His True Colors Chapter 1579-1580

Chapter 1579

Su Guolin's home.

        The silence between mother and son made the atmosphere in the house particularly heavy.

        The old woman had never thought that she had only said a few words for Su Guolin, but she would get such consequences.

        Although she was more interested in Su Guolin than anyone else in the Su family, she also knew that Su Guolin would be nothing once he left the Su family, and it was even more impossible for her to put her hopes of retirement on Su Guolin.

        Unfortunately, it's too late to regret it, the old man made this decision to save the Su family's future, and no one can make him change his mind.

        Unless ...... is able to step in, there may be a glimmer of hope for Su Yingxia.

        But the old lady knows very well how she treated Su Yingxia, and at this time, how can she have the face to ask Su Yingxia to put in a good word for her?

        "Mom, is it so hard that we really have to do this?" After a long period of silence, Su Guolin asked the old lady with a tone full of reluctance.

        The old lady knew very well what kind of character the old man had, and there was almost no possibility of trying to salvage it.

        "What more do you want?" The old lady said.

        "What more do you want? It's obvious that it was a setup, and it's hard for Dad not to see it. Why would he help an outsider against me!" Su Guolin gritted his teeth and said, "The old lady smiled faintly, and Su Guolin didn't even understand what was going on?

        The old lady smiled faintly, didn't Su Guolin even understand what was going on?

        Even if everyone at the birthday party knew he was framed, so what, would anyone dare to help him seek justice?

        In front of the Su family's future, Su Guolin was nothing.

        "What can you do if your father knows, you're still to blame for your own carelessness." The old lady said.

        This sentence made Su Guolin even more furious, what does it mean to be careless, this kind of framed thing, instead of blaming Han Qianqian, she blamed him?

        "Mom, do even you have to speak for outsiders?" Su Guolin said with a gloomy face.

        "It's not a question of who to speak for, is it so hard that you haven't seen through the current situation? Your father drove us away for the sake of the Su family, and in front of the Su family's interests, we are nothing but cannon fodder, does it have anything to do with whether or not you were framed?" The old lady said.

        "Why does it not matter." Su Guolin naturally couldn't accept this reality, so he would still feel how innocent he was wrongly accused.

        "If it wasn't for this matter, it wouldn't have gotten you kicked out of the Su family, is it hard to have a grudge between you and Han Qianqian?" Su Guolin said, "The old lady felt a little strange about this.

        If not for Han Qianli's words, she wouldn't have ended up in such a situation, but Han Qianli's targeting made the old lady really couldn't understand.

        At this time, the door suddenly opened, and Su Haichao hurriedly returned home.

        He reeked of alcohol, and he hadn't drunk less last night.

        After seeing the old lady, his face became even whiter.

        "You ba s ta rd, where have you been, don't you know what day today is?" Su Guolin cursed.

        Su Haichao lowered his head, not daring to argue, of course he knew what day today was, that's why when he returned home, he was a picture of fear.

        "Dad, I accidentally drank too much last night." Su Haichao said, a party at a friend's house, the wine was charming, Su Haichao was greedy and excessive, so much so that he slept for a whole day today, until he just woke up, he only realized that something bad was happening, but it was too late.

        "Drink, drink, drink, do you have anything else serious to do besides drinking?" Su Guolin walked in front of Su Hachao and slapped Su Hachao on the head.

        Su Hacchao could only endure the beating.

        Suddenly, Su Hachao's phone rang.

        This made Su Guolin even more angry, this guy's appearance, a look is just woke up hungover, did not expect to just come home, but the phone rang again.

        "What are you waiting for? Answer the phone." Su Guolin said.

        At this time, Su Hachao where still dare to answer the phone, but under the request of Su Guolin, had to take out the phone.

        As soon as he looked at the caller ID, Su Hachao panicked.

        The other party is a rich second generation, actually will organize a game to bring Su Hachao, and every time is a woman and wine, he called at this time, there is probably another party.

        "Answer it, look at the speakerphone." Su Guolin urged.

        Su Hachao pressed the answer button with a chill in his heart, and could only pray that the other party would never say anything too revealing.

        After the call was answered, I only heard the other party say, "Su Hachao, from today onwards, we are no longer in contact with each other, so don't look for me anymore."

        After saying this, before Su Hachao could ask questions, the other party directly hung up.

        Obviously, the other party only wanted to express his own meaning, as for what Su Hachao wanted to say, he did not care at all.

        The next, similar phone calls, Su Hachao a few, are called to break off the relationship.

        This let Su Hachao face a muddle, these people, can be his usual play very good rich second generation, they even played with each other the same woman, can be considered very good relations, how can suddenly become so?

        Su Hachao was puzzled as to what was going on, but Su Guolin was very clear.

        It seems that the incident at the birthday banquet had already spread, that's why those families ordered their juniors not to get too close to Su Hachao, so as not to be implicated for some unknown reason.

        Su Guolin felt a little desperate, when things had come to this, what future could he have in Cloud City?

        Even if he were to put his head down and go work for another company, who would dare to take him?

        "Dad, what's going on?" Seeing Su Guolin's complicated expression, Su Haichao subconsciously felt that this matter had something to do with Su Guolin, so he asked.

        "I've been completely expelled from the Su family and severed my relationship with your grandfather, the entire Cloud City business community should know about this matter." Su Guolin said.

        Su Hachao's heart was as if a mountain was pressing down on him, depressing him immensely.

        He relied on the Su family's current status to make so many rich friends, to make his life rich and colorful, and to win the face given to him by outsiders.

        But now, all of that seems to be gone, just because Su Guolin was kicked out of the Su family!

        "Dad, what's going on, how did this happen." Su Haichao asked anxiously, he could not accept this reality, if he was abandoned by Cloud City's rich circle, it would be an incomparably big blow to Su Haichao.

        "How did it happen?" Thinking about what happened, Su Guolin couldn't help but gnash his teeth, if it wasn't for Han Qianxiang, how would he end up in such a situation.

        At this time, the door was pushed open, and a person who Su Guolin hated so much walked into the house!

Chapter 1580

When Han Qiangli walked into the house, the old lady who had been sitting down couldn't help but stand up.

        When Su Hacchao saw Han Qianqian, he directly blocked Han Qianqian's way.

        How could Su Hacchao allow Han Qianqian to come to his house when he was always displeased with her?

        "Kid. What do you want, actually found my home." Su Hachao looked at Han Qianqian with an untamed face, unaware of what had happened today, and gave Han Qianqian a condescending look.

        "You'd better get out of the way, or else I'm afraid you'll get hurt." Han Qianqian smiled.

        Faced with such a threat, Su Hachao naturally couldn't back down. Su Hachao naturally could not retreat, or else. Wouldn't he be humiliated in front of Han Qianqian?

        "Oh, you want to di e for saying such things in front of me, Su Haichao, don't you?" Su Hechao gritted his teeth and raised his fist, looking like he wanted to hit Han Qianqiang.

        Seeing this situation, Su Guolin quickly stopped it. Although he didn't know the reason why Han Qianxiang came to the house, he was clear that if Su Hachao's punch went down, then their fate would be even worse.

        The current situation was not only about who was tough, but also about the background loss, and they were clearly not qualified to compare with Han 3,000.

        "Dad, do you know who this idiot is?" Su Hachao asked Su Guolin.

        Su Guolin's face turned pale, Su Hachao called Han Qianqian an idiot, isn't this annoying Han Qianqian?

        "Shut the f*#k up." Su Guolin was furious. Directly soaring out a swear word.

        Su Hachao was shocked by the words, although he didn't know what was going on. But Su Guolin's anger he could feel, and quickly closed his fist.

        "Han Qianqian, I've already been victimized by you like this, why are you still looking for me?" Su Guolin asked Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqiang's eyes did not fall on Su Guolin, but on the old lady. Obviously, he wasn't looking for Su Guolin. Rather, he was looking for the old lady.

        "Is it so hard that you still want to flaunt your power in front of me?" The old lady spoke up.

        Han Qianli shook his head, with a lazy smile on his face, and said, "It's not necessary to flaunt your power, I don't need to do that in front of you, and I've never put you in my eyes, I just see you, and I feel very happy to do so."

        Han Qianqiang's words were so cloudy that only he himself understood what they meant.

        Before she was reborn, the old woman di ed at the hands of her beloved grandson, Su Hachao, so that Han Qianli's later glory. She never had the chance to see it.

        She had always regarded Han Qianqian as a loser, but she never saw Han Qianqian's moment of glory. This was a big regret for Han 3,000.

        The old lady should have seen how powerful he was and regretted that she was wrong about Han 3,000, but unfortunately she di ed too early. So there was no chance.

        All along, Han Qianxiang felt that she didn't care much about these little things. Because of the experiences, these things became irrelevant.

        But when the memories were unraveled layer by layer. When the humiliation of that year surfaced in his mind, Han Qianli realized that he was not so open-minded. He had simply hidden this hatred deep in his heart.

        "Am I still a waste in your eyes now?" Han 3,000 asked.

        To the old lady. It was an inexplicable question, and she dared not treat Han Qiangnian as trash.

        If there was no Han Qianqian, how would the Su family be here today? How would the Su family be here today?

        And if it weren't for Han Qianqian, she wouldn't have ended up where she is now.

        "You're really joking, how dare I have the right to treat you as trash." The old lady said.

        These words didn't make Han Qianqian feel too much pain, because the old lady simply couldn't hurry what had happened.

        Han Three Thousand even thought of injecting all those memories into the old lady's mind, so that she would know everything that had happened and make her regret all the things she had done.

        But Han Qianli didn't do that, but left behind a sentence: "As long as I am here, you will never be able to turn over a new leaf."

        After Han Qianli left, the three of them looked confused.

        With my company Fengqian?



        Toyotomi Corporation, could it be his?

        It has been rumored in Yuncheng that Xiaolong is not the owner of the company, but a boss behind the scenes who controls all this, but who would have thought that the boss of Fengqian is actually Han Qianqian?

        "Three thousand, Feng Qian!" Thinking of these two words, Su Guolin sat on his buttocks on the floor, looking incomparably desperate.

        Su Hachao, on the other hand, was trembling with fear.

        He was actually gesturing in front of a big shot like the boss of Feng Qian Company.

        If Han Qianqian was happy, he could have killed him at any time.

        He was nothing in front of such a person!

        "Dad, I ...... us now, what do we do?" Su Hachao asked Su Guolin.

        What should we do?

        What else can we do.

        Before he didn't know Han Qianqian's identity, Su Guolin still had a glimmer of hope for a turnaround.

        But after learning the identity of Han Qianxiang, Su Guolin knew that everything was over, and no one could change his fate, nor did anyone dare to change the old man's decision.