His True Colors Chapter 1469-1470

 Chapter 1469

The first time I saw her, I thought that she was a little hungry, but she didn't want to go.

        The plan of Tian Hong Hui's gang, Han 3,000 did not put it in his eyes, to him, a gang of small city merchants of the 18th line to join forces, is like a pile of garbage together, except for people feel disgusting, will not have any sense of threat.

        But in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it was necessary for Han 3,000 to k i ll their plan in the cradle.

        He took out the phone and dialed Xiaolong's number.

        For three years, Xiaolong did not receive any news from Han Qianqian, and supported the development of Fengqian all by himself.

        In these three years, Xiaolong also became a lot more mature, in the absence of anyone to rely on, he had to let himself grow up, and this situation of no one to ask for, also did let Xiaolong grow up.

        Now the company's big and small matters, Xiaolong almost all dead in his own hands, and according to his expected trajectory development, it can be said that he is now the CEO is also worthy of the name, completely out of the former small punk nature.

        When the phone rang, Xiaolong subconsciously picked it up, and when he saw the caller ID, he was stunned.

        Han Qianqian disappeared for three years without any reason, and in the early stage, it was a panic event for Xiaolong because he wasn't sure if he would be able to support Fengqian without Han Qianqian.

        But three years had passed, and Xiaolong was able to grasp all these things, and then Han Qiangiang appeared, which made Xiaolong feel a bit of rejection inside.

        Because if Han Qianqian did not appear, Fengqian would be his.

        But Han Qiangiang is back, and he is just a puppet.

        He knew that he could not take Fengqian as his own, and that it was all because of Han Qiangli.

        And there was one more thing that Little Dragon knew very well, in order to maintain the status quo, he had to recognize his own identity, because one word from Han Qianqian could send him back to his original form.

        "Boss." After picking up the phone, Xiaolong said excitedly.

        "Come over to the mountainside villa." Han Qianqian said, "In these three years, he wasn't sure what kind of changes had taken place in Xiaolong, after all, people are selfish, and in the face of great interests, he couldn't guarantee that Xiaolong hadn't betrayed him.

        In the phone call, the mere exchange of words, Han 3,000 could not be sure of this, so it was necessary to meet Xiaolong in person.

        "Okay, I'll come right away."

        After hanging up the phone, Xiaolong ran out of the office in a breeze and headed toward the parking lot.

        Hillside Villa.

        Before Xiaolong arrived, Han 3,000 asked Blade 12, "Twelve, do you think this Xiaolong, will betray me?"

        "If he is a wise man, he should not, once he was like a beggar, you gave him all this, and you want to take it back, it is just a matter of words, betrayal will make him nothing." In his eyes, in this world, anyone can betray, but only Han Qiangli, because the cost of betraying Han Qiangli is not something ordinary people can bear.

        "But people are all selfish, and no one can tell what kind of changes will occur in three years." Han Qianqian said, "We all have greed, and we all have a certain attribute of not shedding tears until we see the coffin.

        "Yes, but I hope he doesn't think about it, otherwise it would be a pity to lose a young man," Blade Twelve said.

        After all, Feng Qian has been handed over to Xiaolong for three years, and now everything is on the right track. Xiaolong is also familiar with all the company's operations, so if he has a heart of betrayal, it would inevitably cause some trouble for Han to replace him in the top position.

        While they were chatting, the doorbell rang again.

        Han 3,000 was slightly surprised, with the distance from Feng Qian to the villa area of Genting Mountain, Xiao Long unless he drove the car to fly, otherwise how could he arrive so quickly.

        "Whether there is betrayal or not, we will know soon." Blade Twelve said with a smile, standing up and walking towards the door.

        When the door opened, Han Giangli, who was in the living room, heard a roar.

        "Han Three Thousand!"

        This roar was filled with anger, resentment, resentment, and puzzlement.

        This familiar voice, this familiar irritable style, Han Giang knew without looking who was coming.

        When Mo Yang angrily walked into the living room, Han Qiangiang put on an air of superiority.

        "What are you doing, making a fuss in my house, aren't you afraid I'll k i ll you?" Han Qianqian snapped coldly.

        Mo Yang had no intention of being afraid at all, and walked directly up to Han Qianqian and said, "What do you mean, disappeared for three years without uttering a word, didn't you agree to let Knife Twelve take over my position?"

Chapter 1470

Seeing that Mo Yang wasn't afraid of him at all, Han Giang couldn't help touching his forehead with a headache.

        He and Mo Yang had long been known as brothers, and it seemed only natural that this guy wasn't afraid of him.

        And once Han 3,000 did promise Mo Yang that he would take over his position with Knife 12, and then he could wash his hands of the gold basin and live his ordinary little life with Liu Fang.

        These three years should be a big ordeal for Mo Yang.

        "Don't get excited yet, I didn't expect to be gone for three years." Han Marchiang said.

        "Say." Mo Yang hugged Han Qianqian's shoulders and said, "What did you do in these three years to hurt heaven and earth."

        "I exterminated an assassin organization, and it was the top in the world, can you believe it?" Han Qianqian said, "Although the Black Sheep organization has not really been destroyed, but without the gold medal k i ller, the Black Sheep organization is like a tiger without fangs, it is not too much to say that it is destroyed.

        Mo Yang's eyelids jumped straight, he knew that Han Qianli would not lie to himself.

        But the world's top assassin organization, said to be extinguished, still let Mo Yang some unbelievable.

        "What deep hatred?" Mo Yang was curious.

        "Just like you, they don't take me seriously, so I have to play with them, but they should know now that they regret it. Han Qianli said.

        Mo Yang's body stiffened significantly, Han Qianli's words insinuated, as if to warn him of his fate.

        "This ...... me and those guys, can we be the same, we are brothers." Mo Yang smiled very reluctantly and said to Han Qiangiang.

        Han Qiangiang shook his head helplessly, this guy Mo Yang, when it comes to pandering, is not at all ambiguous.

        "Of course it's different, if it were those people who dared to put their arms around my shoulders, they would have died long ago." Han Qiangiang said.

        The first time Mo Yang let go of Han 3,000, although he was raging when he came, but now, he has completely lost his arrogance, after all, the person standing in front of him, but a guy who just exterminated the world's top k i ller organization.

        "Right, my matter, when are you going to deal with it, Liu Fang is still waiting for me to marry her, I don't get rid of my current identity, she won't agree." Mo Yang said with a face of distress, this matter he has done his best to persuade Liu Fang, but Liu Fang oil and salt, do not listen to his arguments, dead a request, only Mo Yang gold pot can change.

        "Are you waiting, or is she waiting?" Han Qianli asked with a smile.

        Mo Yang is not afraid of embarrassment, said; "I am I am I, you do not know, I was with her, can also hold hands, these three years, are almost suffocating me, no bridal chamber, I have nowhere to release this energy ah."

        Once Mo Yang, that was a nightclub motor, can't stand a night without a woman's company, these three years for him, simmering is indeed very hard.

        Han 3,000 yuan for these two to get married, or more looking forward to, this is considered the most important thing in Mo Yang's life so far.

        It was also a beautiful thing to be able to watch his brother get married.

        "Tomorrow, just hand everything over to Blade Twelve." Han Qianli said.

        "Do you think this is doing business, one mouthful of price can be done, he is a new face, how many people have to be disgruntled to get to the top, if we don't settle these people, how can he hold his position." Mo Yang looked at Han Qianli with a disgusted face and said, seemingly complaining that Han Qianli didn't know his business.

        Regarding these things in the Dao, Han 3,000 was very clear, and the things that Mo Yang was concerned about did exist, but in front of Blade 12's strength, these issues were not a problem.

        The person who is not convinced, beat until convinced, and the person who messes up, just make him disappear from the earth, this is the knife twelve's familiar means.

        "Do you know what his identity is?" Han Qianqiang asked Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang looked at Knife Twelve, who had contact with Knife Twelve three years ago, but he was still unclear about Knife Twelve's true identity.

        "What's the connection?" Mo Yang was confused.

        "Of course it's related, your worries are not a problem at all in front of his ability." Han Giangli smiled.

        Mo Yang already knew that Knife Twelve was not ordinary, and the first time he met him, he felt a hostility on Knife Twelve's body, and this kind of atmosphere was impossible for someone who wasn't a knife licker.

        "Tell me, what is his identity, to scare me." Mo Yang said.

        "K i ller, top k i ller." Han Qianli whispered in Mo Yang's ear.

        Mo Yang's eyelids jumped at the sound of it, although he was the boss of Cloud City's gray area, but he played, almost all of them are linked to profit means, although there are some dark side things, but compared to the k i ller's professional acceptance of life, it is still a lot worse.

        "It seems that my worries are indeed unnecessary." Mo Yang smiled bitterly, with such an identity, taking down the gray area of Cloud City is not a trivial matter for him, who is not convinced to bury it in the ground, come one to bury a few more, who would dare to have a problem with him?