His True Colors Chapter 1604-1606

 Chapter 1604

Fu Mang's words made Su Yingxia feel a little better, as long as Han Nian was not harmed, then she still had a chance to save Han Nian.

        But then Fu Mang, threw a pot of cold water on Su Yingxia.

        "Are you still qualified to worry about other people's safety now? You can't even save yourself." Fu Mang said.

        Su Yingxia had a feeling of disillusionment, not being able to leave the Heavenly Prison, even if Han Nian is still alive, it's just a pain.

        And if Su Yingxia wanted to leave, there was only one way, and that was to agree to Fu Mang's request.

        But for Su Yingxia, this is a serious betrayal of Han Qianli, something she absolutely cannot do and cannot accept.

        "Little girl, endure for a while, you may still be able to find a chance to take revenge, if you are locked up here forever, everything will be meaningless." Fu Mang reminded Su Yingxia, the underlying meaning of these words, is to make Su Yingxia promise Fu Tian's request.

        Su Yingxia subconsciously shook her head, which she couldn't accept, because betraying Han Giang is equivalent to betraying her beliefs in life, so even if she can live freely, it's not what Su Yingxia wants.

        "Perhaps, he will come and save me." Su Yingxia said.

        "Him?" Fu Mang was confused.

        "He is from the Azure World." Su Yingxia said.

        Fu Mang was stunned at first, and then he sneered indulgently, so much so that his laughter echoed throughout the Heavenly Prison.

        "Ridiculous, ridiculous to say the least, you actually expect an Azure World person to save you?" Fu Mang did not shy away from expressing his disdain.

        The Azure World was a world of waste in the eyes of anyone in the Eight Directions, and how could someone born in that world be a rival to the Fu Clan.

        "I believe in him." Su Yingxia said in a firm tone.

        "I also believe that he will d i e at the hands of Fu Tian in a very miserable way." Fu Mang said, although he didn't agree with Fu Tian, he also didn't think that a trash from the Azure World could deal with Fu Tian, it was a complete joke.

        After a while, Fu Mang continued, "Perhaps, Fu Tian has already sent someone to the Azure World, and he is already dying."

        "He's in the Xuanyuan World, and Fou Tian can't deal with him yet." Su Yingxia said.

        "This is a good thing, Xuanyuan World was created by the True God at the top of the Blue Mountain, Fu Tian would never dare to make a mess in Xuanyuan World, he can at least save his own life, but he'd better stay turtled in Xuanyuan World for the rest of his life, the day he leaves is the anniversary of his death." Fu Mang said bluntly.

        Su Yingxia was also aware of the huge difference in strength between Han Qiangan and the Fu Clan, but her confidence in Han Qiangan had never declined.

        She believed that Han Three Thousand was capable of doing anything he wanted to do!

        It was, is, and will be!

        "Trust no one, can not trust a waste, I advise you better give up this aspect of the idea, only by promising Fu Tian, you can have a chance to see the sun again." Fu Mang kindly advised.

        "No, this is by no means possible." Su Yingxia said with a firm tone, if she were to betray Han Qianqian, she would rather d i e!

        Even if the entire world didn't believe in Han 3,000, Su Yingxia would never have any doubts about Han 3,000.

        Xuanyuan World.

        Ancient battlefield ruins.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian is sitting on top of a deserted mountain.

        The barren mountain was a grayish-black color, without any vegetation or creatures visible to the naked eye, completely dead, like a mountain in hell, without any life force.

        At this time, the axe mark on Han Qianqian's forehead was faintly visible, as if it was constantly beating, and the power fluctuations in his body were also very strong.

        Han Giang's own feeling was like some kind of power metamorphosing, like a chicken hatching and about to break out of its shell.

        When he followed the pull of the power to this place, Han Qianli's body was eroded by a force that had been sitting there for a whole month.

        With his eyes closed, he was completely unaware that a white illusory figure was sitting beside him.

        The figure was like a residual soul, and possessed a certain level of consciousness, looking at Han Qianqian from time to time as if checking on his state.

        No one knew who he was or what he was doing, but he shook his head, and sometimes he nodded his head in recognition of Han 3,000.

        Another month passed, and the axe mark on Han Qianqian's forehead had turned completely golden, and the energy he could feel surging within his body had also turned into a golden entity.

        This was different from the previous illusory power.

        The golden entity made Han Qianqian feel even more powerful.

        Suddenly, Han Giangli opened his eyes.

        Two golden manes shot into the sky, and the powerful breath of power swept across the entire ancient battlefield almost instantly.

        Far to the north, the still cautious Lin Long trembled due to this power, unconsciously prostrating himself on the ground, as if expressing his supreme respect in this way.

Chapter 1605

It was so powerful that it made the entire ancient battlefield tremble.

        At this time, Han Qianli stood up and suddenly burnt with a raging fire, and the color of the flame was also golden yellow.

        Flesh and blood were being burned at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

        Very soon, all that was left of Han 3,000 was a skeleton. Only a skeleton was left in Han 3,000, and the color of the skeleton was a dazzling golden color.

        If an ordinary person were to see this, they would have been terrified and would have thought that Han 3,000 was dead.

        But in fact, Han 3,000 was not dead, and he even walked to the edge of the barren mountain in the form of a skeleton. Another step forward was a hundred feet deep.

        The golden-colored fire stopped burning as it ran out of flesh and blood.

        Han Qianli lowered his head and looked at his own state. He erupted with a startling roar, seemingly expressing that he was not hiding his physical condition.

        At this moment, Han 3,000 didn't know that before any True God in the Eight Directions could achieve True Godhood, this was a necessary process, burning mortal flesh and shaping a golden body, and only after achieving a golden body could one become a True God.

        After that illusory figure saw this. It nodded its head in satisfaction, then with a breeze, it flew away and vanished.

        Han Qianxiang, on the other hand, also fell.

        The Northern Linlong was no longer able to feel the horrifying atmosphere, and swore inwardly that it would never be able to go towards the power, and it knew that this power was most likely triggered by Han Qianxiang, or perhaps, Han Qianxiang had di ed under it.

        "For making you disobey me and pay the price now, do you ever have the slightest regret?" The Lin Long said to itself in disdain.

        It had long warned Han Qianqian to be careful, as this was, after all, the site of an ancient battlefield, where dangers lurked, but Han Qianqian did not listen to its advice at all. If it had not, it would not have ended up in such a state.

        Three days later.

        Han 3,000 had newborn flesh and blood, but his flesh was now distinctly different from before. It was clearly different from before, with a faint golden glow on its surface, and it was clearly more than just flesh and blood.

        Han 3,000 knew everything, he saw himself being burned by the golden flames, at that time, he was desperate inside, because he thought he was going to d i e, and he still had a lot of things to do.

        Su Yingxia is still waiting for him in the Eightfold World.

        Han Nian could be in deep danger, waiting for him to rescue her.

        But when the dust settles, Han Qianli discovers that he is not dead. Han Qianqiang found that he had not di ed, but had become stronger, but for what reason all this had happened. But Han 3,000 was completely unaware of what had happened.

        Looking at his hands, Han 3,000 knew that he had changed, and changed completely, but exactly how and to what purpose he had changed was still beyond his comprehension.

        "What is going on, is it so hard that this is just a nightmare?" Han Qiangiang looked at his hands and said to himself.

        Having experienced a new body, a new flesh and blood body was nothing new to Han 3,000, but he didn't know how it had happened, and it would eventually scare him a bit.

        After a little activity, Han 3,000 didn't find any discomfort in his body, so he temporarily put the matter behind him. He went on to complete the task his enemy had explained.

        If Han 3,000 wanted to survive, or even have his Chi Meng as his backing to go to the Eight Directions World, he had to find what his Chi Meng had told him to do. Find the Jade Sword.

        Although Han 3,000 has never seen a jade sword, the fact that Chi Meng is so eager to find it means that it must be an artifact.

        Han 3,000 inevitably wondered, he also has a battle axe, and between the axe and the jade sword, who is stronger?

        If Han Qianqian had known that his forehead axe was named Pangu Axe, perhaps he would not have had such an idea. Perhaps he wouldn't have thought of it that way.

        How could Pan Gu's divine weapon that opened up the heavens and the earth be compared to the divine weapons created by people in later generations?

        Walking aimlessly on the ancient battlefield, the barren environment gave Han Gongqian an illusion from time to time. Because the surrounding environment did not change, Han felt as if he was marching in place, and there was nothing to guide him. It made him feel like a headless fly.

        I don't know how much time passed, but Han Gongqiang gradually lost his patience as he realized that if he continued like this, he would probably be trapped for the rest of his life. He realized that if he continued like this, he would probably be trapped here for the rest of his life, which was not an outcome he wanted to face.

        It was at this moment. Not far ahead, a figure appeared, although it did not look like a human. But it was definitely the first living creature Han Qianli had seen in the ancient battlefield.

        This instantly excited Han 3,000, the existence of a living being would likely allow Han 3,000 to learn more about the Ancient Battlefield.

        Subconsciously speeding up his pace, Han 3,000 cubic feet shrank to an inch and soon arrived in front of the figure.

        "You ...... are not dead!" Lin Long faced the sudden appearance of Han Giangli, full of fear, because in his opinion, Han Giangli had already di ed when the power exploded.

        "Do you really want me to d i e?" Han Qianqiang was also surprised, never expecting to meet Lin Long here.

Chapter 1606

Looking at the complicated and hesitant expression of the Linlong, Han Qianqian suddenly smiled.

        Once upon a time, the Lin Long had fled from the Eight Directions World to Xuanyuan World because it didn't want to be a human slave, but now, it seemed to have changed its mind in this regard.

        "You're not expecting me to be your enemy's servant after I d i e, are you?" Han Giangli asked with a shameful face.

        Lin Long had shown his rejection of this aspect in front of him in an untamed manner, and had even said that he would rather be a chicken's head than a phoenix's tail.

        But what about now?

        He seemed to have abandoned this in the presence of his enemy, the ancient powerhouse.

        "What are you talking nonsense." There was unconcealed panic in Lin Long's eyes, and although he tried to cover it up, it was a flaw in front of Han Qianqian.

        "You know better than me whether I'm talking nonsense or not, but if you want to use my death to achieve your goal, I suggest you better restrain yourself, or else you will surely become my dead soul under the knife." Han Qianli said in a cold voice, since the Lin Long had already had such thoughts, it was a dangerous signal to Han Qianli, and it was likely that it would secretly harm Han Qianli in order to achieve its goal.

        Before entering the ancient battlefield, the Lin Long didn't have such a thought, but with the outbreak of that powerful force, and when it thought that Han 3,000 was dead, this thought was slowly born.

        It was true that the Lin Long did not want to be a slave of man, but that was once a thought.

        In front of this ancient strong man, the Linlong was willing to abandon its dignity and become Chi Meng's beast, because it knew that such an ancient strong man like Chi Meng could bring it a lot of benefits, and even make its strength soar.

        But the Linlong never thought that under that kind of powerful outburst, Han 3,000 yuan would still be alive.

        It was now very curious about what had happened to Han 3,000 and where that power had come from.

        But Han Qianxiang now obviously had strong hostility toward it, and even if it asked, it knew it would not get an answer.

        "Don't worry, I would never think like that, and the current me is no match for you." The Linlong was severely injured by Su Yingxia, and its injuries won't heal for a while, because Su Yingxia deliberately controlled its injuries at a stage that Han Qianli could deal with, so now the Linlong, in front of Han Qianli, can only swallow its anger.

        This is Su Yingxia's best effort to protect Han 3,000 from any danger when he left.

        Of course, Han 3,000 also knows that Su Yingxia did this on purpose to protect him, as for not saying it explicitly, it should be to protect Han 3,000's pride, after all, it was Han 3,000 who used to protect Su Yingxia.

        "It's best if you understand, have you found anything?" Han Giangli asked the Linlong.

        The Linlong shook its head helplessly, if it had found anything, it wouldn't have looked so dejected.

        "There's nothing but desolation, and I doubt I've even seen a real battlefield." Lin Long said, after this period of careful investigation, Lin Long did not find any traces of a fight here, which made it feel very strange.

        Normally, the battle of the Ancient Powers should have left very many traces, but so far, it had seen nothing.

        "Ancient strong men, how strong are they?" Han Qianqiang asked Lin Long.

        This question caused Lin Long to reveal a torn expression.

        How strong the Ancient Powers were, this was not something that anyone could define.

        But one thing was clear to Lin Long, the so-called ancient strong man, that is, after the beginning of the earth, the first human beings appeared, they have the power to create the world, just like the eight worlds of the true God.

        Even Lin Long also suspected that the ancient strong man was far stronger than the true God.

        "I guessed that the Ancient Powers were even more powerful than the True Gods, because the first universe was created by them, and legend has it that every Ancient Powerful Man had his own world. Lin Long said.

        This is a very vague description, but Han Giangli could still feel the strong fight of the ancient powerhouses.

        Create your own world.

        Owning their own worlds!

        Not just anyone can do that!

        "Perhaps this is nothing more than the entrance to the real battlefield," Han Qiangli said. Han Qianqian said.

        Lin Long suddenly looked at Han Qianli with glowing eyes and said, "You mean, there are other spatial tunnels here."

        Han Qianli nodded and said, "Only then can we explain why this place doesn't look like a battlefield at all."

        If there really were other spatial tunnels here, then that would explain why there were no signs of a fight.

        Perhaps, this place, as Han Qianqian said, was just an entrance, and they didn't really enter the battlefield.

        "But why didn't Chi Meng tell us?" Lin Long said with a puzzled look on his face, Chi Meng asked them to find the jade sword in the Ancient Battlefield, and if this was just an entrance, Chi Meng should have told them in advance so that they could complete their task.

        "It's true that she doesn't have the need to hide it like we do, but have you ever thought that perhaps even she, doesn't know the true situation of the Ancient Battlefield." Han Qianli doubted.

        Almost all of the strongest warriors di ed in the Battle of the Ancient Battlefield, but why was Chi Meng still able to stay in Xuanyuan World, was she more powerful than the other ancient strongmen?

        This is very unlikely, because if she had not relied on a wisp of her soul, she would have di ed long ago.

        Another possibility is that she didn't even participate in the battle, or even know what happened in the Ancient War, which would explain why she didn't know this was the entrance.

        "You mean, she doesn't belong to the strongest people of the Ancient War?" The Lin Long said, this kind of words is a great disrespect to his Chi Meng, but the Lin Long still couldn't help but speak out, even with some anger in his eyes.

        Because after thinking that Han Qianqian was dead, the Linlong had almost decided to be a willing slave, if Chi Meng wasn't an ancient strong man, wouldn't it almost become a liar's beast.

        Seeing the change in the Lin Long's expression, Han Qianli couldn't help but laugh and ridiculed, "You almost became a liar's servant, aren't you angry?"

        The Linlong hid its discontent, it didn't want to show in front of Han 3,000 that it wanted Han 3,000 to d i e, after all, it was not a match for Han 3,000 now.

        "What should we do now, this entrance is very big, it's never easy to find the spatial tunnel here." The Linlong changed the subject and asked Han Qianqian.