His True Colors Chapter 1627-1628

 Chapter 1627

With Han Giang's current relationship with the Lin Long, he didn't have to hide it, but it was a bit difficult to explain, and even Han Giang himself didn't understand the significance of the Pan Gu Axe.

        "Do you really want to know?" Han Giangli looked at the Linlong with a sincere face.

        The Linlong was busy nodding its head, its inner curiosity desire. It was already very strong, because it really couldn't understand why there was such a big change before and after Chi Meng.

        Before going to the ancient battlefield, Chi Meng didn't give a single thought to Han Qianli, even letting Han Qianli be her servant.

        But now, Chi Meng is so submissive to Han Qianqian, from master to servant.

        The Linlong thought that this change might have happened when it was separated from Han 3,000 on the ancient battlefield, and that Han 3,000 must have had some kind of encounter or obtained something powerful.

        "Actually, I don't know what it is, this thing. I've had it since I was on Earth." After Han 3,000 finished speaking, the axe mark on his forehead began to flicker.

        The flickering axe head then floated into the palm of Han 3,000's hand. From the size of a grain of rice, it gradually returned to its original form.

        Seeing the axe, the Linlong's eyes showed incredulity.

        Han 3,000 didn't know what this axe was, but it could feel it.

        According to legend, there was a supreme divine weapon in the world, the king of all weapons, and no weapon of any kind could be compared to it, because it had accomplished a pioneering feat in the hands of its master.

        "This ...... this. How is it possible, how is it possible!" The Linlong shook its head incredulously, unable to believe that the Pangu Axe could appear in Han Qianqian's hands.

        Its former master was the one who created the world of mountains and rivers, and was truly the first person in the universe.

        Such a divine weapon, how could it be tamed by Han Qianqian?

        Seeing the change in the Linlong's expression, Han Giangli eagerly asked, "Do you know what it is?"

        Although Han Giangxi knew the power of the Pangu Axe, he had no specific definition of what kind of artifact it was.

        If the Linlong knew what the axe was, he would be able to understand it better for Han 3,000.

        "You ...... don't know?" Lin Long said, "When you get such a treasure, Han Sanqiang doesn't know what it is, isn't it equivalent to a delicacy in front of you, Han Sanqiang just doesn't know its taste?

        "Cut the crap and tell me quickly. What the hell is this." Han Qianli said.

        "Its name, Pan Gu Axe, and the Dragon Clan had a secret book that recorded what it looked like. I was fortunate enough to see it when I was very young, but I never thought I would be able to see it in its original form." The dragon said.

        Pan Gu Axe.

        It was just a name.

        But through this name, Han Qianli probably guessed who its owner was.

        After all, Han 3,000 had heard of the story of Pangu's opening of the heavens and the earth.

        "You're saying that this axe was once used by Pangu?" Han Qianqiang asked.

        "It's not as simple as just using it, Pangu was the one who used it to open up the heavens and the earth. It possesses the purest power in the world, which is incomparable to anyone, to any artifact." Lin Long said.

        Han Giangli took a deep breath. Although he had already guessed that the Pangu Axe was unusual through the performance of that ancient powerhouse and his enemy, he had never expected that it would be the most powerful weapon in the world.

        But Han Qianqian had never expected it to be so unusual as this.

        It was used by Pangu to open up the heavens and the earth.

        If it was said that Pangu was the first person in the universe and the stars, then this axe was the first person in the universe.

        Then this axe was the first weapon among the universe and the stars.

        "It also has a name, called the King of All Weapons." Lin Long said.

        From these four words, Han Giangli felt a mighty and domineering presence, the King of All Weapons, above all weapons in the world.

        What kind of divine weapon could be called broken iron in front of it, right?

        "Chi Meng is a sword spirit, that's why it's so afraid of this breath, it's the same as the One-Light Realm seeing a God Realm powerhouse," said Han Qiangli. Han Giangli said.

        Such an analogy made the Linlong somewhat disdainful.

        What was a One-Light Realm, and what was a God Realm powerhouse?

        The Pan Gu Axe is not to be compared with any weapon at all. Because it stands above all other weapons, it is not qualified to be compared to any other weapon.

        "Not just Chi Meng, the strong man from the ancient battlefield was also very afraid. Wasn't he also very afraid? If you are able to control the power of the Pan Gu Axe, the entire eight directions of the world will bow down for you." Lin Long said.

        Han Qianqian, who possessed the Pangu Axe, was equivalent to having an absolute power, but right now that power was untapped.

        Once the power is controlled by him, then no one in the Eight Directions will be his opponent.

        Even those who so-called get the true God. In Lin Long's opinion, he could also be easily beheaded by Han Qianli.

        Han Qianxiang smiled helplessly, "The Eight Parties World is bowing down?

        Such an exaggerated thing. He hadn't thought about it, and the power of the Pangu Axe wasn't so easy to control.

        Han Qianqiang had tried to invoke the power of the Pangu Axe, but it backfired. But it backfired, and he was able to borrow the breath of the Pangu Axe to fake tiger power, but he definitely did not intend to use the power of the Pangu Axe.

        "If only it were that simple. I can't use it at all right now." Han Qianli said.

        "Of course." The Linlong said as if it was a matter of course, "It's a Pangu weapon, how could a mortal be able to use it casually, and you were able to make it recognize its owner. It is already a very miraculous thing that you were able to let it claim ownership."

        Han Qianlian had no desire to refute what Linlong said, because it was the truth. Being able to have the Pangu Axe recognize its owner was definitely a stroke of luck for Han 3,000, otherwise how could such a divine weapon be subservient to a mortal body?

        "So, having the Pangu Axe is not a good thing for me, and if those people in the Eightfold World knew about it, they might kill me to take the treasure." Han Qianli said.

        Lin Long was stunned.

        On second thought, the situation was really as Han Qianli said.

        Once the news of the Pan Gu Axe reached the Eightfold World, for Han Qianqian, the Pan Gu Axe would become a bomb that could break Han Qianqian into pieces at any time.

        How could those powerful people in the Eightfold World allow the Eightfold World to fall into the hands of others, when there would be a wave of arrests of Han Qianli, and the true gods of the Eightfold World might even show up in person, which was not good for Han Qianli.

        "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about this, and we've signed a contract, so if you want to know what I've done, you'll be able to know it easily." Lin Long said.

        It was because of this that Han 3,000 dared to tell Lin Long such a big secret, or else Han 3,000 would keep it to himself.

Chapter 1628

"By the way, do you think your enemy can be trusted?" Lin Long said with a worried look on his face to Han Qianqian, "If Chi Meng spreads this news, let the people in the Eight Directions know. This is not a good thing.

        Han Qianqian held the jade sword in his hand with a confident face and said, "Her original body is still in my hands, and if she dares to betray me, she will end up vanishing into thin air."

        Lin Long nodded his head, grasping the body of his enemy dream, as if grasping her weakness. Under normal circumstances, Chi Meng would never dare to betray Han Qianqian.

        "I don't know what kind of realm the people from the Eightfold World are in. Although Chi Meng is strong for you, she's just a sword spirit after all, and without her own body, it's hard to bring out her full strength, so if the other party is too strong, Chi Meng might not be a match." The Linlong reminded Han Qianqian.

        It had to let Han 3,000 know. He couldn't put all his hopes on Chi Meng, couldn't think that if he let Chi Meng do this, he would be able to fix it, he also needed to plan what to do if Chi Meng failed.

        "If she doesn't even make it, I'll be even less qualified, so what else can I do but wait for death?" Han Qianli smiled helplessly, his current realm, and the strongest person in the Eight Directions World were not at all in the same dimension.

        It wasn't that Han Qianli had placed all his hopes on his enemy, but that he could only do so now. Rather, it was the only thing he could do now.

        But whenever there was a little other choice. Han 3,000 wouldn't run away to avoid being looked down upon by those guys in the Eightfold World.

        "Hey, that's true, you're still too weak right now." Lin Long shook his head helplessly.

        Han Qianqian glared at Lin Long and said, "You're half a catty like me, how much better can you get. You're hard to forget, once I was still an evenly matched fighter with you."

        Lin Long said with an unconvinced look on his face: "Do you know how much the thousand years of slumber has affected my strength? If I hadn't just awakened at that time, you would have been swallowed by me as food in my only son."

        "Say the result, and you didn't eat me as a result." Han Giangli was also on the line, unwilling to admit his weakness in front of this guy.

        "That's because the space reversal saved your life." Lin Long said.

        It was the truth, if there hadn't been a spatial rift that caused Han 3,000 to be reborn, he would have died under the claws of the Lin Long.

        But what could the truth do.

        As long as Han 3,000 didn't admit it, he could pretend such a fact didn't exist.

        "Don't say this useless nonsense, in Xuanyuan World, is there any way to make me stronger?" Han Qianqiang asked Lin Long. In times of crisis, it is a complete waste of time to argue about these meaningless matters. In Han Three Thousand's opinion, it was a complete waste of time.

        "There wasn't before, but now there is, you just need to control the power of the Pan Gu Axe." Lin Long said.

        The current Han Qianqian didn't even need to cultivate his realm like an ordinary person. Instead, he wholeheartedly tried to conquer the power of the Pangu Axe, and as long as he could do that, Han 3,000 could completely rely on the power of the Pangu Axe. As long as he could do this, Han 3,000 could use the Pangu Axe to rise to the top of the Eight Directions.

        This was the most straightforward method, but it wasn't simple.

        Han 3,000 knew the pain of being devoured by the power of the Pangu Axe. But to become stronger, Han 3,000 was willing to do whatever it took.

        "While there's still time. Try closing up for a while first." After Han Qianli said that, he walked toward the stone room on the mountainside.

        Han 3,000 found a quiet place in the Misty Sect. He began to close the door and cultivate.

        On the other hand, after Chi Meng left the Misty Sect.

        After Chi Meng left the Misty Sect, he couldn't calm down for a long time.

        She was also a divine weapon. There was a huge gap between her and the Pangu Axe, and this gap was unquantifiable, which made Chi Meng feel very strange.

        The legendary Pangu Axe was so strong that it completely suppressed Chi Meng with just a few breaths, making her unable to raise the slightest thought of resistance.

        But how could such an artifact fall into the hands of Han Qianqian?

        With his God realm cultivation, he was like a waste, how could he control the power of the Pangu Axe.

        "Legend has it that the Pan Gu Axe, only those who possess the power of Pan Gu, can master it, so hard to say, he ......!" The self-talking Chi Meng, at this point began to shake his head.

        Pan Gu had long ago become part of the universe's stars and rivers by transforming into mountains and rivers, so how could he be reborn as a human being?

        After rejecting this possibility, Chi Meng can only think that Han Sanxiang had a lucky break to get the Pangu Axe, and there is no other reasonable explanation for the rejection.

        The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have the right tools to do what you want.

        It's not just a matter of time, but also a matter of time before you can get to the bottom of it.

        And the body is still in the hands of Han three thousand, so Chi Meng even more have to follow the words of Han three thousand to do.

        In the Xuanyuan world, there is no one who can be called Chi Meng's opponent, and in the Eightfold World, Chi Meng can also deal with some people of lower realms.

        But if the other party reaches the Kongdong realm, it's a very tricky thing for Chi Meng to do.