His True Colors Chapter 1561-1563

 Chapter 1561

After all, what he is pursuing now is the realm of the Eight Directions, and Sacred Chestnut is after all a product of Xuanyuan World, so even if he eats more, it will not improve his realm.

        So now the way to make the most of the Sacred Chestnut is to give it to Mo Yang and the others, whose realms are low, and who can make the most of it after eating it.

        After hearing Mo Yang's words, Han Qianli casually took out a few of them and said to Mo Yang, "Go, time is running out, do what you want to do and leave no regrets."

        Mo Yang took the sacred chestnut in passing, without any outward appearance, and did not say thank you to Han 3,000, after all, the feelings between men do not need to express gratitude verbally.

        "Let's go, now that you have Sacred Chestnut, you don't have to worry about keeping up with the realm." Mo Yang said to Liu Fang.

        Liu Fang gratefully looked at Han Qianqian and said, "Thank you."

        Han Qianqian shook his head and said, "What are you thanking me for, it's of no value to me, giving it to you will instead be of the greatest use."

        Liu Fang didn't say anything more, because if she had to thank Han Qianli, she wouldn't be able to repay him in any way, because thanks to Han Qianli, she had the opportunity to see the world outside of Earth.

        After the two of them left, Han Giangni instructed Blade Twelve on a number of things.

        Although he could arrange some things to minimize their danger after they went to Xuanyuan World, Han 3,000 couldn't guarantee that anything would happen, so the best way to ensure their safety was their own strength.

        Han 3,000 hoped that before he went to the Eightfold World, he could raise Blade Twelve's realm to the highest, preferably to the Extreme Master realm, so that Mo Yang and Liu Fang's lives would not be threatened in any way.

        But to make Blade Twelve become an Extreme Master in a short period of time, this is absolutely not an easy thing to do, even if there are more sacred chestnuts, it will not help.

        "Can't Fei Lingsheng be hard to defeat to protect them?" Seeing Han Qianqian struggling with this matter, Su Yingxia wondered to Han Qianqian that there was a ready-made strong person who didn't need to be used, but preferred to take a detour to accomplish something that wasn't very realistic, making Su Yingxia unable to figure it out.

        "Fei Lingsheng does have the strength to protect them, but this person is not a hundred percent trustworthy." Han Qianli had always been wary of Fei Lingsheng, and after betraying him this time because of the Linlong, Han Qianli was even more convinced that Fei Lingsheng was not a reliable person, so he would never put the lives of the twelve or thirteen knives in Fei Lingsheng's hands.

        "Why?" Su Yingxia was curious.

        "She has betrayed me on this trip to the apocalypse, but fortunately I found out in time, or else she would have found an opportunity to ki ll you." Han Qianli said.

        "Ki ll me?" Su Yingxia felt very strange, for no reason at all, why did Fei Lingsheng want to ki ll her, it made no sense at all.

        "She is controlled by the Linlong, and the Linlong is afraid of your strength, so he wants you to d ie." Han Qianli explained.

        Su Yingxia suddenly realized, and unconsciously said, "This stinker actually wants me dead, let's see how I can deal with it."

        When Han Qianli heard the word stink bug, he couldn't even laugh or cry, with his current strength, he didn't dare to call the Linlong this way, but Su Yingxia was fully qualified, which also reflected the gap between Han Qianli and Su Yingxia now, which was something he couldn't even admit if he didn't want to.

        "If he knew that he had upset you, he would definitely hide like an earthworm." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        At that moment, Su Yingxia suddenly thought of something, and her expression became a bit more serious.

        Han Giangxi also noticed Su Yingxia's change in mood and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

        The first time I saw a dragon, it was a crystal-clear jade color, and countless people were prostrate in front of it, as if they were begging for mercy.

        It was the first time I had ever seen a dragon in my life, and I was so impressed that I could feel a strong sense of oppression.

        What kind of dragon is this, and why is it so powerful!

        "It's nothing. I seem to have suddenly thought of something, but I can't describe it specifically," Su Yingxia said. Su Yingxia said.

        Han Giangxi knew that it was probably because the memories belonging to Fuyue had begun to unblock bit by bit, but Su Yingxia would still need to eat what that old man left behind if she wanted to recover all the memories of her previous life.

        Han Giangli gave Knife Twelve a few sacred chestnuts and said, "Do your best, you can't force this kind of thing."

        Blade Twelve's expression was resolute, and even Han Qianqian thought that this was unlikely, but he would not give in, and must do his best to try.

        In the following days, Han Qianli and Su Yingxia stuck together almost every day, doing what ordinary lovers should do, and in a short period of time, their feelings for each other heated up dramatically, like glue, and now Su Yingxia is no longer holding Han Qianli's wrist all the time.

        On the other hand, Knife Twelve is always closed, and in order to meet the requirements of Han Qianli's desired realm, Knife Twelve is really desperate.

        On this day, Han 3,000 and Su Yingxia were preparing to go out to cultivate their relationship with each other as a couple, but when they opened the door, there was a person standing in the front yard that Han 3,000 had never expected to see, but it was only logical that he would appear sooner or later.

        Yi Qingshan.

        This guy was ordered by the Linlong to come, the initial purpose was definitely to find trouble for Han 3,000, but now, he was able to take the initiative to appear, indicating that the Linlong has no idea of dealing with Han 3,000.

        "I didn't expect that we would meet here." Han Qianqian said to Yi Qingshan.

        Yi Qingshan put on an inscrutable appearance, but he was puzzled by Han Qianqian's words, as if he recognized him.

        "If we don't meet here, where else can we go, and if I don't show up, you'll never find me," Yi Qingshan said.

        This was something Han 3000 had to admit, and I don't know what method Yi Qingshan had used to escape Han 3000's consciousness, but his non-appearance couldn't have any effect on Han 3000, because he couldn't confront Han 3000 head on either.

        "I don't need to look for you because I know you'll show up sooner or later, and as long as I'm here, you won't be able to hurt anyone," Han 3,000 said.

        Yi Qingshan didn't know how to refute this, and he indeed didn't dare to make a move easily, as he might lose his life if Han Qianqian noticed, and he didn't dare to gamble with his own life.

Chapter 1562

"You've never been one to fear death, am I right." Seeing that Yi Qingshan did not contradict himself, Han Qianli smiled and continued.

        Ever since he reached the Nine Lanterns Realm, preserving life had become Yi Qingshan's top priority. Once the slightest threat to his life appeared, Yi Qingshan would run away, and he was definitely the fastest one.

        Of course, not just anyone is qualified to call out such a nickname.

        But Yi Qingshan was surprised that people in Xuanyuan World knew about it, but why would a guy from Earth look like he knew him so well?

        "Who exactly are you, why did the Lin Long ki ll you, and why do you know anything about me?" Yi Qingshan asked to Han Qianqian.

        This surprised Han 3,000 yuan, because Lin Long remembered him, and Fei Lingsheng also remembered him, which made Han 3,000 yuan subconsciously think that his rebirth had only changed the earth.

        However, Yi Qingshan's current state seems to be that he doesn't recognize himself anymore, which means that his rebirth has also brought changes to the Xuanyuan world.

        But ...... Why are Fei Lingsheng and Lin Long a special one, which made Han Qianlian somewhat unable to understand.

        "Is it hard to fall down Lin Long didn't tell you?" Han Giangli said to Yi Qingshan with an expression of surprise.

        "What's the matter, what should it tell me?" Yi Qingshan asked with an eager face.

        "I'm the only God Realm powerhouse in the Xuanyuan World, you wouldn't know that," Han Qianqian said.

        Yi Qingshan was stunned. The message he got from the Lin Long only told him that Han 3,000 was very strong, the strongest among his peers in the Extreme Master Realm, so the Lin Long repeatedly told Yi Qingshan not to show his face in front of Han 3,000 to avoid risking his life.

        Yi Qingshan, who was afraid of death by nature, did not dare to try it.

        But he never expected that Han Qianqian had become a legendary God Realm powerhouse in Xuanyuan World!

        "I know." Han Giangli suddenly smiled and said, "I know why Lin Long didn't choose anyone else but you."

        "Why?" Yi Qingshan asked in puzzlement.

        "Because you are afraid enough to di e, because you can be sure to let the Linlong know that you will not easily appear in front of me without his orders." If it were any other strong person, he might still have some inner dissatisfaction and fight with Han Qianqian, but Yi Qingshan would never do so.

        But Yi Qingshan would never do that. Such words are obviously not a compliment.

        But Yi Qingshan didn't mind it at all. He was afraid of dying and the whole world knew it, so he didn't think it was something to be ashamed of anymore.

        "If I knew that you were a strong God Realm, I wouldn't have come to this place at all." Yi Qingshan had begun to regret it, and even felt that he shouldn't have appeared in front of Han Qianqian.

        If Han 3,000 wanted to ki ll him at this moment, he wouldn't have a chance to escape.

        Although the Extreme Mastery Realm was strong enough, Yi Qingshan still knew what he was doing in front of a strong God Realm.

        "You don't need to be afraid, I won't ki ll you, but there's a reason why you suddenly appeared, right?" Han Qianqian smiled and asked.

        Yi Qingshan just remembered the main matter explained by the Lin Long and said to Han Qian, "The Lin Long asked me to convey to you that there has been a break in the Xuanyuan World, and now the Heaven's Gate is wide open, once Su Yingxia appears in the Xuanyuan World, he will be taken away immediately."

        The Heaven's Gate is wide open!

        This is not giving Han 3,000 a chance to breathe.

        If Su Yingxia was taken away, Han 3,000 would have to follow at once, which meant that Han 3,000 had no time to deploy the Xuanyuan World to ensure the safety of Blade 12 and the others.

        This is very bad news, but it's good to know in advance, and Han 3,000 is prepared in advance.

        "Thank it for me, I was going to ki ll it, but if it can inform me, I'll spare its life, so if there's any update, let me know at once." Han Qianli said to Yi Qingshan.

        Yi Qingshan's throat visibly squirmed, then asked Han Qianqian, "Can I go now?"

        Han Giangli smiled helplessly, a strong Extreme Master realm, but such a coward as a mouse, what a disgrace to the Extreme Master.

        "Of course, you can go." Han Qianqian said.

        After Yi Qingshan left, Han Qianli saw Su Yingxia with a heavy expression with his remaining light.

        Originally, he planned to pretend that he didn't know anything and continue to have fun with Su Yingxia for the rest of the day, but looking at Su Yingxia's state, it was clearly unrealistic.

        "What's wrong?" Han Qianqiang asked Su Yingxia, "I don't know why, but I have a strange feeling in my heart.

        Su Yingxia took a deep breath and said, "I don't know why, but I have an uneasy feeling in my heart, like ...... is going to be separated from you."

Chapter 1563

"Don't worry, no one can separate us." Han Qianli said in a heavy tone, although he knew that everything after going to the Eightfold World was out of his control.

        But this kind of determination, Han Qianli still had it.

        Su Yingxia nodded her head, and although she tried to think on the bright side, the feeling of dread inside couldn't be diminished at all.

        Seeing that Su Yingxia was no longer in a good mood, Han Qianli simply cancelled today's trip, and they both returned home to practice.

        After Yi Qingshan left the hillside villa, he immediately got in touch with Lin Long and lost his temper, because Lin Long had concealed Han's strength from him, making Yi Qingshan feel that he had suffered an unprecedented crisis.

        When Yi Qingshan finished complaining, he said indifferently, "If you are afraid that he will ki ll you, aren't you afraid that I will ki ll you? Talking to me in such a tone, I really want to know how many moves you can take from me."

        Yi Qingshan was stunned, his attitude instantly changed, and said to Lin Long, "I'm sorry."

        Lin Long laughed, this soft guy was really insulting the name of the Extreme Master Realm, who could be as cowardly as him.

        "I warn you, your body resides my breath, as long as I want you to d ie, just need a thought to, you better think carefully before you lose your temper with me next time." Lin Long said.

        It was because of this that Yi Qingshan was able to escape Han Qianqian's consciousness, because the Lin Long's breath had completely covered up Yi Qingshan's original breath.

        "I'm sorry, I know I was wrong, and I definitely won't do it again." Yi Qingshan said.

        "What else did he say after he knew about that incident?" Linlong asked.

        "He said he won't ki ll you, and if there are any updates, he needs to be told first." Yi Qingshan said in a straightforward manner.

        The Linlong was quite relieved to hear this, but he wasn't afraid of Han Qianqian, but of Su Yingxia, with its current strength, it wasn't enough to fight in front of Su Yingxia.

        "With your strength, is it hard to be afraid of Han 3000, is the God Realm so powerful?" Yi Qingshan couldn't hold back his curiosity and asked Lin Long.

        He really wanted to know just how strong the Divine Realm was!

        "The Divine Realm is not scary, and neither is Han 3000." The Lin Long said.

        This made Yi Qingshan feel even stranger. If Han 3000 is not frightening, then what is it that the Lin Long fears?

        "What was scary was the woman he was with," Lin Long continued.

        That woman?

        Today, Yi Qingshan specially checked the scent of that woman, who is a normal person, and he couldn't even feel the slightest power.

        "That woman, isn't she just an ordinary person? I have felt her scent, but there is nothing special about it." Yi Qingshan said. Yi Qingshan said.

        This made Lin Long laugh. How could a Kongdong realm powerhouse like Yi Qingshan be able to easily feel out a trash like her?

        "You really think highly of yourself, are you qualified to find out how strong she is in the Eightfold World?" Lin Long said in a disdainful tone.

        The Eightfold World!

        Yi Qingshan's pupils changed slightly, isn't the Eightfold World the space above Xuanyuan's world?

        Legend has it that people from Xuanyuan World are only qualified to go to that world if they reach the God Realm, which is enough to show how powerful the people there are.

        And Su Yingxia, in fact, was the strongest person in the Eight Directions World!

        Yi Qingshan, whose eyelids were jumping, didn't know what to say.

        "What should I do next?" Yi Qingshan asked to Lin Long.

        "Your current use is to inform the public, so if I have new news, I will naturally tell you." Lin Long said.

        "Yes." Yi Qingshan responded respectfully.

        Hillside Villa.

        In order to prevent Su Yingxia from continuing to be despondent, Han Giangli deliberately found a comedy film and they watched the movie at home.

        But no matter how happy the movie was, the weight on Su Yingxia's face didn't fade a bit.

        The first thing I noticed was the fact that there was a lot of people in the world who were not aware of what was going on.

        But this pressure, in fact, can be avoided.

        As long as Su Yingxia has recovered her memory and knows all the things that happened, perhaps these pressures will cease to exist.

        "Why don't you recover your memories first." Han Qianli suggested to Su Yingxia, which was not Han's original intention, because if Su Yingxia regained her memories, she might become a different person, and the relationship between the two of them might also be affected.

        But Han Qianli would never let Su Yingxia suffer alone because of her selfishness.

        Su Yingxia took a deep breath, and the reason she was silent was because she was considering this matter.

        "Do you think this is good for me?" Su Yingxia asked.

        "I'm not sure if it's beneficial or not, but it's sooner or later, and it won't make much difference if it's sooner or later," Han Giangli said.