His True Colors Chapter 1489-1490

 Chapter 1489

After a long time, the next old man came to his senses and drew a heavy breath of cold air.

        To him, Han Qianqian's words were equivalent to reshaping his worldview for decades.

        He thought that the existence of the Xuanyuan World in this world was already shocking enough, but he did not expect that there were other spaces besides the Xuanyuan World.

        And from this, it could be deduced that in this universe, there were probably more spaces and races that existed, and this was the most horrifying part for him.

        After swallowing his saliva, the next oldest asked Han Qianqian, "According to what you're saying, Uncle Ancestor, according to what you're saying, wouldn't there be many more worlds like this existing in the universe?"

        This is something that Han Giang has not been able to verify, after all, he has not been to the space above the Xuanyuan world, but since it has been proven that these three spaces exist in the universe, it is not surprising that there are other spaces that co-exist.

        "According to the law of all things in a lifetime, this should be the case, but how exactly, I don't know now, perhaps in the future, I will have the opportunity to verify." Han Qianli said.

        Hearing these words, the next old man's heart was moved, going to verify would also mean that Han 3,000 had the opportunity to see more of the wonders of the universe, and did he, in turn, have such an opportunity to accompany Han 3,000?

        "Uncle Shifu, I can serve tea and water, do you lack?" At this point, he no longer cared about his identity as the Master of the Four Gates of the Apocalypse, because he knew that the Apocalypse was just an insignificant speck of dust among the many worlds, and only by following Han Qianxiang could he see the wonders of the universe.

        As for how the Ten Great Powers would see him, the old man didn't care, because what he aspired for, only Han Qianxiang could help him achieve, and what was the master of the Four Gates?

        The ten strongest had been stunned to hear what Han Three Thousand had said, and it had completely changed their view of the world, and they had the same heartbeat as the next oldest, but they were also self-aware that with their skills, they were not even qualified to follow Han Three Thousand's side as an odd-job man.

        "You?" Han 3000 smiled and turned to look at the next old man and said, "You're still more suitable to stay on Earth."

        With his current cultivation, if he relied on himself, he wouldn't have a chance to reach the Extreme Master realm, which meant that even if Han Nanfang brought him to Xuanyuan, he wouldn't have an increased lifespan and it would be pointless to do so.

        When he heard this, the expression of the old man was instantly darkened. This was Han Qianli's very clear rejection, so how could the old man not be disappointed?

        "Don't be discouraged, if you can continue to refine your cultivation, I believe that you have the strength to survive in Xuanyuan World, after all, the passage is in the Forbidden Area, if you are willing to go, no one will stop you." Han Qianqian said.

        The next old man looked up abruptly, hope reigniting in his eyes.

        "Uncle Ancestor, don't worry, I'll be diligent in my cultivation." The next oldest said.

        Before he was reborn, he was half of Next Lao's disciple, but Next Lao often taught him lessons at that time.

        But after his rebirth, Han 3,000 jokes seemed to have put his uncle's identity on the line, and now the next oldest disciple had absolute trust in him.

        "There's nothing else, I'm leaving the apocalypse," Han Qianqian said. Han 3,000 said, the main purpose of coming back this time was to get the Sacred Chestnut, which Han 3,000 had already completed, so it would be pointless to stay any longer.

        As for Fuyan's power, Han 3,000 needed to wait until Su Yingxia had reached adulthood before coming back to take it away.

        "So soon?" The old man looked at Han Qianqian reluctantly, because with Han Qianqian's reward, he was able to increase his strength greatly, and with Han Qianqian's guidance on his cultivation, the old man believed that he could become even stronger.

        It was a pity that Han Qianqian was leaving, and the rest of the way was up to him.

        Han Qianxiang only nodded his head and did not speak.

        After leaving the forbidden area, Han 3,000 left directly for the apocalypse.

        The harvest from this trip was very rich. The large amount of Sacred Chestnut was enough for Han 3,000 to lead the people around him onto the path of cultivation, and Han 3,000 didn't intend to use the Sacred Chestnut to make them stronger, so there must be a lot of Sacred Chestnut left.

        This kind of good thing is rare in the world, and knowing how precious it is, Han 3,000 had to keep some for himself, just in case he needed it.

        It was pointless to just use the Sacred Chestnut to forcibly improve the strength of those around him, as one needed to be steady in cultivation.

        Cloud City.

        Hillside villa.

        Kneeling in front of the door was a figure that Han Qianqian had never dreamed of, Yan Bingsan's grandson, Yan Nanqui!

        Two days ago, Yan Nanqui kneeled down here, and his kneeling down can be said to have shocked the entire Yan Xia, no one thought that, as the third grandson of Yan C, he would go to seek medical treatment in this way.

        Of course, Yan Nanjiu was unwilling to do so, and he had no choice at all.

        Yan Nanqui had also refused Yan Bingsan's request, but Yan Bingsan's request to him was very clear: if he couldn't get Han Qianqian's forgiveness, Yan Bingsan would not give any support to Yan Nanqui on his career path, which was desperate news for Yan Nanqui.

        If Yan Nangui wants to move up the social ladder, he will need Yan Bingsan to pave the way, otherwise, he will not be qualified to step on this road.

        For the sake of his own future, Yan Nanqui had to kneel in front of the mountainside villa against his will.

        It has been two whole days, Yan Nanqui did not even see Han Qianqiang's face, the thought of leaving has popped up in his head countless times, but in the end, all of them were suppressed by reason.

        Leaving would mean that there would no longer be any support from Yan Cansan, and he would be reduced to a complete loser, and might even be laughed at by his friends.

        This was something Yan Nanjiu couldn't accept, so whenever he couldn't hold on, he would think about the mocking eyes of his friends, which gave him the motivation to continue.

        When Han Qiangiang returned to the villa, he was very surprised to see Yan Nanjiu, after all, he and the Yan family had already been feuding, how could this dude kneel in front of his house?

        "Yan Nanjiu, I'm not mistaken, it's you kneeling here!" Han Qianli said, surprised, when looking at the back of Yan Nangui from afar, Han Qianli thought it was other medical seekers, did not expect to walk in, but it was this guy.

        "You're finally back." Yan Nangui took a deep breath and said.

        "Are you here to help your grandfather seek medical treatment?" Han Qianqiang asked.

Chapter 1490

Faced with Han Qianqian's knowing question, a disdainful anger rose within Yan Nanjiu, but he didn't dare to show it, because Han Qianqian's decision could change his future, at such a time, no matter how much he disdained Han Qianqian, Yan Nanjiu would hide it, at least until Han Qianqian cured Yan Cansan, he would keep doing so.

        "Yes." Yan Nangui nodded and said.

        Han 3,000 accosted with a smile, he and the Yan family are considered enemies, and Yan C San also said very clearly that he would deal with the Han family, to make Han 3,000 family destroyed, how come only a few days away, that old thing has already changed his attention?

        "I remember your grandfather said that he would make my Han family fall apart, now what does this mean, let you kneel down to beg me, where is the dignity of your Yan family, throw it on the ground and don't want it?" Han Qianqiang said.


        The two words were discarded long before he knelt down, and I'm afraid that Yan Cisan himself didn't care about this matter, or else he wouldn't have been allowed to do it.

        After all, he is the only bloodline of the Yan family, and if he kneels down, it is equivalent to the entire Yan family kneeling down, so what's the point of losing face?

        "Please, save my grandfather." Yan Nanjiu said.

        "Hey." Han Qianli suddenly sighed and said, "I was waiting for the Yan family to take revenge on me, but I didn't expect to suddenly play this game, it's too boring."

        Han Qianli's words did not put the Yan family in his eyes at all, waiting for revenge, isn't this just a sign of being defiant, and deciding that the Yan family cannot do anything to the Han family?

        Yan Nanjiu's heart was soaring with hostility, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch, but in spite of this, his temper didn't explode, and his mind kept reminding himself of the words Yan Cansan had said.

        "Before my Yan family said these words because the Yan family is ignorant, we already know regret." Yan Nangui buried his head deeply, and although his words were full of regret, his expression was not like that, and his gloomy eyes did not carry the slightest bit of remorse.

        Han Qianqiang suddenly squatted down beside Nan Yan Gui and said, "Do you believe your own words? Do you really regret it?"

        Yan Nangui hesitated for a moment and said, "Yes, I really regret it."

        "Yan Nangui, I'm afraid the whole Yanxia knows about your kneeling, especially those friends around you, will laugh at you, are you really willing?"

        "Aren't you afraid of those people talking about you behind your back, saying you're useless, that you're a loser?"

        "Those who were once of lesser status than you are now laughing at you behind your back, can you take it?"

        Yan Nanqui's body trembled slightly as Han Marchiang's words were spoken slowly, caused by anger.

        Yan Nanqui is a very proud person, after all, the Yan family is already high above, he has the right to be condescending, and now, he kneeled in the hillside villa for two days, will certainly be laughed at and discussed, this is no matter what can not escape.

        In the past two days, Yan Nanjiu tried to restrain himself from thinking about this matter, or else he would feel ashamed to see others, and Han Qianqian said these facts, undoubtedly to rub salt on the wound!

        "What's the use of putting up with it, if you're angry now, you have to let it out, what's the use of putting up with it? Han Qiangli continued, provoking Yan Nangui's anger to the extreme.

        Yan Nangui raised his head abruptly, his eyes cold as he looked at Han Qianqian, and hesitated to speak.

        "The feeling of being poked in the spine, it's not pleasant." Han Qianqiang exclaimed, once he, as a son-in-law of the Su family, but was scolded for three whole years, and in Yun City, no one knows, Han Qianqiang is able to deeply understand this feeling.

        Yan Nangui lowered his head again and said, "The Yan family was wrong, so I should naturally kneel down and apologize."

        In his opinion, Yan Nanqui was on the verge of exploding, and he didn't expect that he could forcefully calm himself down, which was a very good patience.

        Of course, Han Qianqian was also aware that while he had this patience, he must have been under other pressures, which was why he didn't dare to explode his temper.

        "It seems that Yan C-San has given you a not light threat, but at a tender age, he can endure to this extent, and since you are willing to kneel, you can continue to kneel." After saying that, Han Qianqian stood up.

        It was impossible for Yan Nanjiu to keep kneeling here, so he asked Han Qianli, "What exactly do you have to do to be willing to save my grandfather, as long as you bring it up, I will definitely satisfy you."

        Now Han Qianqian didn't need to propose any conditions, because as long as he wanted to do something, he was fully capable of doing it himself, so why did he need to borrow someone else's hand?

        The Yan family is a famous family, but unfortunately, in Han Qianqian's eyes, it's worse than dog sh*t.

        "The entire Yan family, or the entire Yan family system, is bullsh*t in my eyes, do I still need you guys to work for me?" Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        The so-called Yan family system included all the disciples under Yan Bingsan, and in Yan Nangui's opinion, Han Qiangiang's words were arrogant to the extreme!