His True Colors Chapter 1447-1448

 Chapter 1447

John grabbed Han Qianqian's hand, looking extremely excited, and it was obvious that he could detect the frequency of muscle beats on his face.

        When Han Qianqian heard the word "you", he couldn't help but smile. It seemed that he had studied Chinese quite deeply, and even knew when to use an honorific.

        The power of the Black Sheep Organization was nothing in Han 3,000's eyes, but it was an absolute nightmare for ordinary people. Since John said he could solve this matter, Han 3,000 didn't bother to do it himself, after all, it was also a very troublesome matter, and it would be best to borrow the Black Sheep Organization's hand to fix it.

        "You won't have any fish left to leak out, will you?" Han 3,000 said.

        "No, absolutely not." John patted his chest and said with a sincere face, "You can rest assured that I will absolutely not let anyone go."

        John's attitude was extremely sincere, because now Han Qianli's image in his heart was like the existence of a god, so how could he lie to God?

        "Okay, I'll wait for your good news." Han Qianqian said.

        On this trip to the Black Sheep Organization's headquarters island, things did not develop according to the trajectory Han Qianqian had expected at all. He had intended to destroy the Black Sheep Organization, but now he had reached a subtle cooperation with it, which he had never expected before coming here.

        However, this outcome was not a bad thing for Han 3,000; after all, the Black Sheep Organization possessed the world's most terrifying assassin abilities, and if he could get this organization to work for Han 3,000, Han 3,000 would be able to solve almost anything without using his own power.

        No matter how powerful he is, there will always be a sense of fear of the unknown in his consciousness.

        On the way to leave with Knife Twelve, Knife Twelve was three steps behind Han 3,000, staring intently at Han 3,000.

        Han Qianqian, who was very sensitive to the environment, naturally noticed that Knife Twelve was staring at him, and he could also guess the reason.

        The exaggerated means of making a crippled person suddenly stand up would certainly cause a very strong shock to Blade Twelve's heart.

        "If you have something to say, just say it." Han Qianli said to Blade Twelve.

        Knife Twelve took a deep breath and said, "I was skeptical of what you said before, I even thought you had some bragging to do, but now, I realize how ridiculous my thoughts were."

        Han Giangli smiled indifferently, the fact that Blade Twelve could say such a thing meant that the current Blade Twelve had completely trusted him.

        "I know that you have doubts about my rebirth, even though you acted like you believed in it on the surface, but in your heart, you will definitely have doubts, this is how a normal person would act, you can't be blamed." Han 3,000 said.

        "Three thousand, how did you manage to heal John's leg?" Knife Twelve really couldn't help his curious desire.

        "Didn't I tell you that I have power close to that of a god, and healing his legs is naturally an easy task." Han Giangli explained.

        Knife Twelve gulped and said, "Wouldn't your power be able to heal all diseases?"

        "Right." Han Qianqian said frankly, "As long as there is still his last breath left, I can bring him back to life, but if he's really dead, then there's nothing I can do."

        Han 3000 could save all living people, but couldn't yet bring someone back from the dead, at least not with his current abilities, and as for whether he would be able to do this in the future when he actually stepped into the other world, there was no telling if he would be able to do this.

        Knife Twelve wiped his face and put away his exaggerated expression, if this matter was spread out, I don't know how many celebrities would come to Han 3,000 for treatment, and Han 3,000's means would certainly shake the medical world, becoming a world-class famous doctor.

        But Blade Twelve also knew that Han 3,000 wouldn't care about this kind of fame. For a man who was close to God, I'm afraid what he was seeking was only a higher realm, and as for his status and fame among the world, in his eyes, it was just a pile of trash.

        "Three thousand." Knife Twelve's expression somehow became a little embarrassed, and even a little shy.

        If a woman was shy in front of him, Han Qianli could still understand, but the fact that Knife Twelve, a strapping, fierce man, behaved in such a way was too much for Han Qianli to bear.

        "Just say what you have to say, don't look so shy, you don't even know how disgusting you are right now." Han Qianqian said with a disgusted face.

        Knife Twelve was embarrassed and accosted him with a smile, "My body now also possesses a power, in the future, can I become as powerful as you?"

        This matter, Han 3,000 was really uncertain, because he didn't know the source and upper limit of power yet.

        "I don't know how powerful you can become just by relying on the power in your body, but you can rest assured that I'm already thinking of a way to make it possible for ordinary people to practice, and if I can figure out how to do that, I can give you my cultivation." Han Giangli said.

        "Really?!" After hearing this, Blade Twelve's eyes were almost staring out.

        "Of course it's true, this kind of thing can't lie to you, and not just you, there are a few other candidates, after you have some strength, I will take you to see the Xuanyuan World." Han Qianli said, this was his final thought at the moment, because there were some feelings that could not be shed, and for Han Qianli, it would be best if he could continue to let these feelings exist in another world.

        Blade Twelve's mouth went dry and he couldn't help but gulp, another world! These five words suddenly gave Knife 12 a new life to look forward to, after all, this is not an opportunity that everyone can get.

        "I used to think that my life was pretty miserable, but now I realize that I am the luckiest among billions of people." Knife 12 said with a cheerful face.

        "Whether it's lucky or not, it's too early to conclude, even if you can go to Xuanyuan World, you'll face more dangers, and I can't guarantee that you'll d i e a miserable death in the future." Han Qianli said.

        Knife Twelve didn't care and shook his head, being able to go to see another world was enough for him in this life, and people will eventually die, what kind of death is not important to him in the slightest.

        "All people will die, it makes no difference whether they die miserably or peacefully, what matters is the experience." Knife Twelve said.

Chapter 1448

For the next few days, Han Qianli enjoyed VIP treatment at the Black Sheep Organization's headquarters island, and no matter how powerful the gold medal assassins were, when they saw Han Qianli, they would take the initiative to get out of the way, and would even show their respect to Han Qianli by bending down.

        The Gold Medal Killer is a group of extremely arrogant people, because they have abilities that the world doesn't have, so they feel superior to others, but in front of Han Qianli, they don't dare to show the slightest haughty appearance, even humble, because they know very well that Han Qianli's abilities are far above them, and in Han Qianli's eyes, they may not even be as good as ants.

        Despite their arrogance, these people still had a very clear sense of self-knowledge.

        After a week, John was finally able to walk normally, and was unharmed as a human being, with no sign of the nearly ten years he had been crippled.

        For John, being able to find his feet again was something he had never dared to think about, so his gratitude to Han Qianqian was self-evident.

        And John had already decided that from now on, the entire Black Sheep Organization would work for Han Qianxiang, because only such a powerful person could lead the Black Sheep Organization to better development, and to know the secrets inside the crater, Han Qianxiang also needed to lead.

        On this day, John led all the gold medal assassins of the Black Sheep Organization to appear in front of the villa where Han Qiangli lived.

        This was almost the first time in history that all the gold medal assassins were gathered together. Those who had seen Han's ability had a cautious expression, but those who had not yet seen Han were curious.

        If they hadn't seen John's leg get better with their own eyes, they wouldn't have believed it was true.

        When Han Qiangli came out of the villa building, those who had never seen Han Qiangli before had a puzzled expression, and each of them had the same thought in their heart.

        "How could it be a child?"

        When Knife Twelve came out, those who had never seen Han Qianqian directly focused their attention on Knife Twelve, and they involuntarily thought of Knife Twelve as Han Qianqian, believing that this was a normal situation, or else how could a child be so powerful when he was just a child?

        But soon, this thought was destroyed.

        John respectfully approached Han Qianqian, curtsied slightly and said, "I don't know how to address you, so let's call you the Three Thousand Gods."

        Three Thousand Gods!

        Han Qianqiang was stunned when he heard these three words, this alias felt too strange and he wasn't comfortable with it at all.

        "You'd better just call me by my first name, Han Three Thousand." Han Qianqian said.

        "No, no, no, no." John waved his hands with panic on his face and said, "How can I call you by your name, it's disrespectful to you, I can't do that."

        Looking at John's panic-stricken face as he waved his hands repeatedly, Han Qianli said helplessly, "Fine, call me whatever you like, since you're already well, let's go to the crater.

        "Please follow me." John led the way, and all the gold medal killers followed.

        These people, all of whom had been to the crater, but who had gained the ability, did not know what was happening because they were unconscious.

        All of them were a little nervous because they knew that the secret that had been hidden for a hundred years would probably be revealed today.

        When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, John said to Han Qianli again, "Three thousand gods, to avoid any danger, I will let these people take the lead, what do you think?"

        Han Qianli waved his hand and said directly: "No need to engage in such a hypocritical set, these people were unconscious in the crater, what's the use of having them take the lead, if something goes wrong, I will have to trouble to save them."

        John was slightly embarrassed, he was the only one who could make the Gold Medal Killer sound so worthless.

        "What should ...... do then?" John asked.

        Han 3,000 bypassed John in two steps, climbed directly up the mountain, and said, "I'd better go ahead, if there's any danger, it's best for me to carry it."

        Knife 12 followed Han 3,000 closely and whispered, "3,000, why don't you let these guys take the lead, just in case there is any sudden situation, so that they can be used as a meat shield."

        Han Qianqian smiled, he wasn't afraid that these guys would die in the crater, but rather that their lives would be of greater value until the most critical moment.

        "I know what I'm doing," Han Qianqian said.

        Since Han Qianli had said so, Blade Twelve had no other opinion and could only silently follow behind Han Qianli.

        At that moment, no one other than Han Qianli was able to notice a force enveloping him and Blade Twelve, forming a kind of protective layer that Han Qianli had deliberately made to avoid any sudden situation that might harm Blade Twelve.

        Halfway up the mountainside, Han Qianli suddenly stopped in his tracks!