His True Colors Chapter 1551-1553

Chapter 1551

Nangong Boling stayed in the Han family, which invariably caused a certain amount of psychological pressure on the Han family's crowd, but this pressure did not exist for Han Tian Yang, because he knew about Han 3000, and knew even more that Nangong Boling feared Han 3000.

        "I didn't expect you to have today, it's not easy to feel this way," Han Tianyang said to Nangong Boling.

        For Nangong Boling, there was no such thing as feeling good or bad, because what he wanted to get from Han Qianxiang was something that no one else in the world could give, so even if he whispered to Han Qianxiang, Nangong Boling could easily accept it, as long as he thought that he could become like Han Qianxiang and extend his life, Nangong Boling felt that everything was worth it.

        "Looking at you, you seem to know about Han Three Thousand Years." Nangong Boling said.

        Other than Han Tianyang, the other Han family members were all afraid of him, and Han Tianyang, a former puppet, was able to be so unscrupulous, which made Nangong Boling guess that Han Tianyang knew about Han 3000, and only then would he not be afraid of himself.

        "My own grandson, can I not understand him?" Han Tian Yang smiled and said.

        "Your luck is really good, with such a grandson, you should be able to get a lot of benefits." When Nangong Boling said this, there was a tone in his voice that couldn't be concealed with envy, in his heart, he really wished that such a person could appear in the Nangong family, but unfortunately it was impossible.

        "Benefits?" Han Tian Yang deliberately struggled for a while, then said, "He gave me something to eat, saying that it can prevent all diseases and prolong life, and I don't know if it's true or not."

        Nangong Boling unconsciously bit his back teeth, but Han Tianyang was his former puppet, and Han Tianyang got what he had always dreamed of.

        "You know what he's capable of, do you still need to doubt what he says?" Nangong Bo Ling said.

        Han Tian Yang smiled faintly and said, "Of course I have to be skeptical, because I'm afraid that the benefits that thing can bring me are more than simply prolonging my life."

        This statement almost made Nangong Boling vomit blood, wasn't this guy acting like he was deliberately showing off?

        "By the way, you've come to find my grandson, it wouldn't be for these things as well, right?" Han Tianyang did not mention Han Qianqian's name, but directly used the term grandson to describe it, and this kind of showing off all the time was a blow to Nangong Boling over and over again.

        Nangong Boling wanted to deny it and no longer give Han Tian Yang the opportunity to show off, but if he denied it and Han Qianqian knew about it, wouldn't he be cutting off his own future?

        "Yes." Nangong Boling said.

        Han Tianyang smiled even more happily because he had gotten what Nangong Boling wanted.

        Han Tian Yang had never thought that he would one day be qualified to show off in front of Nangong Boling, after all, Nangong Boling was one of the world's top upper echelons, while he was only the head of a small Han family, there was no comparison between their status.

        But because of the existence of Han Qianqian, Han Tianyang's status was obviously higher than Nangong Boling's, which let him vent his anger.

        Nangong Bo Ling, on the other hand, was a bit frustrated inside, Han Tianyang was his puppet before, but now, he had no chance to be on an equal footing with Han Tianyang, after all, Han Tianyang was Han Qianqian's elder, a natural advantage that Nangong Bo Ling couldn't compare to no matter what.

        "Hey, I never thought that I, Han Tianyang, would have this day." Han Tianyang said with a sigh on his face.

        "Indeed, I don't know what kind of luck you've had to have such a grandson." Nangong Boling said, although his heart was not convinced, but he could only accept this helpless reality.

        On the other hand.

        Shortly after Han 3,000 arrived at the airport, she received a call from Shi Jing, because Shi Jing had too much good anger in her heart not to ask, and she really wanted to know what was going on with Nangong Boling and why he was so respectful to Han 3,000.

        "Three thousand, what's going on with Nangong Boling?" Without beating around the bush, Shi Jing asked Han Qianqian directly.

        "He's afraid of me." Han Qianqian said.

        "How could he be?" Shi Jing said, "Who is Nangong Boling? How could he be afraid of Han Qianqiang for no reason in the world's largest private economy?

        "Mom, don't ask about the other reasons, I still have things to rush back to Yuncheng, and I'll be on a plane soon." Han Qianli said, "About his own affairs, he can tell Han Tian Yang, because that's who he cares about, but Shi Jing, is not qualified to know.

        And Han 3,000 also knew clearly that Han Tian Yang can help him keep his secret, but Shi Jing can never do that.

        Without asking the reason, Shi Jing must be unhappy in her heart, and just as she was about to speak, a blind tone came from the phone, and Han Qianqian hung up directly.

        This made Shi Jing a little angry, but on second thought, she now has no right to be angry with Han Qianqian.

Chapter 1552

After returning to Cloud City, Han Qianli and Su Yingxia discussed how her matter should be resolved.

        Although Su Yingxia had decided to leave the Earth by dying, it was still a big problem as to how to proceed with this matter.

        "Three thousand, it turns out that it's so difficult to even want to die, it's such a hassle." After Su Yingxia racked his brains. With a helpless face, she said.

        "Real death is easy, but fake death has to be realistic, it's really not simple." Han Qianli thought of many ways, but all of them had flaws.

        The Su family is now in Yuncheng, and their power is not small. If anything happens to Su Yingxia, the Su family will definitely investigate thoroughly. It's not easy to let an accident happen to Su Yingxia.

        "You say, is there that kind of way. Let them know that I won't survive a certain situation and that they won't be able to find my corpse?" It would be much simpler if things were done in this way, Su Yingxia said.

        Han Qianli thought about it, and an idea suddenly popped up in his mind.

        He still had to go to the Nangong family, and in addition to the plane, the other means of transportation was the sea voyage, if there was a storm or even a tsunami. Then wouldn't this matter become a dead case? The sea is vast, who can still investigate.

        And if they disappeared in the ocean, the Su family would definitely assume they were dead and would not reveal anything at all.

        "I have a way." Han Qianli told Su Yingxia in detail about his plan.

        Su Yingxia's eyes lit up as she listened, it was the most perfect way she had heard so far, and it wouldn't let anyone find a flaw.

        "Let's use it." Su Yingxia said with a happy face.

        "When?" Han Qianli asked.

        When she heard this question, Su Yingxia's expression sank. She hadn't really thought about when she would regain her memories, and even had the intention of avoiding it.

        Because the current life is the state that Su Yingxia likes very much, and she knows that once her memory is restored, everything around her may change drastically. Whether she can accept this change, this is what Su Yingxia is not sure.

        Seeing that Su Yingxia didn't speak, Han Qianli didn't press the issue any further. He said, "Let's go, come with me to Fengqian Company, I also have to solve some personal matters."

        No other local company can match Fengqian's influence in Yuncheng, and as the responsible person of the company, Xiaolong controls the monstrous power of Yuncheng.

        Xiaolong is now able to easily change the fate of a company with just one word. This has led many people to try to bribe Xiaolong.

        Once Xiaolong was just a street urchin, but suddenly he became the CEO of a company, which changed his life completely. But Xiao Long didn't lose himself, and he was never once tempted by the tempting bribes.

        Because Xiaolong was clear that everything he was doing was for Han Qianqian.

        Without Han Qianqian, he would not be who he is now.

        So before doing anything, Xiaolong would think of two questions.

        The first was whether doing so would make Han Qianqian dissatisfied.

        The second is whether doing so would harm the company's interests.

        If either of the above two conditions was met, Bruce would refuse without hesitation, and this was his way of doing things, because he knew very well that if he did something that would harm Han Qianqian, then his current position would be taken away at any time.

        When Han came downstairs, he wasn't stopped this time, because Xiaolong had deliberately instructed the security department.

        However, when he first got on the elevator, Han Qiangiangiang met a female leader who showed great disdain for him. She showed a very disdainful look to the two of them.

        "What are you guys doing here?" The female leader asked with disdain when she saw Han Qianqian pressing the elevator on the highest floor.

        This kind of woman in Han Qianqian's heart is half unpleasant, wearing a pair of high heels. She thought she could be superior to others.

        "We've never met before, is it so hard that I need to report to you about my private life?" Han Qianli faintly said.

        "I kindly advise you, go home, don't try to bribe our boss, he is a very upright person, you will go in vain." The female leader finished. She looked Han Qianli up and down again.

        With her fire-eyed crystal, Han 3,000 didn't even have a single brand name on her body, and she didn't know what kind of trash the company's owner was. This kind of person, the CEO was even more unlikely to meet.

        "And for someone of your grade, it's very likely that my boss won't even see you." The female leader continued.

        Han 3000 had seen snobs. No thousand or eight hundred, so the female leader's attitude made Han 3,000 feel nothing.

        But Su Yingxia couldn't take it anymore. She wouldn't allow such a commoner to look down on Han Qianxiang.

        "Can't you look a little higher? Maybe your boss is already at the elevator door, ready to welcome us." Su Yingxia said.

        The female leader heard the word "dog's eye". Her expression was instantly covered with anger, but Su Yingxia's next two words made her laugh again.

        Now in Yuncheng. Who is still qualified to have her old man personally greet her, isn't this a big joke?

        Even if the leaders of Cloud City came, they would have to wait in line outside the office to meet.

        "Little girl, you are really capable ah, bragging this kind of brag, not afraid of laughing off other people's teeth, in my opinion, you don't even know who my boss is." The female leader said disdainfully.

        "I really don't know what kind of person your boss is, but your boss's dog, really not a good thing, only doorway to see people." Su Yingxia said.

        This made Han Qianqian amused, he did not expect Su Yingxia's skill in cursing around corners was so high, it was simply bloodless.

        The female leader was so angry that she wanted to jump to her feet.

        "Don't be too angry, I'm not scolding you, you mustn't be in a hurry to take your seat." Su Yingxia continued.

        The female leader was absolutely seriously injured, and Han Qianli couldn't help but give Su Yingxia a thumbs-up.

        The female leader continued to take deep breaths to calm her emotions, but even so, her breathing became more and more rapid, and it was obvious that she was about to lose control of her anger.

        At that moment, the elevator arrived at the top floor.

        The moment the doors opened, the female leader saw her boss, and her mind instantly rumbled.

        How could the boss be at the elevator door, could it be that he had really come to greet these two people?

Chapter 1553

The female leader unconsciously shook her head, because she felt that her idea was impractical, how could Xiao Long's status require her to personally receive these two seemingly insignificant people?

        "Boss." The female leader shouted with her head down.

        And at that moment. Xiaolong also lowered his head and shouted to Han Qianli, "Boss."

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

        Su Yingxia, on the other hand, held her head high and said to Xiaolong, "Your subordinates can really look down on people."

        Xiao Long, a trace of anger flashed between his eyebrows, Su Yingxia is his sister-in-law to him, and it's a crime to provoke her discontent.

        And from what Su Yingxia said. It's obvious that this woman has provoked them.

        "What stupid thing have you done?" Xiaolong gritted his teeth and asked.

        The woman leader instantly went pale.

        In fact, when she saw Xiaolong lower his head and shout Han Qianqian's boss, she already felt that something bad was happening.

        Although she didn't know who these two people were. But to be able to make Xiaolong bow his head in such a respectful way, it must not be a small person.

        "I ...... boss, I was wrong." The female leader said in a frightened and panicked voice.

        Xiaolong looked at her with cold eyes and said, "Stupid, wait here, I'll deal with you later."

        Because Han Qianqiang and Su Yingxia were already walking toward the office. So Xiaolong had to hurry to catch up.

        The female leader looked miserable, she had worked hard to get to her current position, and just because she said a few wrong words, it was likely that she would fall into the bottomless abyss, which made her regret a lot.

        After arriving at the office, Han 3,000 didn't take Xiaolong's seat.

        Although he was the boss of Xiaolong, this position, after all, belonged to the company's manager, and a hands-off shopkeeper like him was not qualified to sit there.

        And the purpose of Han Qianqian's visit today. It's to give Xiaolong an account of all Fengqian's affairs, so there's even less reason for him to sit in the boss's position.

        "You're the boss behind Feng Qian's company. Does anyone know much about this matter?" Su Yingxia asked curiously to Han Qianqian.

        "Your grandfather and father know, or else how could they let you be so close to me," said Han Qianqian. Han Qianqian said.

        "I used to be a transparent figure in the Su family. No one would even put me in their eyes, only Su Hachao. Only Su Hachao is the most favored." Su Yingxia said. Su Yingxia said, "Although she doesn't mind these little things now, she is still a little angry when she recalls the past.

        For example, during the New Year, everyone got red envelopes, but only she got a very small one, and Su Hachao often showed off in front of her. So he was able to bully Su Yingxia even more unscrupulously.

        There was a time when Su Yingxia would be afraid just by seeing Su Hachao. It's enough to see what kind of psychological shadow Su Hachao has caused her.

        "But now they've started to regret it, the old man of the Su family, hating to give you all the love he used to have." Han Qianli said with a smile, after having this relationship with him. Everyone in the Su family's attitude toward Su Yingxia has changed, especially the old man of the Su family. I'm sure he didn't regret treating Su Yingxia badly in the past.

        "What's the use of regrets, my childhood was ruined by them." Su Yingxia said disdainfully.

        At this time, Xiaolong came to the office. Xiaolong came to the office, and the two stopped discussing this matter.

        "Boss. Is there anything you want to tell me today?" Xiaolong asked Han Qianqian with a smiling face. Although they hadn't seen each other for a long time, Xiaolong was still acting like a blind street urchin.

        Of course, this side of Xiaolong was only shown to Han Qianqian. This side of Xiaolong was only shown to Han Qianqian, to others, Xiaolong was an iron man.

        "How about it, do you enjoy what it's called to be a superior person now?" Han Qianqian asked.

        Xiaolong nodded repeatedly and said, "Boss, wherever I go now, those guys can't wait to hold me in the palm of their hands, calling out to me one by one, General Manager Long, I'm really overjoyed."

        Han Qianqian couldn't help but smile at the sight of Little Dragon's villainous appearance.

        When he first met Xiaolong, he was a street urchin who knew nothing but scaring people, and had no real skills.

        Now, he has gone through a transformation, with a big boss's temperament, and because he is so young, Han Giang could even see a hint of youthful handsomeness in him.

        "But I know, it's all the boss, I'm just foxing around a little." Xiaolong fished his head and continued.

        "I've come to see you today because of this matter." Han Qianqian said.

        This day would arrive sooner or later for Xiaolong, so he had prepared himself mentally a long time ago.

        "Boss, I don't have a problem with it, the boss position was originally yours, so it's only natural that I let you have it now, I'll be your assistant from now on, it will also reduce the pressure on my heart." Xiaolong said with a smile.