His True Colors Chapter 1479-1480

 Chapter 1479

At this time, the bodyguards outside the door of the next room had already entered the room at the first time.

        Since Yan Cansan was highly concerned about the developments next door, he ordered the bodyguards to tell him what was going on at the first time.

        "What's the situation?" Seeing the bodyguard, before the bodyguard could speak, Yan Cansan eagerly asked.

        "Chen Qiran suddenly knelt down at the door." The bodyguard said.

        "Kneel down?" Yan Bingsan frowned, why did he kneel down for no reason?

        A smile suddenly appeared on Yan Nanjiu's face and he said, "It can't be that Chen Guang is dead!"

        That said, it is indeed possible.

        When Chen Guang d i ed, Chen Qiran would certainly kneel down to see him off.

        However, Yan Cansan had an uneasy feeling in his heart, feeling that it couldn't be so sudden.

        Han Qianqiang had already come, and although he hadn't been here long, he couldn't just cure Chen Guang to death!

        "Go out and keep an eye on things again, and let me know immediately if you have any news." Yan Cisan said to the bodyguard.

        The bodyguard nodded, and was turning to leave when the hospital room door suddenly opened.

        When Chen Guang appeared in the doorway, Yan Cansan and his grandson instantly stared at him with their jaws on the floor.

        As an adversary for many years, Yan Cansan knew Chen Guang's condition very well, and he even had Chen Guang's various physical examination reports, and Chen Guang had relied on a wheelchair for many years, so how could he suddenly stand up?

        "Yan Cansan, you really want me to d ie, right? It's a pity that I couldn't do what you wanted." Chen Guang said with a smile.

        Yan Cansan's heartbeat accelerated, how long had Han Qianqiang been here, and he had already cured Chen Guang and made him stand up, without any recovery time at all?


        This is an illusion!

        Yan Cansan's first feeling was that he was hallucinating, or else this would never have happened.

        However, when Yan Cansan rubbed his eyes, there was no news about Chen Guang in front of him.

        "Don't doubt it, it's not an illusion, I'm already well and alive, can't you tell?" Chen Guang continued.

        Yan Cansan could feel the tremendous change in Chen Guang, not only did this guy get up, but his face was red and glowing, even if he had the slightest appearance of being terminally ill.

        Just today, Yan Cansan had seen Chen Guang with a bloodless look on his face, no different from a dying man.

        But now, ......

        "How could it be, how could it be!" Yan Cansan said subconsciously.

        Yan Nangui, who was on the other side of the room, also found it unbelievable. It was like magic, Chen Guang suddenly got better, and even made Yan Nangui wonder if Chen Guang had been pretending to be sick all along.

        "What's impossible, this matter, I also want to thank you, if you hadn't angered Han Qianqian, and I happen to be your opponent, this good thing would not have fallen on my head." Chen Guang's words came from the bottom of his heart, and he was really thanking Yan Cansan, because he knew that Han Qianqian would not cure him for no reason, which was directly related to Yan Cansan.

        These words almost made Yan Cansan vomit blood, and after so many years of rivalry, this was the most serious injury Chen Guang had ever inflicted on him.

        He had sent the opportunity to Chen Guang to be cured of his serious illness, while he, himself, was still waiting for death to come!

        "Chen Guang, how did he do that, how is that possible!" Yan C San asked with a gloomy face.

        "Tsk tsk." Chen Guang scoffed and shook his head, saying, "With your intelligence, you shouldn't have asked such a question ah, you know I won't tell you, so why did you open your mouth."

        Yan Cansan took a deep breath, he had accepted the fact that Chen Guang was getting better, but he couldn't imagine how Han Qianqian actually did it.

        And there was an even more important point, since Han Qianqian was able to heal the dying Chen Guang, he must be able to heal him.

        "If I d i e, you'll have no opponent, is there any fun in this life?" Yan Cansan said.

        "As for whether you live or d i e, what does it have to do with me? Besides, you have already offended Han Qianqian, so you don't expect him to save you, right?" said Chen Guang. Chen Guang said.

        This sentence made Yan Cansan's heart ache, the contradiction between him and Han 3,000 yuan has indeed been established, and he also let slip that he would let the Han family d i e, in this case, how could Han 3,000 yuan give him medical treatment?

        Such a situation was undoubtedly desperate for Yan Cansan, who now wished he had never met Han Qiangiang, so that he at least had a chance to have Han Qiang treat him.

        At this moment, Yan Nanjiu suddenly rushed out of the hospital room.

        When Yan Cansan thought of what he was going to do, it was already too late to stop him.

        "This grandson of yours has always been impulsive, reckless, and arrogantly ignorant, if he goes to stop Han Qianxiang, I'm afraid the conflict between your Yan family and Han Qianxiang will become even more serious." Chen Guang warned.

        Yan Cansan naturally knew this, but it didn't matter whether the conflict would be more serious or not, he might still have a chance if he let Yan Nanjiu step in.

Chapter 1480

He even wished that time could go back to before he went to Genting Mountain villa, so that he would not have any conflict with Han Qianxiang, and he would not lose the chance to be treated by Han Qianxiang completely.

        A miracle was at hand.

        The dying Chen Guang is now alive and well, how can Yan Bingsan not be envious?

        Unfortunately, there are no regrets, and time cannot be turned back, so Yan could only accept the facts before him.

        But that doesn't mean that Yan Cansan really gave up, after all, one's life only comes once, if there is still a chance to live, Yan Cansan will try anyway.

        "Chen Guang, can you tell me exactly how he did it?" Yan Cansan said with a sincere face, "We have known each other for so many years, although we are rivals, but we are also friends, do you want to see death and not save us?"

        Chen Guang only had one year to live, after one year, if he didn't get Han Qianqian's continued treatment, he would still d i e.

        Chen Guang, who had tasted the sweetness, could never betray Han Qianqian in any way, perhaps to make Han Qianqian unhappy, because he knew very well that Han Qianqian was the only hope to continue living.

        If Chen Guang had only come to Yun City with the intention of trying, then now he had completely trusted Han Qianqian, and he also knew that in this world, only Han Qianqian could save him.

        "I'm sorry, I can't tell you, and from today onwards, the enmity between you and me will continue." Chen Guang said.

        "The reason he saved you is because he wants to use you against me, right?" Yan Bingsan is not a fool, having been in the world for so many years, he could naturally guess what Han Qianli's intention was in saving Chen Guang.

        "That's why I want to thank you, without you, I wouldn't have been the target of Han Three Thousand's rescue." Chen Guang said.

        Yan Cansan couldn't stop laughing bitterly, he was mocking Chen Guang before, but now, he was reduced to Chen Guang to mock himself, and what's more, he was the one who brought this matter about, and he had indirectly saved his opponent!

        At this time, Yan Nanqui had already blocked Han Qianqian at the hospital entrance.

        The hostile Yan Nanqui did not have the slightest posture to ask for help, but was still so superior that he had forgotten about the almost death in the hands of Blade 12.

        "Han Qianqian, what do you mean, why did you save Chen Guang!" Yan Nanjiu questioned Han Qianqian.

        "Is there any need to ask? Such a simple truth, can't you figure out that he is the Yan family's enemy, and the Yan family, is my enemy, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, haven't you ever heard of this saying?" Han Qianqiang said with a smile.

        Yan Nanjiu was livid, of course he knew that Han Qianqiang had done this on purpose, and it was because of this that he was so angry.

        "You shouldn't really think that Chen Guang is qualified to be a rival to the Yan family, he didn't d i e, it's purely because my grandfather didn't want him to d i e, I advise you, it's best to treat my grandfather, otherwise, your Han family will face the worst possible end." Yan Nangui said.

        These threatening words didn't make Han Qianli afraid, but rather made him sigh, what kind of temper was Yan Nangui spoiled out of, at this point, he still wants to threaten people, is the Yan family so lawless, didn't they teach Yan Nangui to lower his attitude when he wants something from others?

        "Kid, you're not forgetting me, are you looking for death by saying that?" Knife Twelve spoke with cold eyes.

        Yan Nanjiu took a look at Knife Twelve, and had a numbing sensation, the feeling of suffocation was still there, and if it wasn't for Yan Cansan's timely intervention, he would have probably d i ed.

        Now, there was no one around him, and if Dagger Twelve had made a move on him, no one would have been able to save him.

        Thinking of this, Yan Nanqui subconsciously took a few steps back, putting distance between him and Dagger Twelve.

        Seeing this action, Knife Twelve sneered with disdain and said, "If a wimp like you falls into your hands, the Yan family will be finished sooner or later."

        In the eyes of the Twelve Knives, Yan Nanqui was just a tiger who relied on the Yan family's background, he had no real ability of his own, and without the protection of the Yan family, he was not even a fart.

        When Yan C is three hundred years old, Yan Nanqui will have no wall of protection, and that's when the Yan family's sunset will come.

        Yan Nanqui wanted to refute Knife Twelve's words, and if anyone else dared to talk to him like that, Yan Nanqui could dig up the graves of his ancestors.

        But he didn't dare to face Knife Twelve, he knew that Knife Twelve wasn't afraid of his identity, and didn't put the Yan family in his eyes, killing him was just a thought.

        "Han Qianqian, how on earth will you be willing to save my grandfather?" Yan Nangui asked.

        "Tell Yan Cansan that I will never be able to save him, no matter what the circumstances are, and that if you want to deal with the Han family, you have to see if you can bear the price." After saying these words, Han Qianqiang turned around and left.

        To deal with a second master like Yan Nanqui who had no real ability, Han 3,000 was really not interested, which was not as interesting as going to the roadside to tease ants.

        For the first time in his life, he felt a sense of panic and helplessness as he froze on the spot.

        If Han Qianqian didn't save Yan Bingsan, Yan Bingsan would have to wait for death.

        If Yan Bingsan d i ed, those relationships and the Yan family would become weak, and the Yan family would not be in the position it is now, and his position would be reduced, which is why Yan Nangui did not want Yan Bingsan to d i e.

        When Yan Bingsan was still alive, those disciples would often visit him and help in the Yan family's affairs.

        But once Yan Cansan d i ed, who would be willing to continue to help the Yan family?

        Back in the hospital room, Yan Cansan's face was very ugly. His envy for Chen Guang had gradually turned into a kind of hatred, and he even began to hate Han Qianqian for wanting to cure Chen Guang.

        "What did Han Marchant say?" Seeing Yan Nangui return, Yan Cansan eagerly asked.

        Yan Nangui lowered his head and told Yan Cansan what had happened.

        When Yan Cansan heard that it was impossible to save him, no matter what the circumstances were, Yan Cansan despaired.

        With Han Qianqian's ability, he knew that it was impossible for him to force Han Qianqian, and even if he used all his connections, it would be to no avail, which meant that there was no other way for Yan Cansan but to wait for death.

        "Grandpa, why don't you let your disciples show up, maybe they can still coerce Han Qianxiang," Yan Nangui suggested.

        Yan Cansan was filled with a bitter smile.

        In addition to shocking the medical industry, Han Qianli's move would certainly attract the attention of more reigning bigwigs, so how could his disciples dare to deal with Han Qianli on the cusp of the storm?