His True Colors Chapter 1474-1476

 Chapter 1474

Seeing Yan Nangui's struggling movements getting smaller and smaller, and already on the verge of suffocation, while Blade Twelve had no intention of letting go, the gloomy-faced Yan Cansan finally couldn't help it.

        "Han Qianqian, do you really want to go against my Yan family?" Yan Cansan gritted his teeth and said.

        Han Qianli looked at Yan Nanqui and said with a smile, "If you're begging, you should have the posture of a beggar. Since you're begging me for treatment, you should understand what posture you should use.

        Yan Cansan had a sneer on his face, and he had known about Han's background for a long time. It was just a business family, and it had not developed very well in the past, and was only second-rate in Yanjing.

        It was only after Han Qiangiang's success at the Wuji Summit that the Han family began to gain fame. But what does this mean to Yan Cansan?

        The two are not at the same level at all.

        The Han family was just a businessman, but he, with his disciples, was a big shot in a high position, so there was no comparison between the two.

        That's why Yan Cansan had a superior attitude in front of Han Qianli and threatened Han to treat him.

        In Yan's opinion, since Han Qiangan was aware of his background, he should treat him honestly.

        However, Han Qianqian's attitude was at two extremes from what Yan Cinsan had imagined.

        Han Qianqian was very uncompromising and did not take him seriously at all.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, do you believe that one word from me can bring your Han family to ruin," Yan Cansan said.

        Han Qianli laughed and said, "Do you believe that one word from me, tomorrow your Yan family will set up a spiritual hall and send away the dark-haired ones."

        Yan Cansan's face changed dramatically at this statement, and judging from the state of Yan Nanqui, he really couldn't hold on much longer, and the only person who could make the Twelfth Blade loosen its grip was Han Qianqian.

        Yan Nanqui is the only sapling in the Yan family, and is highly valued by Yan Cansan, and Yan Cansan has paved the way for Yan Nanqui to rise to the top at any time, so if Yan Nanqui really d i es, Yan Cansan can do everything he can to take revenge on Han Qianxiang.

        If Yan Nanqui really d i ed, Yan Bingsan could do everything he could to take revenge on Han Qiang.

        With the people dead, no matter how severely he retaliated against Han 3,000, there was no point in doing so.

        Seeing that Yan Nanjiu had no strength to struggle, Yan Cansan, in a state of extreme anger, gave in and said, "Let him go first." ,.

        At this time, Yan Nangui was already about to fall into a coma, and in a short time, he would be completely finished.

        Although Han Giangli wasn't afraid of Yan Cansan's mad retaliation, there wasn't much need to cause a scene under such circumstances.

        "Let it go." Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        Only after hearing Han 3,000's order did Knife Twelve let go of his hand.

        Several thugs immediately went forward to support Yan Nangui, but the thugs did not act without Yan Cansan's order.

        "Han 3,000, from today onwards, I, Yan Jing, will be on a collision course with you, just you wait, I'll make your Han family like rats on the street." After saying this, Yan Bingsan left with his men.

        Han 3,000 knew that this old man's threat was no joke, and that he had the power to finish the Han family.

        Although the Han family didn't have much of a sense of belonging for Han Qianli, but now that Han Tian Yang had returned to the Han family, and Shi Jing's attitude towards Han Qianli had changed long ago, Han Qianli wouldn't see the Han family fall.

        "Find out who is in the hospital where Yan Bingsan lives and who is in the ward next door," said Han 3,000 to Blade 12. Han Qianqian said to Knife Twelve.

        Knife Twelve didn't quite understand Han Qianli's words, but since Han Qianli had told him to do so, he only needed to do what Han Qianli wanted him to do.

        At this time, Mo Yang suddenly jumped out and said, "What to investigate, no need to investigate, these small matters, I have already investigated thoroughly."

        As he spoke, Mo Yang flipped through the files, and found a person named Chen Guang, whose background was written in detail, and whose energy was almost no different from Yan C San's. "This person is called Chen Guang," he said.

        "When they were in power, they competed with each other, and even now that they have abdicated, they still pinch each other, comparing who is more powerful than their protégé, and can be said to be lifelong enemies." Mo Yang said to Han Qianqian.

        Hearing the four words "lifelong rivalry", Han Qianqian couldn't help but laugh and said, "This is fate, this coincidence of fate, sometimes it looks like a specially arranged plot by some people, as if they want to watch the fun."

        Ordinary people don't know if there is a god in this world, but Han Qianqian knew very well.

        But in this mundane world, whether those so-called gods were interfering or not, Han 3,000 was not sure.

        "Help me send someone to inform Chen Guang that I'll go to the hospital tonight and help him check on his condition." Han Qianli said.

        Hearing this, Blade Twelve finally understood what Han 3,000 meant, and couldn't help but laugh, "3,000, you're trying to make Yan Cansan angry, he personally went to the door to return without success, but you want to save his opponent, if Yan Cansan knew about this, how would he feel."

        "I don't know what he'll think, but by curing Chen Guang, he'll be able to become the gunman who helps me deal with Yan Bingsan, which will help me solve some problems," Han Qiangiang said.

        The hospital.

        When Yan returned to the hospital, he met Chen Guang, who was in the next room, in the corridor for air.

        Chen Guang's face was pale and bloodless, and he looked as if he was not long for this world.

        "You're dying, so why don't you just stay in your bed and come out for air, can't you leave the fresh air for the living?" Yan Cansan mocked with disdain.

        Even though Chen Guang's physical condition was very bad, he still had the strength to respond to Yan Bingsan's mockery and said, "Look at you, you've come back to nothing, I didn't expect the famous Yan Bingsan to be unable to handle Han Qianli.

        "If I can't handle it, can you? But don't worry, I'll never let this kid go, I'll make his family fall apart." Yan Cansan gritted his teeth and said.

        Chen Guang nodded his head as if it was a matter of course, and said, "This is your usual tactic, not surprising, after all, you have risen to power, and have not stepped on other people's bones, so many years, those dirty deeds you have done, when you d i e, must be going to hell."

        "With you as my companion on the yellow spring road, what am I afraid of?" After saying this, Yan Bingsan returned to his own room.

        Chen Guang smiled and gave the nurse a gesture to return to his room.

Chapter 1475

On the top floor of the hospital, almost all of the residents were people of high status, so in front of each ward, there were almost always two bodyguards standing to protect the ward owner from any interference.

        This kind of battle can be said to be unprecedented, after all, these bigwigs rarely have the opportunity to get together.

        This also caused the hospital leaders a headache during this period of time, fearing that there was something that might displease these bigwigs, and they spent their days trembling with fear.

        At the same time, the hospital leaders also hoped that Han Qianqiang could come out as soon as possible, and after healing these people, they could leave.

        But this kind of dream, obviously, could not happen, because Han Qianxiang's treatment was based on his mood, not on the other party's status.

        When Blade 12 arrived at the hospital, he was stopped by the hospital staff before he reached the top floor.

        Not only did the big shots bring their own bodyguards, but the security of the hospital was also very tight, and no one was allowed to make trouble.

        When Knife Twelve identified himself as sent by Han Qianqian, the hospital director appeared and personally led Knife Twelve to the top floor.

        At this time, the hospital director did not know who Knife Twelve was going to see, but he knew clearly that whoever Knife Twelve saw would be able to get Han Qianqian's treatment.

        This is a group of big people, and he didn't know who was so lucky.

        "Which ward is Chen Guang in?" Knife Twelve said to the Dean.

        "Please follow me." The reason why the dean was so humble was because he knew that Han Qianxiang's current level was no longer something he could provoke.

        If he heals anyone here, Han's status will rise, so what's a mere dean like him?

        When they led Knife Twelve to Chen Guang's hospital room, two guards stopped the door.

        "What are you doing?" The bodyguard asked the dean.

        "This is a man sent by Han Qianqian, who wants to see Mr. Chen." The dean hurriedly said.

        Hearing Han Qianqian, the two bodyguards looked at each other.

        Chen Guang had come to Cloud City to seek medical treatment, and was seeking Han Qianqian, which could not be neglected.

        One of them rushed into the hospital room and informed Chen Guang of the matter.

        Chen Guang was very surprised to hear this. He knew everything that happened in the hillside villa, and Han Qianqian's attitude was very tough, driving everyone away, so why would he take the initiative to send someone to the door?

        "Let him in." Chen Guang said.

        Afterwards, Blade Twelve entered the hospital room, and even if he didn't know anything about medicine, he could tell with his naked eye that Chen Guang wouldn't live much longer.

        "Please sit down." Chen Guang said to Knife Twelve.

        "There is no need to sit down, he will come to treat you tonight, so get ready first." Knife Twelve said to Chen Guang.

        Chen Guang's eyes lit up, he had no expectations on this matter, because Han Qianli's tough attitude, what he was unwilling to do, Chen Guang could not force him to do, and Chen Guang was also very clear about his body, he did not have much time to waste.

        "This ...... why?" Chen Guang asked in dismay, "Is the news wrong? Isn't it said that Han Qianqian doesn't treat anyone?

        "I'm only responsible for conveying this message, but as for your question, I can't answer it." Knife Twelve said.

        No matter what the reason is, as long as it can cure the disease, it's good news for Chen Guang, even if Han 3,000 has something to ask him, for Chen Guang to be able to save his life, is there anything that can't satisfy Han 3,000?

        "Please tell him that I will wait for him here." Chen Guang said.

        "There's nothing else, I'm leaving first." After saying that, Blade Twelve left the hospital room.

        He hadn't actually accomplished anything with his arrival and departure, and Han 3,000 didn't even need Knife Twelve to inform him, just wait until night and show up in person, after all, Chen Guang couldn't refuse to see Han 3,000.

        The main reason for Han 3,000 to do so was to let Yan Cansan, who was next door, know about this matter through Knife 12, which was a childish act to deliberately anger Yan Cansan.

        After Knife Twelve left, the bodyguard at Yan Cansan's door, entered the hospital room at once and told Yan Cansan about the incident.

        After hearing this, Yan Bingsan looked extremely angry.

        "Grandpa, this Han Qianqian is really arrogant, he's deliberately trying to bury us." Yan Nanjiu gritted his teeth and said.

        Without saying a word, Yan C San rolled his wheelchair and left the hospital room, then came to Chen Guang's room.

        Chen Guang was in a good mood at the moment, although Han 3,000 yuan to cure him, may not be able to cure him, but this is at least a chance, after all, already dying Su family old man, was pulled back from the death line by Han 3,000 yuan.

        "Chen Guang, did Han 3000 promise to heal you?" Yan C-3 came to the hospital room and asked Chen Guang.

        "Tonight, are you surprised?" Chen Guang said with a smile.

        This made Yan Bingsan want to vomit blood, he personally went to see Han Qianxiang, but was beaten back by a Han city man, and Han Qianxiang, in turn, wanted to take the initiative to treat Chen Guang!

Chapter 1476

"Chen Guang, you don't have to be so smug, he promised to cure you, not a sure way to cure you, look at yourself as if you were going to d i e, do you really think he's a great Luo Jinxian?" Yan Cansan said with a malicious face, as they had been rivals for many years, Yan Cansan naturally did not want Chen Guang to get better, and he would have preferred to attend Chen Guang's funeral before he left.

        The two of them had fought for decades, each with their own victories and defeats, and the final way to decide who was the winner was who would live to the end.

        Yan Bingsan would never want to d i e before Chen Guang!

        "With such a sour smell, you're not afraid he'll heal me, are you?" Chen Guang finished with a smile, paused and continued, "Also, no one wants me to d i e more than you, if I am cured and he doesn't cure you, you will definitely feel very bad."

        This spoke to Yan Cansan's heart, if Han Qianli didn't cure him, in case he cured Chen Guang again, this was something he absolutely couldn't accept.

        "You have a good mind, but unfortunately, he is not an immortal, don't worry, after you d i e, I will send you the biggest wreath." After saying that, Yan Cansan angrily left.

        Chen Guang was lying on the hospital bed with a smile on his face, he could see the worry on Yan Bingsan's expression, which was a joyful thing for him to hear.

        Of course, Chen Guang was also worried about tonight's situation. He knew his body very well, and had used all his contacts and resources to find many top doctors in the world, but those doctors were helpless.

        Although there was the old man of the Su family in front of him, it was possible that this was just a coincidental miracle, and since it was a miracle, it wasn't something that could happen every time.

        "Dad, do you really believe in Han Qianqiang that much?" Chen Qiran asked, as the eldest son of the Chen family, Chen Qiran had been by Chen Guang's side during the time he was critically ill, and could be said to have fulfilled all the responsibilities a son should have.

        "Or else what?" Chen Guang asked rhetorically, "Who else can I trust now but him, all the hospitals have pronounced my death sentence, and only he has become my last hope."

        Chen Qiran sighed, he also understood the situation Chen Guang is now facing, all the doctors can do nothing, he can only rely on drugs to maintain his short life, if not for the thick family background, Chen Guang would have d i ed.

        "A dead horse should be treated as a living horse," he said, "Maybe a miracle will happen to me." Chen Guang continued.

        "Dad, I carefully went to understand the condition of the old man of the Su family, he was in a more serious condition than you, and since Han Giang was able to cure him, I believe that he will be able to cure you." Chen Qiran said.

        Chen Guang nodded his head, and his recognition of Han Giang's approval was actually just amplifying the hope in his heart.

        After all, no one was willing to face death, and Chen Guang was no exception.

        On the other side.

        He knew that this was a deliberate provocation by Han 3,000, and it was even possible that Han 3,000 knew about the relationship between him and Chen Guang at all, and that's why he chose to save Chen Guang among many others.

        "Is this Han Three Thousand Thousand deliberately giving me a hard time?" Yan Cansan gnashed his teeth and said.

        Yan Nangui, who had hovered over the line of life and death before, had forgotten the feeling of being close to death, and the arrogant one had only one thought at this moment, and that was to make Han Qianli pay for his ignorant behavior.

        "Grandpa, do you want me to send someone to deal with him?" Yan Nangui asked.

        Yan Cansan wanted to cut Han 3,000 into pieces, but he couldn't do it now. Even though Han 3,000 had made his attitude strong enough not to help him cure, Han 3,000 was still his last hope, and he wouldn't destroy his hope with his own hands unless it was absolutely necessary.

        Moreover, on the matter of Chen Guang, Yan Bingsan could also witness Han Qianqian's medical skills and see if he was as good as the legendary one.

        If he could cure Chen Guang, then he would definitely be able to cure his own illness as well.

        "Don't worry yet, I want to see if he can cure Chen Guang or not." Yan Bingsan said.

        As the day wore on, Chen Guang's heart began to grow restless, for all the doctors in the world had sentenced him to death, but only Han Qianqiang was his hope, and if Han Qianqiang couldn't cure him, he wouldn't have any chance.

        So when the moment really came, Chen Guang was very nervous.

        At eight o'clock, Han 3,000 appeared in front of the hospital on time, and Chen Qiran, who was ordered to wait here, determined Han 3,000's identity through the twelve knives beside Han 3,000, and approached Han 3,000 at the first time.

        "Are you Han Three Thousand?" Although I had heard that Han Qianqian was still a child, but after seeing her, Chen Qiran was still a little afraid to believe that such a small child could really heal and save people.

        "Take me to your father." Han Qianqian said.

        Chen Qiran didn't say much, but at a time like this, he couldn't casually question Han Qianqian to avoid causing her discontent.

        If Han Qianxiang suddenly refused to treat Chen Guang, the responsibility would definitely fall on Chen Qiran's head.