His True Colors Chapter 1439-1440

 Chapter 1439

One night later.

        Although he hadn't deliberately approached the port yet, just watching from afar, he found that the security of the port alone was very tight, and even before the transport ships entered the port, the port didn't allow anyone to approach easily.

        It was almost impossible to sneak onto the ship under such circumstances.

        But just as Han Giangli was about to leave, an old man with blond hair suddenly appeared behind him.

        With Han 3,000's perception of power, he noticed at once that this blond old man was different, he also had a power of the Gold Medal Killer, and based on the determination of his breath, Han 3,000 was almost certain that the old man in front of him and the Gold Medal Killer had the same source of power.

        "You guys know that I'm here?" Han Qianqian asked directly.

        Since the old man would come looking for him, it must be that Han Three Thousand's identity had been exposed, so there was no need for Han Three Thousand to pretend to be crazy at this point.

        The old man smiled faintly and said, "The power of the Black Sheep Organization is beyond your imagination, and every move you've made since you left Cloud City has not escaped our eyes."

        Han Qianli frowned slightly, this was a bit unexpected, after all, the assassins who were looking for him were all dead, and Han Qianli didn't notice that anyone was following him.

        "If you knew I was coming, why didn't you run?" Han Qianli was curious.

        "Run?" The old man laughed dumbly and said, "Why do you want to run, is it possible that this big black sheep organization is still afraid of you?"

        A big black sheep organization?

        In Han 3,000's eyes, this sentence was just a joke, even if all the killer organizations on earth were to unite, it would just be a bunch of ants to him.

        But to the old man, it was reasonable that he didn't take Han 3,000 seriously, because they didn't know how strong Han was after all.

        "Do you want to go to the headquarters?" The old man asked Han Qianqian.

        "If you want to exterminate everyone in the Black Sheep Organization, you'll naturally have to go to the headquarters to do so." Han Qianqian said without missing a beat.

        It was as if the old man had heard an international joke.

        Exterminate everyone in the Black Sheep Organization?

        This is a delusion, a fantasy in the Arabian Nights.

        The reason why the Black Sheep Organization had been able to exist for a hundred years was beyond human imagination, and the Black Sheep Organization possessed power that no mortal in the world had, so Han Qianli's words were even more ridiculous to the old man.

        "Little friend, your strength did surprise us, but you are completely out of your depth in trying to destroy the Black Sheep Organization." The old man said.

        "Whether or not it's self-defeating, we won't know until we try, it just so happens that I haven't found a way to board the island yet, since you're here, take me to the island and I'll show you the means to exterminate the Black Sheep Organization, how about it?" Han Qianli said with a smile.

        The old man shook his head helplessly, he had never seen such an arrogant person before, and he was just a small kid.

        But the reason the organization sent him here was to bring Han 3,000 yuan to the island, because the organization's top management was very curious about who he was, who was no match for even the gold medalist.

        As for what kind of threat Han 3,000 would bring to the headquarters island, this was something those executives had never imagined, they had a strong pride, and the headquarters island had the absolute power of the Black Cultivation Organization, they were not worried that Han 3,000 would threaten them at all.

        "You're so powerful, but you don't even have a way to get to the island, it's ridiculous, but since you're making such a request, I'll satisfy you, so that you can see the true power of the Black Sheep Organization before you die." The old man said.

        Han Qianli was delighted in his heart, not expecting the biggest problem that had plagued him to be solved in this way, it was so unexpected.

        These guys had taken the initiative to draw death to their doorstep, and there was no telling what kind of mood they would be in.

        "When." Han Giangli asked.

        "The transport ship will enter the port in two days, and it will take a day to move the supplies." The old man said.

        Han 3,000 nodded and was about to leave when he stopped again and asked the old man provocatively, "Aren't you going to try my strength?"

        The old man's expression was rigid and he did not say anything.

        Han Qianli smiled and walked away, not getting to the bottom of it.

        The reason why he said such words was because Han Qianli wanted to make sure of one thing, and the old man didn't say anything, he already had the answer in his heart.

        The old man should be a gold medalist sent by the Black Sheep Organization, whether he could go to the island or not was definitely not up to the old man to decide, and the fact that he could agree to come, could only mean that it was the arrangement of the Black Sheep Organization.

        As for the reason why the Black Sheep Organization did this, the reason is very simple: they did not have a way to deal with Han Marchant 100%, and did not want to lose any more gold medalists, so they let Han Marchant board the island.

        If their guesses are correct, they should have more confidence to deal with Han 3,000 on the headquarters island, and this move to invite the king into the urn should be a great mystery.

Chapter 1440

After returning to the hotel, Han Qianqiang told Knife Twelve about the old man's appearance.

        Knife Twelve listened to the whole situation with a heavy expression.

        The old man wanted to take Han 3,000 to the island, as long as a normal person's thinking, can guess that this is definitely a trap, if under such circumstances to board the island, it is definitely a dangerous thing for Han 3,000.

        "Three thousand, you killed the Gold Medal Killer, your strength has already attracted their attention, and I'm afraid a trap has already been arranged for you to go to the island." Blade Twelve said in a heavy tone.

        Han Three Thousand smiled and said, "I guessed that, they should not want to cause more damage, that's why they did it, after all, cultivating a gold medal killer should not be an easy task."

        "In that case, what should we do?" Knife Twelve asked.

        "Go, of course I'll go." Han Qianqian said without hesitation.

        Knife Twelve was stunned, he didn't expect Han Qianli to go even though he knew what was going on.

        "Why?" Knife Twelve was puzzled and asked.

        "No matter what schemes and tricks they have, they are useless in the face of absolute power, and I naturally won't be afraid." Han Qiangiang said.

        Although he couldn't guess what method the Black Sheep Organization wanted to use to deal with him, Han Three Thousand had absolute confidence that his strength was God realm in Xuanyuan World, and although he hadn't become a true God, he was infinitely close, and it was a handy matter for him to deal with these people on Earth.

        Even though these gold medal killers also possessed extraordinary power, this power was not strong in Han Giang's eyes, so there was no reason to fear.

        When it comes to strength, Blade Twelve can't refute Han Qianqian, because he is very confident in this aspect of his performance, and Blade Twelve doesn't know where the limit of Han Qianqian's strength is.

        "Since you're so confident, go ahead, I also want to see what these people have thought of to deal with you." Knife Twelve said.

        Seeing the worry in Knife Twelve's eyes, Han 3,000 didn't say much, his doubts about his strength could only be convinced by Han 3,000's real performance.

        In the next few days, Han 3,000 completely treated himself as a tourist, but unfortunately, Su Yingxia was missing, making Han feel a little lack of flavor, if Su Yingxia was there, it would be even more perfect.

        Three days later, the transport ship was loaded with supplies, and Han 3,000 met the old man again at the port.

        To Han 3,000, it was a mole, but to Blade 12, seeing the gold medal killer, it was inevitable that he was a little nervous, after all, these were all legendary figures of the Black Sheep Organization, how could he, a district bronze medal killer, relax.

        "I originally thought you would not dare to come." The old man said to Han Qianqian.

        "This is the territory of the Black Sheep Organization, even if I wanted to run, I couldn't escape." Han Qianqian said.

        The old man smiled proudly, this island is indeed controlled by the Black Sheep Organization, and after Han 3,000 appeared on the island, he had lost his freedom.

        Of course, this was just the old man's wishful thinking, but if Han Qiang really wanted to leave, who could stop him?

        Boarding the boat, Han 3,000 walked directly to the deck, facing the sea breeze, and behaving in a very comfortable manner.

        The old man stood a short distance away, his heart puzzled, he didn't see any worried expression on Han Qianqian's face, which he couldn't understand.

        How could he not be afraid when he knew he was entering the lion's den?

        I'm not sure if this little guy really doesn't have the Black Sheep organization in his sights.

        How is this possible!

        The Black Sheep Organization was founded a hundred years ago, and has a reputation in the underground world that would make anyone wince at the thought of hearing about it.

        Is this a newborn calf, or is it a man with a plan?

        On the other hand, Knife Twelve, this was the reaction a normal person should have, and since he had been on the boat, the old man could feel the tension of his muscles tense and there was an air of dread present.

        "Twelve, do you believe there is a God in this world?" Han Qianli closed his eyes, enjoying the sea breeze, and asked Knife Twelve a question.

        Knife Twelve subconsciously shook his head and said, "I'm an atheist and never believed in ghosts or spirits.

        "I used to not believe in it either, but there are many things in this world that you can't help but not believe in," Han Giangli said.

        If anyone else were to say such words to Blade Twelve, he would only treat him as a godsend.

        But the meaning of such words coming from Han Qianqian's mouth was completely different.

        Because Knife Twelve was willing to believe Han Qianqian, if Han Qianqian said there was a god in this world, then there really was.

        "Three thousand, have you seen it?" Knife Twelve asked.

        Han Qianlian shook his head, the real God should be in the world above Xuanyuan, and there was an unknown realm that Han Qianlian hadn't yet touched.

        "I've never seen it, but I'm only one step away from God," Han 3,000 said.