His True Colors Chapter 1539-1540

 Chapter 1539

When she heard about the two years, Su Yingxia was stunned, because to her, she had only been away from Han Qianqiang for a little while, but she didn't expect that it had already been two whole years!

        "Has it been two years already?" asked a startled Su Yingxia.

        "Of course, if you don't believe me, ask her." Han Qiangiang pointed at Fei Lingsheng from afar.

        Fei Lingsheng nodded his head.

        Su Yingxia didn't doubt Han Qianli, so she didn't even look at Fei Lingsheng, for her, Han Qianli's words didn't need to be proven by anyone else.

        "What happened in these two years," Su Yingxia asked.

        "Go back and say it first."

        "Then you'd rather let me down."

        "No, just don't let go."

        "Let me go, it's embarrassing to be seen by others."

        "How would it be humiliating, a husband hugging his wife, it's a natural thing, if anyone dares to say it's humiliating, I'll ki ll him right away."

        The two of them played around, and under the envious eyes of Fei Ling Sheng, they returned to the room that belonged to them.

        "You look at yourself first." Han Qianqiang brought Su Yingxia to the mirror and said.

        When Su Yingxia saw herself in the mirror, her whole body was stunned.

        Isn't this the same Fuyue she saw when she entered the stone room?

        "This is what you'll look like in the future, isn't it beautiful." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Su Yingxia touched her face, to her, the current feeling was like an illusion, but the real touch told her that it was all real.

        "This is the future me." Su Yingxia said to herself.

        "Not only are you beautiful, but you're also very powerful." Han Giangli said.

        "I do feel that my body is different, but where it is different, I can't tell," Su Yingxia said.

        The reason why she feels this way is because Su Yingxia isn't used to her power and won't apply it, which will take time for her to get over it.

        But there was another way for her to know all of this faster.

        Han Giangli set out the glazed bottle the old man had left behind.

        "What is this," Su Yingxia asked, puzzled.

        "It was left behind by an old man who called you Miss, who should be a servant of the Fushi lineage in the Eightfold World, your true home," Han Qianli explained.

        The Fushi lineage.

        The Eightfold World.

        For Su Yingxia, this was a very strong sense of shock, and for her to be called Miss, her status must not be low.

        "What is this for," Su Yingxia was curious.

        "As long as you eat what's inside, you'll be able to remember everything that happened in the past, and he also left a message for me to tell you that the Fushi lineage needs you and wants you to return to the Eightfold World as soon as possible." Han Giangli said.

        He didn't want to hide this matter, because it was something that needed to be faced sooner or later, and delaying it didn't make any sense to Han 3,000, and Han 3,000 himself wanted to face it as soon as possible, after all, he needed to go to Xuanyuan World in order to improve his realm.

        Su Yingxia didn't choose to open it at the first opportunity after receiving the glass bottle, because for her, recovering her memories wasn't that simple, and she didn't know if she would be able to accept those things.

        "No matter what, this is something you'll have to face eventually." Han Giangli saw Su Yingxia's hesitation and said.

        "Aren't you afraid that after I recover my memories, it will affect our relationship," Su Yingxia asked.

        "I still have this confidence, after all, I'm so fascinating, how could you not like me for other reasons." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Su Yingxia sneered at Han Qianli's narcissism, which gave her goose bumps.

        "When did you become so narcissistic, it's disgusting." Su Yingxia said.

        Han Qianli raised her eyebrows and said, "Don't think that if you become powerful, I won't dare to do anything to you, and you're an adult now, so even if I do something to you, it's not a crime."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian hugged Su Yingxia tightly in his arms.

        Su Yingxia was filled with fear, and said vigilantly, "What do you want?"

        "Don't you know what you should do between husband and wife," said Han Qianqian.

        Su Yingxia was still a little afraid of the unknown, so she pushed Han Qianqian away.

        To Su Yingxia, it was only a small amount of force that she used to push Han Qianqian away.

        But Han Qiangli flew out and smashed a hole in the wall and flew straight out of the house.

        Su Yingxia looked at the scene in front of her, startled, and then looked at her own hand, she even wondered if it was her own doing.

        "You, are you okay." Su Yingxia rushed out of the room and ran in front of Han Qianli.

Chapter 1540

It had been a long time since he had felt such a blow of obscenity since he was called a God Realm powerhouse, but just a moment ago, Su Yingxia's sudden exertion made Han Qianli unable to resist at all.

        "This is the difference between me and the Kongdong realm." Han Qianqian said with a bitter smile.

        Su Yingxia hurriedly helped Han Qianli up, even accompanying her, she really didn't know that just such a small shove could lead to such serious consequences.

        "How are you? Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?" Su Yingxia asked worriedly.

        "Fortunately, my bones are hard, otherwise I would have been miserable." Han Giangli said.

        "Are you really okay, don't lie to me." Su Yingxia didn't believe Han Qianli's words, after all, the whole wall had been broken.

        "It's fine, don't worry, I still have the ability to withstand a few blows," Han Qianqian said.

        After confirming again and again, Su Yingxia was finally relieved.

        "Although I'm fine, you still need to learn to control your power, otherwise if you accidentally injure someone else, you might be in danger of dying." Han Qianli reminded that he was unharmed, but that doesn't mean that everyone can take such a serious injury.

        Although Han Qianqiang's realm was weak in front of Su Yingxia, he was after all still a powerful divine realm in Xuanyuan World, and in terms of resistance, he had to be much better than an ordinary person on Earth, so if Su Yingxia didn't learn to control his power, if he accidentally injured an ordinary person, he might directly ki ll the other person.

        "En, I know." Su Yingxia said.

        After Han Giangli patted the dust off his body, he said to Su Yingxia, "When are you going to eat this thing that can restore your memory?"

        Su Yingxia is very hesitant on this matter, because she is very clear that once her memory is restored, I'm afraid many things will change, and this is something Su Yingxia does not want to face now.

        But at the same time, Su Yingxia knew even more clearly that there was no way to escape some things, and she would face them one day.

        "Let me think about it some more." Su Yingxia said.

        "The Fushi lineage needs you, so you'd better think it over as soon as possible."

        "En, I know." Su Yingxia nodded.

        Han Qianli didn't say anything more, he had done his duty and conveyed the old man's words to Su Yingxia, placing it in Su Yingxia's hands how to choose, that wasn't something Han Qianli could interfere with.

        "Now that Su Yingxia is awake, she can reasonably go back to Yun City at this time, but Su Yingxia can easily cause injuries to people, so Han Qianli decided to let Su Yingxia get used to her power first.

        "Okay, don't worry, I'll adapt quickly." Su Yingxia said.

        The next month, Su Yingxia every day in the conscious control of their own power, the effect is also very good, at first Su Yingxia casually punch, will cause the sound of air cracking, but after a month, Su Yingxia's power, has been able to control the Han 3000 only to force back a meter or two, is very effective.

        On this day, Han 3,000 and Su Yingxia finally left the apocalypse.

        As for Fei Lingsheng, she continued to stay in the forbidden area of the space-time tunnel, although she no longer needed to prevent the Linlong from sending people to Earth, but for Fei Lingsheng, Earth had no enemies that she could not stay with, and she was more than willing to stay in the forbidden area, so that she could get close to Xuanyuan World.

        Of course, Fei Lingsheng could have chosen to return directly to Xuanyuan World, but she didn't do so because she still needed Han Qianqian to instruct her on how to become a strong God Realm player.

        On the plane back to Cloud City, the two of them sat side by side in the first class cabin, Su Yingxia suddenly said to Han Qianli, "I feel that this world is completely different for me."

        "What's different?" asked Han Qianqian.

        "I can feel many different things, the wind outside the plane, the clouds, the light, even the impurities in the air," said Su Yingxia. Su Yingxia said.

        Han Qianli smiled and said, "This is the manifestation of your perception ability, you are stronger than me, so you can perceive more clearly than me.

        "Three thousand." Su Yingxia suddenly shouted with a sincere face.

        Han Qianqian saw Su Yingxia's serious expression and knew that what she said next must be somewhat serious, so he put away his joking mind.

        "What's wrong?" asked Han Qianli.

        "Are you afraid?" said Su Yingxia.

        Han Qianli knew what she was afraid of. He was indeed a little afraid of the Eightfold World, for there he was no longer a strong man, but the lowest existence in the Eightfold World.

        To Han 3,000, going from the strongest to the weakest was a huge change in his status.

        But fear is fear, does not mean that Han 3,000 will retreat, for the sake of Su Yingxia, Han 3,000 is willing to do anything, and he is confident that even in the Eightfold World, he can be called strong.

        "Fear, but that won't stop me from going to the Eightfold World." Han Three Thousand said.

        "If we don't go, will we be able to avoid a lot of things." Su Yingxia asked.

        Han Qianli frowned, Su Yingxia suddenly said this, it's hard to believe that she had already thought about not accepting what happened before

        But Han Qianxiang knew that even if Su Yingxia really chose that, she could not escape her fate, because that old man would still find them after all.

        What's more, Han Nian was kidnapped by someone from the Eightfold World, which became the reason why Han Qianli had to go to the Eightfold World.

        "We have a daughter, do you remember?" said Han Qianxiang to Su Yingxia.

        "Of course I remember," Su Yingxia said. Su Yingxia said, "Han Qianli had told her everything, and Han Nian became an indelible mark on Su Yingxia's memory, so there was no Han Nian in her memory, but this mother-daughter love had been born in Su Yingxia's heart.

        "It's very likely that she didn't di e, nor did she disappear due to the reversal of time and space." Han Qianli said.

        Su Yingxia stared at Han Qianli, incredulous, and said, "What you mean is, she's still in this world."

        "To be precise, it's not this world, but the Eightfold World," Han Qianli said.

        "How could that be? How could she go to the Eightfold World." Su Yingxia asked, puzzled, Han Nian was just a child, what ability did she have to go to the Eightfold World.

        "According to what Lin Long said, she was captured." Han Qianli said in a deep voice.