His True Colors Chapter 1507-1508

 Chapter 1507

The old man said so much, in fact, he hoped that he could get Han Qianli's attention, and what he said was also good for the construction of the new city, but he did not know that, in Han Qianli's eyes, the new city is just a boring thing to pass the time, Han Qianli has never really on this matter.

        Even when the project had just started, Han 3000 had lost interest in this matter.

        Now, Han 3,000 has told Su Yingxia about everything, and Su Yingxia has even moved into a hillside villa, so why would Han 3,000 waste time with Su Yingxia to do these meaningless things?

        When the old man saw Han Qianqian's very cold attitude, he didn't know what to say for a moment.

        "The Su family has received enough benefits, are you still not satisfied?" Han Qianqiang asked the old man, he knew why the old man had said so much, wasn't it because he wanted Han to give the Su family more power?

        But in Han Giangli's opinion, the Su family had gotten enough benefits from this matter, and the old man had picked up a life because of him, so he should know how to be satisfied.

        "No, no, that's not what I meant," the old man explained to Han 3,000 with panic in his eyes. The old man was filled with panic and explained to Han Qianli.

        "The Su family was originally a small business family, and I have already given you enough benefits, if you try to rely on Su Yingxia's little ungrateful claim, I can only make the Su family go back to what it was before." Han Qianli said.

        He knew that if Han Qianli could say these words, he would definitely be able to do this, and if the Su family lost the support of the New Town Project, it would be a devastating blow to the Su family.

        Because after getting the cooperation of the new city project, the Su family has already pushed out all the original objects of their own cooperation, and put all their thoughts on the new city, if they lose the cooperation of the new city at such a time, the Su family will not have any cooperation.

        "No, no, no, I didn't mean it, I'm blamed for being nosy, 3,000, you can just pretend I didn't say anything." The old man regretted it and could only hope that Han Qianxiang could take back those words.

        Admitting a mistake to a child, in the eyes of an uninformed observer, might seem startling, but to those who knew Han Qiang's identity, it was a reasonable thing to do.

        The world of adults, where there is only status, is not a world of leaning on the old.

        Although the old man was much older than Han Qianli, in terms of status, Han Qianli surpassed the old man by too much, which led to the old man's attitude toward Han Qianli.

        "I can ignore this matter today, I hope you can remember that the Su family is not in any position to dictate the construction of the new city, do what you should do." Han Qianli said.

        "Yes yes yes, I know what to do." The old man nodded repeatedly.

        Su Yingxia's expressionless look on the side didn't help the old master say half a word, because she had never been favored by him, so naturally she wouldn't feel obligated to speak for him.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, and a full range of products and services.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

        After Su Guoyao finished his work in the kitchen, a large table of sumptuous dishes perfectly reflected Su Guoyao's culinary skills.

        As the top person in charge of the Su family company, no one would have thought that Su Guoyao would still have such skills, thanks to Jiang Lan, who forced Su Guoyao to do so.

        "Three thousand, Yingxia, come and eat while it's hot," Su Guoyao greeted the two of them. Su Guoyao greeted the two, even though his father was present, Su Guoyao did not call the old man first.

        Of course, the old man will not mind, he is a sensible man, but he does not dare to compete with Han Qianqian at such a time.

        During the meal, Jiang Lan did not come to the table, because Su Guoyao knew what happened between her and Han Qiangli, so he deliberately warned Jiang Lan so that Han Qiangli would not lose his appetite after seeing Jiang Lan.

        "Three thousand, how's the taste, my cooking is okay." Su Guoyao asked to Han Qianqian with a smile.

        "It can only be called okay." Han Qianqian said without giving face at all.

        Su Guoyao's modest words were waiting to be praised by Han Qianqian, but who would have thought that Han Qianqian would be so straightforward, making Su Guoyao embarrassed.

        "Home cook's craft, you more understanding, and hotels and private restaurants, there must be a big difference." Su Guoyao said.

        "I came today to inform you of one thing." Han Qiangiang said.

        Su Guoyao had been waiting for this moment, because he knew that Han Qianli could not come to the house for no reason, even the old man was unconsciously stretching his neck at this time.

        "What's the matter, you can tell me," Su Guoyao said.

        "Starting tomorrow, Yingxia won't be going to school, and she'll be staying at the hillside villa." Han Qiangiang said.

        Su Guoyao was stunned, not going to school?

        It's such a small thing!

        Su Guoyao was worried that it was because there was something wrong with the New Town project that Han Qianqiang would come to the door to question him, which made Su Guoyao instantly relieved.

        "It's up to you guys to decide, as long as you're happy, you can do anything." Su Guoyao said.

        In Su Guoyao's opinion, it doesn't matter whether Su Yingxia studies or not, because as long as she marries Han Qiang, she will be able to be a rich wife, and she will not worry about food and clothing in the future, and there will be endless money, but the quality of cultivation may not be able to be compared with highly educated people, but it doesn't matter, in today's society, what can be more important than money?

        "Dad, is it really okay?" Su Yingxia asked weakly, she didn't expect Su Guoyao to agree to this so easily, completely unexpected.

        "Of course it's true, as long as you are happy, Dad will do whatever you want." Su Guoyao smiled.

        "Yes, you are happy more than anything else, if you don't want to study, you don't have to study, it's not a big deal." The old man also spoke up and said.

        Su Yingxia nodded her head repeatedly, she was worried that Su Guoyao would refuse, but now it seems that all those worries were unnecessary.

        After finishing dinner, Han Qianli led Su Yingxia out of the Su family, and the two of them went shopping on foot while heading back towards the road to the hillside villa.

        She was the only one who could do the chores in the Su family, and she didn't bully Su Guoyao like she used to.

        Now Jiang Lan was afraid that if she did not satisfy Su Guoyao, she would be kicked out of the Su family.

Chapter 1508

"Dad, did you tell Han Qianqiang about those things?" After Han Qianqian left, Su Guoyao asked the old man.

        The old man had a helpless grin on his face, and the Su family's ambition was indeed great, hoping to take advantage of the relationship between Su Yingxia and Han Qiangli to have a heavier presence in the new city, which the old man even took for granted before, but after he felt Han Qiangli's attitude, he no longer thought so.

        It is true that Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian have a good relationship, and there is even a strong possibility that they will get married in the future, but what does this have to do with the Su family?

        And because of Su Yingxia, the Su family has gotten enough, and their wishful thinking that they should get more is actually what Han Qianqian said about not having enough.

        "He said we don't know enough." The old man said.

        Su Guoyao's heart thudded, if Han Qianli said that, then it must have been more than just that.

        "What else did he say?" Su Guoyao couldn't wait to ask the question.

        "If we can't stop our greed, he will make the Su family lose everything they have now." The old man said.

        Su Guoyao's face became pale. If we lose everything we have now, what is the Su family left with?

        Now that he is the head of the high and mighty Su Family Company, all the big and small company owners in Yuncheng will give him face, but if he loses his cooperation with Fengqian, who will still take him seriously?

        Su Guoyao, who has had a hard time having the status he has today, doesn't want to fall down again.

        "Dad, in fact, what the Su family has now is already very good." Su Guoyao said.

        If it was before, the old man would definitely refute Su Guoyao's words, because as a businessman, if there is no ambition, then it is not a qualified businessman.

        But now, the old man didn't dare to have too many expectations, after all, Han Qianli had already made his words very clear, so how could he dare to show his greed in front of Han Qianli?

        "Even if Su Yingxia will marry him in the future, he won't treat us as family, so we can't expect him to bring more benefits to the Su family," the old man said. The old man said.

        Su Guoyao felt that there was something in the old man's words, so he asked, "Dad, what should we do now?"

        "Use your existing position to develop as many collaborative resources as possible, and use your ability to improve your position, not just rely on him." The old man said.

        Su Guoyao nodded his head, since he couldn't dig more benefits from Han Qianli, he could only work hard himself.

        On the way home, Han Qianli and Su Yingxia were chatting about the north and south, when suddenly Su Yingxia stopped walking.

        Han Qianli was puzzled and asked, "What's wrong?"

        "Are you really stupid, or are you pretending to be?" Su Yingxia asked rhetorically.

        Han Qianli was confused, just chatting well, how the conversation suddenly changed, and Han Qianli did not feel stupid where.

        "What do you mean?" Han Qianli was puzzled and said.

        "It's so late at night, you can't even see a ghost, and you don't even dare to hold my hand?" Su Yingxia said.

        Han Qianli was dumbstruck.

        He had never thought like this before, because the three years he had spent with Su Yingxia had made him have complete respect for her, and he wouldn't do anything to make her resist, so he was used to keeping a certain distance from her.

        But since Su Yingxia has already said this, it is equivalent to Han Qianli's approval, Han Qianli immediately took Su Yingxia's hand.

        "I'm not afraid you'll resent it, although you'll be my wife in the future, I'm still worried that you won't like me now." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        "You're so powerful, can't you still see through my thoughts?" Su Yingxia said disdainfully

        "Can." Han Qianqian said, "I can see through what's going on in everyone's head, but if I do so, I'll cause some harm to the other party, and if it were anyone else I could do it, but you, absolutely not."

        Su Yingxia just said casually, did not expect Han Qianqian to give such an answer, making Su Yingxia very surprised.

        "Really? Can you really see what people are thinking?" Su Yingxia was surprised.

        "Of course, I can invade anyone's consciousness." Han Giangli said.

        "Then will I have this ability in the future?" Su Yingxia asked with an expectant face.

        "Uh ...... if you have my realm, you should be able to." Han Giangli said.

        Su Yingxia pouted and said, "Wouldn't that be a long time."

        "I can help you if you want to see who's idea it is," Han Qianqian said.

        Su Yingxia stared at Han Three Thousand.

        Han Qianqian realized that Su Yingxia wanted to see herself.

        "I need to see if you really love me that much," Su Yingxia said.

        Han Qianli's expression gradually became serious, he never joked about this matter, although his marriage to Su Yingxia was forced by necessity, and Su Yingxia hated him for a while after the marriage, but what Su Yingxia had said for him in private, Han Qianli had never forgotten.