His True Colors Chapter 1601-1603

 Chapter 1601

Hearing the snickers, Su Yingxia, instead of getting angry, had a warm smile on her face, because she knew that these snickers would eventually pay for themselves. These sneers will eventually pay the price, and everyone here will regret their actions today.

        When she saw Su Yingxia's unrepentant look, her laughter stopped abruptly, and she could not wait to vent all her anger on Su Yingxia. He wanted to put Su Yingxia to death, but he couldn't do it because he didn't have the strength to do so.

        But he couldn't do that, because without Su Yingxia to nurture the next True God. Then the status of the Fu Clan would be destroyed in his hands.

        Once the Fu Clan's status falls, I'm afraid none of the former rivals will let the Fu Clan go, and then the Fu Clan will certainly face the worst revenge and blow. This is a consequence that no one can bear.

        "Fuyu, since you still don't know your fault, you should go to the Heavenly Prison to reflect on yourself, I believe you can calm down in the Heavenly Prison.". I believe you will be able to calm down in the Heavenly Prison." .

        As the words fell, two men in battle armor approached Su Yingxia, imprisoned Su Yingxia's left and right hands, and brought him toward the Heavenly Prison.

        Su Yingxia didn't resist, because at this time, there was no need for her to completely turn against the Fushi lineage, because Han Nian was most likely still among the Fushi lineage. She had to endure the humiliation and investigate the news about Han Nian.

        After Su Yingxia left, a certain family executive said to Fudian. A senior family member said to Futian, "Clan leader, if Han Qianli doesn't d i e, Fuyu won't give up."

        "Yes, she will only give up if Han Qianxiang di es."

        "We now continue with the appearance of the next True God, we can't delay any longer."

        "Patriarch. Give the order, ki ll Han Qianxiang."

        That senior's words. It resonated with the others, almost everyone agreed that Han Qianxiang deserved to d i e, and only if he di ed would Su Yingxia not be deluded.

        Fotian naturally understood this truth, but he also had his own concerns for not doing so.

        Once the people at the top of the Blue Mountain knew that the Fu Clan had gone to Xuanyuan World to ki ll people, the consequences would be too much for Fotian to bear.

        "Do you think I don't want to? But what would be the consequences of really doing that. Don't you know?"

        "With the current strength of the Fushi lineage, how can it be an enemy to the top of the Blue Mountain?"

        "Without the True God. How are we qualified to bargain with the summit of the Blue Mountain."

        Fu Tian said three sentences in a row, his tone filled with helplessness, he desperately wished Han Qianqiang to d i e, and even wished to ki ll him himself.

        But so what.

        This matter. It wasn't something that could be done just by saying it could be done.

        The top management quieted down.

        They understood Fotian's concerns.

        Kil ling Han Qianqian was a trivial matter. Offending the summit of the Blue Mountain at this time could lead to the extermination of the entire Fushi lineage.

        There was silence in the main hall. No one dared to express their opinions freely anymore.

        Fu Tian took a deep breath and said, "I believe the Heavenly Prison can make her change her mind. If that doesn't work, we'll have to use the last option."

        All the high officials were puzzled. They didn't know what Fu Tian's so-called last resort was, but no one dared to ask.

        The Fu Clan's Heavenly Prison.

        Although it was called the Heavenly Prison. But it was actually a hundred meters deep underground, dark and damp, and filled with snakes and insects, rats and ants, with almost no light source, making the Heavenly Cauldron pitch black, and anyone who was under this environment for a long time would have a mental breakdown.

        Because of the silence.

        Because of the darkness.

        No one can remain sane in this environment.

        When Su Yingxia was imprisoned in the iron cage, she could hardly see anything around her.

        Su Yingxia also tried to use her own ability to open the cage, but after several attempts, the cage hardly changed at all.

        "You don't need to waste your effort. It's made of cold iron, and no one in the world can destroy it unless it's a true god.

        Just as Su Yingxia was trying hard, an old voice suddenly came from not far away.

        Su Yingxia was clearly stunned, but she did not feel afraid, but said in an incredulous tone, "You're not even dead yet."

        "Oh?" The old voice, obviously interested in Su Yingxia, asked, "You actually know me?"

        "There are only a handful of people from the Fu Clan who have been imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison, and there is only one person who might still be alive, and you should be Fu Mang, Futian's younger brother." Su Yingxia said.

        The Heavenly Prison of the Fu Clan won't be used very often, because it only holds people who have committed crimes but cannot be executed.

        With the Fushi lineage's tactics, they usually just execute people and solve things by the simplest means.

        Therefore, in the history of the Fusi lineage, there were only three people who were imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison, including Su Yingxia.

        The first one was so far back in time that to Su Yingxia, it was more like a legend.

        On the other hand, Fu Mang, it happened not long before Su Yingxia left the Eightfold World, so Su Yingxia was able to quickly determine Fu Mang's identity.

        "I didn't expect that there is still someone who remembers my Fu Mang's name." Fu Mang said in a surprised tone.

        "Your name has become taboo in the Fu Clan, and anyone mentioning it is a dead end."

Chapter 1602

"Do you know why?" Fu Mang asked Su Yingxia, sounding somewhat helpless.

        Su Yingxia actually has a lot of curiosity about this matter.

        Fu Tian and Fu Mang, two brothers, grew up together since childhood, brotherly affection should be very good.

        But one day, suddenly, the two brothers turned against each other. The two brothers turned against each other, and no one knows the reason, so no one can understand what exactly happened.

        Of course, although there were many curious people, no one dared to get to the bottom of this matter.

        Because of Foutian's tough tactics, anyone who dared to discuss this matter in private would be silenced. Anyone who dared to discuss this matter in private would be silenced, and over time, the people of the Fu Clan would be silenced. The people of the Fu Clan hid this matter in the bottom of their hearts, and any doubts were not as important as their own lives.

        "The two of you are brothers, you grew up together, and your feelings are thicker than water, so why would you suddenly turn against each other? From the day you were imprisoned in the heavenly prison. Countless people have been shocked by this incident." Su Yingxia said.

        "Brotherly love?" Fu Mang disdainfully and mockingly said: "In his eyes, I am just a stepping stone, and he used me to take the position of clan leader."

        "Using you?" Su Yingxia expressed her puzzlement, because it is not up to anyone to decide who will be the clan head.

        The Fu Clan has a special graveyard for the head of the clan, and the dying head of the clan will walk into the graveyard on his own, and before he sleeps, the name of the next head of the clan will be displayed in a wordless book at the top of the Loulan Pavilion. This is not to be faked by anyone.

        So Fumang's so-called use, in Su Yingxia's opinion. It is simply impossible.

        Fu Tian would never be able to get to the position of clan head by using Fu Mang.

        "Do you believe that the name that appears on the Wordless Heavenly Book is me?" Fu Mang said.

        Su Yingxia's eyes instantly showed shock.

        If the name that appeared on the Book of the Wordless Sky is Fu Mang, then it means that the position of the clan head should be held by him, how could it become Futian?

        "The Wordless Book of Heaven can only be read by Fu Maku, the janitor of the Loulan Pavilion, and Fu Tian. Long ago, he bought this person." Fu Mang said.

        Su Yingxia subconsciously shook her head, Fu Mang's status in the Fu Clan is extraordinary. It can be said to be above the clan chief, just not the clan chief's real power.

        It is impossible for such a person to lie about the choice of the clan head for personal gain, and even more impossible for him to be bought by Foutian.

        "How is that possible? How could Fubian buy off Fubaku." Su Yingxia said in disbelief.

        "As you can imagine, no one would think that Fu Maku cheated, so Fu Tian was able to smoothly take the position of clan head, while I was reduced to jail." Fu Mang said mockingly to himself.

        "What is there in the world that can tempt Fu Muang, who has spent his whole life in Loulan Pavilion without leaving a step. Unlike imprisonment and harmony, what does he have a need for?" Su Yingxia asked, puzzled.

        In her opinion. Such a person should have no desire or desire for anything, so that it would be impossible for Fountain to buy him off.

        "I don't know. The world won't know either, so this secret. It will be sunk forever." Fu Mang said.

        Su Yingxia laughed disdainfully, Fu Mang has no evidence to prove that this matter really exists. Who can know whether he is lying or not?

        "You're imagining it yourself, thinking you're the one to be the clan leader. Perhaps it is because of this that you have angered Fudian. Thus, you were thrown into the Heavenly Prison." Su Yingxia said.

        "I can understand why you would think this way. After all, every clan chief comes from the Wordless Heavenly Book, and no one can doubt the ability of the Wordless Heavenly Book, but who has actually read the Wordless Heavenly Book?" Fu Mang said.

        At this point, Su Yingxia could almost conclude that Fu Mang was making up lies, because everyone in the Fu Clan knew clearly that only Fu Mang was qualified to read the Wordless Heavenly Book, and he, surprisingly, had doubts about it.

        "No wonder Fumang sent you to the Heavenly Prison, your delusion is too serious, he didn't ki ll you, it's already merciful." Su Yingxia said.

        "Everyone thinks so, so I know that there is no day for me to see the light again, but one thing will never be wrong, and that is that my name is on the Wordless Heavenly Book." Fu Mang said with a firm tone, as if he had read the Book of Heaven without Words.

        Su Yingxia's eyebrows slightly wrinkled, if Fu Mang is just delusional, after so many years in the Heavenly Prison, he should have realized his mistake, how can he still think so?

        And what is the reason why he is so sure that his name exists in the Book of No Words?

        "Assuming I believe this is all true, how do you know that the Wordless Book has your name on it, and is it hard for you to read it?" Su Yingxia asked.

        Fu Mang laughed out bitterly and said, "Otherwise, why do you think I'm locked up in the Heavenly Prison."

        "You know such a big secret, but Fu Tian didn't ki ll you, that's a different explanation." Su Yingxia said.

        "Is it hard for you not to know that every clan leader must d i e in the clan leader's cemetery? If not, the Book of Heaven will have a vision, which is why he doesn't dare to ki ll me.

Chapter 1603

After listening to Fu Mang's words, and then thinking about the possibilities, Su Yingxia's expression gradually became shocked.

        Although she felt that this matter is simply a fantasy, because the Fusi lineage has always been the head of the family in this way, there is no possibility of usurping the throne.

        Every successor of the Loulan Pavilion is not allowed to leave the pavilion for the rest of his life, so in Su Yingxia's opinion, there is no temptation that can cause them to do such a thing.

        However, Fu Mang's words are very reasonable.

        Fu Mang was imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison in the first place, but Fu Tian did not give any explanation, and if Fu Mang really did something that hurt the interests of the family, he should d i e instead of being imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison.

        The reason, most likely, is just as Fu Mang said, he must d i e in the patriarch's grave.

        If all of this were true, Fu Tian would have become the biggest rebel in the history of the Fu Clan because he imprisoned the real clan leader!

        Su Yingxia took a deep breath and said to Fu Mang, "Assuming all this is true, assuming I believe you, but the matter of Loulan Pavilion cannot be explained after all, and I cannot imagine in what way Fu Tian actually bought Fu Mang."

        Fu Mang said with a sigh on his face, "I have been locked up here without seeing the sun, and the thing I have thought about most is this."

        "Have you thought of any possibilities?" Su Yingxia eagerly asked, if there is a way to explain this matter, then Fu Mang's words, will be more credible.

        Fu Mang unconsciously shook his head, Loulan Pavilion has a strong peculiarity, can be said to be with the world, it is really impossible to imagine what kind of things they can be tempted by.

        So after so many years, Fumang still has no clue.

        "I don't know, and even if I know, it's useless." Fu Mang said.

        "How would it be useless? If you know the truth, you can overthrow Fu Mang." Su Yingxia coldly said, Fu Tian's behavior, is the act of a traitor, he is the biggest liar in the Fu Clan, and deserves the most severe punishment.

        "Overthrowing Fudian?" Fu Mang couldn't help but laugh and said: "Little girl, do you know that this is a heavenly prison, do you know that it is a hundred meters away from the ground, and there are formations, no one can help us, and the iron cage beside you is caused by the cold iron of ten thousand years, unless you are a true god, otherwise no one can destroy it.".

        Su Yingxia was like a deflated ball.

        Indeed, even if they knew what they really wanted to do, what could they do? If they couldn't leave the Heavenly Prison, the secret would eventually return to dust, and no one would be able to know the truth.

        "Never would I have thought that Fu Tian would be such a person and get the position of clan head in this way." Su Yingxia said helplessly, she had now almost believed in Fumang's words.

        "He has considered himself to be better than me since he was young, so he is incomparably certain that the position of clan head will fall on his head, and his goal since childhood is to be a good clan head, so when he finds out that the clan head is me, he will naturally try to destroy it." After a pause, Fumang suddenly asked Su Yingxia, "Tell me, has he achieved his goal?"

        "Good Chief?" Su Yingxia laughed disdainfully, if the family's development was used to judge Fu Tian's achievements, then he was just a waste, because the Fu Clan is now without a True God, and its position is precarious, and according to the current situation, Fu Tian will not be able to produce the next True God.

        In other words, it is very likely that the future Fu Clan will fall from the three supreme families.

        "The Fushi lineage True God is dead." Su Yingxia said.

        Although Fu Mang did not see daylight in the Heavenly Prison, he did not seem to be too surprised about this matter, and said with a calm face, "It's about the same as the day I estimated, but he should have found a candidate for the True God, right?"

        "The true God, whom he has chosen, has not yet come down to earth," he said. Su Yingxia said.

        When Fu Mang heard this, he immediately understood the reason why Su Yingxia would be imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison.

        "You bear the future of the Fu Clan, why won't you listen to the Fu Clan's arrangements?" Fu Mang asked, wondering what was the reason that made Su Yingxia prefer to be imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison rather than give birth to a true god.

        "Because the man he wanted me to marry was not the one I liked, and I, on the other hand, had already married someone else and had a daughter," Su Yingxia said. Su Yingxia said, as she inevitably thought of Han Qianxiang and Han Nian.

        Su Yingxia didn't want him to come to the Eightfold World, because only in Xuanyuan World was he safe, and Fu Tian didn't dare to hurt him.

        But once he came to the Eightfold World, then Fu Tian would never let him go.

        As for Han Nian, Su Yingxia returned to the Fushi lineage and used her power to sense it long ago, but there was no trace of Han Nian in the Fushi lineage.

        Thinking of this, Su Yingxia opened her mouth and asked Fu Mang, "If you want to hold someone, if that person is not in the Heavenly Prison, then which place is more suitable and will not be discovered?"

        "Are you saying that such a place exists in the Fushi lineage?" Fu Mang asked.


        Fu Mang seriously thought about it, besides the Heavenly Prison, there were not many forbidden places in the Fu Clan, and there were even fewer places where people could be held.

        "If it were me, he would be imprisoned in the patriarch's graveyard, which would be a place that no one would find." Fu Mang said.

        Su Yingxia's heart thudded.

        If that was the case, then wouldn't Han Nian's childhood become a nightmare!

        To know that there is nothing but skeletons in the patriarch's cemetery would cause as much psychological terror to a child!

        "Your daughter was captured by Fountain?" Fu Mang asked to Su Yingxia, because Su Yingxia had mentioned that she had a daughter, and she asked about what other places could hold people, so Fu Mang easily guessed why Su Yingxia asked that.

        "I can't be sure yet, but I can't think of anyone else who would do it besides Fu Tian," Su Yingxia said.

        "His despicable means are endless, as long as he can achieve his goal, he never cares whether the means are glorious or not." Fu Mang said with a face full of anger, it was because of Fu Tian's despicable means that he had fallen to such a state today.

        "Do you think that he will ki ll her?" Su Yingxia asked cautiously, this was the last thing she wanted to envision, but had to consider the possibility of this happening, after all, Han Nian was born to her and Han Qianqian, which was never a good thing for Fu Tian.

        "If he still wants to use you for certain things, he won't ki ll anyone, because he will hold the useful chips in his own hand until the end."