His True Colors Chapter 1614-1616

 Chapter 1614

When one person and one dragon came to bring the Blood Moon around, they could already clearly see the deep tunnel, and the reason why they didn't notice this before was because they were too far away from the tunnel at ground level. That's why they couldn't see the real situation clearly.

        Han Qianli's restlessness was finally somewhat relieved.

        Although he didn't know what else he would face after entering the tunnel, at least he didn't have to waste time looking for the tunnel.

        "Did you feel the energy fluctuations inside?" Lin Long asked to Han Qianqian.

        "Is it hard for you to back out here?" Han Qianli said with a smile, and then entered the tunnel directly, without even the slightest hesitation.

        The Linlong shook its head helplessly, Han Qianqian didn't care whether it was dangerous or not, and wasn't prepared at all. In its opinion, it was too reckless to do things this way.

        But the Lin Long had not thought about it. Even if it was cautious, so what, what it had to face, it still had to face after all, hesitation could not change anything.

        After entering the tunnel, Han Qianqian could not only feel the energy agitation, but also experience it firsthand.

        The manic energy. Just like a flying knife, it instantly cut many wounds on Han 3,000's body, and this was only the entrance.

        But Han 3,000 still had no thought of retreating.

        He had already wasted too much time!

        The spatial tunnel left Han 3,000 bloodied and bruised, and it was not easy to reach the real battlefield ruins, but Han 3,000 was in even greater danger.

        The energy left over from the battlefield, accompanied by the whistling wind, caused Han 3,000 to instantly endure a great danger that almost kil led him.

        At this time, the Pan Gu axe on his forehead emitted a wave of energy. It served as a protective ring, which prevented Han 3,000 from sustaining further injuries.

        Look at the faint layer of energy aura around his body. Then looking at the nearly torn clothes and countless wounds, Han Qianli smiled bitterly.

        This was just the energy left behind after the death of those ancient powerhouses, and it had already caused him so much damage.

        I really didn't know how earth-shattering this ancient battle was.

        At this moment, Han Qianli suddenly heard the screams of the Lin Long.

        Following the sound, the Lin Long was almost sprawled on the ground. Some of the wounds on his body were already bone deep.

        Han Qianqian hurried to Lin Long's side. Protected the Linlong with the energy shield of the Pangu Axe.

        "What's this?" After Lin Long felt calm, he asked Han Qianqian.

        About the axe, Han Qianqian didn't know how to explain to Lin Long, although he suspected that the axe was probably the divine weapon of an ancient strong man, but how could he tell Lin Long about such a thing?

        "It has nothing to do with you, if you don't want to die, just follow me closely." Han Qianqian said faintly.

        Hearing this, the Linlong quickly stood up and stayed close to Han Qianqian. Because only in this situation would it not be harmed by those energies.

        "So many years have passed since the Ancient War. I didn't expect that the energy left behind by those strong men would still be so powerful." The Linlong said with a sigh on its face.

        Although there were many legends about the ancient strongmen, those legends were too vague and didn't allow people to truly feel their strength.

        And this moment. Lin Long felt it with his own hands, and it was much more powerful than those so-called Kongdong realm powerhouses in the Eightfold World.

        Even Lin Long had an intuition. I'm afraid that these ancient powerhouses were all at the True God Realm!

        "Even the strongest of the eight worlds. It's not that easy to survive here, is it?" Han Giangli said.

        Hearing this. The Lin Long looked at Han Qianli with the same eyes.

        Indeed, even if he was a strong person from the Eightfold World. It was impossible for him to survive here.

        But he was safe and sound, and this energy shield was powerful. It blocked those manic energies very easily.

        This caused Lin Long to have a very big doubt in his heart.

        Where did Han Qianli's power come from.

        Could it be that he had some other strange encounter at the entrance of the battlefield?

        Thinking of Han Qianqian's screams of pain, Lin Long was more and more sure of this matter, which also made him regret that he did not go with Han Qianqian, or else, this encounter would probably happen to him.

        The two of them continued to go deeper into the ancient battlefield, and it wasn't long before they could see some white bones, and some swords and weapons.

        These could be the divine weapons used by the ancient powerhouses, so when the Linlong saw these things, his eyes widened and he wanted to take them all in.

        But it didn't dare to leave Han Qianqian's side, because it knew that if it left the protective circle, there was only one way to die.

        Although he subconsciously felt that they weren't as powerful as his axe, they were after all used by ancient powerhouses, and it would be good to give them to Mo Yang and others in the future.

        Moreover, these divine weapons were also a huge fortune, a fortune that would likely become Han Qianli's capital in the Eightfold World, a fortune that could not be missed.

Chapter 1615

Han Qianqiang was like a waste collector, no matter what kind of broken metal, as long as he saw it, he would never miss it.

        Soon, Lin Long's hands were already full.

        Seeing Han Qianqian still continue to collect scrap, Lin Long couldn't help but say to Han Qianqian: "Some of them have been destroyed, not much use, there's no need to leave them behind."

        Lin Long expected Han Qianqian to throw away some of the scrap, but Han Qianqian shook his head repeatedly after hearing this.

        "Although it's destroyed, the material is still very good, and it might be able to be melted down to make powerful weapons, but it's free anyway, so take it all." Han Giangli said.

        Lin Long smiled bitterly, at this time, Han Qianli was like an extremely greedy person, not willing to miss a single penny.

        Due to the intensity of the ancient battle, many of the weapons were damaged to varying degrees, and it could be said that almost all of the ones Han 3,000 picked up were defective, but in Han 3,000's eyes, these were still treasures because they were after all used by ancient powerhouses, and they still had the scent of ancient powerhouses on them.

        This alone, no matter how dilapidated it was, in Han 3,000's eyes it was incomparable to other weapons.

        "How come I don't see the jade sword that Chi Meng mentioned." Han 3,000 himself was about to be unable to take it, but he hadn't found the jade sword that Chi Meng wanted him to find, which made Han 3,000 a little anxious.

        Although many good things had been harvested, it was still unknown whether they could be used with life.

        If he couldn't find the jade sword his enemy wanted, according to this woman's temper, Han 3,000 knew that he would probably die in her hands.

        "Can you use your divine power to sense your surroundings?" Lin Long asked Han Qianqian.

        It would be a waste of time to search aimlessly, so Lin Long gave Han 3,000 yuan such a suggestion.

        Han 3,000 didn't know if it would work in this environment, so he could only try.

        After placing all the divine weapons in his hands at his feet, Han 3,000 started to use his divine power, but since the battlefield was filled with the power of various ancient powerhouses, his divine power would be crumbled by the impact once it left the shield.

        After making several attempts, Han 3,000 sighed helplessly.

        "My divine power is like an ant meeting an elephant in front of these forces," Han Marchian said.

        Lin Long wasn't surprised, after all, Han 3000 was only a divine realm of Xuanyuan World, and such a divine realm couldn't be called a true divine realm at all, it was just the Xuanyuan World's own definition of such a realm.

        In the vast universe, apart from the true gods of the Eight Directions World, those who can truly be called the God Realm are probably these ancient strongmen who have already died.

        "It seems we can only search slowly, if we don't find the jade sword, we can't leave." Lin Long said.

        This problem didn't need to be reminded by the Linlong, Han Qianli himself knew it very well.

        Leaving the ancient battlefield without finding the jade sword was a dead end.

        Moving aimlessly, in the process, Han 3,000 still picked up whatever he saw, and it didn't matter how bad it was.

        In Han 3,000's words, even if it was badly broken, it could be used as raw material for remodeling.

        In Han's opinion, rebuilding a weapon from a broken weapon of an ancient warrior would be much more powerful than a mundane item in the world.

        While Han 3,000 was in a happy mood to collect the loot, a voice from afar broke the silence and made Han 3,000 and Lin Long tense to the extreme.

        "Who are you guys?"

        Obviously, this was the voice of a person.

        After hearing this voice, Han Qianqian and Lin Long looked at the object at almost the same time.

        Their eyes met, and they were filled with incredulity.

        They couldn't believe that in the middle of this ancient battlefield, there was still someone alive!

        And those who survived the ancient battles must have been the most powerful of these ancient powers!

        "What to do!" Han Qianqian asked Lin Long.

        Lin Long subconsciously shook his head, his face bloodless.

        What could be done?

        What to do!

        When they encountered the ancient powerhouses, if the other party wanted to ki ll them, they might not even have the chance to resist.

        "Who are you guys." The voice came again, and this time it was much harsher, clearly with some anger, obviously because of the lack of response.

        Han Qianlian took a deep breath and said truthfully, "We came from Xuanyuan World, an ancient strongman who asked us to find an item."

        If you wanted to live in this situation, you had to be honest about it, and Han Qianli didn't dare to lie, because once the other party saw through it, your little life would be hard to save.

        "An ancient strong man?" The other side showed a hint of doubt, as if it was an obsession that there were other ancient powers surviving in the world.

        "Good." Han Qianqiang said with a firm tone, because from start to finish, he never doubted his enemy's identity, and how could a non-ancient strong man know where the ruins of the ancient battlefield were?

        "How is it possible that no one survived but me." The voice was getting closer.

        A figure in the distance gradually appeared within Han Qianli's line of sight.

        And he didn't come walking.

        The man was sitting on his knees, flying off the ground in this position.

        Soon, that person arrived in front of Han Qianqian, looking old and weak.

        With his head full of white hair and beard, his true appearance was almost invisible.

        Han Qianqian and Lin Long were walking on thin ice.

        Because this was an ancient powerhouse, it was possible to ki ll them if they didn't agree.

        "If she hadn't told me the entrance to the battlefield ruins, how could I have come here," Han Qianli said. Han Qianli said.

        This made the man frown. It was indeed impossible for someone who didn't know something about the ancient battle to know the entrance to the battlefield.

        But he was certain that he was the only one who had survived the ancient battle, so how could anyone have left the battlefield alive?

        "Do you know, what his name is." The man asked.

        Han Qianli didn't dare to hesitate and quickly replied, "Chi Meng, she said her name is Chi Meng."

        The man suddenly laughed, as if a sudden realization had dawned on him.

        As he approached, a jade sword came from the sky and landed directly on top of the man's head.

        Seeing this scene, Han Qianli was so frightened that he thought he had been attacked by someone else.

        It wasn't until the jade sword hovered over the man's head that Han knew it was his own doing.

        Seeing the jade sword, Han 3,000 knew that it was also what Chi Meng had asked him to find.

        "She asked you to come, is it to find this sword?" The man asked.

        "Yes, this jade sword should be what she wants, that's why she asked me to come to the ancient battlefield."

Chapter 1616

That person suddenly laughed, and laughed in a way that gave Han Qianqian and Lin Long the creeps.

        After a while, the man said to Han 3,000, "She's not an ancient powerhouse at all."

        Han 3,000 was stunned.

        She wasn't an ancient powerhouse.

        But she was very strong and had such a deep understanding of the ancient battlefield, so what was she if she wasn't an ancient powerhouse?

        Han Qianqian doubted the truthfulness of what the man in front of her said, but didn't dare to question it for fear of upsetting the guy and losing his life if he wasn't careful.

        Now Han 3,000 finally felt what it meant to be cautious.

        In front of such a strong person, facing a situation where he could lose his life at any time, any words said would require careful consideration and caution.

        "If she's not an ancient strong man, who else could she be?" Han Qianli was puzzled.

        "She's just the sword spirit of this sword, and this sword is what she is." The man explained.

        Sword spirit!

        Han Qianli was confused.

        He had never heard of such a thing.

        How could a sword, which was only a sword, become a man?

        Lin Long then opened his mouth to explain to Han Qianqian, "Legend has it that a sword can be born when it reaches a certain strength, and having a sword spirit is a sign that the sword is already transcendent and a true divine weapon."

        "The sword spirit recognizes the owner of the sword, and the human sword becomes one, which will cause the strength of the owner of the sword to increase tremendously as well."

        Han Qianli understood one thing, a sword with a sword spirit was even more powerful, and a person who could own such a weapon would be even more powerful.

        This couldn't help but make Han Qianli feel a bit moved.

        If he was able to make this jade sword claim ownership, his strength would definitely increase by leaps and bounds, and it was a huge opportunity for Han Three Thousand who desperately needed to improve his strength.

        Of course, Han 3,000 knew that it would not be easy for the Sword Spirit to claim ownership of the sword.

        He could easily die at the hands of his enemy, but how could his enemy take him seriously?

        "Your dragon lineage is very pure, how are the dragons today?" The man suddenly asked to the Lin Long.

        Lin Long didn't dare to show any slowness, lowered his head and said, "The Dragon Race has long lost its former glory, and is now nothing more than a foreign beast of the Eight Directions World."

        "The dragon tribe has even been reduced to a foreign beast, back then, the dragon tribe's strength was on par with the human tribe, sharing the eight-sided world." The man said.

        The glorious history of the Dragon Clan, Lin Long knew very well, but unfortunately the fact was that nowadays, the Dragon Clan was no longer taken seriously by the human race, they were proud of taming the Dragon Clan, and even treated the Dragon Clan as playthings, as mounts.

        "Since the disappearance of the heart of the dragon tribe, the dragon tribe has been devastated, there is a saying in the dragon tribe, if you find the heart of the dragon tribe, you can revitalize the dragon tribe." Lin Long said.

        "The Heart of the Dragon Clan, if I remember correctly, it was brought to the ancient battlefield by your ancestors, because the Dragon Clan also participated in the ancient war back then." The man said.

        This made the Lin Long excited.

        The reason why it had endured for so many years in Xuanyuan World, the reason why it wanted to find the Ancient Battlefield, was because it was said that the heart of the dragon tribe was in the Ancient Battlefield.

        Only by retrieving the heart of the dragon clan could it revive the dragon clan!

        This was the only hope for the dragon race to turn over a new leaf.

        He knows the Heart of the Dragon, and most likely knows the whereabouts of the Heart of the Dragon, so how can the Linlong not be excited?

        "Do you know where the Heart of the Dragon is?" Lin Long couldn't wait to ask.

        "If I remember correctly, that year's strong dragon fell in the northern border of the battlefield, and the heart of the dragon should also fall in the northern border." The man said.

        The Northern Realm!

        Linlong looked to the north and unconsciously wanted to head north.

        But he was held back by Han Giangli.

        "What do you want?" The Lin Long gnashed his teeth and asked Han Qianqian.

        For the Lin Long, the heart of the dragon tribe was right in front of him, and he had to get it back immediately before he had a chance to revive the tribe.

        If Han Qianqian tried to stop it, it would fight with Han Qianqian to the death, regardless of everything.

        "What's your hurry? With your strength, getting out of my shield is a dead end," Han Qianqian said.

        Only then did the Linlong realize that Han 3,000 wasn't trying to stop him, but to protect him.

        Leaving Han Qianqian's protective circle, its flesh would be directly torn apart by those forces, I'm afraid.

        "Don't worry, I'll definitely take you to the Heart of the Dragon," Han Qianqian assured.

        The Dragon could only choose to trust Han Qianqian, as recklessness would cost it its life.

        "You want this sword?" The man asked Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian nodded subconsciously, no matter what, he had to take the jade sword with him, even if he couldn't make his enemy Meng recognize his master and return it to her, in order to save his life.

        "If senior is willing, could you give it to junior?" Han 3,000 said.

        "Of course you can, I'm already a dying man, and this sword has no meaning for me." The man said.

        Han Qianli felt a little unsteady, because he had promised too readily.

        Moreover, many years had passed since the ancient battle, so how could he be dying now?