His True Colors Chapter 1437-1438

 Chapter 1437

Trouble never arrives without any warning.

        When Han Qianqian saw the girl and her friend walking toward him, he knew that trouble was coming again, which made him feel helpless, as he seems to have a natural disposition to invite trouble, although there are still unlucky things that fall on his head when he doesn't. For example, Han Qianqian didn't pay attention to the girl just because she didn't want to.

        This girl, for example, Han Giang's mere failure to pay attention to her seemed to have invariably provoked her.

        "That's him." After the girl walked up to Han Qianqian, she pointed her finger at him and said.

        Her male companion laughed with a scornful face and said after looking Han Qianqian up and down, "Little thing, are you the one who didn't take care of my girlfriend?"

        "What should I do with her?" Han Giangli shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

        "Since you don't know how to be polite, let me teach you, so you can learn how to respect people." The boy's eyes were fierce as he said to Han Qianqian.

        Although he was only wearing swimming trunks, Han 3,000 found a detail on his wrist, a valuable watch, which indicated that the boy should be a rich man, and looking at his age, Han 3,000 could almost determine that he was a rich second generation.

        Han 3,000 yuan of despondent mood, before rebirth, there are many rich second-generation planted in his hands, Han 3,000 yuan of fate, seems to be entangled with these rich second-generation, Dawu's trouble, all come from such people.

        "I don't want to cause trouble, so you guys should leave quickly." Han Three thousand faintly said.

        The boy laughed maliciously, and in his opinion, Han Qianxiang's attitude was to concede, which would make him more and more arrogant.

        What kind of person is a rich second generation?

        A bunch of bullying characters, the more cowardly they act, the more arrogant they will be, because when they decide that they are afraid to confront each other, they will be even more arrogant.

        "Want to leave?" The boy stood directly in front of Han Qianqiang and said, "Do I agree to let you go?"

        After saying that, the boy spread his legs, pointed at his crotch, and continued, "If you want to go, you can go, drill through here, and I'll let you go."

        Han Giangli sighed helplessly, this kind of person has always not seen the coffin, even if he didn't want to cause trouble, but the other party's attitude was becoming more and more arrogant, it was almost impossible to leave the matter alone.

        "Where are you from?" Han Qianqiang asked the boys.

        "What does it matter to you where I'm from? You don't give a sh*t, you either drill through me or apologize to my girlfriend, or else you don't leave." The boy said arrogantly.

        "My name is Han Qianqian, you'd better call your family and find out if your family background is qualified enough to mess with me." Han 3,000 said, using his identity to scare people is not Han 3,000's tactics, but in Crystal Island, he did not want to cause any complications, after all, this time it was the headquarters of the Black Sheep Organization, if he was targeted by other killers, this is very troublesome for Han 3,000.

        Because once he aroused the interest of those killers, his identity will soon be investigated, and the Black Sheep Organization, will certainly receive the news at the first time, in case some people run away, the ends of the earth to find them again, it will not be a simple matter.

        Although the Black Sheep Organization had sent a gold medal assassin, the real executives didn't take him seriously, and would never run away just because he came to Crystal Island.

        The boy's expression instantly froze when he heard the three words "Han 3,000".

        He also understood what kind of deterrent effect the three words "Han 3,000" had.

        When Han 3,000 was still in Yanjing, almost all the big families had warned their juniors to keep a low profile and not to provoke Han 3,000, while he himself had been warned by his elders.

        During that time, he almost never left his home in Yanjing, just in case he had accidentally offended Han Qianqian, and because he had been trapped for too long, he came to Crystal Island to relax.

        But what he didn't expect was that he didn't offend Han Qianqian in Yanjing, but on the contrary, he bumped into Han Qianqian in Crystal Island, a thousand miles away.

        When he thought of what Han Qianqian had done in Yanjing, he began to feel cold in his heart, and if Han Qianqian returned to Yanjing to ask for punishment, he would be finished.

        "You ...... are Han Qianqian!" The boy asked Han Qianqian with fear and trepidation.

        Several of the other male companions, when they heard Han Qianli's name, also turned pale, because they were all from Yanjing and knew exactly who Han Qianli was.

        "You're from Yanjing?" Han Giangli smiled, this trouble shouldn't continue to grow, which was a good thing for him.

        "Since you know who I am, what should you do now?" Han Giangli continued.

        The boy was stunned, and then knelt directly on the ground, which was the only way he could think of to make amends.

Chapter 1438

After the first boy kneeled down, the rest of those who knew Han Qianli's identity also kneeled down one after another, because Han Qianli's reputation in Yanjing was too intimidating for them, no one dared to offend Han Qianli, so if they could kneel down to resolve this conflict, they were very willing to do so.

        At this time, their dignity was no longer important to them, but the safety of their family was the most important thing.

        She didn't know why her boyfriend would kneel down, but she could feel that they seemed to be very afraid of the kid in front of her.

        "You ...... guys, what are you doing?" The girl said with a startled expression on her face.

        Han Qianli was still a little surprised, his original intention was to get these guys to voluntarily get out of the way, since he knew his identity, don't look for trouble, but who would have thought that these guys would actually be so scared that they would kneel down.

        This was still on the beach, and there were so many people around that if other tourists saw it, wouldn't Han 3000 be suspicious of his identity!

        If ordinary tourists were curious about him, it didn't matter too much, but if they were targeted by a killer, Han 3,000 would be in trouble.

        "Bunch of idiots, better not let me see you again." Han 3,000 left this sentence and hurriedly left.

        But he didn't know to what extent those words had chilled the hearts of the kneeling men.

        The boy stood up only after Han Qianli had left, and said, trembling, "It's over, it's over, how could I have provoked him."

        "Not only are you finished, we're finished too."

        "The Han family is now in Yanjing, who would dare to provoke anyone easily, especially this little devil, whoever provokes him will d*e."

        "Who the hell is he, and why are you so afraid of him?" The girl spoke up and asked.

        She opened her mouth to speak, instantly attracting the attention of several boys who stared at her.

        If it wasn't for her, how would they have messed with this little devil!


        A loud slap on the girl's face.

        The boy gritted his teeth and said, "If it weren't for you, how could we have offended him, causing me trouble all day long?

        Hearing these words, the girl was confused.

        In the past, when there was trouble, it was always her boyfriend who stepped in to solve it, and she thought it would be the same this time, but who would have thought that it would be such a consequence.

        After returning to the hotel, Han Qianqian didn't take this matter to heart. A few second-generation rich people are not worthy of special care nowadays, and it wasn't a serious matter in the first place.

        The only way for Han to eradicate this hidden danger is to solve the Black Sheep Organization completely.

        It would be easy for Han 3,000 to board the island alone, but this time to destroy the Black Sheep Organization is a good opportunity for Han 3,000 to show himself in front of Dagger 12, so Han 3,000 must take Dagger 12 with him.

        There are some things that cannot be convinced with just words.

        But seeing the facts with one's own eyes, it was hard not to believe.

        After all, there would be many more unbelievable things that would happen in the future, and Han 3,000 needed to let him get used to it beforehand.

        The transport ship's defense was almost flawless, which was also the Black Sheep Organization's vigilance in this matter, not just anyone could go to the headquarters island, after all, it had been kept a secret for many years, the Black Sheep Organization would definitely not want to expose itself easily.

        "Hey, if I hadn't brought Knife Twelve, I wouldn't have had so much trouble." It should have been a simple matter, but it had become complicated because of Blade Twelve, and he didn't have any solution for the time being.

        In the evening, Knife Twelve returned to the hotel, and came to Han 3,000's room at the first opportunity.

        "Three thousand, I've made some inquiries about the transport ship," Blade Twelve said to Han 3,000. Knife Twelve said to Han 3,000.

        Such a statement was not good news for Han 3,000, the transport ship was a very sensitive matter, any word about the transport ship might attract the attention of the island's eyes.

        The reason why the headquarters island was able to hide its secrets for so many years must have a great deal to do with their eyes and ears division, and this island was the only place where the headquarters island could be approached.

        If Blade Twelve took the initiative to mention this matter, then it was very likely that he had already been targeted by someone.

        "Did you hear someone mention it, or did you ask someone?" Han Qianli said.

        Knife Twelve laughed and said, "Don't worry, how could I take the initiative to mention this matter, I'm not stupid, I just heard about it from someone else, and don't worry, I didn't interrupt, I just finished listening to their conversation in silence."

        Han Qianli was relieved and asked, "What did you learn?"

        "There are still some indigenous people on this island who know about the transports, but they say that the transports are carrying supplies for a private prison, and they should be completely unaware of the Black Sheep organization," Knife Twelve said.

        Han 3,000 couldn't help but roll his eyes and said, "The Black Sheep Organization has been mysterious for so many years, and no outsider has ever known where its headquarters is.

        "Just hear me out, after the transport ships gather supplies, they need laborers to carry them in the harbor, and I think this is an opportunity to get on board," Blade 12 said.

        Laborers to carry.

        Han Giangli could use his toes to imagine how many people from the Black Sheep Organization would be watching while transporting the supplies, and under such circumstances, it was impossible to find an opportunity to stay on the ship.

        "Once on the ship, why don't you get off the ship in full view of the public? We are not going to go sightseeing on the ship, but to use the transport ship to board the headquarters island." Han Qiangiang said.

        After all the talk, Knife Twelve was also talking a lot of nonsense, not getting to the point at all.

        "This ......" knife twelve fished his head, he did only think of ways to get on the ship, but how to stay on the ship, but this is the biggest problem.

        "This island's harbor, there are no ships anchored, and I have also asked around today, any sea excursions, there are none here, indicating that the harbor is only set up for transporting ships, and the entire island, no water settings can be seen, enough to imagine how rigorous the Black Sheep organization is in this regard, and it is very difficult to smoothly board a ship without being discovered. " Although he had racked his brains, there was no way to break through it at all, said Han Qiangiang with a sigh.

        Since his rebirth, almost everything has been going smoothly for Han 3,000, which is the most difficult situation.