His True Colors Chapter 1624-1626

 Chapter 1624

To Fu Leng, the world of Xuanyuan is an inferior world, and the people who live here are naturally inferior creatures, so when he slaughters people's lives, he does not feel anything, as if he is slaughtering livestock.

        Piao Miao Sect Council Hall.

        The only remaining ten or so members of the Misty Sect knelt before Fu Tian, trembling.

        To them, this young man was like a demon who kil led without blinking an eye.

        In just two days, hundreds of Piao Miao Sect members, now only a dozen or so were left, and looking at his appearance, it seemed that he would not stop until he had kil led everyone.

        "Whoever can tell me where Han Qianxiang is, I'll let her live, there aren't many chances, so cherish it yourselves." Fu Tian looked at the Misty Sect members kneeling in front of him and said with a calm expression.

        "We really don't know who Han Qianxiang is."

        "Please spare us."

        "I'm willing to do anything for you, as long as you're willing to let me go, I can meet any of your needs."

        The attitude of the only ten people left was extremely humble, and they didn't even want their dignity in order to live.

        But this devil, Fu Tian, had no mercy, and this woman had no temptation for him.

        Futian is a very persistent person, and he will not change his goal easily when he sees someone he likes.

        Even though Su Yingxia disappeared in the Eight Directions for so many years, Futen didn't give up on her, and from this special case we can see how dedicated he is.

        Even though the woman in front of him acted like she was taking whatever she wanted, Futian didn't even look at them properly.

        "Didn't get the right answer." As soon as his voice fell, Futian struck again to ki ll someone.

        The Council Chamber screamed in terror, and all those sect members were chilled by Fotian's terrifying methods.

        His kil ling was as simple as kil ling an ant.

        Fu Tian stood up, walked up to one of the sect members and said, "I'll give you one chance, tell me where he is, and I'll spare your life.

        The man had been trembling with fear, nodding and shaking his head, probably not even knowing what she was expressing herself.

        "You know where he is, don't you?" continued Futian.

        This time the person shook her head very simply, because she didn't know Han Qiangiang's whereabouts, if she did, she would have told Fotian long ago, so why wait until now?

        "You can't blame me if you don't want to live." Fu Tian sighed and slapped the man's skullcap.

        The man didn't even have a chance to scream, and fell to the ground, bleeding from all seven holes and di ed.

        Looking at the remaining few people, Futian frowned, is it hard to say that these people really don't know where Han Qiangli is or how could they keep a secret for Han Qiangli in this situation?

        But according to what he learned from the people of the Fu Clan who had been to Xuanyuan, this was the last place where Han Qiang appeared.

        "You really don't know where Han 3,000 is," Foutian asked the crowd.

        Almost all of them shook their heads at the same time, and very simply expressed their own meaning.

        They thought Foutian would believe them and give them a way out.

        But then Foutian's words made everyone completely despair.

        "Since you all don't know, there is no use for it, what is the meaning of living?" Futen shook his head helplessly, showing that he was very helpless.

        Just when the members of the clan knew they were going to di e and wanted a chance to escape, they discovered to their horror that a stern word had been wiped from their necks.

        There was no pain, and even as their heads fell, they saw their bodies.

        Blood flowed into a river.

        Fu Tian slaughtered the Misty Sect.

        In just two days, the hundred-year-old sect was destroyed.

        Fu Tian did not have any feelings about the result he had caused, the lowly creatures were just like a group of mole crickets, when the mole crickets di ed, how could it affect the mood of people.

        "Rubbish, where are you hiding, do you think it's really useful to hide?" said Futian with strong kil ling intent in his eyes.

        Fuyutian said, "To Fuyutian, Han Qiangan is not only a rival, but also someone who defiled Su Yingxia, so he doesn't simply want Han Qiangan to di e, he wants to torture Han Qiangan to death, only then can Fuyutian vent his anger.

        Leaving the Misty Sect, Fu Tian continued to go to other places to find out more about Han Qianxiang.

        Of course, for Fu Tian, slaughtering means were absolutely not lacking.

        Two days later, Han Qiangiang and Lin Long finally returned from the ancient battlefield.

        When they returned from the Dark Forest to the Piao Miao Sect, they noticed a very strange atmosphere before they actually entered the Piao Miao Sect.

        "Did you find it strange that there was no one there?" asked Lin Long to Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian had already discovered this, and it was indeed a bit strange.

        Although it was said that Zhantai Liuyue and Yan Qinghua had di ed, the news had not spread, so the Misty Sect's order was still there.

        Now there was no one there, as if everyone had run away, making Han Qianli feel a bit puzzled.

        "The news of Zhantai Liuyue and Yan Qinghua's death had already spread, so these sect members had gone to join other sects," Han Qianli wondered.

        And without the sect master, just choose another one, there is no need to run away.

        At this time, Lin Long suddenly smelled a deathly unusual smell in the air.

        Bloody, thick blood.

        The smell of blood was definitely not as simple as one or two dead people.

        At the same time, Han Qianqian also noticed this matter, his face changed, and quickened his pace towards the mountain.

        The closer he got to the sect's council hall, the more corpses he saw, and some of them were already decomposing, obviously not as if they had just di ed.

        Such a scene made Han Qianli's heart heavy.

        Hundreds of members of the Misty Sect were almost all dead by the looks of it.

        Who on earth was it that had such vicious methods and hadn't spared a single person?

        "Some other sect did this," said Han Qianli.

        "Impossible." Lin Long spoke firmly, "Although the Misty Sect has some grudges with other sects, but by no means would it be enough to slaughter everyone in the sect, and such a big thing would definitely alert the Imperial Court, this is definitely not something ordinary people would dare to do."

        No ordinary person would dare to do it!

        These words were like a reminder to Han Qianqian, and at the same time, made Han Qianqian's anger burn up.

Chapter 1625

Not just anyone!

        The first thing Han Qianqian thought of was Chi Meng.

        Only she could be called no ordinary person.

        And only she, too, had the strength to do so.

        Han Qianli's anger came from the fact that she had kil led for no reason.

        Zhantai Liuyue and Yan Qinghua had already di ed in her hands for no apparent reason, so why did she want to ki ll everyone in the Misty Sect?

        Is that. Is it just because they are lowly that they are not qualified to live?

        Seeing Han Qianqian's rage, as if he was about to go to settle a score with Chi Meng, Lin Long hurriedly stopped Han Qianqian and said, "It's not a good idea for you to go to her and ask for punishment."

        Han Qianqian said in a cold voice to Lin Long, who was blocking his way: "Get out of my way. What I want to do, is it so hard that you can decide for me?"

        In a sense. The Linlong is Han Qianxiang's beast, and Han Qianxiang is his master, so he is naturally not qualified to make decisions for Han Qianxiang.

        But it was worried that Han 3,000 would also d ie in the hands of his enemy.

        "It's good that you're dead, then the contract between us can be automatically dissolved." The Linlong said.

        Han Qianxiang's heart was only angry at this time, not caring whether he was his enemy or not.

        Hundreds of innocent lives had been lost like this. To Han 3,000, this was unacceptable.

        He was born on Earth, and understood that life was above all else, and valued this matter even more, so he couldn't understand this kind of life and death.

        "You come out, Chi Meng, don't hide and dare not see me." When he arrived at the forbidden area, Han Qiangan began to shout, compared to the previous fear of Chi Meng, at the moment Han Qiangan. It's completely like a different person.

        Chi Meng soon showed up, and when she saw the jade sword held in Han 3,000's hand, there was clearly a hint of excitement. There was clearly a hint of excitement in her appearance.

        It was its original body, and one that had disappeared for many years.

        "Give me the sword." Chi Meng said to Han Qianqian in a commanding tone.

        "Why did you ki ll those people?" Han Qianqian questioned.

        Chi Meng did not have the leisure to answer Han Qianli's question and continued, "Give me the sword, or I'll ki ll you."

        Hearing the word ki ll, Han Qianqian became even more nonchalant.

        She had slaughtered everyone in the Misty Sect. Hadn't she kil led enough?

        Is human life really that worthless in her eyes?

        "I know what you are. Sword Spirit, ki ll me if you can." Han Qianqian said fearlessly.

        Hearing the word Sword Spirit, Chi Meng's eyes flashed with incredulity, as if she didn't expect Han Qianqian to know her true identity.

        "How did you know?" In the past, there was a great deal of confusion about who was the real owner of the house, and what was going on.

        But the battle of the Ancient World had fallen to all the Ancient Warriors, so how could Han Qianxiang find out about it?

        "Do you want to know? Unless you tell me first. Why did you ki ll these people." Han 3,000 said.

        "I didn't ki ll these people, and their deaths. It has something to do with you." Chi Meng said.

        Han Qianqian sneered disdainfully, not expecting that Chi Meng would have the courage to admit it and actually put the blame on his own head.

        "I went to the ancient battlefield, this matter. I'm not sure how it's possible for me to be involved, but you want me to take the blame. You have to bring out some substantial evidence, too." Han Qianli said.

        "The person who kil led them came from the Eight Directions World. And his purpose for coming to Xuanyuan World was to find you. These people di ed because they couldn't tell that man where you were. So, their deaths. Is it hard to say that they are not related to you?" Chi Meng said.

        Someone from the Eight Worlds!

        Han Qianqian's heart thumped.

        If that was the case, the death of these people of the Misty Sect was indirectly caused by him, and there was nothing wrong with Chi Meng saying this.

        But since Chi Meng knew about this matter, why didn't she take action to stop it?

        With her strength, it shouldn't be hard for her to save these people's lives!

        "Why didn't you save them." Han Qianli questioned.

        "Why should I save them? Is it so hard that I have to take orders from you? Chi Meng threatened.

        According to Han Qianli's original plan, after leaving the ancient battlefield, he still had to think about how to deal with Chi Meng, and the best case scenario was not to give her the sword and somehow control her.

        However, due to the sudden change in the Misty Sect, Han 3,000 didn't have time to think about it before he found his enemy, Chi Meng.

        There was no way out for Han 3,000 now.

        But he knew that once he gave the sword to his enemy, he would lose the chance to control his enemy, and the idea of giving the sword to Su Yingxia would be even more impossible to realize.

        The side of the Linlong shook his head, this is the price to be paid for impulsiveness.

        In the face of the powerful sword spirit, at this moment Han Qianqiang, other than compromise, what else can he do?

Chapter 1626

"You will be given one last chance, or you will only d ie." Chi Meng's stern tone urged Han Qianqian, and it could be seen that she was in a very urgent mood.

        But Han Qianqiang still didn't want to do it. Still, he did not want to do it.

        The Linlong looked at Han Qianli with a puzzled look on the side, not understanding what Han Qianli was hesitating about.

        Could it be that he really dared to fight his enemy?

        With his current strength, how could he possibly be a match for Chi Meng!

        Although Han Qiangxiang di ed, the contract could be broken automatically.

        But now, the Lin Long does not want Han Qiangli to di e.

        It is not that simple to revive the dragon family. It wasn't that simple, so Lin Long also hoped that Han Qianxiang could help a little.

        "What are you doing. Hurry up and give it." The Linlong couldn't help but remind Han Qianqian.

        Suddenly, the corner of Han Qianqian's mouth lifted up in a puzzling smile.

        The power of the axe could deter that ancient powerhouse in the middle of the ancient battlefield, and his enemy, a mere sword spirit, might also submit to this power.

        Although Han Qianli wasn't sure of the answer, he felt. It was worth a try.

        If he could control the sword spirit, then it would be even more possible to deal with the people from the Eightfold World.

        "Chi Meng, you don't really think you can ki ll me," Han Qianli faintly said.

        Chi Meng's eyes showed anger, and she never thought that Han Qianli would be so bold.

        "You brought this on yourself, you can't blame me." Chi Meng said.

        Just as Chi Meng was about to strike at Han Qianqian, the Linlong sighed helplessly and said, "You've brought this on yourself.

        And when Lin Long sighed helplessly.

        Han Qianqian's forehead emitted a golden mane.

        Lin Long didn't have much of a feeling about this golden mane, but felt a little strange and didn't understand what Han 3,000 was doing.

        Chi Meng, however, was terrified inside.

        This power that she feared. It was very familiar.

        It was the scent that all artifacts in the world feared.

        Pan Gu Axe!

        How could he have the breath of the Pan Gu Axe on his body!

        Chi Meng's heart shook. How could a trash like Han Qianqian obtain the Pangu Axe.

        And it looked like the Pangu Axe had already claimed ownership over him!

        The Chi Meng, who did not take Han Qianli into consideration, no longer dared to underestimate Han Qianli from this moment on.

        This is because the Pangu Axe will not easily recognize its master.

        I'm afraid that Han Qianxiang's identity was not as simple as it thought.

        "Want to ki ll me. Do you really have the qualifications?" Han Giangli said with a smile.

        The stronger the power released by the Pan Gu Axe, the greater the pressure on Chi Meng.

        It was a divine weapon. But when facing the Pangu Axe, which had opened up the heavens and the earth, it was just a piece of scrap metal.

        There was no weapon that could compare with the power of the Pangu Axe.


        To Lin Long's dismay, a situation occurred.

        Chi Meng even kneeled down in front of Han Qianqiang.

        "This ......" Lin Long sucked in a mouthful of cold air, and also rubbed his eyes to be sure that what he saw was not an illusion.

        Seeing this, Han Qianli's hanging heart also dropped.

        Originally, he was only going to try it, but he didn't expect it to have such an effect.

        But this also made Han Qianli even more curious, what exactly was this axe, and how could it be so powerful?

        "From today on, as long as you serve me well, I will not destroy your sword body." Han Qianqian said to his enemy, "From now on, as long as you serve me well, I won't destroy your sword body.

        In the past, Han 3,000. It was Chi Meng's servant, but now. The identity transfer, such a situation was something Han Qianqian himself did not anticipate.

        Chi Meng, on the other hand, didn't dare to have the slightest opinion on this statement.

        Under the intimidation of the power of the Pan Gu axe. She didn't dare to have the slightest intention of kil ling Han Qianxiang.

        Otherwise, its sword body would definitely shatter. And it, too, would dissolve into an aura between heaven and earth.

        "Master." Chi Meng lowered its head. Sincerely, he shouted.

        Han Qianli was in an incomparably happy mood, thinking about being oppressed by his enemy dream before. Now he was finally able to raise his head.

        And being able to control his enemy, Han 3,000 would be able to give such a divine weapon to Su Yingxia in the future. I'm sure she will like this gift very much.

        "How is the strength of that person in the Eightfold World?" Han Qianqiang asked his Chi Meng.

        "Rubbish." Chi Meng's two simple words clearly expressed his own opinion of Fu Leng.

        Han Qianqian's heart was set. However, he still blamed Chi Meng for what had happened in the Misty Sect.

        Since its strength was above that person's, why didn't it do anything to stop it?

        Hundreds of lives of the Misty Sect were all fresh lives, and it was a sect it had built up, how could it stand by and watch these people d ie?

        But now that it's happened, it's useless for Han Giang to say any more.

        "If you didn't do anything to save them, I'll punish you for burying them in the ground, so they can be buried, do you have a problem with that?" Han Qiangiang said to Chi Meng.

        "No." Chi Meng said.

        "Go, bury them, and then go avenge them." Han 3,000 said.

        Chi Meng obediently followed Han Qiang's words.

        Lin Long walked to Han Qianli's side and lowered his voice to ask Han Qianli, "What's going on, why is it also afraid of you, and that ancient strong man on the battlefield, what is this golden light of yours?"