His True Colors Chapter 1451-1453

 Chapter 1451

Outside the volcano crater.

        Knife Twelve looked desperately at the magma that was continuously spewing out of the volcano's crater.

        The volcano erupted with a tremendous force of nature that one had to fear.

        But Han Qiangiang was still inside the volcano, could he resist in the face of this terrifying force of nature?

        Knife Twelve didn't know, but he knew clearly that Han Three Thousand Thousand must be in great danger now, and even ...... might even lose his own life.

        "Three thousand." Knife Twelve shouted at the top of his lungs.

        Magma erupted, volcanic ash formed a huge mushroom cloud, and half of the sky was stamped with fiery red.

        Knife Twelve had to stay away from this dangerous place.

        It wasn't that he was afraid of death, but he wanted to leave his life behind and wait for Han 3,000 on the island, because he was convinced that Han 3,000 was close to God's strength and could never be swallowed up by the lava.

        The volcanic eruption lasted for a whole day, and almost half of the headquarters island was submerged by lava.

        At the same time.

        A little beggar in a certain city suddenly looked up at the sky with confused eyes, and her eyes gradually became clearer.

        She had been living on the streets for as long as she could remember, and she didn't even know where she had come from or what she was doing.

        She, who was called a fool, seemed to have regained her senses at this moment.

        "Han 3000, so I have come to your world." The little beggar said to herself.

        She, who had been hunched over, also straightened her back at this moment.

        "I didn't expect that I, Fei Lingsheng, would end up begging, I really don't know if I should thank you or blame you."

        Fei Lingsheng!

        The Extreme Mastery of Xuanyuan World!

        She had been reborn and had come to Earth.

        Han Qianqiang knew nothing about this matter, and had never even conceived of such a possibility.

        I saw Fei Lingsheng suddenly fly up in the middle of the street in public.

        When the people on the street saw this scene, they all grew mouths in shock.

        "This ...... person actually flew up."

        "This can't be magic, how can people fly up."

        "Flying really fast, is it an immortal manifestation!"

        Many of those who believed in God Buddha, at this time, actually knelt down on both knees and worshiped in the direction Fei Lingsheng had left.

        As for those who didn't believe in God Buddha, they looked at the kneeling people with a sneering expression.

        "What a bunch of idiots, this must be a magician's blindfold, but they still kneel down to worship."

        "Bunch of idiots, how can there be a God in this world."

        "What are you talking nonsense about? You dare to blaspheme."

        People from two obviously different factions quarreled over their different attitudes, and even fought later on.

        But Fei Lingsheng, who had already left, did not care at all about these things.

        To her, Earth was just a lower world, and the people living here were all lower creatures, and Fei Lingsheng didn't care how they killed each other because of themselves.

        What she needed to do now was to get to Han Qianqian at the first opportunity, because Han Qianqian's power had exploded in an unprecedented way, which made her curious as to what exactly Han Qianqian had encountered!

        Is it possible that not only she has come to the earth world, but also the Lin Long has come?

        If that were the case, the Earth would be close to destruction!

        Headquarters Island.

        The volcano had quieted down for the time being, and as to when it would erupt next, no one could be sure.

        Blade Twelve stared blankly at the direction of the volcano.

        It was almost desperate news for Knife Twelve that there was still Han Qiangxiang, whose life and death were still unknown there.

        Although he was willing to believe that Han Qiangxiang could survive the disaster, he had witnessed the power of the volcano's eruption with his own eyes.

        "Knife Engine."

        While Knife Twelve was still dazed, John's voice suddenly came from behind him.

        Knife Twelve subconsciously turned his head, and saw that John had several gold medalists with him.

        These people had all survived the volcanic eruption, and it was pure luck that they didn't d i e.

        "What do you want?" Knife Twelve said.

        John smiled coldly, in his opinion, Han 3,000 must have d i ed in the volcano, and now the only person who knew the secrets of the volcano was Knife Twelve.

        "Tell me what's in the crater, and if you tell me everything, I'll let you d i e a quicker death." John said, "As a man wanted by the Black Sheep Organization, right now, without the intimidation of Han Qianqian, in John's eyes, Knife Twelve is already a corpse.

        "Have you forgotten how you stood up?" Knife Twelve didn't expect John to turn his back on him at this point, and with so little warning.

        "You betrayed the Black Sheep organization, which is a sure way to d i e, and I didn't force you to choose it. I didn't force you to choose," John said.

        Knife Twelve now also has the strength of a gold medal killer, but the other side has a lot of people, as the saying goes, two fists can't beat four hands, and it's almost impossible for Knife Twelve to find a chance of survival in this situation.

Chapter 1452

"You don't really think he's dead, do you." In this situation, Knife Twelve could only say that only if John was scrupulous about Han 3,000 would he be able to survive.

        Because if Han 3,000 was still alive, John would never have dared to do anything to him, and he would have known exactly what Han 3,000 would do to avenge his death.

        Unfortunately, John was not threatened by these words, and the smile on his face became even stronger, saying, "You still want to scare me? For a whole day, you saw the power of the volcano erupting, what kind of person can live under such conditions?"

        The reason why John was sure that Han Changnian was dead was because the volcano had been erupting for too long, and it was so powerful that it was impossible for a man with flesh and blood to endure it.

        If he didn't see Han 3,000 coming back for a day, what else could he do if he wasn't dead?

        Knife Twelve couldn't argue, even though he repeatedly told himself that Han 3,000 wasn't dead, in fact, he knew in his heart that Han 3,000 was probably dead, he just didn't want to accept the fact.

        With a face ashen, Knife Twelve sighed lightly and said to John, "Since sooner or later I'm going to d i e, just kill me, I can't tell you what happened in the volcano."

        This statement made John instantly angry.

        The secret in the volcano's mouth was his lifelong obsession, the one thing that would make him d i e in peace.

        And now that Knife Twelve knew about it, how could he let Knife Twelve bring the secret back to the coffin?

        "You should know my methods, no one can hide anything from me under my torture." John said with a frosty face.

        "If I'm not even afraid of death, am I afraid of your torture?" Afterwards, the squatting Knife Twelve stood up and continued, "If you have any tricks, just use them, and let me see them before I d i e."

        John frowned, the fearless look of Knife Twelve worried him a little.

        If a person's mind was desperate, it would be hard for him to tell the truth, even if he used all the means he had in his life, it might not be useful to him.

        But John would never give up so easily, and as long as there was a chance, he would give it his all.

        Such an important secret could never be brought into the coffin by the Twelfth Blade.

        "Take him down for me." John said to the other gold medal killers.

        Just as those people were about to take action, a woman's voice, suddenly sounded.

        "So many people, bullying one person, really not ashamed." As the voice fell, the owner of the voice also happened to appear.

        The top powerhouse from Xuanyuan World, Fei Lingsheng.

        Of course, her title of top powerhouse was after Han Qianxiang hadn't even appeared yet.

        Fei Lingsheng was no more than an insect in the eyes of Han Qianlian when he stepped into the Divine Realm, because the difference between the Divine Realm and the Extreme Master Realm wasn't a single star.

        "Who are you?" John frowned at Ferrington, there was no way that anyone born to his eyes could be on this island, and it was a woman.

        "Me? Han Qianqian's friend." Fei Lingsheng said with a smile.

        As soon as he heard the words "Friend of Han 3000", it was as if John was hollowed out inside.

        Han Qianqian was so strong, who knew how powerful his friend would be?

        Knife Twelve looked at Fei Lingsheng puzzled, because he had never seen Fei Lingsheng before, if he was a close friend, why didn't he appear beside Han Qianqian?

        "You don't have to wonder, because I'm not his friend in this world." Fei Lingsheng said softly after he walked to Blade Twelve's side.

        Knife Twelve stared at him and involuntarily blurted out, "Xuanyuan World!"

        Fei Lingsheng's eyes flashed with surprise, she didn't expect Han Qianqian to tell this guy about Xuanyuan World, but it seemed that they were quite close.

        If she could save Blade Twelve, Han Qianli would owe her a favor.

        "Don't worry, with me here, it's impossible for these trash to pose a threat to you." Fei Lingsheng said.

        These words were a reassurance to Blade Twelve, but to John, they were the beginning of despair.

        She dared to say such words, her strength could never be weak, and even if she was only half of Han's three thousand, she was no match for them all.

        "I, I didn't say I would kill him." John said to Fei Lingsheng, at this point, he could only deny what he had said before in exchange for the chance to live.

        Knife Twelve was filled with a sneer, thanks to which John was also the supervisor of the Black Sheep Organization, but he was just a greedy man who was afraid of death.

        "John, you are the supervisor of the Black Sheep Organization, and you don't even dare to admit what you have said?" Knife Twelve said in a cold voice.

        John was not easy to get rid of his crippled status, there were better days to enjoy, and now he certainly did not want to face death.

        "Knife Engine, I just want to scare you, I don't really want to kill you." John explained to Knife Twelve.

        Knife Twelve is not a three-year-old child so easy to play jade, this guy just showed the killing intent, but not in the slightest to hide.

        "If you don't kill me, I'll kill you, is that okay?" Knife 12 said.

Chapter 1453

John's face was pale, he thought he had everything under control, but he didn't expect Fei Lingsheng's intrusion to change the situation directly.

        Now he seemed to be at the mercy of Blade 12.

        But this was not the result John wanted, and he was not willing to face death at such a time.

        "Knife Engine, you can't kill me, didn't you say that Han 3,000 was still alive, without me, you wouldn't have been able to stay on the island, if I d i ed, the island would be in chaos, and no one would continue to deliver supplies." John said in a panic, needing to find any excuse he could use to get Knife Twelve to let him go.

        Knife Twelve had a gloomy expression on his face, although he didn't believe that Han Qianxiang was dead, but he also knew for a fact that under the volcanic eruption of such a huge amount of energy, even though Han Qianxiang was close to the strength of a god, he hadn't shown up yet, which largely meant that he had met with an accident.

        Blade Twelve made a decision in a very short period of time that he would not stay on the island, but would return to Cloud City and spend the rest of his life protecting the people around Han Three Thousand.

        "Is he in charge of this island?" Fei Lingsheng turned to Dagger Twelve and asked, "Fei Lingsheng is still questioning his identity.

        Dagger Twelve still had doubts about Fei Lingsheng's identity, after all, as a killer, he was suspicious by nature, it was impossible for him to believe so simply that Fei Lingsheng was Han Qianqian's friend.

        "Yes, in a sense, he is the master of this island." Such an insignificant matter, Blade Twelve only hesitated for a moment before telling Fei Lingsheng.

        With a nod of his head, Fei Ling Sheng turned to John again and said, "It seems that you really can't d i e yet, and we will have to stay on the island for a while longer."

        John didn't know what the outcome of his future would be, but at least he didn't have to d i e in front of him, relieving him and relieving the look on his face significantly.

        "Why do we have to stay on the island?" Knife Twelve was puzzled and asked.

        "Don't you have to wait for Han Qianli to leave with you?" Fei Lingsheng was confused.

        Knife Twelve was stunned, this display of strength was also extraordinary, listening to her say this, she seemed to have decided that Han 3,000 was not dead.

        "You ...... you mean, 3000 is not dead?" Knife Twelve asked excitedly.

        Fei Lingsheng subconsciously looked at the volcano, she could sense that Han Qianxiang wasn't dead and that he was still fighting against a powerful force, but what the end result of this fight would be, Fei Lingsheng didn't dare to judge easily.

        "He's not dead yet, but what will happen in the future, I can't predict, so I can only wait here," Fei Lingsheng said.

        Hearing this exact answer, Blade Twelve's excitement overflowed.

        Han 3,000 had survived the volcanic eruption, and now that the volcanic situation had stabilized, Knife Twelve was even more confident that Han would survive.

        "Although he doesn't have to d i e, the others ......" Knife Twelve pointed at John and looked like he was about to stop talking.

        Fei Lingsheng easily understood what Knife Twelve meant by this statement.

        Therefore, when Fei Lingcun took action, she did not have as many worries as Han Qianqian, and was more decisive.

        In less than a minute after Knife Twelve had finished speaking, Fei Ling Sheng's illusory figure scampered back and forth several times, and all the gold medal killers fell to the ground with no sign of moving.

        Neither John nor Knife Twelve could see clearly how Fei Lingsheng did it, but they both had the same thought in their hearts, that this woman was so strong that she was almost as strong as Han Qianqian.

        This also made John even more determined not to mess up in front of Fei Lingsheng, after all, it was already a blessing to him to be alive, and it would be foolish to try to resist.

        "When will the three thousand come back?" Knife Twelve asked Fei Lingsheng, since she knew that Han 3,000 was not dead, in Knife Twelve's opinion, she was very clear about the situation, so such a question could only be asked of her.

        Unfortunately, all Fei Lingsheng knew was that Han Qiangan was not dead, and as to when he would return, or even if he could return safely, Fei Lingsheng had no answer in her heart.

        Perhaps Han Qianqiang, who was not dead now, would d i e in the midst of this kind of power struggle, which was not impossible.

        "I don't know, maybe, it will be a long time, or maybe, he'll never be able to come back," Fei Lingsheng said.

        Knife Twelve got anxious at this, didn't she say that Han Three Thousand didn't d i e, how could she say that it was possible that he would never be able to come back!

        "What do you mean, are you lying to me, is 3000 dead or not." The anxious Blade Twelve, noticing his emotional control, harshly questioned Fei Lingsheng.

        Fei Lingsheng was, after all, an Extreme Master in Xuanyuan World, and other than Han Qianxiang, who would dare to speak to her in such a tone.

        This also infuriated Fei Lingsheng, who turned to look at Blade Twelve with cold eyes and said, "What kind of a thing are you to question me, if it wasn't for Han Qianqian, do you think you would have survived until now?"

        If Fei Ling Sheng had not appeared in time, he would have d i ed in John's hands.

        This man saved her, all because of Han Qianqian's face.

        But despite this, Knife Twelve cared more about Han Qianxiang's safety, as to whether he himself was dead or alive, it didn't matter at all, because if Han Qianxiang hadn't appeared that night, he might have been dead already.

        "I just want the truth, it doesn't matter if you want to kill me or what," Blade Twelve said.

        Fei Lingsheng sighed, this guy really cared about Han Qiangnian, there was no way to act on this, his eyes had no intention of lying.

        "It's true that he's not dead right now, but as for what I said, whether there will be an accident in the future, it's because he's fighting against some kind of powerful force, an outcome that I can't predict." Fei Lingsheng explained.

        A powerful force!

        This should be the boulder, because when Knife Twelve was forcibly sent away from the volcano, he knew that the stone was the source of power.

        "Can't you help him?" Knife Twelve asked.

        Help him?

        These two words made Fei Lingsheng smile bitterly on her face.

        Although she was an Extreme Master realm powerhouse, she was like an insect in front of Han Qianqian, how could she be qualified to participate in this kind of powerful confrontation?

        If she forcibly intervened, it might backfire and cause even more trouble for Han Giang, and she, herself, might be directly crushed by the two forces.

        "You think too highly of me, I'm much stronger than you, but I'm only a three-year-old child at most in front of his strength." Fei Lingsheng said.