His True Colors Chapter 1481-1483

 Chapter 1481

The medical community is indeed shaken!

        All the people who were following this matter received the news at the first time.

        In their opinion, Chen Guang has no chance to be treated, and now Chen Guang is just counting the days left to live, with less and less days left to live, there is no chance of a cure.

        However, before Chen Guang walked out of the hospital room alone with a red face, the news exploded all over the country.

        The doctors who had treated Chen Guang, or those who knew Chen Guang's condition, were all incredulous.

        They were skeptical about Han's healing of the Su family's old man, believing that it was simply hype, and secretly mocked those who came to Cloud City to seek Han's help.

        But the truth turned out to be a resounding slap in the face to those who were waiting to see the joke.

        Han 3,000 not only cured Chen Guang, but also Chen Guang's recovery speed was as fast as a miracle, which was unbelievable because it was impossible for the current medical level to cure Chen Guang, and even more impossible for Chen Guang to walk alone in a short period of time.

        This matter became a mystery that many people wanted to unravel, so Chen Guang's cell phone called one after another, they not only wanted to verify the truth that Chen Guang was cured, but also wanted to know how Han Qianqiang did it.

        Chen Guang, who was back in his hospital room, didn't even look at the constantly ringing cell phones.

        He knew that the matter of his healing had attracted the attention of doctors all over the country, including some big figures in power, and those who were sick definitely wanted to certify the matter through him, and then let Han Qianxiang treat them.

        But about Han Qianqian's treatment, Chen Guang absolutely did not dare to reveal a word about it, so he simply did not answer the phone to avoid pressure from some more powerful characters than him.

        "Dad, won't you answer the phone?" One phone call after another rang, but Chen Guang was indifferent, which made Chen Qiran somewhat puzzled.

        "Don't you know what these phone calls are for?" Chen Guang asked.

        "I know, but I just saw that there are several big people in power, would it be bad if you don't answer their calls?" Chen Qiran said with a worried face.

        "Picked up I can't give them a satisfactory answer, that's the big problem." Chen Guang said with a sigh, in fact, he was helpless inside, about Han Qianli's means, in his eyes, that is something that only immortals can do.

        In his eyes, it was something that only immortals could do. But who would believe such a thing if it was said?

        Even if they really wanted to believe it, if Han Qianqiang knew about it, would Chen Guang still be alive a year later?

        Even Chen Guang had a feeling that if he revealed this matter to the public, in less than a year, Han Qianqiang would soon make him sick.

        Chen Qiran did not continue to speak, this is Chen Guang's own decision, he as a son is not qualified to interfere, and Chen Qiran also knows, Chen Guang's decision, absolutely after careful consideration.

        On the other hand, Chen Qiran also knew that Chen Guang's decision was made after careful consideration.

        After returning to the hillside villa, Han Qianli also received some phone calls.

        First it was Han Tian Yang, then it was Shi Jing, and the first words they spoke were related to Chen Guang, and someone had even arrived at the Han family, hoping that Han 3,000 could help save the person behind them.

        The person's background was so powerful and influential that neither Han Tianyang nor Shi Jing dared to slow down easily, but they didn't dare to make a decision for Han Qianli, so they could only call to inform Han Qianli and let him decide on his own.

        However, no matter who the other party was, Han 3,000 had only one word, no. After hanging up a few times, Han 3,000 could only call to inform him of his decision.

        After hanging up a few calls one after another, Han 3,000 simply turned off his phone, which calmed the world down.

        "Three thousand, this seems to be a big deal." He didn't mean to laugh at Han 3,000, he just thought that Han 3,000 was so powerful that a casual little move had attracted the attention of all the big names in the country.

        Han Qiangiang held his forehead, although he had expected it, he did not expect the matter to spread so much, it was only a short while ago, and already everyone knew about it.

        "I'm afraid that starting tomorrow, more people will come to Cloud City." Han Qianqian said with a headache, dealing with these people, Han Qianqian is not afraid, he will not be threatened by any, but this is inevitably disturbing.

        "That's for sure, I guess someone has already chartered a plane, I didn't expect Cloud City is such a small place, but will welcome so many powerful people, this local officials, I'm afraid, will be chilled for some time." Blade Twelve said with a smile.

        "Looks like we'll have to get things moving in the direction I want as soon as possible, Earth is not a place to stay for long." Han Qianqiang said.

        Knife Twelve's heart moved and said, "3000, are you going back to Xuanyuan World?"

Chapter 1482

Returning to Xuanyuan World was something Han 3,000 had been looking forward to, especially after Han 3,000 had truly stepped into the God Realm, the desire to return to Xuanyuan World became even stronger.

        Because although the current Han 3,000 is not absolutely sure to deal with the Lin Long, but already has the power to fight, and only when he returns to Xuanyuan World, Han 3,000 will have the opportunity to go to a higher space, which is full of curiosity and unknown to Han 3,000, so he can't wait to find out.

        Unfortunately, the current time and situation was not the best, Han 3,000 could not leave Su Yingxia alone, he was worried that after going to Xuanyuan World, he would never be able to come back.

        "Although I'd like to, but for now, it's not possible." Han Giangli said with a sigh.

        Knife Twelve was a little bit lost, after all, inside he really wanted to follow Han Qianlian to see Xuanyuan World.

        Sensing Blade 12's change in mood, Han 3,000 said with a smile, "With your current strength, you'll easily be killed even if you go to Xuanyuan World.

        Knife Twelve fished his head in embarrassment, although it was a bit hard to say, but he knew it was the truth.

        The Xuanyuan World was a cultivator's affair, and although he now had more strength than an ordinary Earthling, he was equally weak to the Xuanyuan World.

        "Three thousand, I'm not in a hurry, let's wait until you think the time is right." Blade Twelve said.

        "Hey." Han Three Thousand suddenly sighed, if he hadn't wasted too much Sacred Chestnut in the first place, he wouldn't have to worry about the cultivation of Knife Twelve and the others now.

        The addition of the Sacred Chestnut would allow them to improve their strength in a short period of time, but it was a pity that it was useless to regret it now.

        Suddenly, Han Qianli's face changed.

        Wasn't the Sacred Chestnut from the Forbidden Land of the Apocalypse?

        Now that time has been turned back, does the sacred chestnut in the forbidden land still exist?

        If there were still Sacred Chestnut, Blade Twelve's cultivation would have been twice as effective with half the effort.

        Han Giangli slapped himself, hating himself for only thinking of this now.

        "What's wrong with you?" Knife Twelve didn't know what Han Qianyan thought of, and saw Han Qianyan hit himself, and asked, puzzled.

        "But I'm really stupid, I forgot such an important thing." Han 3,000 yuan said with an annoyed face, and at the same time looked at Zi's arm, the red-eyed jade python did not cling to the arm.

        After the rebirth, many things have changed and many things have returned to the past, Han 3,000 put all his attention on Su Yingxia, but neglected these important things.

        "Three thousand, what happened, how could you be stupid?" Blade Twelve said.

        "You stay in Cloud City, help me protect Su Yingxia and don't allow anyone to hurt him, I'm still far away from Tianqi, it may take a few days." Han Qianli said.

        Blade Twelve nodded subconsciously, no matter what Han Qianli wanted to do, as long as it was Han Qianli's command, Blade Twelve would do as he said.

        Fei Lingsheng's strength was more reliable than Blade Twelve's, so he asked Fei Lingsheng to stay in Cloud City as well, to protect Su Yingxia and to establish a spirit formation in the hillside villa.

        Fei Lingsheng wanted to go to the apocalypse with Han Qianqian, but after Han refused, she didn't press the issue any further.

        The former Extreme Master was no more than an insect in front of Han Qianqian today, so how could she be qualified to make conditions?

        Originally, Han Qianli thought that the time to go to the Apocalypse would be after Su Yingxia had reached adulthood, because that would be the most appropriate time to retrieve Fuyao's power, but plans couldn't catch up with changes, so Han Qianli could only go earlier than planned to retrieve the Sacred Chestnut, so that the people around him could have a better cultivation stage.

        Two days later, the Apocalypse.

        After meeting Han 3,000, the old man couldn't eat or sleep well all day, because Han 3,000's strength was so strong that he couldn't help but want to bring Han 3,000 to the Apocalypse, and the old man had a feeling that only Han 3,000 could bring the Apocalypse back to its former glory, and only he could stop the Apocalypse from welcoming the next Earth crisis.

        As for the matter of his uncle's ancestor, there was always a little doubt in his heart, and he didn't dare to trust Han Qianqian 100%.

        But there is one thing that the old man is sure of, and that is that Han 3,000 is so powerful that it is unmatched on Earth.

        "Hey, I don't know when I'll be able to see you, you really should come back to visit." The next old man looked at the starry sky and said to himself.

        "Who do you want to see?" A familiar voice suddenly came from behind.

        The old man turned his head abruptly and saw that it was Han Qianqian, whom he had been thinking about day and night.

        Immediately stood up and walked excitedly to Han Qianqian's side: "What are you ...... doing here!"

        "Is it so rude not to call out to someone when you see your uncle and ancestor?" Han Qianqiang said with a deliberately serious face.

Chapter 1483

When he heard Han 3,000's words, he didn't think much about it and said, "Granduncle."

        To the old man, Han 3,000's position in his heart was supreme, so it didn't matter to him how he called Han 3,000, and even if this look was fake, the old man could still accept it, because Han 3,000 was so powerful that he could lead the entire apocalypse to glory.

        "What are you doing here, Shisunzu?" The next oldest asked.

        "For me, coming here is like coming home, and can't I go home?" Han Giangli smiled.

        "Yes, yes, of course I can." The old man was busy nodding his head, hoping for the stars and the moon to finally bring Han Qianqian here, so how could he say no?

        "The person you just mentioned is not me, is it?" Han Qianli asked.

        "Who else could it be but you, I've been waiting for you to come to the apocalypse every day." Yirao said.

        "Why?" Han Qianli said curiously.

        When it came to this question, the next old man's face became heavy and said, "Today's Apocalypse, long ago, cannot be compared to what it was a hundred years ago, and its strength has fallen dramatically, resulting in the Apocalypse not having the strength to counter the Second World at all, and now only you can lead the Apocalypse back to its peak, and only you can deal with the invasion of the Second World."

        The invasion of the Xuanyuan World?

        Did the old man feel something, or did something special happen at the entrance to the space tunnel?

        According to the present time, the Linlong of Regulus World should not be awake yet, and the people of Regulus World, who divided the three countries, did not have the strength to invade Earth again.

        "Why do you say that the second world will invade the Earth?" Han Qianli asked.

        "Just some time ago, the space tunnel suddenly experienced a huge upheaval, and I suspect it had a lot to do with the invasion of the Second World," The next old man said.

        When the next old man told Han 3,000 in detail about the time of the upheaval, Han 3,000 discovered that it was shortly after his rebirth, which meant that he had already left Xuanyuan World at that time, and that the upheaval at that point in time was most likely due to something happening in Xuanyuan World.

        But exactly what was going on, Han Qianli also did not know.

        Could it be that the Linlong had woken up earlier?

        Thinking of this, Han Qianli couldn't help but reveal a worried look.

        If that's the case!

        If the Lin Long were to come to Earth, it would be a human tragedy, and an unknown number of people would die under his claws.

        It would certainly be a scene of life and death!

        "What are you thinking about, Uncle Shifu?" Seeing Han Qianqian stunned, the next old man couldn't help but ask.

        Han Qianli shook his head, he wasn't sure if this matter was really related to the Linlong, perhaps it was just an ordinary spatial tunnel tremor.

        "It's nothing, take me to the Demon King's Cave." Han Qianli said.

        The next old man revealed a startled expression, "Why do you want to go to the Demon King's Cave? You know it's a place of life and death, and the average person is simply unwilling to venture inside, and even those who were once fortunate enough to come back alive from it are never willing to go back a second time.

        "Master Uncle Ancestor, you know the dangers in the Devil King's Cave, don't you?" The next oldest asked.

        "Of course I know, it's just a few exotic beasts, don't worry, they're no match for me." Han Qianlian indifferently said, now already possessing true God Realm strength, these exotic beasts in Han Qianlian's eyes, is just a bunch of small pets, nothing worthy of scruples, except for the Lin Long, Xuanyuan world no creature can be his opponent.

        The next old man unconsciously gulped his saliva.

        It was just a few exotic beasts!

        Look at how easy and relaxing it was to say that it was a deadly contraption, but Han Giangli didn't look at it in the slightest.

        "Master Uncle Ancestor, please follow me." Yirao said.

        As they traveled along, the next old man asked Han 3,000 why he wanted to go to the Demon King's Cave, but Han 3,000 only said that there was something important and didn't want the next old man to reveal it in detail.

        The next old man was also an understanding man, and in his heart, Han 3,000 had a very high status, so since Han 3,000 was reluctant to reveal anything, he didn't keep asking.

        When he arrived at the entrance of the Demon King's Cave, a pungent fishy wind came, which would have caused an ordinary person to vomit.

        But the old man changed color only slightly, while Han Qianxiang was as calm as if nothing had happened.

        "I'll go in, you wait for me here." Han Qianqian said to the next old man.

        He had only gone into the Demon King's Cave once, and it was a matter of nine lives, and after that, he couldn't think of entering the Demon King's Cave anymore.

        Even though Han Qianqian is with him now, and he may have a chance to learn more, he is not interested at all.

        After all, Han Qianqian was quite familiar with the Devil King's Cave, having visited this place once before.

        When she arrived at the place where the sacred chestnut grew, she was relieved to see the red fruits growing on the vines.

        On the way to the Apocalypse, Han 3,000 had been worried that the sacred chestnuts in the Demon King's Cave were gone, because that would mean a wasted trip.

        With these Sacred Chestnuts, the cultivation of those around Han 3,000 would become easier and their strength would increase faster, which would allow Han 3,000 to return to Xuanyuan World sooner and solve the big problem in his heart.

        Who else would have the courage to enter the Devil King's Cave and remove the sacred chestnuts except him?

        And ordinary people don't know what kind of effect this thing will have.

        Just as Han Qianqian was about to leave, a hissing sound suddenly came from his ears.

        It was the sound of a snake spitting out letters, which meant that the red-eyed jade python was nearby.

        "Come out, I'll take you out of here." Han 3,000 said.

        The red-eyed jade python had a great affinity for Han Qianli before he was reborn, and even recognized Han Qianli as its master, and that was because of the skeleton.

        When it heard Han 3,000's voice, it honestly climbed up on Han 3,000's right leg and onto Han 3,000's shoulder.

        "Little thing, we meet again." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        The red-eyed jade python spat its red letter, as if responding to Han 3,000.

        "It's just a pity that you're a python after all, and there's an unbridgeable gulf between you and the dragon, destined to make you no match for the Linlong, and one step below it." Han Qianqian said with a slightly helpless tone, his heart's true thoughts, it would be great if it were a dragon.