His True Colors Chapter 1619-1620

 Chapter 1619

Three years, in exchange for the liberation of the entire dragon race, was not a losing deal for the Linlong.

        Because in the absence of Han Qianqian. It was impossible for the Lin Long to obtain the heart of the Dragon Race.

        But the three-year contract, whether or not Han Qianqian could keep it, this was not something that the Linlong could be sure of.

        Once the contract was established, its life was in Han Qianqian's hands, and even if Han Qianqian did not abide by it, there was nothing it could do.

        "Why should I trust you." The Linlong asked.

        "I swear on my life. If I break my word, the heavens will condemn me to destruction." Han Qianqian said.

        Seeing that Lin Long was still showing some hesitation. Han Qianli continued, "I have something that could make the last strong man scruple. Do you think it will be necessary for you to continue to be my beast when I am really strong, and what can you do for me?"

        This makes sense. How could someone who could make the ancient power scruple, care about its help?

        And right now. The Lin Long didn't really have a choice.

        The Heart of the Dragon Clan was imperative, which in turn had to be helped by Han Qianqian, and if the Linlong didn't promise Han Qianqian, it wouldn't be able to get the Heart of the Dragon Clan.

        "I promise you, and I hope you can keep your promise." The Linlong said.

        This result didn't surprise Han Qianqian because he knew that the Linlong would definitely promise, after all, it was the only choice.

        One man and one dragon, after completing the contract, continued their journey north.

        On the way, Han 3,000 continued to scavenge. Han 3,000 continued to scavenge for scraps, as long as it was a weapon. No matter how damaged it was, Han 3,000 wouldn't let it go.

        This made Lin Long feel very strange, that ancient strong man had already said that Han 3,000 had the strongest things in the world, how could he look at these pieces of junk?

        After walking for an unknown length of time, the weapons in their hands were almost too weak to hold. A big mountain, which stretched for a long time, stopped in front of them.

        The high mountain towered over them. It stretched and twisted, and under the reflection of the blood moon, it looked a bit strange.

        "This mountain looks a bit strange." Han Giangli said with a frown.

        Lin Long's breathing suddenly became rapid, as if he had discovered something.

        "It's not a mountain." Lin Long said.

        "En?" Han Giangli turned to look at Lin Long in confusion and asked, "What else could it be if not a mountain?"

        "This is the body of an ancient dragon." The dragon said.

        A corpse!

        Han Giangli was flabbergasted, unconsciously trying to find the end of the mountain, but he couldn't see it with just the naked eye.

        If this were a giant dragon, it would be a thousand feet deep. Wouldn't it be a thousand feet above!

        "Are you right, the ancient dragons were so huge?" Han Marchiang said.

        "How could I be wrong. It's dead, but it still has the scent of a dragon." Saying that, the Lunar Dragon threw all the tatters in his hands on the ground and unconsciously walked towards the giant dragon corpse.

        Han Giangli was trying to keep the Lunar Dragon from leaving his energy shield. He followed closely beside the Linlong.

        He had seen the true form of the Linlong, which was a hundred feet long. It was also considered a great figure.

        But compared to the ancient dragon in front of him, the Linlong was as big as an earthworm. This difference was a bit too big!

        "The difference between you and the ancient dragon isn't just a star," Han Qiangli said. Han Qianqian said.

        The Linlong didn't think that Han Qianli's words were demeaning to himself. Compared to the Ancient Dragon, it was indeed very small. This was an indisputable fact.

        And the Linlong itself didn't dare to compare itself to such a powerful predecessor.

        "The dragon tribe in its heyday had hundreds of such strong men. In the southern border of the Eight Directions World, there are mountains towering into the clouds, and those are the corpses of giant dragons." Lin Long said.

        Ultramarine mountains!

        Giant dragon corpse.

        Although Han Giangli had never seen it, he could imagine how astonishing the scene was.

        But what exactly did the heart of the dragon race represent, and why did it have such a great impact on the dragon race?

        "What is it about the heart of a dragon that can affect an entire race with just one dragon heart?" Han Giangli was curious.

        Lin Long revealed a bitter smile, the dragon race was very powerful, but there was also a fatal weakness, the heart of the dragon race.

        Once the dragon race lost this precious thing, the entire race would be implicated.

        "The cultivation of the Dragon Race is different from that of the human race. Humans can draw on the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to make themselves strong, but the Dragon Race can't. The source of the Dragon Race's cultivation is the Heart of the Dragon Race, and only the power emitted from the Heart of the Dragon Race can strengthen the Dragon Race." Lin Long said.

        Han Qianli understood that the heart of the dragon race was the source of power for the entire dragon race, and without it, it was equivalent to the dragon race losing its cultivation method.

        Just like the Earth, the aura was so thin that one couldn't cultivate at all, so no wonder it was a matter of the rise and fall of the entire Dragon Race.

        But this weakness is too fatal. When dealing with the dragon tribe, all you need to do is to get the heart of the dragon tribe.

        "This giant dragon took away the heart of the dragon tribe in the first place, is it hard for it to fall down without thinking about the impact it will have on the dragon tribe?" Han Qianli was curious.

        "It probably didn't think that it didn't have a life to return to the Eightfold World." Lin Long exclaimed.

Chapter 1620

Han Giangli raised an eyebrow, perhaps it was just as the Lin Long said, that it never thought it would d i e on the ancient battlefield.

        But this also shows that the dragon was too proud of itself, and the price it paid for its pride. It declined the entire dragon race.

        "The corpse is so big, how is the heart of the dragon race going to find it, it's not going to waste another year and a half here, right?" Han Qianqian asked Lin Long.

        He had already gotten what he wanted, so Han 3,000 naturally didn't want to waste too much time on the ancient battlefield.

        And Han 3,000 already had another matter in mind.

        The jade sword would never be easily given to Chi Meng.

        According to the ancient strong man, his enemy was only the sword spirit of the jade sword, and since it was not inhabited, could he control it? Would he be able to control it himself?

        If it could be done, Han Three Thousand's strength would definitely be even higher.

        "The Heart of the Dragon has a special scent. If I'm not injured, I should be able to find it faster." The Dragon Dragon said, the underlying meaning of this statement was that it would take more time because it was injured.

        Han Giangli couldn't blame Su Yingxia, after all, Su Yingxia let the Linlong be seriously injured. It was also to protect him.

        "Fine, I'll accompany you to find it slowly."

        While the two of them were searching for the Heart of the Dragon, a major event happened in the Eightfold World.

        Su Yingxia, who left the Heavenly Prison, had to speed up her plan after learning that Fu Tian was planning to kill Han Qianqian.

        In her current situation, she couldn't go back to Xuanyuan World to help Han 3,000, and she didn't know what was going on in Xuanyuan World, so for Su Yingxia, the only way she could stop this from happening was to bring down Fu Tian as soon as possible.

        But the Lou Lan Pavilion. But it is not a forbidden place that anyone can enter.

        Su Yingxia was caught when she sneaked into the Loulan pavilion because she was too bold. He was caught red-handed.

        For Su Yingxia, this can be said to be a devastating blow, because violating this taboo, she will be subject to the family's harshest punishment.

        On top of the main hall of the Fu Clan, all the top brass assembled.

        Fu Tian, who was sitting on the high seat of the clan head, looked cold and gloomy.

        He knew why Su Yingxia was doing this. It looked like she had believed Fumang's words, which was a dangerous sign for Fou Tian. This is a dangerous signal.

        Because the matter of usurping the head of the clan can never be found out, or else he will face death, and Fu Mang, will leave the Heavenly Prison and take his place.

        For Fu Tian, killing Su Ying Xia is the best choice, because only in this way can this matter never be exposed.

        However, Su Yingxia has a reason why she cannot d i e.

        The Fu Clan's True God needs her to conceive, and if she di es, the Fu Clan may not have a True God. The Fu Clan fears that it will be difficult for the Fu Clan's True God to appear, and this matter will be a fatal blow to the Fu Clan. This matter is also a fatal blow to the Fushi lineage.

        "Su Yingxia, do you know what the price is for doing this, Loulan Pavilion is a forbidden place for my Fushi lineage, no one is allowed to enter." Futian said to Su Yingxia in a stern voice.

        At the same time, there were other top executives who began to accuse. There were other top executives who started to accuse Su Yingxia.

        "Don't think you can be unscrupulous, those who trespass the forbidden area. Whoever trespasses in the forbidden land will surely d i e."

        "Relying on your ability to breed true gods, you're acting recklessly. Do you think we don't dare to kill you?"

        "Patriarch, the lesson of the Heavenly Prison is obviously not enough. We should give this woman a more painful lesson."

        Hearing these people's words, however, Su Yingxia laughed. Saying, "How about, how about killing me?"

        This made those people even more furious. Because, in their view, Su Yingxia was just unbridled fear.

        Letting a woman be so arrogant in the main hall is naturally not something that the top brass can accept.

        So the words to execute Su Yingxia came out of the mouths of those in high places.

        But as the head of the clan, Fu Tian didn't want Su Ying Xia to d i e.

        He has to consider the big picture, for the future of the Fu Clan.

        Su Yingxia's death meant that the Fu Clan would be completely disconnected from the True God, and the Fu Clan would fall out of the status of the Three Great Families of the Eight Directions World, which would be fatal to the entire family.

        This is because if the Fusi lineage fails to secure its position and other families take advantage of the situation, it is feared that the past enemies will not let the Fusi lineage go.

        Moreover, the fall of a true god takes tens of thousands of years, which means that the Fusi lineage will be suppressed for ten thousand years.

        Whether or not the Fu Clan will be able to hold on during these long ten thousand years is a huge question.

        In all likelihood, within a thousand years, the Eight Directions will no longer have the name of the Fushi lineage.

        "All of you, shut up." Hearing the trial of seven mouths, Fou Tian coldly snapped.

        Although they were very angry at Su Yingxia and wanted her to d i e, the final decision was still in Foutian's hands.

        "Su Yingxia, where is your clan's honor? Do you have to let the entire Fushi lineage fall before you are willing to do so?" Fu Tian gritted his teeth and said to Su Ying Xia.

        "Clan honor?" Su Yingxia smiled coldly, many years ago, Su Yingxia no longer attach importance to this matter, and she is only a tool for the Fushi lineage, how can there be honor?