His True Colors Chapter 1607-1608

 Chapter 1607

Han 3,000 listened to Lin Long's words, revealing a little helplessness.

        As Lin Long said, the space here was very large, and if one really wanted to find a space tunnel here, it would be a very difficult thing to do, and most likely, Han Gongqiang would spend a very long time here, and time was very precious to Han Gongqiang now.

        He couldn't help but think about what Su Yingxia had encountered in the Eightfold World, and whether he would have any difficulties.

        The more he thought about it, the more Han 3,000 couldn't wait to go to the Eightfold World to help.

        And Han Nian.

        The longer she fell into the hands of the Fu Clan, the more dangerous it would be for her.

        Han Qianli didn't want this mother and son to encounter any danger.

        "There should be a way," Han Qianqian said.

        The Lin Long wasn't as confident as Han Qianqian, because the spatial tunnel of the ancient battlefield was in the Dark Forest, and it had been in the Dark Forest for almost a thousand years, yet it hadn't noticed this in the slightest.

        "I'm afraid our whole life will be spent here." Lin Long said.

        Han Qianli's face was as frosty as ice, he was very dissatisfied with Lin Long's words, if he spent his whole life here, wouldn't that mean he would never see Su Yingxia and Han Nian again?

        This was something that Han Qianli would never allow to happen!

        "Perhaps, if I ki ll you, I'll think of a better way," Han Qianqian said coldly.

        Feeling Han Qianqian's kil ling intent, the Linlong was extremely frustrated.

        At any rate, it was a product of the Eightfold World, and now it was being threatened by Han Qianqian.

        But even if it was frustrated, it had no choice, being seriously injured, it didn't dare to compete with Han Qianqian.

        "You'll waste more time without me," The Linlong said.

        "So you'd better not say anything depressing in front of me, or I'm afraid I won't be able to help but ki ll you." Han Giangli said and continued on his journey, wanting to find the spatial tunnel as quickly as possible, he had to act.

        Standing still and thinking would not allow the spatial tunnel to appear on its own accord.

        The Eightfold World.

        The Fushi lineage's Heavenly Prison.

        A damp environment without a trace of light, accompanied by the sound of rats fighting from time to time.

        Fu Mang was used to this, but for Su Yingxia, it was a disgusting environment that she couldn't wait to leave.

        However, facing the iron cage made of ten thousand years of cold iron, Su Yingxia was helpless even with the Konton Realm.

        Just at this moment, a faint footstep came from a distance, slowly approaching them.

        "I didn't expect that there was actually someone coming to see you, it seems that you are indeed very important to the Fu Clan." Fu Mang said with a smile, he had been in the Heavenly Prison for so many years and no one had ever come to see him.

        Su Yingxia, however, hadn't even been in for a few days, and already someone couldn't help but want to see her.

        "Without the True God, the Fu Clan will be reduced to an inferior clan, of course I'm important, but they won't succeed." Su Yingxia said indifferently.

        "Hey." Fu Mang sighed and said, "This girl child of yours is really stubborn, if you promise them that you can leave the Heavenly Prison, why do you need to stay with this old thing like me in this sunless enemy side?"

        The sound of footsteps had gotten very close, but due to the very low visibility in the sky prison, they could not see who was coming.

        Suddenly, a blinding light came on.

        Su Yingxia and Fu Mang both closed their glasses at the same moment, because they were used to the darkness, such a bright light was simply too much for them to accept for a while.

        Su Yingxia was still adjusting to the light source, and was about to open her eyes when she suddenly heard Fu Mang's roaring voice, and kept shaking the cage, very irritable.

        "Fu Tian, you even dare to appear in front of me," Fu Mang roared hysterically. Fu Mang's hysterical roar.

        Although Fu Mang had resigned himself to his fate, it didn't mean that he could restrain his temper when he saw Fu Tian with his own eyes.

        After all, it was all thanks to Fou Tian that he could be here today. Fou Tian could not help but take away his position as the head of the clan, and even imprisoned him in the heavenly prison without seeing the sun, making him lose his freedom.

        Facing the angry and irritable Fu Mang, Fu Tian appeared to be very calm, and the corner of his mouth even raised a faint smile.

        "Fumang, your delusion has not yet recovered? After locking you up for so long, you're not still deluded enough to think you're the chief, are you? Fu Tian said.

        "Delusional?" Fu Mang gritted his teeth, with anger dancing in his eyes, and said to Fu Tian: "The position of clan head should have belonged to me, if you hadn't despitefully taken it away, how would I have become like this."

        Fu Tian shook his head helplessly and said, "I know you want to be the clan head very much, but the appearance of my name on the Wordless Heavenly Book is beyond human control, every clan head of the Fu Clan is inspired by the Wordless Heavenly Book, is this so difficult that you still don't know?"

        "Of course I know, I even saw with my own eyes that it is my name on the Book of the Wordless Sky." Fu Mang said angrily.

        "Hey." Fu Tian sighed and said, "You can't accept such a blow, I can understand your feelings, but this is an unchangeable fact, what can you do if you don't accept it."

Chapter 1608

As the two of them argued back and forth, Su Yingxia was confused and didn't know whose words to believe.

        What Fu Mang said before, Su Yingxia felt that there was some truth in what he said.

        However, when Fou Tian appeared, what he said also seemed to have some truth to it.

        This matter has two unexplainable points, that is, how to buy the Loulan Pavilion's Fu Mu, and the other point is how Fumang could see the wordless book.

        It must be known that every successor of the Loulan Pavilion was personally chosen by the previous one, and other than the keeper of the Loulan Pavilion, no one from the Fu Clan was eligible to enter the Loulan Pavilion, not even the patriarch.

        "He's not going to tell you that I stole his position as clan head, is he?" Fu Tian walked up to Su Ying Xia's cage and asked Su Ying Xia with a little smile.

        Su Yingxia was silent.

        Futian suddenly acted surprised and said, "You don't still believe in it, do you?

        Before the arrival of Fu Tian, Su Ying Xia had indeed believed in this matter, and even believed that Fu Tian had taken Fu Mang's position as patriarch.

        But now, Su Yingxia's position was somewhat wavering because she wasn't sure who exactly was the one telling the truth.

        "Hahahahahaha." Fu Tian suddenly laughed and continued to say to Su Ying Xia, "If this is really the case, how could I have imprisoned you together, how could I have let you know the truth of the matter."

        "In fact, all of this is just Fumang's imagination. He really wanted the position of clan leader too much, so he couldn't accept the reality, and talked crazy all day long, that's why I put him in the Heavenly Prison. If not for the fact that we still have brotherly love, I would have kil led him," said Fu Tian.

        "You're full of sh*t." When Fu Mang heard this, he stormed out and said, "You don't dare to kil l me because I have to die in the patriarch's graveyard, but then your identity would be exposed, so you let me live."

        "Hey." Fu Tian sighed heavily and said, "Your paranoia hasn't abated at all, and it looks like I still can't let you out."

        "Fu Tian, you don't look like a hypocrite, this matter, sooner or later, will come to light, I think you haven't thought of how to end it, the Fu Clan's head, if you don't die in the head's grave, no one knows what will happen." Fu Mang said.

        Fu Tian acted as if he didn't care about Fu Mang, and said to Su Ying Xia: "Have you thought about it? The Fu Clan needs you to save it.

        Su Yingxia didn't know who was real and who wasn't, but there was one thing that Su Yingxia had decided in her heart early on that would never change, and that was that she couldn't betray Han Qianqian.

        "Your request, I absolutely can't agree to it," Su Yingxia said resolutely. Su Yingxia said with a resolute attitude.

        Fu Tian took a deep breath, obviously suppressing his anger, the Fu Clan could no longer wait any longer, otherwise, how could he come to such a place.

        "I've already found a way to deal with Han Qianqian, is it so hard that you have to see him dead before you'll be willing to do so?" Futian said.

        Su Yingxia fiercely clenched her fist, Futian, this despicable scoundrel, can't he show some other clean means besides using Han Qianqian as a threat?

        "You don't need to scare me, Xuanyuan World, it's not something you can just interfere with." Su Yingxia said through gritted teeth.

        "It's hard for you to forget that he once opened the Heavenly Gate, with his current strength, if he wants to ascend to the Eightfold World, he's just missing an opportunity, and I, I can help him create that opportunity." Fu Tian said.

        Su Yingxia's face instantly turned pale.

        Han Qianlian was safe in Xuanyuan World, but once he came to the Eightfold World, his life would be in Fu Tian's hands.

        And with Su Yingxia's understanding of Han Qianqian, if he really could come to the Eightfold World, he would never miss the chance to meet her.

        "Scared? It's good to know that you're afraid, but as long as you're willing to grant my request, I can stop kil ling him and even help him become stronger." Fu Tian said.

        Su Yingxia's fisted hands couldn't stop tangling, her anger had almost reached its limit.

        "There's one more thing that I think you should know." Futian said.

        Su Yingxia knew it was definitely not a good thing, so she didn't ask.

        But just because she didn't ask, didn't mean that Fu Tian wouldn't say.

        "Recently, a member of the Fu Clan, picked up a girl, she claimed to be Han Nian, from the Azure World, I don't know if she would have any relationship with Han Qianqian." Fu Tian said.

        Su Yingxia was completely furious, her eyes blood red as she looked at Fu Tian.

        Han Nian was obviously captured by him to the Eightfold World, how could she be picked up by a clan member!

        "Fu Tian, if you dare to hurt her, I'll be on a collision course with you." Su Yingxia said furiously.

        Fu Tian had a faint smile on his face and said, "She is very obedient and very beautiful, how could I bear to hurt her, but if for some unavoidable reason she is implicated, this is beyond my control."