His True Colors Chapter 1519-1520

Chapter 1519

The demonstration of Blade Twelve's ability was very simple and easy for him, but after Liu Fang watched, he was stunned and couldn't regain consciousness for a long time.

        Even Mo Yang himself was stunned and couldn't believe his eyes.

        Only after a long time did Mo Yang ask, "Blade Twelve, is this magic?"

        The side of Liu Fang nodded her head in agreement, she also thought so.

        But the mention of the word magic means that they think it's fake, after all, magic is just a blindfold, but the ability of the Twelve Knives, but not the slightest bit of adulteration.

        "If you don't believe me, there's nothing I can do, but one of the best ways to verify this is to go to the hillside villa, and you'll feel what real cultivation means." Knife 12 said to Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang swallowed his saliva, turned to Liu Fang and said, "Honey, do you believe it now?"

        After all, she had spent her life focusing on science, so how could she believe in such things now?

        But even if she didn't believe it, there was no way she could prove the facts before her to be false.

        "I don't know," Liu Fang said.

        "Mo Yang, if you don't even want to believe the words of 3000, is there anyone in this world who is trustworthy?" Knife 12 said.

        Mo Yang never doubted Han Qianqian, but certain things were really hard for him to accept in a short time, and he also had to find a way to make Liu Fang believe it.

        "You go busy with your business, I'll digest it slowly with my wife." Mo Yang said.

        After nodding, Knife Twelve left Mo Yang's house, what kind of decision these two couples will eventually make is not something Knife Twelve can influence.

        After Knife Twelve left, Mo Yang began to earnestly persuade Liu Fang, even if she didn't believe it, she could go to the mountainside villa to live for a period of time to try, and if it was all fake, she could also take this time to expose Knife Twelve's tricks.

        It was only after a period of hard talk that Liu Fang finally agreed to Mo Yang's story.

        On the other hand.

        After the night, Han Qiangiang directly carried Su Yingxia on his back, and the two of them cut through the night sky, heading towards the direction of the apocalypse.

        Su Yingxia had been skeptical about Han Qianli's ability to fly, but now, when she really felt herself flying in the sky, she knew how foolish her doubts were, and that she shouldn't have doubted Han Qianli, because Han Qianli would never lie to her.

        At first Su Yingxia was a little nervous, but when she got used to it, her whole body let go, and she didn't even need to hold Han Qianqian tightly, open her arms, and snort excitement.

        In this way, they traveled by night and by day, stopping for nearly a week before they arrived at the apocalypse.

        Because of Han 3,000 yuan's reputation for making He Qingfeng kneel, no one knew about it, so when they entered the apocalypse, the people in the dark didn't come out to stop them, but sent the news back to the heavenly territory at once.

        When He Qingfeng heard the three words Han Qianli, his face became very different, because the suppression of power brought to him by Han Qianli was so strong that He Qingfeng had no desire to resist at all, so in his heart, he had formed an indelible fear of Han Qianli.

        "Why is he here again!" He Qingfeng, who had received the news, was very helpless, only a few days ago he had been taught a lesson by Fei Lingsheng's hatred, and now Han Qianqian was here again, which made He Qingfeng start to wonder about life, when had so many experts appeared in this world, and one was more powerful than the other.

        "Hall Master, are we going to greet them?"

        He Qingfeng thought about it, even though Han 3000 had no status in the apocalypse, and he didn't need to greet anyone as the Master of the Three Temples, Han 3000 was, after all, the strong man who had made him kneel, and the respect that was due had to be there.

        "Go." He Qingfeng sighed, after so many years of being the Lord of the Three Temples, he had never felt this kind of frustration, but he couldn't change the situation.

        Before Han Qianli and Su Yingxia had even reached the Xuan level territory, He Qingfeng appeared.

        The fact that he didn't bring a large army to the battlefield and was only followed by one disciple, and that he appeared in such a low-key manner, showed that He Qingfeng no longer dared to put up a fight in front of Han Qianli.

        "He Qingfeng, you're not here to greet me, are you?" Seeing He Qingfeng appear, Han Qianli was slightly surprised and asked, in his opinion, He Qingfeng should be hiding quietly in his own land, so why did he dare to come out to see him.

        "When a strong man like you comes to the apocalypse, I will naturally welcome him personally," He Qingfeng said.

        "Seeing how you're smiling, you're very reluctant to see me," Han Qianli faintly said.

        He Qingfeng quickly shook his hand and said, "How dare I think so, it's an honor for you to come to the Apocalypse, how could I be unwilling to see you."

        "There's no need to be so hypocritical in front of me, have you seen the woman who came the other day?" Han Marchiang asked.

        He had more than met He Qingfeng, and He Qingfeng had been severely lectured.

        "She's in the forbidden area." He Qingfeng said.

        "Fine, there's nothing more for you to do, so retire." Han Qianli said.

        The dignity of the Lord of the Three Temples seemed to be trampled by Han Qianli at this moment, but He Qingfeng didn't dare to show the slightest bit of surprise, because in front of such a strong man, even if he had an accident, he could only endure it in his heart.

        If he wasn't Han Qianqian's opponent, how could Qingfeng He dare to say anything?

        "Yes, if you need anything, you can always find me." He Qingfeng said.

        Han Qianli casually waved his hand and pulled Su Yingxia to pass by with He Qingfeng.

        It was only after they were far away that Su Yingxia asked Han Qianqian in a low voice, "Qianqian, who was that guy just now, it looked like he was quite powerful."

        "The apocalypse is divided into four gates and three halls, and the four gates are controlled by the Second Elder, and he, the master of the three halls, is He Qingfeng." Han Qianli explained.

        Although Su Yingxia couldn't concretely imagine what kind of position the Lord of the Three Temples was in, he was certainly a person of very high status, and such a person would be so respectful to Han Qianli.

        "What about the Lord of the Third Temple, but I see him, why does he look like he's afraid of you, are you even higher than him?" Su Yingxia was confused.

        "Status? I have no status in the apocalypse, just a nobody," said Han Qianli. Han Qianqian said.

        Su Yingxia pouted in dissatisfaction, obviously not believing what Han Qianli said and blaming Han Qianli for not telling her the truth.

        "What I said, it's all true, he's all afraid of me because he's been beaten by me and he knows he can't beat me," Han 3,000 said.

 Chapter 1520

This explanation, Su Yingxia reluctantly accepted, but she still believes that Han 3,000 must have some kind of status in the apocalypse, because He Qingfeng's performance is not simply fear, there is also some respect there.

        The two of them unimpededly came directly to the forbidden area of the apocalypse, and Han Three Thousand could feel the breath of the ten strongest people, but they used to be inside the cave, but now they were monitoring the situation outside the cave, which was probably because of Fei Lingsheng's arrival, so they didn't dare to enter the cave.

        "What is this place?" Looking at the pitch-black cave, Su Yingxia was a little scared and asked.

        "I won't tell you yet, let you guess." Han Qianli said, selling a barrier.

        Su Yingxia revealed a threatening expression and said to Han Qianqian, "If you dare to intentionally scare me, you're dead."

        Only Su Yingxia dared to say such words to Han Qianli, and if it were anyone else, Han Qianli would have been able to squeeze him like an ant.

        "Don't worry, how could I intentionally scare you." Han Qianqian said.

        Su Yingxia was relieved and followed Han Qianli into the cave, but in the process, she held Han Qianli's arms in a death grip with both hands.

        This action undoubtedly made Han 3,000 and Su Yingxia's chest make an intimate contact, although the small lotus is only the tip of the tip, but for Han 3,000, it was also a very exciting thing.

        Other women, no matter how proud their bodies are, Han 3,000 could not even look at them, but facing Su Yingxia, Han 3,000 could not be as calm as water.

        When he arrived at the cave, Fei Lingsheng was sitting at the side of the time tunnel, staring.

        Ever since she had that dream, Fei Lingsheng had been a little disturbed, because she knew that everything that happened in that real dream was real, and that the strong man in Xuanyuan World who asked her to ki ll Su Yingxia was also real.

        However, Fei Lingsheng didn't know whether she should do it or not, because once she k illed Su Yingxia, she would certainly receive Han Qianli's crazy revenge, and even if Fei Lingsheng escaped back to Xuanyuan, Han Qianli would pursue her to the end.

        If the strong man in Xuanyuan World was willing to protect her, perhaps Fei Lingsheng could escape death, but that man Fei Lingsheng had never really seen, so how could she trust him?

        "What are you staring at?" When Han Qianqian saw that Fei Ling Sheng did not even notice that someone had entered the cave, she couldn't help but feel a little strange, with her ability, how could she be so unsuspecting?

        When she saw Han Qianqian, her eyes obviously had a trace of a guilty conscience, and Su Yingxia, who was standing beside Han Qianqian, caused Fei Lingsheng's eyes to change instantly.

        K i ll Su Yingxia!

        Now Su Yingxia could be right in front of her.

        "Why have you come." After an instant of change, Fei Lingsheng returned to his normal self.

        Although Han Giangli clearly caught Fei Lingsheng's change, he didn't delve into it, but pretended that nothing had happened.

        "I came to take a look at the changes in the space-time tunnel, after all, I'm still a bit unsettled if I haven't seen it with my own eyes." As he spoke, Han Qianqian held Su Yingxia's hand and approached the space-time tunnel.

        The same as the first time Han Qianqian saw the space-time tunnel, Su Yingxia's shocked expression could not be described with words, her eyes wide, her jaw about to be dislocated, all of them expressing Su Yingxia's shock.

        But for ordinary people, the first time to see such a scene, there will be such a reaction is also reasonable things.

        "Is this ...... this a time tunnel?" Su Yingxia asked Han Qianqian.

        "Well, on the other side of the space-time tunnel is another world, the Xuanyuan World." Han Qianqian explained.

        Su Yingxia gulped, although she already knew that another world existed, seeing it with her own eyes was completely different from just hearing it, and the shock was incomparable.

        Su Yingxia took a deep breath, looking at her appearance, she still needed time to slowly digest this matter.

        "What's going on lately?" Han Qianqiang asked Fei Lingsheng.

        Fei Lingsheng naturally shook his head and said, "Nothing happened, and no one else showed up, right, did you find him?"

        The so-called him was the strong man who had come to Earth from Xuanyuan World.

        Although Han Giang hadn't found it, he had confirmed the person's identity.

        "Although the person hasn't been found, I know who it is." Han 3,000 said.

        "Who is it?" Fei Lingsheng looked like she couldn't wait, and she was also very eager to know exactly who had come to Earth.

        "Yi Qingshan." Han Qianli said.

        "Yi Qingshan! Fei Lingsheng said incredulously, "The same Extreme Master, Yi Qingshan has actually come to Earth!

        "Yes, and he didn't leave Yanxia," Han Qiangli continued. Han Qianqian continued.

        This made Fei Lingsheng's eyes widen even more. Han Qianli's divine sense could cover the entire Yanxia, and if Yi Qingshan was still in Yanxia, he would definitely be sensed by Han Qianli's divine sense.

        However, ......

        Suddenly, a crazy idea was born in Fei Lingsheng's mind, which also made her heart beat much faster.