His True Colors Chapter 1574-1576

 Chapter 1574

It was almost eleven o'clock when the old man was ready to go out, and the sun was already shining outside.

        Outside the hotel, since the master was not present, other people naturally did not dare to go into the hotel to cool off, and waited outside one by one in a sweat.

        Almost everyone had a big complaint in their hearts, but none of them dared to say anything, because expressing the master's secrecy at this time was tantamount to dropping a word in front of one's opponent.

        It is the first time that the company has been able to offer its services to the public.

        Finally, the old man's car slowly drove up to the entrance of the hotel, those who had been waiting for a long time began to stir.

        "Old Master."

        "Blessings on the old man."

        "I wish the old man a long life."

        The countless welcoming scenes were like welcoming a great man.

        Although it was the first time that the Su family's old man had received such treatment, he was not at all fearful in his heart, because he had long since accepted the fact that he was above all others, and even felt in his heart that he had taken it all for granted.

        Nowadays, it was not a strange thing for him to be treated courteously by the business people of Yuncheng City, as everyone wanted a piece of the Su family company after all.

        "I've kept you all waiting for a long time, let's go into the hotel to cool off." The old man said.

        The birthday banquet was held in the largest main hall of the hotel, and in order not to be disturbed by idle people, the Su family had directly chartered the entire hotel, and had not allowed any guests to stay since a week ago, which could be said to be a very generous move.

        In the main hall, all aspects of the birthday banquet had been set up properly and was filled with a sense of luxury.

        The old man, who was very satisfied with all of this, praised Su Guoyao repeatedly.

        If it weren't for Su Guolin, Su Guoyao would have been very happy, but now, he couldn't smile at all.

        Su Guolin returned to the company, although he was just an ordinary employee, but to some extent, it would still cause some trouble for Su Guoyao, which Su Guoyao did not want to see, but could not avoid.

        When he came to the main table, the old man sat directly on the top seat, and the guests offered gifts at this time.


        The old man was calm as water on the surface, but inside, he was already overwhelmed with excitement, and he had never dreamed of receiving gifts like this.

        It is not just today, but since two days ago, the old man has received many valuable gifts, and the house has been piled up like a mountain.

        The entire gift-giving process lasted almost an hour, and just this matter alone was enough for the people of Yuncheng to talk about it after dinner.

        Su Guolin had been waiting for his chance to be the grand finale, and he was already eagerly waiting in his heart, because he was confident that the gift he gave was definitely one that the old man would like.

        Although there were people who gave more expensive gifts than he did, in Su Guolin's opinion, none of the gifts were really delivered to the old man's heart.

        At this time, outside the hotel, Han Qianli and Su Yingxia finally arrived.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.

        "Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be there in time. There are a lot of people giving gifts today, and with Su Guolin's mentality, he'll definitely make the grand finale." Han Qianli said to Su Yingxia.

        "If you do that again in the future, you can continue to sleep on the floor," Su Yingxia threatened.

        Han Qianli looked ashamed, as his strength increased, so did his ability in certain areas, and he didn't expect to be able to toss a night out.

        When he arrived at the main hall, Su Guolin just walked up to the old man with his own gift.

        Seeing this situation, Han Qianlian and Su Yingxia breathed a sigh of relief, finally catching up, and not wasting their previous efforts.

        "You're lucky," Su Yingxia said to Han 3,000.

        The boulder in Han Qianli's heart has fallen, and he knows that if he misses this good show, he may have to sleep on the floor in the future.

        "Dad, I was confused and made some mistakes, and today I purposely picked out a gift for you that you like, I hope you can forgive me." Su Guolin stood in front of the old man with a face admitting his mistake, this is all because the old lady taught him, must make his attitude sincere, as long as he can return to the company, temporarily put down the face.

        Since a few days ago, the old lady has been brainwashing the Su family's old man, saying that Su Guolin has traveled to all nearby cities to find gifts for him, and his legs are almost broken.

        It was because of this that the old man was soft on Su Guoyao about letting Su Guolin return to the company.

        So the old master was still very much looking forward to this gift from him.

        "Open it and take a look." The old master said.

Chapter 1575

Since it was a gift from his own son, the old man naturally hoped that other people would take a long look at it and he would give himself a long face.

        Su Guolin was very confident in his gift, so after placing the gift box on the table, he carefully opened it up.

        By this time, the smile on Han Qianli's face was so strong that he could almost imagine what the next scene would be like.

        Su Guolin would completely embarrass the old man, and his wish to return to the company would never come true again in his life.

        When the gift was opened, Su Guolin was struck by lightning and froze on the spot.

        In the gift box, the tea that was clearly in the box, and that he had personally wrapped, how could it become a piece of clock!

        "What is this, what is this thing!"

        "It's actually a bell, how can there be a reason to send a bell on top of a big birthday."

        "Dimple, Su Guolin wouldn't want the old man to di e, would he."

        When the others saw this, they were all shocked.

        In such a big scene, Su Guolin did such a disrespectful thing in public, he really didn't take the old master into consideration.

        The old man's expression stirred ugly, even with a hint of fierceness.

        He also wanted Su Guolin to help him grow his face, and by the way, let those people get to know Su Guolin more, know Su Guolin's face, and in the future, it would be more convenient for Su Guolin to work on his business.

        But I didn't expect that Su Guolin would give him such a big bowl of ice water from head to toe.

        "Su Guolin, what do you mean." Su Guoyao was the first to come to his senses and loudly snapped at Su Guolin.

        Su Guolin was trembling with fear.

        He didn't know what was going on, but he knew very well what his fate would be when a piece of clock appeared on such an important occasion.

        "It's not me, it's not me, I didn't buy this." Su Guolin desperately shook his head, in this situation, he could not admit it to death.

        The old lady with a pale face could only shake her head helplessly, she had tried every possible way to help Su Guolin, but Su Guolin still did such a stupid thing, making her feel hopeless.

        "It's not you, is it hard for me, but this is something you brought yourself." Su Guoyao said.

        Su Guolin suddenly pointed at Su Guoyao and said, "It's you, it must be you who set me up, it's you who changed my things."

        Su Guoyao did not do this thing, the body is not afraid of the shadow, and said with a frank face: "I Su Guoyao how could I do such a thing, and this is a gift you bought, has been placed by your side, how could I have the opportunity to approach it."

        This sentence, also made Su Guolin himself confused.

        The gift was always kept at home, indeed no one else can approach, to low who is stealing the sky?

        "Su Guolin, go away, I don't want to see you again." The old man said in a deep voice.

        These words instantly hollowed out Su Guolin's heart, and he knew that if he left, he would never be able to return to the Su family again.

        "Dad, it's really not me, I don't know what's going on." Su Guolin kneeled down in front of the old man, weeping bitterly, he had no way to prove his innocence, he could only kneel down to pray for the old man's forgiveness.

        But in front of so many people, how can the old master come down?

        And he knew that if this story got out, it would be a joke in the streets.

        Now that the old man's status was so high, how could he be made fun of?

        All of this was caused by Su Guolin.

        "Get out, get out right now." The old master angrily rebuked.

        At this time, Han Qianli suddenly took Su Yingxia's hand.

        "What are you doing?" Su Yingxia was puzzled and asked.

        "What else can I do, to give a gift, of course." Han Qianli smiled.

        Su Yingxia subconsciously shook off Han Qianqian's hand and said, "Su Guolin is still here, and if you send a gift now, won't that make him recognize you, are you crazy."

        Although Su Yingxia was about to leave Earth, and the Su family's attitude towards her was no longer something she should care about, but she still felt a little guilty about such things being torn apart.

        However, Han Qianli and her thoughts were completely different, Han Qianli just wanted to debunk this matter and to let the old man know that Su Guolin could never return to the Su family, and that there was a reason for him to do so.

        Only with such a warning would Su Guolin be completely finished.

        "Let's go, you can just watch me perform." Han Qianli once again took Su Yingxia's hand.

        Su Yingxia didn't break free this time, but was curious as to what Han Qianli wanted.

        She walked up to the old man.

        When the old man saw Han Qianli, the anger on his face was instantly withdrawn.

        He could be angry at anyone, but only Han Qianxiang and Su Yingxia, he was not qualified.

        "Grandpa." Su Yingxia shouted.

        "Yingxia bought you some gifts, but it took a lot of energy, look." Han Qianli said to the old man.

        The old man nodded his head repeatedly, his attitude was different, and that high-minded look was all gone in front of Han 3,000.

        When Han 3,000 yuan opened the gift box, Su Guolin went crazy.

        "It's you, it's you who exchanged my gift, this tea was obviously bought by me, how could it be in your hands." Su Guolin snarled at Han Qianqian.

Chapter 1576

Su Guolin's fierce look was as if he wanted to ki ll Han Qiangli.

        However, when he rushed to Han Qianqian, he was grabbed by Han Qianqian's throat, and it was difficult for him to enter.

        "Things can be eaten indiscriminately, but words cannot be spoken indiscriminately, Su Guolin, do you know how these words will change my opinion of the Su family?" Han Qianqian said coldly.

        All the guests were baffled by Han Qianli's words. So what if Han Qianli has changed his mind about the Su family?

        "Who is this kid, so loud-mouthed."

        "He shouldn't think that the Su Family will put him in his eyes."

        "Oh, now the Su family is already the number one business family in Cloud City, besides Feng Qian Company, does the Su family still need to put anyone in their eyes, this young man is really out of his depth."

        Many people began to whisper and discuss, and in their opinion, Han Qianli's words were a bit unclear about their own weight.

        But the master of the Su family was chilled to the bone after hearing these words.

        Wasn't it because of Han Qianli that the Su family was able to cooperate with Feng Qian?

        If he had any dissatisfaction with the Su family, Fengqian would probably cancel the cooperation at any time.

        This is definitely not what the old man wanted to see. It was not easy to reach today's position, and once Fengqian is lost, the Su family will fall back to the bottom.

        So the old man made a move that startled the whole audience.

        After walking up to Su Guolin, the old man slammed his face and said angrily, "Su Guolin, you prepared the wrong gift yourself, how can you accuse someone unjustly, you unfilial son, from today onwards, the Su family will completely cut ties with you, and you will never want to return to the Su family in your life."

        In public, the old man said these words, there is no room for maneuver, which shows that he has an iron will, and this is also a way to tell the outside world that from now on, Su Guolin is no longer a member of the Su family.

        "Dad, Dad, don't, don't ah, my gift was really switched by him, I didn't lie, I really didn't lie, if you don't believe me, if I lie, the heavens will strike and thunder will strike." Su Guolin looked at the old man with a panicked face, hoping that the old man would retract those words.

        Without the Su family, Su Guolin was like a loser.

        And to say such words in front of the entire Yun City business community was to almost cut Su Guolin's life in Yun City, so Su Guolin was very clear about the serious consequences of this matter.

        Is the old man an idiot?

        Of course not!

        Su Guolin's words, he believed in his heart, after all, no matter how stupid Su Guolin was, he would not be able to give a clock on his birthday in front of so many people as an unfilial thing.

        But even if he knew the truth, what could he do?

        This is the first time I've ever been in a position where I've had a chance to do something like this, and I've never been able to do it.

        The company's products have been sold in the U.S. and Europe.

        "To this day, you still insult people, or are you so unrepentant?" The old man said in a cold voice, "Su Guolin was tearless.

        Su Guolin wanted to use this opportunity to return to the Su family, how could he choose such a gift to cut off his own life?

        Su Guolin never thought that his gift would be switched by Han Qianqian.

        At this time, the old lady couldn't stand it any longer, and stepped in and said, "Are you old and confused? Su Guolin is your son no matter what, and on such an important day, do you really think he's so stupid that he would give you something like this?

        The old man was about to say something when Han Qianqian snatched him up, "From what you're saying, you believe him, and you also believe that I did it?"

        Back then, Han Qianqian saw that Su Haichao's tea was fake, and the old lady herself also tasted this, but the old lady's bias, hard to shield Su Haichao, this matter has always made Han Qianqian feel very disgusting, today, finally able to do the same to others.

        "Besides you, who else would do this?" The old lady questioned.

        Han Giangli spread his hands and said, "Do you have any evidence?"

        The old lady looked embarrassed. If there was evidence, she wouldn't have to wait until now, she would have brought it out to prove that Han Qiangan did it.

        Seeing the old lady's silence, Han Qianqian continued, "Since there is no evidence, you are also framing me. It seems that the Su family has been a bit too inflated lately, could it be that your status is so high that you can frame people for no reason?"

        The people who came to the birthday banquet were even more confused by this.

        They were already baffled by the old man's action in beating Su Guolin, because the old man was obviously helping the young man named Han Qianqian, but what did he deserve?

        And this matter, the discerning eye can see that it is absolutely not the work of Su Guolin, but the old man has to deliberately pretend to be so confused, what is the purpose?

        Could it be that this young man's identity could really deter the Su family?

        Such a thought made many people feel very shocked.

        At the scene, apart from the Su family, only two people knew the truth, namely Tian Changsheng and Tian Honghui.

        He knew Han Qianqian's identity, so he was aware of the Su Family's fear.

        The Su family was able to have today because of Han Qiangli, regardless of whether the matter was framed or not, since it had come to this point, the Su family's old man had only one choice, to pin the pot on Su Guolin's head, unless he wanted to cut off the Su family's future, otherwise, it was absolutely impossible to think that Han Qiangli did it.

        "Dad, it looks like Han Qianli wants to cut Su Guolin's future off." Tian Honghui said from the side.

        "Do you still have any questions? Why do you need to ask me such a simple thing?" Tian Chang Sheng faintly said, he is now more and more dissatisfied with this son, Tian Hong Hui even betrayed Han Qianqian, which made Tian Chang Sheng almost wanted to ki ll this ungrateful son.

        Nowadays, in Yun City, almost everything is closely related to Han Qianxiang, and in the current business world, Han Qianxiang is even more dominating, trying to betray him is an extremely stupid act in Tian Changsheng's opinion.

        "I just don't understand the reason why, could it be that Su Guolin is still qualified to pose a threat to him?" Tian Honghui was curious.

        Su Guolin is just a small role in the Su family, while Han Qianqiang is the CEO of Fengqian, and their identities are so different that they are worthy of Han Qianqiang's design to frame them, which makes Tian Honghui wonder.