His True Colors Chapter 1599-1600

 Chapter 1599

"Aren't you afraid?" Lin Long asked to Han Qianqian.

        "Aren't you talking nonsense, I can't be afraid?" Honestly speaking, Han Qianli did not pretend to be calm.

        This was, after all, the most dangerous quest he had ever been on, and the ancient battlefield was a place far beyond his ability to control. Perhaps just encountering some very small dangers would be enough to kil l them.

        "Fear is fear, but you can't be wimpy." After saying these words, Lin Long directly entered the space tunnel.

        Even if it was to d i e, the Linlong would not retreat, because it had been looking for this place for a thousand years. There was no reason to retreat instead of finding it.

        Han 3,000 had no reason to retreat, and could not retreat either. If he didn't, he wouldn't d i e on the ancient battlefield, but would be kil led by his enemy.

        Following closely behind, the two arrived at the ancient battlefield one after another.

        A dark battlefield with a piercing gale blowing above it.

        A blood moon in the sky illuminated the entire land with a blood-red color.

        Han Qianli's first feeling was like coming to hell. Because only hell could have such a terrifying sight.

        "The ancient battlefield is really different, even the moon is red." Han Qianli joked.

        "You're still in a good mood." Lin Long looked around vigilantly, although it was so peaceful that there were no signs of danger, he knew that this place was far from as peaceful as it seemed.

        "Is it hard to stop crying? Even if you d i e, you have to d i e with a smile on your face." How could Han Qianli be in a good mood, it was purely to spice up his mood.

        They stood in place for a long time, not daring to move for fear of causing a sudden change.

        Only after they understood their surroundings did Han Qianqian took the first step.

        With Han 3,000 as the leader, he took the lead. Lin Long also followed closely behind Han Qianqian.

        "It seems to be peaceful, nothing at all." Han Qianqian said to Lin Long.

        "The calmer it is, the more dangerous it is, the more calm it is. The more dangerous it is, the calmer before the storm, hard to beat you don't you understand?" Lin Long said.

        Han Qianqiang was not in the mood to theorize with Lin Long about these unimportant matters, but in his opinion, this place was indeed very peaceful.

        The environment seemed dangerous, but it gave one a feeling of utter calm.

        Although this was the site of an ancient battlefield. But the ancient battle had ended, and it was only natural that there would be calmness.

        "I want to use my divine sense to feel how big this space is," Han Qianliang said to Lin Long. Step by step, Han 3,000 yuan worried that he would d i e of old age in a thousand years, and would not be able to find what his enemy was looking for.

        But Lin Long vetoed his idea directly, because he was afraid that Han 3,000 yuan would disturb the calm of the ancient power.

        Although the ancient powerhouses here were all dead, the power left here must still exist.

        "If we go on like this, do you know how long it will take?" Han Qianliang asked to Lin Long.

        "I've already spent thousands of years, so what if I find it here for another thousand years." The Lin Long scornfully said.

        Wasting a thousand years in this wilderness place?

        Han Qianqian will never agree.

        After a thousand years, what would happen to the Eight Directions? What will happen to Su Yingxia is unknown to Han 3,000.

        "In that case. Let's split up, I don't have time to waste a thousand years." Han Qianli said, and then he was going to turn around and separate from Lin Long.

        "Wait a thousand years, at least you'll still be alive to see her. If you d i e, you'll never see her again." Lin Long knew what was going on in Han Qianqian's head. He wished to go to the Eightfold World to meet up with Su Yingxia as soon as possible.

        But in order to go to the Eightfold World, the prerequisite was to save his life as well.

        "It's my business." Finished. Han Qianli resolutely left.

        The Linlong sighed, he couldn't stop Han Qianxiang. But it would never follow Han Qianqian, and it valued its life more than anything else. If Han 3,000 was going to d i e, it would never take his name.

        One day later, Han 3,000 walked southward. The axe mark on Han Qianli's forehead suddenly blossomed with a dazzling golden mane as he walked southward for an unknown distance.

        Han Qianqian had been using his own strength to suppress the axe's power riot, and the axe's power had been stirring ever since he entered the ancient battlefield, which was why Han Qianqian had chosen to separate from the Linlong.

        "I didn't expect this axe to be the weapon of an ancient powerhouse." Han Qianli's eyes showed shock, ever since he got the axe, Han Qianli had been wondering where it came from, he even guessed that it had fallen to Earth from the Eight Directions, but he never thought that it had something to do with the Ancient Powers.

        The reason why he was heading to the south of the ancient battlefield was because there was a force pulling on him, like a summon, calling him toward a certain destination.

Chapter 1600

The Eightfold World.

        Su Yingxia, who returned to the Fu Clan, met with the clan head at the first opportunity.

        On top of the magnificent Fu Clan's main hall, the throne shone with golden rays, and the old man on the throne was named Fu Tian, the current head of the Fu Clan.

        The old man had snow hair all over his head, and seemed old and weak, but his aura was extremely powerful. But his aura was extremely powerful, and the golden light in his pupils gave him a strong sense of intimidation.

        No one can be rude in front of these golden pupils.

        Su Yingxia, however, was able to stand without danger, and was neither humble nor overbearing.

        "Do you know what kind of consequences you will bear for what you have done?" Fotian questioned Su Yingxia, his voice full of coldness, as if he would ki ll her at any moment.

        But Su Yingxia didn't have an attitude of admitting fault, and she never even felt that she had done anything wrong. She just didn't want to marry the so-called selected husband.

        "Are you going to ki ll me?" Su Yingxia said with an indifferent face.

        Fu Tian was furious because of Su Yingxia's indifferent attitude, he didn't expect that after so many years, Su Yingxia didn't even recognize his own mistake.

        "Don't you think that I don't dare to ki ll you." Fu Tian gritted his teeth and said.

        Su Yingxia at such a time. The corner of her mouth actually raised a trace of smile and said, "Ki ll me, the Fushi lineage will completely decline, do you really dare?"

        On top of the main hall, in addition to Fudian, there were many other top executives of the Fu Clan, and after the crowd of executives heard Su Yingxia's words, all of them were furious.

        "Fuyuan, you are not to be insolent."

        "Kneel down and admit your mistake. The family can let you off the hook, or else you will be thrown into the Fushi Heavenly Prison and never see the light of day."

        "You damned girl, kneel down."

        Faced with the accusations of the crowd, Su Yingxia was clearly on the cusp of the storm.

        But to make her admit her mistake?

        This is absolutely impossible!

        In front of Han Qianqian, Su Yingxia is an ordinary woman, a little bird-like existence.

        But in front of these people, Su Yingxia is a stubborn and fearless existence.

        "My name is Su Yingxia." Su Yingxia said indifferently.

        The Futian on the throne was so angry that she almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood.

        As a member of the Fu Clan, she had forgotten her own name at the moment!

        "Fuyan, do you know what you're talking about, and do you know what these words mean?" Fotian gnashed his teeth in hatred and said, "Of course, I am Su Yingxia.

        "Of course, I am Su Yingxia, is there anything wrong with that? As early as the moment I left the Eightfold World, I was no longer Fuyan." Su Yingxia said. It wasn't that she didn't recognize her own identity, but when the Fu Clan was ready to use her as a tool, Su Yingxia didn't want to claim to be Fuyao.

        Golden mane blossomed in the pupils of Foutian. It was clear that anger had reached an extreme point.

        "Do you believe it, he will d i e in Xuanyuan World, and he will d i e very badly." Fotian said, "He can't ki ll Su Yingxia, because the next true god of the Fu Clan still needs Su Yingxia to nurture, so all he can do is to use Han Qianqian as a blackmail to get Su Yingxia to compromise.

        But Su Yingxia's expression did not change at all. Obviously, such a threat didn't mean much to her.

        "The Xuanyuan World was created by the True God on top of the Blue Mountain, are you qualified to ki ll innocents in the Xuanyuan World? If the people at the top of the Blue Mountain know about it. Can you bear the consequences if they raise an accusation?" Su Yingxia said indifferently.

        In the Eightfold World, there are a total of three True Gods, in addition to the Fushi lineage, there are the Blue Mountain Top and the Sea of Eternal Life, these three forces represent the highest status in the Eightfold World.

        However, there is an eternal law of the existence of True Gods in the Eight Directions World, which will forever be fixed at three, and the appearance of a new True God will inevitably mean the death of an old True God.

        Now that the Fu Clan's True God has died, his status obviously cannot be compared to the top of the Blue Mountain and the Sea of Eternal Life, because no one can be sure that the next True God will appear in the Fu Clan.

        This is also why Futian is anxious for Su Yingxia to get married, as the Fusi lineage urgently needs Su Yingxia to give birth to a True God.

        The reason why the Fusi lineage believes this is because of a hundred years of deduction. As well as the information left behind by the previous True God, almost every member of the Fushi Clan was convinced of this.

        Fu Tian knew. He could send someone to Xuanyuan World to ki ll Han Qianlian, but as Su Yingxia said, Xuanyuan World was created by the True God at the top of the Blue Mountain, and if the people at the top of the Blue Mountain knew about it and came to his door to ask for punishment, it would be a nightmare for Fotian. This would be a nightmare for Fotian.

        Once the three parties existed together, but now, the Fushi lineage no longer has a true god. In a sense, its status was already inferior to that of the summit of the Blue Mountain, and to provoke the summit of the Blue Mountain at such a time was obviously not a good decision. Obviously, it was not a good decision.

        "But he will eventually come to the Eightfold World one day, where I can torture him in any way I want. Ki ll him." Fu Tian said with his back groove teeth clenched.

        Su Yingxia still didn't show a fearful expression, because she couldn't do the slightest compromise on such a matter, and once she did, it would be disloyalty to Han 3000. Once compromised, it would be disloyalty to Han Qianli, something Su Yingxia would never allow.

        And she believed that Han Qianxiang could definitely become someone who would change the pattern of the Eight Directions. He has the potential to become a true god.

        "Perhaps, when he comes to the Eightfold World, the Fushi lineage is no longer his match." Su Yingxia said with expectation in her eyes.

        "How could a trash like him be a match for the Fushi lineage."

        "How could we put such trash in our eyes."

        "Fuyan, you think too highly of him, he's just trash from the Azure World, how could he possibly be on par with the Fuyan lineage."

        After hearing Su Yingxia's words, all the top executives of the Fuyu lineage expressed their unconcealed feelings, they didn't care to treat Han Qianli as an opponent because they thought that the trash of the Azure World was not even worthy.

        The Azure World is the Earth, but the Eight Directions call it by a different name.

        "There were too many people who looked down on him, but in the end, who didn't regret it?" Su Yingxia said with a smile, seemingly thinking of what had happened on Earth in the past.

        Although Earth couldn't be compared to the Eightfold World, she was convinced that Han Qianli could do the same, because she had already seen a different potential in Han Qianli, which was not something ordinary people could possess.

        "Su Yingxia, you don't think that a trash like him can become a true god, do you." Fu Tian suddenly let out a loud laugh, as if he had heard the biggest joke in the world.

        This stunned the other top executives, and then the entire hall erupted in laughter.


        "A trash from the Azure World, and you still want to become a true god."

        "Su Yingxia, your idea is so ridiculous, so ridiculous!"