His True Colors Chapter 1584-1586

 Chapter 1584

There was no need for the old man to explain to He Qingfeng.

        He quietly gazed at the direction of the forbidden land.

        In any case, since Han Qianqian had said that the apocalypse had no need to exist, then the apocalypse had no need to exist.

        If he said that He Qingfeng was dangerous, then He Qingfeng could only become an invalid.

        "Respectfully, I bid farewell to my master-uncle." Yi Lao bowed deeply for a long time.

        The Forbidden Land of the Apocalypse.

        When the three Mo Yang trio saw the space-time tunnel, everyone's face showed incredulity.

        They didn't expect such a place to exist in this time, it was like a colorful black hole that couldn't be seen at the end of a glance.

        On the other side of the tunnel was a whole new world for them.

        "Three thousand, the other end, is that the Xuanyuan World?" Mo Yang took a deep breath and asked Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianli nodded with a smile and said, "What, are you afraid?"

        Mo Yang glanced at his mouth and said, "I'm not afraid of anything in my life."

        "Right, so good at bragging, how about you go first?" Han Qianli ridiculed.

        Mo Yang's eyelids jumped straight, this step is still a little heavy for him, to go by himself first, of course Mo Yang did not intend.

        "Let's go together, it's good to have a companion." Mo Yang said with a giggle.

        Han Qianli casually waved his hand, and the three of them were wrapped up by a power.

        "Don't worry, if you go first, I won't bother roaming the world looking for you." After saying that, Han Qianli made a lifelong leap.

        Then the three of them, Mo Yang, also fell into the space-time tunnel uncontrollably.

        I don't know how much time had passed.

        When Mo Yang opened his eyes with difficulty, he was already in a completely new environment.

        The whole house was made of wood, and everything in front of him was made of mahogany, a fiddly retro style of decoration.

        Lying on the side of Liu Fang and Knife 12 woke up one after another.

        For Liu Fang, everything in front of her is very impressive, because this is the style of decoration she likes, antique.

        "Are we, already, in the world of Xuanyuan?" Liu Fang asked to Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang didn't know what was going on, although the environment had indeed changed, but exactly where he was, without someone to help explain it, he couldn't be sure.

        "Where is 3000?" Mo Yang looked around for someone, but other than the three of them, there was no sign of Han Qiangli in the house.

        Knife Twelve stood up, a little wobbly, obviously still not recovered from the impact of the time tunnel.

        "Let's go out and take a look." Knife Twelve said.

        Hearing this, Mo Yang and Liu Fang also hurriedly stood up.

        When they reached the door, Knife Twelve looked at them again, because what he pushed open was not just a door, but a whole new world.

        "Don't be scribbling, hurry up." Mo Yang urged.

        Knife twelve also no longer hesitated, pushing open the door.

        Outside the house was a garden, a small bridge and flowing water, a pleasant environment, and the fresh air that came over the three of them couldn't help but take a deep breath.

        The fragrance of the grass and the freshness of the earth was something they had never experienced on Earth.

        "I've woken up." At this time, Han Qianqian came towards the three of them.

        Seeing Han Qianxiang, Mo Yang felt much more solid in his heart, because Han Qianxiang was the guarantee of their safety, as long as they saw Han Qianxiang, there would be no danger.

        "Three thousand, how long have we been sleeping?" Mo Yang asked.

        "It wasn't long ago, one day and one night." Han Qiangli said. Han Qianqiang said.

        "Fine fine, we're ...... in Xuanyuan World now, right?" Mo Yang continued to ask.

        "Let's go, I'll take you out for a walk." Han Qianqian said.

        This was Long Yun City, and it was the first time Han Qianlian came to where Xuanyuan World was, and he even became the son-in-law of the Chen family in Long Yun City, something that left Han Qianlian speechless to say.

        In Earth, he joined the Su family, but he didn't expect that when he first came to Long Yun City, he would become a son-in-law again.

        Walking on the streets of Long Yun City, Mo Yang three people felt as if they were in a film and television city, the ancient atmosphere is particularly strong, everything is full of freshness to him.

        "I didn't expect that the Xuanyuan World, it turned out to be an ancient one." Mo Yang said with a sigh on his face.

        "This is just the Xuanyuan world's imperial court of one country, there are two other countries, and it's completely different from here." Han Qianqian said.

        "Completely different, what must it be like?" Mo Yang was puzzled.

        Once Han Qianqian didn't know what the other two countries were like, because he didn't have a chance to look at them at that time, but after returning to Xuanyuan World this time, Han Qianqian had already used his own consciousness to investigate, and the results surprised him.

        The imperial court was like the ancient times, but the Xia Kingdom was an era full of high technology, even more advanced than the modern civilization of Earth.

        The entire Xuanyuan world was more like the progress of human civilization, and each country represented a different turning period.

        The overall situation gave Han Qianlian a strange feeling that three different eras had appeared in the same world, as if someone had done it deliberately.

Chapter 1585

Han Qianli still clearly remembered that the strongest people in the Eight Directions World could create worlds once they reached the true God Realm, which made Han Qianli wonder.

        Could the Xuanyuan World, or even the Earth, have been created by these powerful people?

        To them, it was just a simple game for their amusement, or even just to watch a show?

        When Han Qianqian explained the three kingdoms of Xuanyuan to Mo Yang, Liu Fang was particularly shocked.

        She was a teacher by nature and had a special interest in history, so she couldn't imagine how people from three different eras could possibly live in the same space.

        "Three thousand, is what you're saying true?" It wasn't that Liu Fang didn't believe in Han 3,000, but she just couldn't believe it, because in her opinion this was absolutely impossible.

        Between the three kingdoms, as long as there was half a point of contact between them, their forward era would inevitably lead the backward era, and as long as a certain amount of time passed, the development between the three kingdoms would inevitably tend to balance out, how could the phenomenon of three different eras be maintained all the time.

        "Of course it's true, if there's a chance, I'll take you to see it." Han Qianli said.

        "How is this ...... possible, and is it hard to believe that there hasn't been any contact between the three kingdoms?" Liu Fang looked at Han Qianqian with confusion.

        Due to the existence of the Dark Forest, it was true that the three countries did not have much interaction with each other, and if they did meet, it was due to war.

        But one thing Han Qianli was sure of was that the monarchs of the three countries must have known each other's situation, but they didn't change their countries because of it, which Han Qianli couldn't figure out no matter what.

        Chongyo is still in the era of the Ruth's Blood, so why didn't they keep up with the imperial court?

        "It's true that they won't have friends apart from the war, but this matter, I believe, isn't that simple." Han Qianli said in a deep voice.

        Liu Fang didn't ask any more questions because she could see that Han Qianli's expression was already too serious.

        At this moment, a group of menacing people dressed in black robes walked straight towards Han Qianqian and the others.

        This made Han Qianxiang's heart even heavier.

        The scent of these people did not belong to Xuanyuan World, and Han Qianxian could not even see the realm of these people.

        Seeing such people in Xuanyuan World, Han 3,000 could easily imagine who they were.

        Lin Long had already tipped him off through Yi Qingshan that there were people from the Fu Clan waiting for Su Yingxia in Xuanyuan World, and these people were obviously people from the Fu Clan.

        "You guys go first." Han Qianqian whispered to Han Qianqian.

        Knife Twelve was the first one to stand beside Han Qianli, obviously not agreeing to this powerless arrangement of Han Qianli.

        "No, if there's trouble, we have to carry it together." Knife Twelve said.

        "Fight your sister, hurry up and get out, don't give me trouble, you stay here, but only to drag me backward." Han 3,000 gritted her teeth and said, "It's only the second day back in Xuanyuan World, but I didn't expect these people to come to my door so quickly.

        Hearing Han Qianqian say this, Blade Twelve looked a little hesitant.

        Mo Yang also looked like he didn't want to leave.

        Only Liu Fang was more sensible. She knew that since Han Qiang said so, they shouldn't stay and make trouble, and with their strength, they really couldn't help Han Qiang in any way.

        "Let's go, don't give him any trouble." Liu Fang scolded.

        Mo Yang was the first to compromise, after all, he didn't dare to disobey what Liu Fang said.

        Although Blade Twelve was reluctant, he knew he might cause trouble for Han Three Thousand, and when he saw that Mo Yang had withdrawn, he had no choice but to withdraw.

        "Three-thousand, be careful." Knife Twelve instructed Han Three Thousand.

        Han 3,000 was no longer in the mood to answer Knife Twelve, watching the gang of black robes get closer and closer, and the pressure was growing.

        And this pressure was not only psychological, but also physical.

        If it weren't for the gnashing of teeth, he would have been on his knees.

        The gang of black robes stopped in front of Han Qianli and formed a circle around him, surrounding him.

        But a voice suddenly came from behind Han Qianli's ear, "You've disappointed me a bit."

        Han Qianli turned his head in fear, and there was a clear-cut man in a white long coat standing one meter away from him.

        The man was as delicate-looking as a woman, with a strong air of a little white face, holding a fan in his hand, and constantly looking Han Qianli up and down, and his eyes were full of dislike.

        "Who are you?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Tsk tsk." The man kept shaking his head, sometimes making sighing noises, clearly expressing his dissatisfaction with Han Qianli.

        In the face of such dislike, although Han Giang was furious inside, he couldn't do anything at the moment because the gravity pressure brought by his shoulders almost made it impossible for him to move.

        The divine realm at this time was very weak, as Han Qianli had no ability to resist.

        "Little white face, I'll ask you one more time, what do you want." Han Qianqian gritted his teeth and said, he was also brave enough to call himself a little white face, not afraid that the other party would take his name.

        The man looked up and asked Han Qianli with a surprised face, "Am I very white?"

        Han Qianli almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood, which was probably the most incredible answer one could get from scolding a little white man.

        "Among the Fushi lineage, I am indeed the whitest, thank you for your praise, but unfortunately, despite this, I don't have any good feelings for you." The man said with a regretful look on his face, as if he really wanted to change his mind about Han Qianli, but he really couldn't force his heart, and his expression portrayed the word tangle most vividly.

        Han Qianqian simply felt that the guy in front of him was an idiot, and didn't know how such an idiot was able to cultivate at such a level.

        "What exactly do you want?" Han Qianqian asked again.

        The man gently tapped the fan on Han Qianqian's shoulder.

        Han 3,000 yuan had a feeling of being overwhelmed by Mount Tai, and his blood surged upward, directly spurting out a mouthful of blood, and then, his legs could no longer bear the enormous gravity, kneeling together.

        "There's no need for trash like you to dirty my hands, but the family has orders, and I have no choice but to really ki ll you with my own hands." The man said.

        Han Giang's heart was horrified, this Fu Clan was too unreasonable, kil ling at every turn, he didn't provoke this family.

        "By what authority, what authority do you have to ki ll me." Han Qianli asked.

        As if the man had heard a joke, he laughed out loud.

        "I didn't hear it wrong, to ki ll an insect like you, what do you need to rely on, a lowly creature from a lowly world, you deserve to d i e, don't you?" The man said.

Chapter 1586

No matter how angry he was, no matter how much he wanted to resist, in front of such a powerful force, Han Qianli could not put up the slightest resistance.

        The divine realm powerhouses of Xuanyuan World were incompetent trash in front of these people, who were just ants.

        "He's one of my people, and what are you if you say you're going to ki ll him." In the air, a familiar voice came out.

        When the man heard the voice, his face became even paler, and it was the bloodless kind.

        The corners of Han Giang's mouth turned upward, revealing a smile.

        The appearance of this voice meant that he had escaped death.

        Su Yingxia strode idly, seemingly slowly, but in a couple of strokes she was already in front of Han Qianqian.

        The man bowed deeply and shouted with a frightened expression, "Holy Maiden."

        The rest of the black-robed men even knelt on one knee directly in front of Su Yingxia.

        This scene was especially shocking to Han Qianqian.

        Although he had already guessed that Su Yingxia was not simple, but to what extent was she not simple was not something Han Qianli could imagine.

        Seeing it with his own eyes at this time, how could he not be shocked.

        "Holy Maiden, this is the clan chief's order." The man panicked and said to Su Yingxia, as if he was afraid that Su Yingxia would put the blame on his head.

        Su Yingxia didn't say anything, but helped Han Qianqian, who was kneeling on his knees, up.

        "I just came a little late and you're in such a mess." Su Yingxia said.

        Han Qianli smiled awkwardly and said, "On Earth I could protect you, but here, I'm incapable."

        "Is it so hard that I can't protect you?" Su Yingxia said with a playful wink, "At this moment, the man suddenly sprang up, like a scurrying monkey in the air.

        At that moment, the man suddenly sprang up, like a scurrying monkey, and flew into the air.

        But as he screamed in fear, Han Qianli noticed that he didn't seem to be trying to escape, but was flying uncontrollably.

        Next, the man's body plummeted downward, as if he was about to make close contact with the ground, and his speed continued unabated.


        The dust flew, and the man in a long white shirt directly smashed a hole in the ground.

        This left Han Giangli dumbfounded.

        The white tunic was stained with dust, and the man himself was even more dusty.

        Although the corners of his mouth were overflowing with a hint of fishy red, even so, he wasn't too badly hurt, in Han Qianli's opinion.

        "Holy Lady, I was just following orders." The man was bowing before, but now, he was also kneeling on one knee, as a way to show his respect for Su Yingxia.

        Han Qianqiang didn't know what the word "holy maiden" meant, but he could feel Su Yingxia's important position in the Fushi lineage due to her status as a holy maiden, otherwise, it would be impossible for the man in the white long coat to be so respectful to Su Yingxia.

        "I'll ki ll you, but it's just my own will." Su Yingxia said.

        The man looked terrified.

        Han Qianli couldn't help but laugh, but wasn't the meaning of this sentence the same as what the man in the white shirt said to him just now?

        If you want to ki ll, you can ki ll, no reason is needed.

        "Holy woman, you can't ki ll me." The man in the white shirt said.

        "So what if I ki ll you, will anyone else dare to trouble me? You are just a servant, who will turn against me because of you?" Su Yingxia said, "This makes the man in white even more afraid.

        This made the white-shirted man even more afraid.

        Indeed, with his position in the Fusi lineage, no one would have a conflict with Su Yingxia because of him.

        The holy maid and the household servant are simply not on the same level of existence, and similar to him, there are many others in the Fushi lineage, to put it bluntly, he is just an errand boy.

        A seemingly unbearable status, but in Han Qianli's eyes, it was unbelievable.

        A mere servant is so powerful, so what kind of strength does a real expert in the Fushi lineage possess?

        What was most unacceptable to Han Giang's heart was that he was not even an opponent for a household servant, and had no chance to resist.

        "Holy Maiden, what should I do to save my life." The white-shirted man asked Su Yingxia, knowing that he could not get a chance to live by threatening Su Yingxia all the time, so he could only go by the sword and satisfy some of Su Yingxia's demands, and perhaps have a chance of survival.

        "Want to live?" Su Yingxia said to the man in the white shirt.

        "I don't want to d i e." The white-shirted man replied.

        "I'll give you a chance to catch that stinker." Su Yingxia said.

        The white-shirted man frowned and said, "Holy Maiden, you should know his usefulness in the Xuanyuan World, and I'm afraid that capturing it will annoy some people."

        Han Qianqian heard a different meaning in this sentence.

        The Lin Long was useful in Xuanyuan World, and it would annoy some people.

        He remembered that the reason why the Dragon was in Xuanyuan was because it had fled and didn't want to become the riding pet of those people.

        But now it seems that things are not so simple.

        Although the Lin Long came here voluntarily, but there is a hidden plot that the Lin Long himself does not know, and it is even possible that it was deliberately used.

        It thought it had escaped to the world of Xuanyuan, but in reality, someone had done so on purpose!