His True Colors Chapter 1517-1518

Chapter 1517

Afterwards, Han Qianli went to find Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang, who has now abdicated the throne, and Liu Fang lived a shameless life together, completely immersed in the world between the two of them can not escape. For anything in the outside world, Mo Yang's attitude is unconcerned and unconcerned, and under the violent means of the Twelfth Blade, even if Mo Yang abdicated, his former enemies would not dare to come to him for revenge, for fear of dying in the hands of the Twelfth Blade.

        So now Mo Yang. He lived a carefree life.

        When Han Qianqian came to the door, Mo Yang was a little surprised. Because he had never told Han Qianqian where he lived.

        But when he thought about it, Han Qiangan was the boss of the Twelve Blades, and if he wanted to know where he lived, the Twelve Blades would be able to find out casually.

        "Why do you have time to think of me today." Mo Yang asked after he led Han 3,000 into the house.

        Liu Fang very virtuously poured a glass of water for Han 3,000 and Su Yingxia.

        The offspring of a literary family, all the time reveals a kind of elegance. This is also the reason why Mo Yang will be unable to help himself to love Liu Fang, because the women he has met before are all nightclubs, all florid and florid, like a little girl, but Liu Fang is a completely different feeling, is a real woman.

        "I want you to go live in the hillside villa." Han Qianli said directly, that's why he came to find Mo Yang, after all, Mo Yang is the person Han Qianli plans to bring to the Xuanyuan world, so that he can start cultivating at this time. It would be better for Mo Yang to integrate into Xuanyuan World in the future.

        "What's wrong? You don't mind my environment here, do you? My wife built this with her own hands." Mo Yang deliberately acted as if he was unhappy.

        "I didn't mean it." Han Qianliang looked at Liu Fang. There were some words, and I didn't know if it was appropriate to say them in front of her.

        Liu Fang was a very reasonable woman, and when she saw Han Qianqian's eyes, she understood that she was not suitable to be present, so she said to Mo Yang: "I'm going back to my room first."

        Mo Yang did not say anything, since Han Qianqian has taboos. Liu Fang going back to her room is the best.

        "Say what you have to say, you don't want to ruin our relationship. Just for a little while, it'll take a lot of coaxing on my part." Mo Yang said to Han Qianqian.

        "No, I think she's quite sensible." Han Qianqian said.

        "Being sensible is one thing, being a spoiled brat is another. You're still young, how can you be an adult in the world." Mo Yang disliked her.

        Han Three Thousand couldn't help but roll a white eye, this guy knows his business, but he still deliberately targeted him with this question.

        "I asked a friend to create a spirit formation for the mountainside villa, where you can cultivate, and you can initially gain some power that ordinary people don't have. You don't have to ask why or why you want to do this. I'll tell you later." Han Qianli said.

        Mo Yang's eyelids jumped, the power that ordinary people didn't have, that was Han Qianli's abilities.

        This made Mo Yang very impressed, and it could be said that anyone facing this kind of thing. It can be said that anyone can't be calm when facing such things.

        But living in the hillside villa also means that the duo world of Mo Yang and Liu Fang is gone. This is also something that Mo Yang is not able to accept, after all, the two of them are now in the stage where they are like glue. After all, they are in the stage of glue. They hate to be like Siamese twins, and they are together every minute of every day. If there was someone else, it would be somewhat inconvenient.

        "Three thousand. Can we talk about this matter a little later?" Mo Yang did not refuse. Rather, he wanted his and Liu Fang's world to last for a while longer.

        What would happen after a while was unpredictable to Han 3000, but Yi Qingshan's appearance made Han 3000's control of the world change a lot, and no one knew when the unexpected would appear, so in Han 3000's opinion, the sooner Mo Yang lived in the hillside villa, the better, because he wasn't sure when he would suddenly return to Xuanyuan World.

        "Something happened in the past two days that caused me to get out of control of certain things, so the sooner you go to the villa, the better," Han Qianqian said.

        Mo Yang knew that Han Qianli said all of this for his own good, and he couldn't take Han Qianli's good intentions as a donkey's liver and lungs, so he could only say, "Alright, I'll discuss it with her."

        "Cultivation now is crucial to your future, this matter must not be sloppy." Han Qianli said.

        "What exactly will the future hold?" Mo Yang really couldn't help but ask his own curiosity.

        Han Qianqiang hesitated for a moment and said, "In this universe, there are other worlds, and in the future, I will go to another place called Xuanyuan World, and if your ability is sufficient, I will take you with me."

        These words left Mo Yang dumbstruck on the spot.

        Although he had accepted what had happened to Han Qianqian.

        But this statement from the other world still made Mo Yang a little incredulous.

        Although it had always been said that there were alien civilizations in the universe other than Earth, this was just a legend and had never been confirmed in any way.

        But now, Han Qianqian told him that there were indeed other worlds other than Earth!

Chapter 1518

Only after a long time did Mo Yang recover from his shocked state.

        "Three thousand, Xuanyuan world, what kind of world is it?" Mo Yang asked.

        "The world of cultivators, that's why I want you to cultivate, and in that world of the weak and the strong, if you're not strong enough, you're likely to be k i lled for no reason." Han Giang said.

        In Xuanyuan World, strength is a symbol of status, and only by having strength can you protect yourself to the greatest extent.

        Mo Yang nodded curtly and said, "Can I tell Liu Fang about these things?"

        "It's up to you to decide." Han Giang said helplessly, once a playboy, now actually so attentive to a woman, and I don't know what kind of magic power Liu Fang possesses to make such a change in Mo Yang.

        "Okay, we'll talk about it and then come back to you." Mo Yang said.

        "No need to look for me, I'll be away from Cloud City for a while, if you've made up your mind, you can just move your things to the mountainside villa and choose a room." Han Qianli said.

        The two of them chatted for a while before Han Qianli left with Su Yingxia.

        Mo Yang returned to the room.

        Liu Fang was half lying on the bed, playing with her phone as if nothing had happened, and I couldn't see any dissatisfaction on her face.

        Mo Yang directly came to a hungry tiger to pounce on her.

        "It's broad daylight, what do you want." Liu Fang tried to push Mo Yang away with all her strength, but how could she fight against him with the strength of a weak woman.

        It was only after a bitter battle that Mo Yang told Liu Fang about going to the mountainside villa.

        Liu Fang was a strict woman, but since she has been with Mo Yang, she has done many things out of the ordinary, and to do such a thing in broad daylight is something that Liu Fang never dared to think about.

        "Why do you want to stay at his house?" Liu Fang asked, puzzled, her own home living well, suddenly want to go to the foster, and Mo Yang has not refused, really makes her feel strange.

        "What I am about to say, you will not believe, but I can assure you, it is absolutely true." Mo Yang said seriously.

        Liu Fang had seen Mo Yang's deadpan behavior a lot, and the fact that he was suddenly so serious made Liu Fang somewhat uncomfortable.

        "You say it, I believe you."

        Next, Mo Yang told Liu Fang all the things that Han Qianqian said, not bad at all.

        Liu Fang's mood after hearing this was like watching a fantasy blockbuster.

        Cultivation, another world.

        Isn't this just one of those bullsh*t fairy chivalry dramas?

        "You don't really believe that, do you?" Liu Fang said.

        Mo Yang knew that she would not easily believe, after all, this kind of thing is not so simple for anyone to believe.

        But Mo Yang had no doubt about what Han Qianqian said.

        "It's normal that you don't believe it, but I want you to know that it's all true, absolutely no half-truths, and the reason why I'm with you is because of him, he's the one who told me that I'll be going to the pot of gold in the future because of you." Mo Yang said.

        "You're an adult, how can you be lied to because of these words?" Her family is a scholarly family, and she has believed in science since she was a child, and these things that are beyond the realm of science are all heretical statements to her.

        At this time, the doorbell suddenly rang.

        Mo Yang felt a little strange, could it be that Han Qianxiang had gone and returned?

        When I opened the door, the person standing outside was not Han Qianqian, but Blade Twelve.

        "What are you doing here?" Mo Yang was puzzled and asked.

        "Three thousand asked me to come, I don't know why." Knife Twelve said, he just received an order from Han Qianqian to come to Mo Yang's house, as to what reason, Han Qianqian didn't say much.

        "What's the situation?" Mo Yang was puzzled, and he couldn't think of the reason why Han 3,000 had asked Knife Twelve to come to the house.

        Han 3,000 did this because he expected that when Mo Yang told Liu Fang these things, Liu Fang would not believe them, so he asked Knife Twelve to come.

        Because Knife Twelve already had abilities that ordinary people didn't have, the only way to get Liu Fang to believe those words was for her to see them with her own eyes.

        At this time, Mo Yang's phone rang, it was Han Qianqian calling.

        Before Mo Yang could ask his question, Han Qianqian was the first to say, "Has the twelfth arrived?".

        "Here, what did you have him come for?" Mo Yang asked.

        "If you tell Liu Fang these things, can Liu Fang easily believe them?" Han Qianli said.

        "Can't, she doesn't believe it at all." Mo Yang said.

        "That's why Knife Twelve went to your house, he can prove with strength that those things are true." Han Qiangli said.

        Mo Yang's eyes looked at Blade Twelve in amazement, using strength to prove it, that means Blade Twelve has already started cultivating!

        "Three thousand, you're really unkind, no wonder he's so powerful, he's already started cultivating."

        In order to avoid Mo Yang droning on, Han Qianqian directly hung up the phone.

        Mo Yang put down the phone in a fury, and said to Knife Twelve, "Go ahead, show my wife your ability, and make her believe that there is such a thing as cultivation in this world."