His True Colors Chapter 1594-1596

 Chapter 1594

The meaning of Han Qianglian's words was expressed clearly enough and was not refuted by Fei Lingsheng, indicating that what he said was the truth.

        Zhantai Liuyue took in a deep breath of cool air before saying, "I didn't expect that there were really God Realm powerhouses in the Xuanyuan World."

        It wasn't that Yan Qinghua didn't understand what Han Qianlian meant by that, but she just couldn't believe that it was the truth in her heart.

        Hearing Zhantai Liuyue say this, a strong fluctuation appeared on Yan Qinghua's numb face.

        God Realm!

        The two of them know very well what the Divine Realm means.

        Invincible in the world of Xuanyuan!

        No one could be his opponent.

        Just how could someone quietly break through this legendary divine realm without even the slightest news coming out?

        "Let's go, let's take a look as well." Zhantai Liuyue hurriedly said to Yan Qinghua.

        The forbidden door of the Misty Sect was a place that almost every patriarch would try to open, but so far, no one had succeeded, which made people very curious as to what was within the forbidden area.

        Now, the appearance of Han Qianqian, a powerful divine realm master, is likely to lift the veil of mystery, so how can Zhantai Liuyue remain indifferent?

        The two of them hurriedly walked toward the forbidden area, and along the way, Yan Qinghua couldn't help but marvel at Han Qianqian's divine realm.

        Compared to her arrogant attitude in front of Han Qianli, Yan Qinghua had unconsciously restrained herself, knowing that no one could be arrogant in front of Han Qianli, not even the Extreme Master, let alone his strength of the Eight Lanterns Realm.

        In front of the forbidden gate.

        Fei Lingsheng looked at Han Qianli's back with a very complicated expression.

        She had tried countless times to open this place, but there was no way at all.

        Now, when Han Qianqian stood in front of the Forbidden Gate, Fei Lingsheng still felt that Han couldn't open it.

        Because Fei Lingsheng thought that this place, with its peculiarities, might be of no use to any brute force, unless one could find the hidden secret of the door.

        "Can you feel it?" Standing in front of the door, Han Giangli asked to the Linlong hidden in his cuffs.

        "Can, there is something strange about this power, something I've never felt before, perhaps, this is the ancient power." The Lin Long said excitedly.

        It had been in the Xuanyuan World for so long, but it had not made any breakthrough on the matter of the ancient battlefield.

        Of course, it had also tried to go to the major sects to look for clues, but it had found nothing, while the appearance of Han Qianqian began to let this matter gradually surfaced.

        But there was one thing that the Linlong still felt very puzzled, because it had been to this place before, and apart from failing to open the gate of the Forbidden Land, it had never felt the presence of this special energy here.

        "This place, you've been here before." Han Giangli continued, and since the Linlong knew that the major sects of the Xuanyuan World were created by those people, his investigation of the ancient battlefield would never miss these places.

        "That's right, but when I came here before, there was no such force, or perhaps it was you that caused the fluctuation of the Ancient Force," Lin Long said.

        "Me?" Han Giangli was puzzled.

        "Good, because I can also feel a strange power in your body," Lin Long said.

        Han 3,000 didn't explain to Lin Long that the power came from an axe that was captured from Earth.

        Of course, the axe's peculiarities were known to Han 3,000.

        In order to be able to absorb the power of the axe, Han 3,000 had spent several years.

        But what does the axe have to do with the forbidden gate, or even the ancient battlefield?

        Could it be that the axe was a divine weapon used by an ancient powerful man?

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian subconsciously shook his head, thinking that his guess was unlikely.

        Because the ancient battlefield was in the world of Xuanyuan, but the axe was obtained on Earth.

        "Did you think of anything?" Seeing Han Qianli shaking his head, Fei Lingsheng couldn't help but walk up to Han Qianli and ask him.

        "This door, I'm sure you've tried all kinds of ways," Han Qianqian asked to Fei Lingsheng.

        "That's right, this gate is a source of great curiosity, and I've used almost everything I can think of before I had to give up." Fei Lingsheng said.

        "You can test it out with that strange power, and if both powers belong to the Ancient Force, you might be able to create some kind of resonance." Han Giangli's voice came from the Linlong's ear.

        This sound was undetectable even to Fei Lingsheng, who was standing beside Han Three Thousand's side.

        There was no other way for Han Three thousand to try it, so he could only follow the way of the Lin Long.

        However, in Han 3,000's opinion, the possibility of opening the door was very small, and the power had special characteristics, but that didn't mean it was all ancient power.

        Walking to the door, Han Qianli urged the axe, emitting the strange power, and at this moment, the stone door visibly shook.

        Fei Lingsheng behind her was directly dumbfounded.

        She had thought of every possible way, but none of them could shake the stone door in the slightest.

        Han Qianqian, on the other hand, was just standing in front of the door, and he caused a noise.

        Han Qianqian himself was very surprised, as he felt that the two forces were different, but the clash of mysterious forces just now clearly made Han Qianqian feel that the two forces were fused together, which showed that his previous thought was completely wrong.

        If the power emitted from the forbidden gate was the power of the ancient past, then the power of the axe was also the power of the ancient past.

        This also meant that the axe that Han Qianli had obtained was indeed a divine weapon used by an ancient powerhouse.

        However, why would something left over from an ancient battlefield appear on Earth?

        Have the ancient battles ever reached the earth?

        As the stone door shook, a crack was clearly exposed.

        Han Qianqiang urgently urged his axe power, and the stone door slowly opened.

        When Zhantai Liuyue and Yan Qinghua, who had just arrived, saw this scene, they froze in place once again with an incredulous expression on their faces.

        "It's open, it's really open." Yan Qinghua couldn't help but say, "It's really open," she said.

        Zhantai Liuyue trembled slightly, she had also asked to open the forbidden gate and racked her brains, but couldn't, and Han Qianli had just arrived and opened the forbidden gate.

        "The strength of a God Realm powerhouse is really different, what is difficult for us is easy for him." Zhantai Liuyue exclaimed.

        In fact, Zhantai Liuyue's thought was fundamentally wrong. Han Qianli was able to open the stone door not because of his God Realm, but because of the power of the axe.

        With the stone door completely open, a pitch-black cave appeared, and it was so deep that it felt like the abyss of hell.

Chapter 1595

Fei Lingsheng walked eagerly to the cave, seemingly stupefied and out of control, while the pitch-black cave seemed to have something deadly in it that attracted her.

        "What are you doing?" Han Qianqian coldly chided.

        It was as if Fei Lingsheng didn't even hear Han Qianqian's words and walked straight inside.

        Han Qianqian frowned, Fei Lingsheng ignored his anger, what was going on.

        "What should we do now, should we go in?" Han Qianliang asked to Lin Long.

        "Did you feel it too?" Lin Long asked rhetorically.

        Han 3,000 nodded, ever since the stone door opened, Han 3,000 smelled a sense of danger, a dark cave, there seemed to be some kind of danger signal.

        When Han 3,000 tried to check with his divine sense, he was obviously blocked by the power in the cave, and the power was extraordinary.

        "There must be something left behind by an ancient powerhouse in here, otherwise, how could it make us feel dangerous," Lin Long said.

        "Isn't that nonsense you're talking about?" Han Qianli scornfully said.

        At this time, Fei Lingsheng had completely entered the cave.

        Due to the darkness, Han Qianli could no longer see Fei Lingsheng's figure.

        But from Han Qianli's point of view, entering so recklessly was definitely not a good thing, and once he encountered danger, he might not be able to cope with it even as a God Realm powerhouse.

        "You wouldn't have backed out until now, would you?" Lin Long asked Han Qianqian.

        There was no thought of retreating, but Han Giangxi needed to enter with his own safety in mind.

        His life was not just his own.

        Han Qianxiang still had to go to the Eightfold World to meet up with Su Yingxia, and also to find Han Nian, who had been captured by the Fu Clan, so he could never die in such a place.

        "If you want to die, I can give you a ride," Han Qianqian said.

        The Linlong was seriously injured by Su Yingxia, and its current strength was no match for Han Qianli, or else how would it be willing to submit to Han Qianli's cuffs.

        "Suit yourself, this place is likely to be the key to your journey to the Eightfold World, and I can tell you plainly that with your current strength, if you go to the Eightfold World, you'll definitely be made difficult by the Fushi lineage, and someone will even ki ll you when Su Yingxia doesn't know about it." Lin Long reminded.

        There was no doubt that the Fu Clan wanted to ki ll him, after all, those people had already appeared, and if Su Yingxia hadn't come to Xuanyuan World in time, Han 3,000's life would have been lost.

        Moreover, Han 3,000 knew that he needed to be strong, and if he backed down in the face of this danger, he would die in the Eight Directions sooner or later.

        With a ruthless heart, Han Qianqian stepped into the cave.

        The cave was originally dark, but with Han Qianqian's entry, the sudden brightness and blinding light caused Han Qianqian to go blind for a moment, and after the blindness, the scene Han Qianqian saw was an empty cave with many ancient artifacts.

        Turning back, Han 3,000 could no longer see the stone door, and he was completely in an empty cave with no exit to leave.

        The Linlong crawled out of Han's cuff, and when it saw the scene in front of it, it eagerly walked toward the ancient pieces, as if it was looking for something.

        Han Giangli was in no hurry and stood still to observe the nearby environment.

        Even if the Linlong did find something, with Han 3,000's current strength, he could easily snatch it from its hands, after all, it was seriously injured by Su Yingxia.

        After all, it was seriously injured by Su Yingxia. And the reason why Su Yingxia did this was because he wanted Han Qianli to be able to control the Linlong.

        "Did you find anything?" Han Qianqian walked up to Fei Lingsheng and asked.

        Fei Ling Sheng had a numb expression on his face and seemed to have lost consciousness.

        Han Qianqian slapped Fei Lingsheng on the back, hoping to wake him up.

        But to Han's surprise, Fei Ling Sheng was like a piece of wood and did not react at all.

        The next moment, the situation in the cave suddenly changed.

        An inexplicable power began to grow restless, and it was obviously stronger than Han 3,000.

        Soon, the power wrapped around Fei Lingsheng's entire body.

        Seeing this scene, the sense of crisis in Han Qianli's heart became even stronger.

        The power seemed to be devouring Fei Lingsheng as if it was trying to destroy her flesh.

        After the Linlong sensed the crisis, it had come to Han Qianxiang's side at the first time.

        One man and one dragon were all stunned at Fei Lingsheng's change.

        "What's going on here?" Han Qianliang asked to Lin Long.

        "This power, like invading her body, no, occupying her body." Lin Long said in horror.

        As soon as his voice fell, Fei Lingsheng suddenly turned around and looked at him both.

        The silvery pupils gave people an unwarranted sense of fear.

        Han Qianli could clearly feel that Fei Lingsheng had suddenly become stronger, and that his divine realm was no match for Fei Lingsheng.

        "F*ck, it's over." Han 3,000 couldn't help but blurt out emotionally.

        In the next moment, Fei Lingsheng instantly moved in front of Han Qianli, and an incoming murderous aura enveloped Han Qianli.

Chapter 1596

The first time Han Giangli sensed the crisis, he tried to distance himself from Fei Lingsheng, but as he tried to escape, he was suddenly hit in the chest by a powerful force.

        Han's body flew backwards out of control and didn't stop until it hit the mountain wall.

        There was a rumble.

        After hitting the mountain wall, Han 3,000 fell to the ground, throwing up dust in the sky.

        At this time, Han 3,000 couldn't just sit there and do nothing, or else he would have to die.

        So Han 3,000 struggled to get up at the first opportunity, not caring about the blood spilling out of the corner of his mouth.

        But as soon as he got up, Han 3,000 discovered that Fei Lingsheng was standing in front of him again.

        This made Han 3,000 smile bitterly and said, "At least give me a chance to slow down."

        As soon as his voice fell, the feeling of being struck hard came again.

        This time, Han 3,000 smashed a big hole in the mountain wall, feeling like all the bones in his body were broken open.

        As strong as the God Realm, Han 3,000 still did not have the strength to resist, which made him a little desperate, and he even smelled the smell of death.

        This made Han Qianqian regret that if he had known earlier, he wouldn't have rashly walked into the cave.

        "F*#k you, can't you give a chance to fight back." Han Giangli, who fell to the ground again, didn't struggle to get up at the first time, because he knew that even if he stood up, the result would be another fall.

        "It was you who opened the stone door." Fei Lingsheng opened her mouth to ask Han 3,000, but her voice was never Fei Lingsheng's original voice.

        In other words, Fei Lingsheng's body had been occupied by the owner of the cave.

        As for whether she was possessed by a soul or what was going on, Han Qianqian didn't know.

        "Yeah, I've disturbed your rest, how about I give you an apology, you let me go, and we'll be even." Han Qianqian said.

        This made Lin Long couldn't help but laugh, how could we get even so easily in this way in this situation?

        Of course, the Linlong didn't mean to fall on its face, because if Han Qianxiang died here, it would have absolutely no way to live either.

        "But if you don't feel relieved, you can hit me a few more times, as long as you don't ki ll me." Han Qianxiang continued.

        Fei Lingsheng walked up to Han 3,000 and stepped on Han 3,000's head, an extremely insulting action that was extremely humiliating to Han 3,000.

        But Han 3,000 could only accept his fate, who let him be no match for Fei Lingsheng now?

        "Even a mole like you is qualified to negotiate with me?" Fei Lingsheng said.

        "Who exactly are you, from the Eight Worlds?" Han Giangli asked, even if it means dying, you have to die a clear death, know what this guy to low is only.

        "I didn't expect that a low-level creature like you would know about the Eight Directions World, a bit interesting." The corner of Fei Lingsheng's mouth suddenly lifted up in a smile.

        Han Qianli wasn't angry at being called a low-level creature, but the point was that he didn't have the right to be angry now.

        "If you have any questions, I can answer them for you," Han Three Thousand said.

        "Your strength is quite a bit stronger than the others in Xuanyuan World, and as long as you serve me as a servant, I can consider not kil ling you." Fei Lingsheng said.

        Han Qianqian had never held himself back so much.

        No matter if it was on Earth or in Xuanyuan World, it was always someone else's turn to be his servant.

        But in this situation, could Han 3,000 years old still refuse?

        "No problem, as long as I can live, being a servant is no big deal." Han Qianli said without hesitation.

        Fei Lingsheng smiled with disdain, and his eyes were even more deeply contemptuous.

        "What was the final result of the ancient battle." Fei Lingsheng asked to Han Qianli.

        "I came here to look for clues about the Ancient War, but you appeared before I had a chance to understand," Han Three Thousand said.

        At this point, Han Qianli had a slight doubt in his heart, if this person in front of him had participated in the Ancient War, why would he appear here, and why didn't he even know the outcome?

        Perhaps there is only one possibility.

        She was one of the members of the Ancient War, but instead of going deeper into the battlefield, she was a deserter, so she was able to avoid death.

        "What time is it?" Fei Lingsheng continued to ask.

        For the time of the Xuanyuan world, Han 3,000 years could only look at the Lunar Dragon, for only it could know these things.

        "The Xuanyuan calendar is four thousand eight hundred years old." The Linlong said.

        "Four thousand eight hundred years!" Fei Lingsheng said with a sigh on his face, "I didn't expect that three thousand years had already passed since the ancient battle."

        Hearing this, a thought suddenly arose in Han Qianli's mind, this person standing in front of her was actually an old monster, fortunately she had occupied Fei Lingsheng's body, or else she wouldn't know what she looked like now.

        "What are you thinking about?" Noticing that something was wrong with Han Qianqian's expression, Fei Lingsheng questioned Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianli quickly shook his head, his inner thoughts could not be known to Fei Lingsheng, or else he would have a hundred lives that would not be enough to die.

        "No, it's nothing, I was wondering how we're going to get out of here when there isn't even a road." Han Qianli casually found an excuse.