His True Colors Chapter 1587-1588

 Chapter 1587

Such a conspiracy that might exist made Han Qianli shudder, and he felt even more that the world of Xuanyuan was a toy in the hands of some powerful people. Perhaps it was just a toy in the hands of some powerful people.

        And this multitude of beings was just some embellishment among the toys, adding more playfulness!

        "It seems that you still want to d i e." Su Yingxia said indifferently.

        The white-shirted man unconsciously gulped, Su Yingxia's attitude, obviously didn't care if he would offend someone because of this matter.

        Although the white-shirted man knew. It would never be a wise choice to capture the Linlong at this moment. But if he didn't do so, he wouldn't even be able to save his life.

        It was imperative to save his own life.

        "Since the Holy Maiden has a request, I will certainly do my best to satisfy it." The white-shirted man said.

        The speed of this man's face change was faster than Han Qianli had ever seen a woman's face change.

        It was true that people were the most easily swayed in front of their lives.

        After the white-shirted man left, Han 3,000 asked Su Yingxia. Only after the white-shirted man left did Han Qianli asked Su Yingxia, "What are you doing capturing the Linlong?"

        "I was just looking for an excuse to make him leave," Su Yingxia said.

        Han Qianqiang thought that Su Yingxia was planning to deal with Lin Long and was going to help Lin Long put in a few good words, after all, Lin Long had also helped Han Qianqiang convey a lot of critical information during this period, but she didn't expect that this was just an excuse for Su Yingxia to casually find someone to branch out.

        But Su Yingxia did so, which means that her time is running out.

        "Earth's matter, has everything been dealt with?" Han Qianqiang asked, "Grandpa is afraid that after I d i e, Fengqian will end the cooperation.

        Su Yingxia nodded her head and said, "Grandpa was afraid that after I di ed, Feng Qian would terminate the cooperation. So at the funeral, he specially invited Xiaolong."

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly. This was the unsympathetic side of the Su family's old man, who could ignore anything in front of the Su family's interests.

        But for now, these things were no longer important.

        "The Heaven's Gate has opened, so you'll be leaving soon," Han Qianli asked.

        "This Heaven's Gate can only be passed by people from the Fu Clan," Su Yingxia said.

        Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed instantly. He had planned to go to the Eightfold World with Su Yingxia, but he heard Su Yingxia say that. He didn't seem qualified.

        "Is it so hard that I can't come with you?" Han Qianli smiled bitterly.

        Although Su Yingxia didn't want to hit Han Qianli, this fact couldn't be kept from him.

        "Good." Su Yingxia said.

        After a pause, Su Yingxia continued, "And with your current strength, it's bound to be very dangerous for you to invoke Heavenly Lightning and reopen the Heavenly Gate."

        "Why?" Han Qianqian was puzzled; he had once attracted heavenly thunder when he was in the Pseudo-God Realm, and had successfully caught it.

        Now. Han 3,000 was already a true God Realm, in his opinion. Resisting the Heavenly Lightning to reopen the Heavenly Gate was not a difficult task.

        Su Yingxia lifted her head, a little hatred evident in her eyes, and said, "Because of some people. Definitely don't want to see the appearance of the Eightfold World, and will definitely do something to stop it."

        This was almost a nightmare for Han Three Thousand. It was almost like a bad news.

        If someone in the Eightfold World made a move to stop him, Han Three Thousand would surely d i e under the heavenly thunder. How could he possibly resist the strongest person in the Eightfold World making mischief?

        "So. I'll never be able to go to the Octagon?" Han Qianqian clenched his fists.

        Not being able to go to the Eightfold World meant being separated from Su Yingxia forever. This was not a result that Han Three Thousand could accept.

        Moreover, it was very likely that Han Nian would live in the Eightfold World, which was why Han Three Thousand had to go.

        "The most he can do is to stop it from happening. Never dare to go against the trend, or else you will be punished by the Heavenly Dao, so you must be a hundred percent sure to invoke Heavenly Lightning." Su Yingxia said.


        How to define this certainty, Han Qianqiang knows nothing, and how to know what degree is 100 percent.

        "Yingxia, this is hard for me, how can I know how sure it is?" Han Qianli asked.

        "When the seven-colored auspicious clouds appear in the sky, it will be the time for you to ascend." Su Yingxia said.

        Seven-colored auspicious clouds.

        Was this some kind of good omen?

        Han Giangli directly denied the answer in his heart and asked Su Yingxia, "You want to help me?"

        "Remember these words I have said to you, I will wait for you in the Eightfold World." As soon as Su Yingxia's voice fell, the voice of a man in white appeared in the sky, and in his hand, he was holding a snake-like object.

        "Holy Maiden, I have caught the Lin Long for you." The white-shirted man said respectfully to Su Yingxia.

        Han Qianli's eyeballs almost fell to the ground.

        This ...... such a little guy, just like an earthworm, was actually a Linlong!

        Isn't it a hundred feet long!

        Su Yingxia a slap in the air, knocked the Lin Long to the ground, said with a rebuke: "You tried to ki ll me, this is a lesson for you, from now on, if you do not obey half a sentence, I will take your life."

        Lin Long was trembling on the ground.

        Immediately, Su Yingxia soared into the air and headed towards the Heavenly Gate.

        The white-shirted man stared at Han Qianqian, unable to ki ll Han Qianqian, that is, did not complete the task of the person behind the person, but in front of Su Yingxia, he absolutely can not do this, can only stop.

Chapter 1588

Han Qianxiang could clearly feel the strong kil ling intent of the white-shirted man, who was only a servant of the Fusi clan.

        There must have been someone behind the order to ki ll Han Qianxiang, and this person was definitely someone in the Fu Clan, and his status was not low.

        This made Han Qianxiang a little worried.

        Now that he hadn't gone to the Eightfold World yet, he had already attracted someone from the Fu Clan who wanted to ki ll him, which meant that Han 3,000 would definitely have a hard time in the Eightfold World in the future, and his life could be in danger at any time.

        At this moment, a few people appeared in the Heaven's Gate and appeared in Xuanyuan World.

        Han 3,000 looked up, and saw that those people were in high spirits, about the same age as Su Yingxia, and both men and women had a strong air of supremacy.

        In addition to Han Qianlian, there were many people in Xuanyuan world who saw this scene. For those ordinary people, this was a true god, a god worthy of worship.

        A large number of people were kneeling on their knees, praying sincerely, hoping to receive the blessing of the god.

        But Han Qianqiang knew that they were just people, just people with great strength.

        When Su Yingxia walked up to a few people, they clearly restrained the arrogance on their faces.

        Although Han Qianli couldn't hear what they were saying, he could feel the attitude of those people towards Su Yingxia, which was clearly a humble attitude that only a servant would show in front of his master.

        "Whose orders have you come under?" Su Yingxia asked in a cold voice.

        "Holy Maiden, this matter has nothing to do with you, and I hope that the Holy Maiden will stay out of it." A man said to Su Yingxia.

        Without saying a word, Su Yingxia slapped a palm on the man's head, and the so-called god in the eyes of the commoners of Xuanyuan World directly turned into powder and vanished into smoke!

        Han Qianqian, who saw this scene, was shaken inside.

        What was Su Yingxia doing, how could she suddenly ki ll someone and be so determined to do so!

        The remaining few people saw Su Yingxia's tactics, and all of them had panicked expressions.

        "I'll ask one last time, who ordered you to come." Su Yingxia said.

        A few people knew that if they didn't tell the truth, Su Yingxia would definitely ki ll them, because their lives were of no importance to the Fushi lineage.

        "Holy Maiden, this is an order from the Lou Lan Pavilion." One of them hurriedly said to Su Yingxia, who was afraid of dying, and even more afraid of dying without a body, so he had to tell Su Yingxia the truth.

        The corner of Su Yingxia's mouth lifted with a cold smile.

        The Fu Clan's power is widely distributed, with many people holding some power in their hands, and the Lou Lan Pavilion is one of these heavy power distributions, but the existence of the Lou Lan Pavilion for the Fu Clan is to help the Fu Clan's disciples with their cultivation.

        Why did Lou Lan Pavilion intervene in this matter, Su Yingxia didn't quite understand, but was there someone behind it?

        "From now on, don't let me see you guys again, get out," Su Yingxia said.

        Several people did not dare to disobey, and retreated directly to the Heavenly Gate.

        Su Yingxia's words were like a death knell to them, and if they didn't go along with it, they would d i e without a burial place.

        At this time, Su Yingxia stood outside the Heavenly Gate and looked at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqiang clenched his fists and looked at Su Yingxia.

        The two of them were separated by heaven and earth, but their hearts were closely connected.

        Han Qianli knew that if he wanted to be with Su Yingxia again, he would have to show his real skills.

        "Don't worry, I'll make myself strong, I don't believe that the Xuanyuan World doesn't have a way to improve its cultivation." Han Qianqian said with a firm gaze, for him, as long as he could raise his cultivation, he was willing to do anything.

        Su Yingxia seemed to have heard Han Qianlian's words, and after nodding his head, he turned around and walked into the Heavenly Gate.

        When Su Yingxia disappeared from the Heaven's Gate, the entire Heaven's Gate disappeared as well.

        Although it had been many years since he reunited with Su Yingxia, Han Qianli had spent most of that time in seclusion, and the two of them hadn't really spent much time together.

        So at this time of separation, Han 3,000 would still have a lot of reluctance, and he knew that the time of the next meeting was still an unknown, which made Han 3,000 even more despondent.

        "Three thousand, what do we do now?" At that moment, Blade Twelve walked up to Han Qianqiang and asked.

        "You guys just live here and improve your cultivation as soon as possible, as for me, I must go and find a way to be able to improve my cultivation." Han Qianli said to Knife Twelve, who was now in a state where he had no time to take care of Knife Twelve and the others, and could only rely on their own abilities.

        Moreover, in Yun Long City, the three of them were definitely at the top of their realm and should not be threatened in any way.

        Knife Twelve didn't stay, he knew how deep Han Qianqian's feelings for Su Yingxia were, and now that Su Yingxia had returned to the Eightfold World, Han Qianqian would naturally take this as his goal.

        "Three thousand, you should also be careful, you must not be in a hurry." Mo Yang said.

        "Yes, you can't go off the rails because you're in a hurry." Liu Fang also advised.

        These shallow truths were naturally understood by Han Qianli.

        With a glance at the half-dead Lin Long on the ground, Han 3,000 grabbed it in the air and said to the three of them, "I'll go first, see you later."

        After saying that, Han 3,000 was like a gust of wind, directly drifted away without a trace.

        Blade Twelve looked at Mo Yang Liu Fang and his wife and said, "I'm also going to find a place to close up, you two have a good life."

        Mo Yang looked at Knife Twelve with a reproachful face and said, "What do you call this, what's the matter with 3000, is it so hard for me to do nothing but watch and not help, is it so hard for me to do nothing if you want to follow him to the Eightfold World?"

        Blade Twelve's retreat was to raise his realm as quickly as possible to keep up with Han Qianqian's pace, as well as Mo Yang's. But their thoughts were too simple.

        But their thinking was too simple, it was not that easy to reach the God Realm.

        Not to mention keeping up with Han Qianqian's pace, even if they could reach the Nine Lanterns Realm after a hundred years, it would be considered very good.

        After Han Qianqian left, he found a mountain and disappeared into the sea of clouds, like a fairyland.

        "Do you still need to act like you're doing it?" Han Qianqian saw that Lin Long was still in a half-dead state, and couldn't help but say.

        When Lin Long opened his mouth, a human voice came out of his mouth, "You can't feel how strong she is, so naturally you don't know how badly I'm injured."

        "Those people want to ki ll me, why is that?" This was the question Han Qianqian had been pondering in his head, but couldn't come up with a reason, so he could only expect Lin Long to give him a correct answer.

        "If you want to ki ll you, do you still need a why, isn't that a normal thing?" Linlong said.