His True Colors Chapter 1449-1450

 Chapter 1449

When Han 3,000 stopped, the others also stood still, not daring to move, and looked around vigilantly, in a battle-ready stance to deal with any impending emergency.

        When Blade 12 looked around, the wind was calm and there was nothing special happening, so he couldn't help but ask Han 3,000, "3,000, what's wrong?"

        Han Qianli frowned, he didn't find anything unusual on the way to the mountain, but after reaching here, Han Qianli felt the power fluctuation in the crater was particularly obvious, and this fluctuation couldn't be felt at the foot of the mountain.

        Most importantly, this power was much stronger than what Han Qianli had imagined.

        Only after a while did Han Qianli said, "It's nothing, let's keep going."

        Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at these words, but didn't dare to relax their guard.

        As we approached the crater, the power fluctuation became more and more obvious, and at a very strange frequency.

        "Can you feel anything?" Han Qianli asked Knife Twelve.

        Knife Twelve shook his head and said, "Nothing, what's wrong?"

        When Han Qianli looked at the others, they had the same expression as Blade 12, and probably didn't notice anything, which made Han Qianli feel even stranger.

        With such a strong power fluctuation, these people were not aware of it, could it be that it was related to the power in their bodies?

        The same power that makes them unable to feel the crater power at all?

        Han Qianxiang no longer wondered what was going on, but went to the crater to find out.

        At this time, the temperature had already reached a stage that was unbearable for ordinary people, and except for Han 3,000 and Knife Twelve, the others were already sweating like rain, and their clothes were already soaked through.

        Only then did Blade Twelve realize that he was different from the others, because he did not feel the heat around him, and it was too unscientific to feel the heat even though he had reached the crater.

        "Three thousand, have you done something to me, why don't I feel the heat?" Knife Twelve asked Han Giangli in a low voice.

        Han Giangli smiled, having his energy barrier protecting Knife Twelve all this way, he naturally wouldn't feel the heat.

        "Do you want to feel it?" As soon as Han Qianli's voice fell, he withdrew the invisible energy barrier.

        But in an instant, Blade Twelve felt a heat wave invade him, making him hot.

        "F*ck, it's more than hot, the air is scalding." Knife Twelve said.

        "What do you think, this is a volcanic crater after all, and an active volcano, how can it not be hot." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        "Why don't you just continue with what you were doing." Knife Twelve said brazenly.

        Han Giangli re-established the energy barrier, not just to keep Knife Twelve from getting hot, but to protect his safety.

        A group of people finally stood at the crater of the volcano, the smoke was very pungent, and although they couldn't see the hot lava flow, they could imagine how the lava was rolling under the volcano.

        The source of the power, which Han Giangli had felt, was deep in the earth's core, but had not really touched the magma.

        It wasn't like a space-time tunnel, but more like something left behind by a strong man.

        Perhaps, it was the corpse of a strong man, or possibly, a strong man's weapon, but exactly how, we have to see it to know.

        "You were unconscious, when were you all unconscious?" Han Giangli turned to John and the others and asked.

        Knife Twelve also subconsciously turned his head, but the scene in front of him made him dumbfounded.

        Except for him and Han Qianqian, all the others had fallen to the ground at some point!

        "F*ck, what's going on here." Blade Twelve couldn't help but burst out foul.

        Han Qianli also smiled helplessly, it looked like they were unconscious before, they should be in this place.

        In terms of ordinary people's physical capacity, it was unlikely that they would go deeper into the crater, or else the heat wave alone could k i ll them.

        "Looks like there's no need to ask." Han Qianli said helplessly.

        Knife Twelve knew that without Han Qianli's protection, his fate would be the same as the others, and after a grateful glance at Han Qianli, he asked, "Qianli, what should we do next."

        Han three thousand pointed down to the crater and said, "Go down and take a look, the source of power is down there, but what exactly it is, I can't tell yet."

        Han Giangli could perceive all the situations around him through his consciousness, but since the power was too strong and formed a confrontation with his consciousness, Han Giangli didn't quite dare to force himself to do so in order to avoid the shock of his consciousness.

        As soon as Knife Twelve finished listening to Han Giang's words, he felt his body soar into the air.

        With his feet off the ground, losing his center of gravity was extremely insecure for Knife Twelve, but when he saw Han Qianqian with a calm face, he forced himself to stabilize his emotions.

        Han Qianxiang was so calm, if he were to panic, wouldn't it be humiliating?

        As Han Qianxian's subordinate, he had to be strong and tough.

Chapter 1450

The scene in front of him became more and more shocking, and Blade Twelve became more and more nervous, as if the lava would swallow him up at any moment.

        Fortunately, with Han Qianqian's protection, Daoist XII has not yet felt the intense heat.

        Although Han Qianqian acted calmly, he was still a little uneasy for the first time to go deeper into the volcano, and the unknown power also made Han Qianqian feel more and more intense, what he would encounter next and what would happen, Han Qianqian himself could not be sure.

        "Three thousand, this volcano is like it's about to erupt at any moment." Knife Twelve said to Han 3,000.

        Han Qianli shook his head, not only was it about to erupt at any moment, in his opinion, this volcano should have erupted a long time ago, it was only because of this inexplicable force that existed and suppressed the volcano, which caused the current situation.

        "If not for the existence of this power, the volcano would have erupted long ago, it has already accumulated too much power." Han Qianli said with a heavy expression.

        The existence of this power was instead protecting the headquarters island, and this meant that once Han Qianli disturbed the power and caused it to change, it might affect the stability of the volcano, and it might even erupt directly.

        Hearing this, Blade Twelve began to retreat in his heart, but with Han Qianqian by his side, he managed to force himself to calm down.

        Searching for a place of strength, Han Qianqian soon found a very strange giant rock, the surface of which seemed to be covered in magma, thus causing its strange shape.

        When Blade Twelve felt his body resting in front of the giant rock, he asked Han Three Thousand, "This rock, is that the source of power?"

        "The stone is just an illusion, and within this stone, there is something truly powerful hidden." Han 3,000 tried to check through his consciousness, but he was directly met with very violent resistance, and even the boulder trembled a bit, which made Han 3,000 not dare to act rashly.

        But if he gave up like this, Han 3,000 was absolutely unwilling, and with his style of doing things, he would never think of giving up.

        "By splitting this stone, you will be able to see what the power belongs to, but this will most likely cause a mutation, and maybe the volcano will erupt as a result." Han Qianli said in a tangled tone.

        Although Knife Twelve and Han Qianli had not known each other long, he still understood Han Qianli's personality quite well, and once he wanted to do something, even if there was just a slight hint of it, he would do it to the end.

        Take the Black Sheep Organization as an example, when Knives 12 and Han 3,000 first met, he wanted to destroy the Black Sheep Organization, and at that time, Knives 12 thought his words were a fantasy, but now, they are already on the Black Sheep Organization's headquarters island, aren't they?

        To extinguish or not to extinguish is just a word from Han Three Thousand.

        "Do whatever you want to do, I'll support you." Blade Twelve said.

        Han Qianli stared at the boulder with heavy eyes, he knew that hesitation was useless, and at the moment, it was just delaying the inevitable, he would do it eventually, so why not just make it quicker?

        When Han Giangli raised his hand blade, Blade Twelve knew that he had made his decision, which made his breathing quicken.

        Moreover, Han 3,000's hand was emitting a special light, giving people the impression that it was sharp and powerful, making Knife Twelve feel tremendous pressure just by standing next to him.

        Knife Twelve held his breath, preparing for Han Qianqian's fierce strike.

        When Han Giangli's eyes emitted a cold mane, his hand knife swung down heavily, and a huge energy, visible to the naked eye, struck directly at the boulder.

        The rumbling sound was like thunder!

        The entire crater was now trembling.

        Numerous cracks began to appear on the boulder, and the power emanating from the cracks was even stronger.

        Han Giangxi knew this was not a good sign, and a sense of danger greeted him.

        But having come this far, how could Han 3,000 years old possibly give up?

        "You go out first."

        When Han Qianqian's voice came in his ears, Knife Twelve felt his body fly upward so fast that it was beyond his control.

        But in an instant, Knife Twelve had returned to the crater.

        "Three thousand!" Knife Twelve shouted hoarsely.

        He knew that it was because Han 3,000 had felt the danger, and that was why he was sent out of the crater.

        But he came out, but Han 3,000 didn't, which made him extremely worried about Han's safety.

        Inside the volcano.

        The cracks formed by the boulders grew larger and larger, and the entire boulder was already showing signs of falling apart.

        Han Qianqian took a deep breath, then held his breath.

        According to his guess, there was a strong possibility that this place was hiding the strength of a strong man, or a weapon left behind by a strong man.

        Previously, he felt that the power in the Gold Medal K i ller's body was not strong, and guessed that the source of this power might be a lower cultivation space than the Xuanyuan World.

        But the power that he felt at this moment was something that Han Qianlian had never felt even in Xuanyuan World, which meant that this power came from a higher space in Xuanyuan World, or even a place that Han Qianlian had been able to step into with a single step.

        The indifferent-eyed Han Qianqian has no fear in the face of danger, and has no desire to escape.

        He had only one firm conviction: even if he had to die, he would still want to see what was hidden in the boulder.

        At this time, he had already forgotten everything about the outside world.

        Han family.

        The Linlong.

        Even Su Yingxia!

        "Let's see how strong you really are." After saying this, Han Giangli raised his hand knife again.

        The boulder was still too slow to shatter, and he couldn't wait to see what was hidden inside.

        Wielding the hand knife again, the powerful force belonging to Han 3,000 struck the boulder a second time.

        The second time the boulder was attacked, it burst open, and the power hidden in the boulder was displayed before Han 3,000 without reservation.

        The impact of the power caused Han 3,000 to retreat several tens of meters, almost approaching the edge of the volcanic rock before stopping.

        "This ......"

        The boulder had been shattered, and where the boulder had been, only an axe head almost as tall as Han 3,000 was left.

        The axe was pitch-black in color, with lightning-like energy attached to it, and Han Giangiang could feel its power just by looking at it.

        "It's just as I thought, even though your master is dead, you still have such great power, your master must be very powerful." Han Giangli said with a sigh on his face.

        At this time, the underground magma began to surge, and it might erupt at any moment.

        It would have been wisest for Han Giang to choose to leave at this point, but he didn't do so and headed for the axe instead.