His True Colors Chapter 1567-1568

Chapter 1567

Three days before the Su family's old master's birthday.

        Since the Su family's status in Yun City is completely different now, the old man, naturally, has become a sought-after target by the Su family's upper class, and countless people want to take this opportunity to befriend the old man.


        The smile on the old man's face was almost stiff, and the smile he showed for most of the day today was more than he had shown in the previous few years, which was enough to show how happy the old man was.

        He knew that there were many big gifts that the business families would give on the birthday, which made the old man think it was a beautiful thing just by thinking about it.

        In the past, he never dared to think that he could have such a strong influence, and that the entire business community of Yun City would be sensationalized by him on his birthday.

        The old lady saw that the old man was happy today, and specially made a pot of tea to come to the side.

        "It's been many years since I've seen you so happy," the old lady said with a smile. The old lady said with a smile.

        The old man couldn't hide the upturned corners of his mouth and said, "How can I not be happy, I'm well, and the Su family has a bright future.

        In the past, the Su family was nothing more than a small transparency to the business community in Yun City, and not many people would take it into consideration, but now, the Su family has become the number one family in Yun City, and its status has far surpassed that of the Heavenly Family, which in the past, would only be a dream.

        "It shows that you not only have a great life, but also a great fortune." The old lady smiled.

        The old man denied this statement, he did not feel how lucky he was, because all of this was brought to him by Han Qianli, the recovery and the development of the Su family, all closely linked to Han Qianli, it can be said that Han Qianli single-handedly changed the entire Su family, and even Yuncheng.

        "Although the Su family is now powerful and well-developed, we must not forget Han Qianli's kindness to the Su family. The old man said, "Han Qianli's status in his heart has become higher and higher, of course, the old man is also very clear why Han Qianli is good to the Su family, but it is a pity that Su Yingxia is not old enough, otherwise, he would like to hold a wedding for Han Qianli and Su Yingxia earlier, so that this relationship can be completely stabilized.

        The old lady's eyes clearly flashed with a trace of displeasure, but she was quick to conceal it.

        In her heart, her rejection of Su Yingxia did not diminish with the appearance of Han Qiangli, and the old woman did not want the Su family to fall into the hands of Su Guoyao, because she thought Su Guoyao was a loser who had relied on Han Qiangli's charity to get the Su family to its present position, and the temporary prosperity was false.

        The most effective way to stop it was to let Su Guolin return to the company, regain power, and hand the company over to Su Hechao in the future, so that the Su family could be truly stable.

        "While you're so happy, I have some ideas I want to tell you." The old lady said.

        As soon as she heard this, the old man's face immediately showed a look of displeasure and said, "If it was still because of Su Guolin's matter, you wouldn't have to ask, I don't want the good mood to be ruined by you."

        "Su Guolin is also your son, how can you be so generous, and the Su family is now developing steadily, you let him go back to the company, give a small position, can also be considered to give him a bite to eat, is it so hard that you want to watch him starve to death on the street?" The old lady said.

        In order for Su Guolin to take over the position in the future, the first step was to let him return to the company.

        But the old man was obviously very reluctant about this matter.

        After hearing the old lady's words, he showed a face full of disdain and said, "Starve to death on the streets? He's an adult, if he doesn't even have the ability to support himself, what's the use of him returning to the company, my Su family doesn't need such a waste."

        In the old man's eyes, the current Su family, in addition to Su Guoyao is his own son, Su Yingxia is his own granddaughter, everyone else can be ignored.

        For a profit-oriented businessman, relatives have no weight at such times.

        As long as the Su family can develop in an orderly manner, even if Su Guolin really starves to death on the street, the old man will absolutely not go to look at it.

        "Are you really that ruthless?" The old lady gritted her teeth and said.

        "Don't think that I don't know what's going on in your head, I'm warning you, if you keep messing around and don't drop those thoughts, you'll end up, and you'll also be kicked out of the Su family, and whoever dares to undermine the Su family's interests will be my enemy!" The old man said.

        The old lady felt a little guilty, so much so that she didn't dare to look directly into the old man's eyes.

        The old man continued: "You treat Su Guoyao as trash, and Su Guolin as the future of the Su family, but the facts have already been laid out in front of you. And Su Guolin's skills have been used against his own family, when has he ever really contributed to the company?"

        "It's true that I've been sick for many years, but that doesn't mean I don't know anything about the company."

        "I also know that you're manipulating Su Guolin, do you enjoy draping yourself over the company? So when you couldn't manipulate Su Guoyao, you couldn't take it anymore?"

        The old lady's face was already pale after this speech.

        When Su Guolin was in charge of the company, it was true that she was the one behind the scenes, and many of the company's decisions were made by the old lady, who did seem to be draping herself over the administration, and liked to operate Su Guolin as a puppet.

        But all this, no one said, not even the old lady herself did not feel, she just felt that the Su family can only be better if it is developed according to her ideas.

        "You want to manipulate the company, but you also have to look at your own ability, you have done a lot for the Su family, but is everything really good?" The old man questioned again.

        The old lady took a deep breath and instantly seemed to have aged a lot more.

        "I am trying to make the Su family better." The old lady said.

        "The Su family will become the best in the future because of Han Qianli." The old man said with a decisive voice.

Chapter 1568

In the most prosperous commercial street of Cloud City, Su Yingxia took Han Qianqian's hand and strolled through the businesses along the road one by one.

        It's not too boring for Han Qianli, who went into every store to look around with Su Yingxia. After all, it was a beautiful thing for Han Qianli to be able to accompany Su Yingxia on her shopping trips.

        And their quiet moments are few and far between, so Han Qianli seems to cherish them even more.

        When she arrived at a gift store, Su Yingxia fell in love with a pair of rings, but felt that it was difficult for her to bring this up. So she called Han 3,000 to her side.

        "Look, does this necklace look good?" Su Yingxia pointed to the window and asked Han Qianqiang.

        "Good looking." Han Qianqian said without hesitation. With Su Yingxia's posture, any accessory would be an added bonus for her, and there was nothing to say whether it looked good or not.

        "Then I'll try it on."

        Su Yingxia tried the necklace first, and after she was not satisfied with it, she tried something else.

        In Han Qianli's opinion, everything was impeccable after it was brought on Su Yingxia's body. They were all impeccable, but she didn't show the slightest satisfaction on her face.

        This made Han Qianli feel very strange, in normal times Su Yingxia is not such a picky person.

        Gradually, Han Qianli discovered the problem.

        Su Yingxia chose many things, but the only thing she didn't mention was the pair of rings in the middle, as if she had suspiciously overlooked the existence of the rings.

        The smart Han Qianqian quickly thought of the reason, couldn't help but smile, and then said to the shopping guide, "Let me see these rings.

        After saying that, the shopping guide took out the rings, and Han Qianli first put them on for Su Yingxia, then put the other one on herself. Then he put another one on his own hand.

        "How about it, does it look good?" Han Qianqiang asked Su Yingxia.

        "En. Good looking." Su Yingxia finally showed a satisfied smile.

        Through this smile, Han 3,000 also knew that his guess was right.

        But a woman is a never-ending book, this truth, Han 3,000 today is considered a thorough practice.

        After knowing Su Yingxia for so many years, Han 3,000 thought that he still understood her very well, but sometimes her behavior. It's no wonder that some people describe women as the most emotionally complex animals in the world.

        "You wanted the ring. Why didn't you say so earlier, hinting at me in this way, what if I can't understand it?" After paying the bill and leaving the jewelry store, Han Qianqian asked Su Yingxia.

        The ring on her hand, which Su Yingxia stared at with satisfaction, was not a valuable item, but it was a gift from Han Qianxiang, and she was very happy.

        The company's main business is to provide the best quality products and services to the customers.

        "This kind of thing. How can a girl ask, if you don't understand. I will ignore you." Su Yingxia said.

        Han Qianqiang could not laugh or cry, this is really an unmitigated disaster ah, in exchange for a slightly numb boy, it is normal to not understand it.

        "Right. I still have to choose a gift for grandpa, what do you think I should get?" Su Yingxia asked Han Qianqian. The main purpose of going out shopping today is to choose a gift for the old man of the Su family. But it's in a girl's nature that she can easily lose herself once she goes shopping. The good news is that Su Yingxia still managed to find her way back in time.

        "There's no need to send anything, as long as you can be there. He'll be very happy." Han Giangli smiled.

        Is there a shortage of gifts for the old man nowadays?

        And to say that the best gift Su Yingxia gave to the old man. Isn't it the development of the Su family now?

        If it wasn't for Su Yingxia, would the Su family be where they are today?

        And the old man's condition worsened, and without Han Qianxiang's help, he would have been dead.

        You know that all this is closely related to Su Yingxia.

        "Of course it can't be like this, everyone else has been sent, how can I not send them." Su Yingxia said.

        Han Qianqian was a little surprised inside, Su Yingxia had recovered her memory, it is reasonable to say that the relatives in the Eight Directions World are the most important to her, but looking at her now, she seems to value these relatives on Earth very much.

        "Do you think there's anything else he's missing? Now the Su family has plenty of money, so they can't buy anything they want," Han Qianqian said. Han Marchiang said.

        "Of course it's different, money to buy things for yourself is just to satisfy your own desires, but the gift I gave, that's a heartfelt gesture." Su Yingxia said.

        "Why don't we go to this store and take a look?" The old man loves tea, so it wouldn't be wrong to send him tea.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a wide range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.

        Su Yingxia wrinkled her nose slightly and said to Han Qianli, "The tea here is really strange, the tea of the eight worlds, the fragrance of a thousand miles, will not have such a strange taste."

        Han Qianli couldn't help but roll his eyes, the tea leaves of the Eightfold World were divine, how could they be compared to these mortal things on Earth?

        "Can it be compared? You don't look at what kind of immortal characters the Eight Worlds are, and how poorly they make it." Han 3,000 said.