials of the Imperial Court will have to d i e here, which will cause chaos in the Imperial Court!

        "These are all important people in my imperial court, and I ask you to be able to keep your sword." The emperor said in a pleading tone.

        At this time, the emperor had completely put down his stature, he didn't feel that his status could have any deterrent effect in front of Fuleng.

        After all, a strong man from the Eight Directions World, how could he possibly take him seriously.

        "Are you bargaining with me? Do you have such qualifications?" said Fuleng, suddenly raising his hand.

        He didn't see any special action, but the top executives suddenly flew up into the air, and without any warning, a mist of blood burst into the air, and there wasn't even a single body left!

        Fu Leng is definitely the first person in history to ki ll someone in the Imperial Dragon Hall.

        However, in the face of his behavior, not a single person dared to berate him.



        All kinds of negative emotions were generated in the palace.

        The emperor, through Fuleng's means just now, understood the gap between himself and Fuleng even more, and if he dared to fight Fuleng, he would end up in the exact same situation, without even a chance to resist.

        "Don't worry, I will definitely find this person as soon as possible." The emperor assured Fu Leng.

        "I'll be waiting right here, don't expect to escape, no matter where you go, I'll be able to find you and let you d i e in the most painful way possible." After saying that, Fuleng actually walked toward the throne.

        This was a seat only the emperor was qualified to sit on, and he was sitting on it.

        Seeing this kind of scene, the emperor didn't dare to have any opinions, and could only explain to the top brass to find Han Qianxiang.

        Because the emperor was clear that the only way to resolve this matter was to find the person he wanted.

        "After leaving the Imperial Dragon Hall, a senior official asked the emperor, "This person's methods are so cruel, even if we really help him find someone, will he let us go?

        The others looked at the emperor, hoping that he could think of a better way to deal with the matter.

        "I'm no match for him, and I'm sure you guys know what the Eightfold World means. Only legendary gods can go to the Eightfold World, and I can't compete with the gods, so we have no other choice." The emperor said in a deep voice.

        Previously, he had vainly attempted to fight Fu Leng, and even felt that he still had the power to fight.

        But after seeing Fu Leng's methods, the emperor came to realize that he was not worthy of being Fu Leng's opponent, let alone the power to fight.

        "Is it so hard that we can only stand by and watch ourselves being kil led?" said someone very unconvinced.

        "I advise you, with his ability, no matter where you hide in Xuanyuan World, he will be able to find it, and he also made it clear that anyone who dares to escape will be kil led in the most painful way possible. 

        He knew what these guys had in mind.

        The best way to face the fear of the devil, so the best way, is to escape.

        But Fuleng, the demon, obviously couldn't escape.

        "I'll send all my men to track down Han Qianxiang's whereabouts."

        "I will also, no one will be left behind, or else, there is no telling who will d i e tomorrow."

        Han 3,000 became the most famous wanted criminal in the entire Royal Court, and in just one day, even three-year-old children in the Royal Court knew Han 3,000's name.

        For a while, the three characters of Han 3,000 became the most discussed name in the imperial court.

        Long Yun City.

        After the three of them stayed in Long Yun City, apart from spending most of their time every day to improve their cultivation, the rest was to experience the new life in this different world.

        Mo Yang and Liu Fang adapted very quickly, and quickly fell in love with Long Yun City.

        There were no more skyscrapers.

        There are no more cars on the road.

        People were no longer holding a cell phone in their hands.

        This new life experience was particularly new to Mo Yang and his wife.

        Life used to be calm and uneventful.

        But after the warrant for Han Qiangiang's arrest reached Long Yun City, the three of them felt much heavier.


        The three of them gathered together in relative silence, because they didn't know where to start and how to help Han Qianxiang.

        "The situation is really bad, but the whole country is looking for him, I don't know what he's done." Liu Fang said with a worried look on her face, Han Qianxiang gave her a brand new life, and she always remembered this kindness in her heart.

        "Maybe he slept with the emperor's wife or daughter, otherwise, how could he use the power of the whole country." Mo Yang said.

        Liu Fang glared at Mo Yang and said, "What time is it, you're still in the mood for jokes."

        Mo Yang left his mouth open and said, "I'm not joking, maybe it's true."