His True Colors Chapter 1621-1623

 Chapter 1621

Su Yingxia's disdainful attitude completely infuriated Fu Tian, and he would not have minded kil ling Su Yingxia on the spot if she had not been so valuable to him.

        But anger didn't replace reason, Fu Tian knew he couldn't do it, or else he would destroy the entire Fu Clan.

        As the patriarch of the Fu Clan, Fu Tian wants to continue to enjoy the honor, and this honor must be helped by Su Yingxia to continue.

        Walking up to Su Yingxia, Foutian lowered his voice and said, "I urge you to think twice, Han Qianli's life is in your hands, whether he can survive or not depends on what you do."

        Fu Li had already told Su Yingxia about this matter, and Su Yingxia had hesitated, but once she figured out the importance of each other, Su Yingxia knew she couldn't compromise.

        If she married someone else, what if Han Qiangiang could survive?

        For the two of them, such a life would be worse than death.

        And Su Yingxia knew very well that Han Qianqian would rather d i e than let her marry another man and have children with him.

        Most importantly, Su Yingxia believes that Han Qianxiang has a way to escape this disaster.

        "Fu Tian, you despicable villain, other than threatening means, can you have other more clever methods," Su Ying Xia said through gritted teeth.

        "The method is not clever, but practical, as long as it is useful, the method is the best." said Fu Tian with a smile. Fu Tian said with a smile.

        Su Yingxia shook her head and said, "Unfortunately, your method is not applicable to me."

        Fu Tian was stunned.

        In his opinion, using Han Qianqian's life as a blackmail, Su Yingxia would definitely agree, but looking at Su Yingxia's current attitude, she didn't seem to care about Han Qianqian's life or death at all!

        "Don't act in front of me, do you think you can fool me by pretending to be very open-minded" said Fu Tian.

        "Pretend?" Su Yingxia smiled, and it was a very sweet smile, and said: "I know, he would rather d i e than see me marry another man, and I, rather d i e than betray him, do you understand this kind of feelings".

        "You don't understand, because you are a despicable and shameless villain, and what you see is only the so-called power."

        Hearing these words, Fu Tian was no longer calm.

        He didn't expect that even after using this method, Su Yingxia still wouldn't compromise, could she really just stand by and watch Han Qianqian d i e?

        Futian, who had gritted his teeth, suddenly turned up the corners of his mouth, because he had one more bargaining chip besides Han Qianqiang.

        "You don't care about Han Qianqian's life or death, then what about Han Nian, are you willing to see her d i e?" said Foutian.

        Su Yingxia didn't have any overreaction to this statement, and looked at Foutian flatly, as if she hadn't heard anything.

        "This revenge, sooner or later, I will seek revenge on you, whether in this life or the next, I will let your head hang on the top of Mount Qishan." Su Yingxia said.

        Mt. Qi, the highest mountain range in the Eight Directions World, has the highest altitude and is called the spine of the Eight Directions World, as well as the place where countless cultivators break through, which can be said to be the holy land of the Eight Directions World.

        "Death in my hands, you even delude yourself that you can have an afterlife, Su Yingxia, you underestimate my means." Fu Tian said.

        "Try it, let me know how powerful you are." Su Yingxia said carelessly.

        Fu Tian was a little anxious, he did not expect Su Ying Xia to be so oily, no matter what he threatened, Su Ying Xia did not have the slightest intention to compromise, this is to push him to the end of the road.

        "You just wait, I will make Han Qianqian just suffer before you, and Han Nian, this father and daughter, will suffer." After saying that, Fu Tian left the palace in a rage.

        The top brass in the palace were all filled with anger towards Su Yingxia, because she didn't give a damn about the Fu Clan, which made the top brass feel humiliated, so everyone was resentful.

        They also knew that Su Yingxia could not d i e, and the honor of the Fu Clan could only be brought back with her help.

        At this time, a young woman walked up to Su Yingxia.

        The two of them were similar in age, but their styles were very different.

        Su Yingxia's beauty was that of a tall goddess, cold.

        She, on the other hand, was stunningly beautiful.

        If a man sees Su Yingxia, he has a feeling that he can only look at her from afar but not play with her.

        When you see her, you will give birth to that aspect.

        "Fuyao, I didn't expect that after so many years of not seeing you, your temper is still so stinky, even the clan chief dared not put it in his eyes, are you really not afraid of death," said Fumei to Fuyao.

        Su Yingxia looked at the familiar face in front of her.

        Once upon a time, they were very good sisters.

        But after a certain incident, their sisterhood has completely disintegrated.

        "If I d i e, it will be a very happy thing for you," Su Yingxia asked faintly.

        "Yes, if you d i e, I will be very happy indeed, but unfortunately the clan head is convinced that you can nurture the family's future true god." At this point, Fumei gritted her teeth, as if she couldn't wait for her to become such a candidate.

        "It seems that you want to replace me again, but unfortunately this time, you can't replace me." Su Yingxia looked at Fumei with mocking eyes.

        Fu Mei seemed to have recalled some past events and her face was as frosty.

        "Fu Yan, if you d i e, I will find a way to make you d i e at my hands." Fu Mei said.

        Su Yingxia had already seen life and death after deciding her attitude, and was even prepared to d i e, so Fu Mei's words like that didn't make Su Yingxia feel the slightest bit of fear.

        "If I can let you fulfill such a small wish before I d i e, I won't refuse, but it's a pity," Su Yingxia looked like she was about to stop talking.

        "What's the pity?" asked Fumei eagerly.

        "Even if I d i e, you won't be able to take my place. No matter what sinister things you do, it won't prove that you are more powerful than me. Su Yingxia said, full of sarcasm.

        This made Fu Mei completely change her face, she did do some dishonorable things to prove that she was better than Su Yingxia.

        But there are some things that she can't do just because her means are dirty.

        For example, Su Yingxia's Kongdong realm is something she can't surpass no matter what.

        And Su Yingxia's excellence was destined to override Fuming.

        "Fuyan, provoke me, will not let you have a good end." After saying that, angry Fumei, a slap on Su Yingxia's face, slapping sound, resounded throughout the hall.

        Su Yingxia's face, instantly floating five fingers red mark!

Chapter 1622

What Fu Mei wanted, perhaps, was for Su Ying Xia to bow her head and admit that she was inferior to herself.

        But Su Yingxia, who was slapped, did not compromise, but looked at Fu Mei with even more ridicule.

        "Do you think that slapping me can prove that you are better than me," Su Yingxia said.

        Fumei was so angry that she grabbed Su Yingxia's neck, hating to see Su Yingxia d ie in the palace.

        "Ki ll me, I will be very grateful to you." Su Yingxia said.

        Furious Fumei, her hands slowly increased the force.

        At this time, she had completely lost her mind.

        Since she was a child, she was not as good as Su Yingxia, but she always wanted to prove that she was better than Su Yingxia.

        However, in every aspect, Fu Mei could not compare with Su Yingxia, which made her jealousy inside her to the point of perversion.

        At this time, a senior executive came over and said to Fumei in a stern voice: "Fumei, what do you want?

        "I want this woman to di e," said Fumei, gritting her teeth.

        "If she di es, you will have to be buried with her."

        "If she di es, who will be able to save the Fushi lineage."

        The two words from the higher-ups calmed Fumei down.

        Although she really wanted Su Yingxia to d i e in her hands.

        But she also knew that with Su Yingxia's current use value, if she really did that, the clan chief would never let her go.

        It was very likely that she would become Su Yingxia's funeral companion, which was not worth it to Fumei.

        Letting go of Su Yingxia's neck, Fumei said in a cold voice, "Sooner or later, I will let you d i e in my hands."

        Su Yingxia smiled like a flower and seemed to be very happy, saying, "You are still as incompetent as before, if you want to ki ll me, why don't you do it?

        Fu Mei knew that Su Ying Xia was deliberately trying to anger her to make her do something stupid.

        But she couldn't do that, in order to keep her temper from exploding, Fu Mei could only leave the main hall.

        The senior officer looked at Su Yingxia and was also furious.

        "You could have changed a lot of things, and you messed up everything, our people, have been authorized by the summit of the Blue Mountain, do you think Han Qianxiang can survive," the senior management said to Su Yingxia.

        With Han Qianxiang's current strength, how could he be the opponent of the Fushi lineage, the two are simply not on the same level.

        But Su Yingxia has blind confidence in Han 3,000.

        And she believed that Han 3,000 would never d i e easily without seeing herself.

        "How about we make a bet, I think he won't d i e and will come to save me." Su Yingxia said.

        "Joke, big joke." The senior officer sneered mercilessly and said, "A mere trash from Xuanyuan World, but he still wants to live, you really think highly of him, do you know who the person who went to ki ll him this time is?"

        "Does it matter?" said Su Yingxia with an indifferent expression.

        "It's not important, after all, Fuleng won't let him d i e so easily, and when faced with a light enemy, the hatefulness should be stronger," said the senior officer.

        When it came to the word Fu Leng, Su Yingxia's face changed slightly.

        Fu Leng also possessed the strength of the Kongdong realm, and had been Su Yingxia's suitor, but Su Yingxia had ruthlessly rejected Fu Leng.

        If the person who went to Xuanyuan World was really Fu Leng, it would be a very big calamity for Han Qianliang.

        "But don't worry, the patriarch has an order that he must be brought back to the Fu Clan alive, but you also know Fu Leng's methods, perhaps he came to Xuanyuan World and lost his brothers and sisters." The senior laughed to.

        Su Yingxia's heart thudded, although she had already prepared for the worst, but these words of the high level still caused huge ripples in her heart.

        Death is not scary.

        What is scary is the means by which Fuleng embraced Han Qianqian and made Han Qianqian's life worse than death.

        Although worried, Su Yingxia can do nothing, she can only hope that Han 3,000 can deal with this matter, although the chances are very small, but Su Yingxia's heart, still has a strong trust in Han 3,000.

        The Fu Clan family covers a large area, divided into four compounds in the southeast and northwest, and these four compounds are inhabited by different people, with distinctly higher and lower status.

        The East Courtyard is where all the top executives of the Fu Clan, including the patriarch, reside.

        The South Courtyard, on the other hand, houses some of the outstanding backbones of the Fusi lineage, who are the future pillars of the Fusi lineage.

        At this moment, a cold and steely-looking young man in black stood in front of his room, with strong kil ling intent in his eyes.

        "Fu Leng, facing a rival, you should not be soft," Fu Mei came to the black-shirted youth, who was about to be sent to Xuanyuan world.

        "What do you want to say?" said Fu Leng indifferently.

        "I want to remind you that it is not wise to be soft on your rival, and because of his existence, it is very likely that the Fu Clan will be wiped out." Fu Mei said.

        Fu Leng turned his head, looked at Fu Mei with cold eyes and said, "What just happened in the palace was enough for me to ki ll you, do you know why you are still alive and standing in front of me?"

Chapter 1623

"She has already become someone else's woman, is it so hard that you haven't given up yet? I heard that she and that man already have a daughter. Fu Mei said with a face of reluctance.

        In the Fu Clan, she also had many suitors, but none of them could be compared to Fu Leng, which was also the point that she was jealous of Su Yingxia.

        Whenever Fu Mei thought that she was inferior to Su Yingxia in anything, she especially wanted to prove herself, but there were some things that could not be changed by her disobedience.

        For example, Fu Leng.

        The most outstanding young man among the younger generation of the Fu Clan.

        Fu Mei couldn't find anyone better than Fu Leng, nor could she make Fu Leng change his mind.

        "Does this have anything to do with you? This is the reason you can beat her" Fuleng walked up to Fu Mei, kil ling intent overpowering.

        Fu Mei was so frightened that she lowered her head, not knowing what to say.

        With Fuleng's temper and means, even kil ling her is not a surprise.

        "Don't try to use me for anything, I'm warning you, don't appear in front of me in the future, I want you to d i e, even the patriarch won't be able to stop it in time." Fu Leng said.

        Fu Mei was frightened, and without saying a word, she turned around and walked away.

        Fu Leng took a deep breath and said to himself, "Damn that man, how can I make him feel better?"

        Xuanyuan World.

        It took the Linlong half a month to finally find the Heart of the Dragon Race.

        But what surprised Han Qianqian was that the Heart of the Dragon Clan was not what he thought it was.

        On the surface, it was just a very ordinary stone, pure black, and the shape was also very strange, without any special features.

        If it were thrown into a stone pestle, no one would even take a look at it.

        And Han Qianqian couldn't feel any energy emitted from the heart of the dragon tribe, to him, it was just an ordinary stone, but the Linlong looked as if it was a treasure.

        "The first time I saw it, I felt that it was just an ordinary stone," Han Qianqian reminded Lin Long, fearing that Lin Long might have missed it and come here for nothing.

        "In a sense, it's just an ordinary stone for humans," he said. Lin Long explained.

        Han Giangli nodded his head in plausible understanding, although he didn't feel the power of the Dragon Heart, but it was not surprising that it was itself a heavenly treasure that was conceived for the dragon race.

        "Now we can go," said Han Qianqian to Lin Long.

        Lin Long seemed a little hesitant, fidgeting as if he had something difficult to say.

        "Just say what you have to say and don't be a wimp." Han Qianqian said.

        "I want to recover from my injuries first, after all, leaving the ancient battlefield, we will most likely have to deal with Chi Meng, with my current strength, I can't even be cannon fodder." Lin Long said.

        "Even if you recover the peak of strength, is just a cannon fodder, she is the ancient artifact of the sword spirit, the strength can be compared with the eight world's strong, you even if you recover what is the use of it," Han 3,000 ruthlessly hit.

        In addition to the fact that it's a good idea to have a good time, it's also a good idea to have a good time with your enemy.

        But to hand over the jade sword directly to her, this is obviously impossible.

        Han 3,000 was forced into slavery before, and that was because of the situation.

        But now, having learned that Chi Meng was not a human, but a sword spirit, Han 3,000 couldn't bow to her.

        And it would be a pity if such a divine weapon was not given to Su Yingxia, in Han 3,000's opinion.

        "Have you thought of a way to deal with Chi Meng yet? Might as well stay here and think about it," said Lin Long.

        "Just empty thinking is of no use, have to face the actual situation to know how to deal with." Han three thousand does not give any chance to Lin Long, because only idle thoughts, a complete waste of time.

        Lin Long hung his head weakly, he knew that no matter what he said, Han Qianqian would definitely not be willing to stay here anymore.

        "Alright, let's go back to Xuanyuan World first." Lin Long compromised.

        "What are you in such a hurry for? It can't be because of your enemy's dream," Han Qianli asked Lin Long, this guy must have his own thoughts, but Han Qianli had no way to guess.

        The Dragon hesitated for a moment and said to Han 3,000, "Legend has it that the power of the heart of the dragon can completely change our physique.

        Han Qianqian slapped Lin Long's head and said, "There will be plenty of time for you to feel it later, so what's the hurry."

        The Lin Long nodded repeatedly, now that it had signed a contract with Han Qianli, it could only obediently obey in front of Han Qianli.

        The two of them turned back in the same way.

        Han 3,000 got the jade sword, and also knew the power of his axe knew.

        As for Lin Long, he got the Heart of the Dragon.

        Both of them were richly rewarded, but Han Qianqian didn't know that an even bigger crisis had been born.

        Fu Leng had arrived at Xuanyuan World, and was on a kil ling spree!