His True Colors Chapter 1454-1456

 Chapter 1454

When Blade 12 felt Fei Lingsheng's incomparably helpless tone, he was a little surprised. He thought that the woman in front of him was similar in strength to Han Qianqian, but when he heard her say that, it seemed as if they were not on the same level at all.

        However, the strength she showed was so strong that those gold medal killers didn't even know how they died.

        But Blade 12 would not doubt the truthfulness of Fei Lingsheng's words, because no one would deliberately belittle herself, and the helplessness she showed was also very real.

        In the following days, Fei Lingsheng and Dagger Twelve lived on the island. Since all the gold medalists were dead, John did not dare to think of any tricks and served them diligently every day.

        Thus, the days went by day by day.

        But Fei Lingsheng stopped him, and Fei Lingsheng made it very clear that now the two forces were fighting against each other, and any slight change might lead to a different result.

        If Knife Twelve appeared and distracted Han Qianxiang, then Han Qianxiang would most likely be killed by him.

        Under the deterrent effect of such words, Knife Twelve could only give up the idea of checking on Han Qianxiang and wait honestly.

        One month.

        Half a year.

        A whole year.

        For Knife Twelve, it was a very torturous year. He even had nightmares every night that Han Qianxiang had died in the crater, and when he woke up, he would always be covered in cold sweat.

        However, it was fortunate that Knife Twelve, as an assassin, had a strong ability to resist pressure, so he did not have to suffer a nervous breakdown under such circumstances.

        On the other hand, Fei Lingsheng's emotions were not affected by this year's time, because she had already lived for hundreds of years, and to her, just one year was like a snap of the fingers.

        However, during this year, Fei Lingsheng still closely monitored the situation in the volcano.

        The two forces were fighting against each other, and after as long as a year, they hadn't been separated, and there wasn't the slightest sign of who was stronger or weaker, meaning that after this one year, Han 3,000's situation hadn't improved at all.

        "It's been a year." Blade Twelve looked at the crater and said with a sigh on his face.

        "If this situation continues, another ten years is normal, and the current situation is the same as a year ago, without any change." Fei Lingsheng said to Blade Twelve.

        This didn't deal any blow to Knife Twelve, even if it was another ten years, he still had the patience to wait, as long as Han Qianxiang didn't die, that was the best news for him.

        "Whether it's ten one years or twenty one years, I will wait until he comes out." Knife Twelve said.

        Fei Lingsheng could feel Knife Twelve's loyalty to Han 3,000, which made her feel very strange, what was the reason for Knife Twelve to be so remorseless.

        Fei Lingsheng was waiting here for Han 3,000 because she wasn't afraid of wasting time, and with her Extreme Mastery, she had at least a few hundred years to live.

        But Blade Twelve is different, in terms of the average age of Earthlings, he doesn't have many decades to live, and what good will it do him to wait?

        Fei Lingsheng was counting on Han Qiangiang to bring her back to Xuanyuan World, so he was willing to wait.

        And why did he?

        "Why do you wait for him, your life span is only a few dozen years in a hurry, a day wasted is a day lost, why don't you leave here and live again?" Fei Lingsheng asked Blade Twelve.

        How many decades has it been in a hurry?

        Knife Twelve smiled indifferently, he had never thought about it, and if it wasn't for Han Qianqian saving him, how could he have dozens of years to live, the time now was completely found for Knife Twelve, even if it was wasted, so what.

        "What about you, why did you wait for him, aren't you the same?" Blade Twelve asked rhetorically.

        Fei Lingsheng sneered, how could she be like a mortal if she was the Extreme Master of Xuanyuan World?

        "I've lived for a hundred years and have a few more hundred years to live, so I'm naturally different from you, and even if it's ten years, or even a hundred years, it's not much of a loss to me," Fei Lingsheng said.

        "You've lived for a hundred years!" Knife Twelve looked at Fei Lingsheng in astonishment, in his eyes, Fei Lingsheng was just a girl in her twenties, but she said she was a hundred years old, which made Knife Twelve couldn't believe it.

        "Is it strange? In Xuanyuan World, those who possess my realm are old monsters who have lived for a hundred years, otherwise, how could they cultivate to this realm." After saying these words, Fei Lingsheng felt that he had spoken too decisively, after all, there were monsters that took a very short time to become strong in the God Realm.

        "A freak like Han Qianqian, that's rare to come across once in a thousand years, not just anyone can compare to him." Fei Lingsheng added.

Chapter 1455

It seemed that she was very reluctant to admit the difference between herself and Han Qiangnian, which was why she called Han Qiangnian a freak.

        But this also further illustrated Han Qianxiang's strength.

        "If you're from Xuanyuan World, why did you appear on Earth, is it related to his rebirth?" Knife Twelve asked.

        Born again!

        These two words were very new to Fei Lingsheng, who had indeed come to Earth, but there was no such thing as a rebirth.

        "Are you saying that Han 3000 was reborn?" After coming to Earth, Fei Lingsheng hadn't seen Han Marchant, but could only feel Han Marchant's familiar power, so she didn't know anything about this matter of rebirth.

        "The current him should be fifteen years old." Blade Twelve said.

        Fei Lingsheng put away her surprised expression.

        Han Qianli was reborn, and she had followed the power of the space-time rupture to Earth, but she didn't seem to have experienced the rebirth.

        Or rather, even if Fei Lingsheng had been reborn, she wouldn't have been able to feel it, because in her realm, she wouldn't have been able to feel age at all unless her power degraded after a few hundred years.

        "How could it be, I thought that power was just bringing us back to Earth, but I didn't think he still had such an experience." Ferrington said.

        "Are you willing to wait for him because you want him to bring you back to the world of Regulus?" Knife Twelve continued to ask.

        The answer was obvious; if it was not, Fei Lingsheng had no point in waiting for Han Qianqian.

        But Blade Twelve's questions were too many, and Fei Lingsheng didn't want to answer them all, so he said, "Why are you asking so many questions about things that don't concern you?"

        "You're so powerful, wouldn't it be better to stay on Earth, no one is your opponent except Han Qianqian, isn't it able to make you more free." Knife Twelve was curious, if it was him, he might have a different choice than Fei Lingsheng, after all Han Giang said that Xuanyuan World was full of strong and very dangerous people, but Earth was different, most of them were mortals, just having the power of a gold medal killer could be proud of the mortal world, let alone a strong man like Fei Lingsheng.

        It must be said here that this is the narrow-mindedness of Blade Twelve, who only cares about the few hundred years in front of him, without thinking that if he can use these hundreds of years to become stronger, then the lifespan will continue to be extended.

        The longer you live, the more you fear facing death and the end of life.

        Fei Lingsheng also counted on relying on Han Qianlian's experience to step into the divine realm when she returned to Xuanyuan World, so that she wouldn't be troubled by the problem of certain death after a few hundred years.

        "How could someone like you understand my thoughts, perhaps you'll only know why you didn't choose to stay on Earth when you go to Xuanyuan World in the future." Fei Lingsheng said.

        Knife Twelve shook his head, unable to understand the question, simply do not want to, this is a boring day, mediocrity is even more worthless.

        At this time, John cautiously came up behind the two.

        Once the supervisor of the Black Sheep Organization, now he was as humble as a servant.

        "The situation in Cloud City is as usual, nothing special." John said to Blade Twelve.

        Ever since he decided to stay on the island and wait for Han Qianqiang, Twelve Knives asked John to keep his eyes and ears all over Cloud City in order to keep abreast of the situation, especially regarding Su Yingxia's matter, Twelve Knives asked John to report once a day.

        "Do you know who Su Yingxia is?" In fact, this question had been hidden in Fei Lingsheng's heart for a long time, and today, he finally couldn't help but ask it.

        In Blade Twelve's opinion, since Han Three Thousand had been reborn, the fact that he found Su Yingxia again in this life was enough to show the importance of Su Yingxia, and the fact that she was Han Three Thousand's future wife, Blade Twelve didn't even need to think about it in detail.

        "Of course I know that she is the future wife of three thousand, and because of this, I don't allow any man to get close to her." Knife Twelve said.

        Fei Lingsheng smiled and shook his head, Su Yingxia is Han Qianqian's wife, but it's not just that.

        To think that when Su Yingxia entered the Xuanyuan World, she had the power of Fuyuan, but she turned the Xia Kingdom upside down, the challenge of Jingwu Mountain made countless strong men tremble in the dark, and the temporal rift created in the dark forest was also very much related to Su Yingxia's power.

        "Her future strength is even stronger than mine, and it may even surpass Han Qianqian." Fei Lingsheng said.

        "Oh." Blade Twelve said with an indifferent look, and did not react with any appalled reaction.

        "Are you being so bland, forcing yourself to control your surprise?" Fei Lingsheng scornfully said.

        Blade Twelve smiled faintly.

        Forced control?

        He didn't need to do that at all, because he had already felt too much shock on Han Qianxiang, and now this kind of thing has long been numb to him.

        "All the surprising things that happened to Han Qianxiang have become commonplace for me, and Su Yingxia is stronger than you, but instead I think it's reasonable," Blade Twelve said.

Chapter 1456

Fei Lingsheng was the one who was surprised by such a reply from Blade Twelve, but this was not the important thing, for Fei Lingsheng, who was stronger and who was weaker was not the key issue, the most important thing was that Han Giang could bring her back to Xuanyuan World, and possibly bring her into the God Realm.

        Once upon a time, in Xuanyuan World, nerves were just a legend, and no one had achieved such an achievement, so Fei Lingsheng didn't care about this matter at all, but now that there was already a strong person in the divine realm, Fei Lingsheng naturally [ Novel www.avracity.com] had a desire for this matter.

        After all, she only has a life span of a few hundred years now, but once she reaches the God realm, she will have a life span of a thousand years, and there is a possibility that she will go to a more base space and gain even more power.

        The days of boredom passed day by day.

        He hoped to be the first to witness Han Qianli's exit from the gate.

        It was another quiet two years.

        Knife Twelve had become long-haired, with an eight-pronged beard and a decrepit face, like a beggar who had given up hope in life.

        Fei Lingsheng, on the other hand, was still a young girl full of aura and could not see any change.

        A total of three years, to Fei Lingsheng, was like three days, which passed in a snap of her fingers.

        And she could feel Han Qianqian's power change every day, which was one of the motivations for Fei Lingsheng to wait.

        "Three thousand, if you don't come out of the gate, I won't be able to keep Su Yingxia ah." Knife Twelve said with a helpless look on his face, recently received news that a man and Su Yingxia were very close, born as a man, Knife Twelve's intuition told him that it was definitely not that simple for the other party to get close to Su Yingxia.

        If Su Yingxia is abducted and runs away, it's not a good thing for Han Qianli.

        "Don't worry, Su Yingxia's fate has already been decided to be tied to Han Qianxiang." Fei Lingsheng said from the side.

        Knife Twelve didn't think so, fate is bound together, but it doesn't mean that Su Yingxia won't do something confused, if such a thing really happened, would Han Qianli's heart be able to accept it?

        "You don't understand what I mean, but while the two of them will eventually get together, in the meantime, if something happens that only a man and a woman can do, how can you accept it as a man?" Knife Twelve said.

        Only then did Fei Lingsheng understand the meaning of Knife Twelve, smiled and said, "No one can say for sure."

        Just after saying this, Fei Lingsheng suddenly stood up with a start, and looked at the direction of the volcano with heavy eyes.

        Knife Twelve, seeing this, stood up as well, but in his eyes, there was nothing unusual about the direction of the volcano.

        But for Fei Lingsheng to have such a sudden reaction, he must have sensed something.

        "You sensed something!" Knife Twelve asked with a tense face.

        Fei Lingsheng's face was heavy, and he even frowned a little, it didn't look like it was anything good.

        "You're going to tell me quickly, what happened." Blade Twelve saw that Fei Lingsheng was silent, and asked immediately afterwards.

        "His power suddenly caused a huge fluctuation, and I don't know what happened." Fei Lingsheng said.

        Blade Twelve had an uncontrollable look of anxiety on his face and said to himself, "Three Thousand, you mustn't have anything happen to you, Su Yingxia is still waiting for you."

        The volcanic crater.

        Due to the eruption of magma, the volcano's crater had been mostly closed, revealing only a very small exit.

        In the volcano, Han Qianqian, who was sitting on his knees, was trembling violently, and the axe was also trembling at a rapid rate, as if the confrontation between the two forces had reached the most critical moment.

        Suddenly, Han Giangli opened his eyes with a golden light that would have scared the hell out of him if an ordinary person had seen it.

        "I didn't expect that fighting against you would refine my own strength, but it turned out to be the true divine Realm." Han Qianli's mouth raised a subtle curve, he didn't know how much time had passed, but he knew that his power had become even more pure and powerful, and now it was the true divine realm, even without the Heavenly Thunder tempering it.

        "With your current strength, do you still want to fight against me?" After saying that, Han Qianqian stood up and walked directly to the giant axe.

        The giant axe was almost the same height as Han 3,000, and when Han 3,000 gripped the axe handle, the axe shook even more, as if it was struggling.

        "Hmph." Han Qianli snorted coldly and said, "At a time like this, do you still want to struggle?"

        The words fell, the giant axe all over the golden light, Han Qianli's power, penetrated the entire axe, but for a long time, the giant axe stopped trembling, and honestly subsided.

        "You're very strong, but it's a pity that you're too big to carry, or else I'd better destroy you." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        The giant axe was so powerful that it had an instrumental soul, and the instrumental soul, which was equivalent to human consciousness, was able to understand what Han Qianli's words meant.

        But in an instant, the giant axe shrank to the size of the palm of one's hand, making it easy to carry, and even to pocket.

        Han Giangli couldn't help but smile, although he didn't know much about instrumental souls now, it was fun that this thing could understand him.

        "You can understand me to speak, can you speak?" Han Qianli asked.

        The giant axe didn't make any sound, as if it hadn't reached the realm of being able to speak.

        Han Qianli didn't lose heart, in his opinion, someday in the future, he might be able to hear the voice of the giant axe, as long as he could make it stronger.

        "Although I don't know what kind of strong person your last master was, I will never let you down, I will bring you back to the world where you belong and continue to fight in the eight directions, your power will surely make the world tremble." Han Qianli said.

        The giant axe buzzed like it was excited, and the power lingered, as if it was eager to try.

        At this moment, Han Qianli suddenly sighed and said, "A gentleman like me should use a sword for the best, and the axe, it's not quite suitable for me, it's too barbaric."

        When the giant axe heard this, it was like being splashed with a bucket of cold water, instantly calmed down, and after its power faded, it was even more rusty.

        "It's kind of funny, but it's still mad at me." Han Giangli played with it in his hands like a pet, who would have thought that this cold weapon would actually understand human nature?