His True Colors Chapter 1427-1428

 Chapter 1427

"Su Guoyao, you stop right there." After walking out of the villa, Su Guolin yelled at Su Guoyao.

        Su Guoyao was no longer afraid of his younger brother. Once he was bullied in the company, and he didn't dare to talk back even if he was scolded to death, but now it was different, Su Guolin was kicked out of the company, and he was in charge of the company, so Su Guolin naturally lost the capital to show off in front of him.

        Seeing that Su Guoyao didn't pay any attention to himself, a furious Su Guolin trotted up to Su Guoyao and directly blocked his way.

        "Haven't you heard the saying, a good dog doesn't block the way." Su Guoyao said indifferently.

        Su Guolin gnashed his teeth with hatred, the guy who didn't even dare to breathe in front of him before, now actually didn't take him into consideration at all.

        "Su Guoyao, you're just a lucky trash, why should you flaunt yourself in front of me." Su Guolin gritted his teeth and said.

        "I'm lucky, what about you, you're so powerful, aren't you a dog on the street now? Do you really think of the present as the past, your ability to do so is nothing more than Mom putting in a good word for you, you don't really think you got your position in the company based on your strength, do you?" Su Guoyao scoffed, Su Guolin did have some small smarts, but these smarts were used in the company's internal battles, the real contributions he made to the company were few and far between, and they were all opportunities given by the old lady.

        Without the old lady, his essence is not much different from Su Guoyao.

        "Su Guoyao, if you anger me, there will be no good ending." Su Guolin's eyes were cold and said.

        "For the sake of you and I have blood relations, I'll warn you one last time, it's okay to hurt anyone, but Su Yingxia absolutely not, the person who protects her has abilities you can't imagine, when you really see the coffin, it's too late to regret." Su Guoyao said.

        Su Guolin raised the corner of his mouth, pulling out a cold curve, said: "It's useless to scare me, I advise you to keep a close eye on Su Yingxia, or else, she might be taken to the suburbs by a few hooligans."

        Su Guoyao didn't expect Su Guolin to have such vicious thoughts.

        Su Yingxia was still just a little girl, and she was his own niece, how could he have such thoughts!

        But Su Guoyao didn't warn Su Guolin not to do anything, he had already said what he needed to say, Su Guolin's face doesn't care about the attitude, he won't listen to good advice, and Su Guoyao's heart also born a malicious idea.

        Since this guy doesn't take himself as a brother, let him go on a desperate path.

        Threatening Su Yingxia, Han Qiangiang will only give him one way out, and that is death.

        "On the day you die, I'll make sure to order a high-class wreath for you." Leaving this sentence, Su Guoyao got into the car.

        As Su Guoyao drove away, Su Guolin's hatred climbed to an extreme, and he took out his phone and called those guys.

        He knew that the revelation was definitely on those guys, otherwise, Su Guoyao would never know about this matter.

        "How do you guys do things, you can't even handle such a small matter, what a bunch of losers." After the phone call was connected, Su Guolin cursed.

        The head of the gang on the other end of the phone was beaten up quite badly, and was still recovering from his injuries at home. When he saw that Su Guolin was angry, he was also angry and said, "You didn't f*cking tell me there was someone to protect her.

        Someone to protect Su Yingxia?

        This sentence made Su Guolin feel a little strange.

        Could it be that Su Guoyao has now reached the point of hiring a personal bodyguard for Su Yingxia?

        He has only been on the top of the company for a long time, but he is already so generous in hiring personal bodyguards, how much money must he have embezzled from the company?

        Thinking of this, Su Guolin's heart became even more unbalanced, because in his opinion, this money should have been his due, but now it went into Su Guoyao's pocket.

        "If you want the money, arrest Su Yingxia, and I'll give it to you double." Su Guolin said.

        The man in charge of the gang was touched by the double amount of money, but when he thought of Han Qiangli's methods, he felt a chill.

        But the temptation of money, he really could not find a reason to refuse.

        "Three times as much, not a penny less." The gangster leader said.

        As long as you can catch Su Yingxia and destroy Su Guoyao, it's worth it to Su Guolin to spend any amount of money, or at the worst, sell a suite in his hand.

        "Whenever you catch someone, when you come to me for money." Su Guolin hung up the phone after saying that.

        In the mountainside villa, after Han Qianliang left the matter to Su Guoyao to deal with, he did not think about this matter any more, after all, Su Guoyao is Su Yingxia's father, he will definitely attach great importance to Su Yingxia's safety, and can definitely deal with this matter well, there is no need for Han Qianliang to bother about it.

        "Twelve, do you have a smell, there seems to be some kind of stench in the house?" Han Qianli asked Knife Twelve.

        Knife Twelve nodded his head and said, "Indeed, I found it yesterday, but the smell is a bit stronger today."

        Han Giangli stood up and began to search for the source of the stench.

        Knife Twelve also puffed his nose, and the two of them were like dogs searching for the smell.

        Coincidentally, they walked to the door of Chi Yi Yun's room, and the smell here was the heaviest in the entire house, meaning that the stench was coming from Chi Yi Yun's room.

        "This is the place." Knife 12 said with an affirmative face.

        This was Qi Yi Yun's private room, and as a rule, Han Gong Li shouldn't easily break into a girl's boudoir, but her room was so stinky that Han Gong Li, who couldn't stand the smell, could only go in to see what was going on.

        But when he twisted the doorknob, he found that the door had been locked, which was obviously Qi Yi Yun guarding him!

        "F*ck, it's locked." Han Giangli said with a surprised face.

        "Want me to do it?" Knife Twelve said.

        Han Giangli knew that Knife Twelve wanted to use violence to open it, but if he really used this method, would he still need Knife Twelve? One layer of Han Qianli's power was enough to shatter the wooden door.

        "Open your eyes and take a good look." Han Qianqian said with the corners of his mouth raised.

        Knife Twelve didn't understand what Han Qianli's words meant, but saw Han Qianli's hand slice across the location of the lock cylinder, and then the sound of unlocking the door was heard.

        This operation directly made Knife Twelve confused.

        "This ...... is magic?" Knife Twelve was startled and asked Han Qianqiang.

        "Magic is a blindfold, a device that is set up in advance, do you think I have set it up in advance?" Han Giangli said with a smile, then pushed open Qi Yiyun's room door.

Chapter 1428

Knife Twelve knew quite a bit about magic, and he knew that magic, as Han Qianqian said, was just a trick.

        Han Qianqian couldn't have been so bored that he set up the trick in advance and showed it off in front of him.

        But this was not a magic trick, so how did Han Qianxiang do it?

        When Knife 12 was still confused, Han Qianqian had already entered the room and found the source of the stench, which was the birthday cake he had given to Qi Yiyun a few days ago.

        And the cake hadn't been unwrapped, which means that Yi Yun hadn't eaten it at all, and it was put to the point of stinking.

        Why is this?

        Doesn't she like it?

        But when she received the cake that day, Chi Yi Yun's performance was very much like, all of this, is it her performance?

        But no, if she didn't like it, why didn't she just throw it away, and instead put it in the room to stink.

        At this time, Knife Twelve also entered the room, and although he was used to the stench of blood, he couldn't help but hold his nose in the face of this rotting stench.

        "It must be this cake that's gone bad." Knife Twelve said, holding his nose.

        Han Giangli nodded, still wondering in his mind why exactly Chi Yi Yun did that, which didn't fit his logic at all.

        If she didn't eat it, it should mean that she didn't like it, and if she didn't like it, it would be easy to throw it away, so why did she put it in the room?

        "Twelve, if you didn't like something, would you still keep it?" Han Qianqiang asked Knife Twelve.

        Knife Twelve didn't even think about it, the answer was very simple: "Of course not, if you don't like something, naturally you have to throw it away."

        "But she didn't like it and put it in her room to stink, what was the reason?" Han Qianli wondered.

        Knife Twelve was mulling over this question when another possibility suddenly occurred to him: he didn't eat it, but kept it, which didn't necessarily mean that he didn't like it, but it was also possible that he was too attached to it, so he couldn't be bothered to eat it, even if it was stinky, and couldn't throw it away.

        "It's possible that she liked it so much that she couldn't bear to eat it, and even if it stunk, she couldn't bear to throw it away." Knife Twelve said.

        After all, Qi Yiyun's happy reaction when she received the cake that day couldn't be faked.

        Even if a movie emperor were to act in front of Han Qianli, he would be seen through, so what does it matter if it's just Qi Yiyun?

        So most likely, it was Knife Twelve's guess that Chi Yi Yun did it because she liked it too much.

        But if that was the case, it would have been a headache for Han Qianqian.

        The fact that an unintentional act and a cake could make Qi Yiyun so indulged showed that her feelings for Han Giangiang had deepened to a certain extent, which was the last thing Han Giang wanted to see.

        Han Qianqiang took the cake and walked out of the room, but since it was already stinking, there was no need to keep it.

        And if he didn't throw it away, there was a good chance that Qi Yiyun would keep it forever, and Han 3,000 didn't want Qi Yiyun to live in a room full of stench.

        "Three-thousand, if you do this without her consent, she might not be able to accept it." Knife Twelve reminded Han Sanchi.

        "Even if she can't accept it, she has to accept it. We can't let the house turn into a garbage dump," Han Qianqian said helplessly.

        Knife Twelve didn't say anything, if the cake was kept up, the stench would become more and more obvious, and the whole villa would then smell like this, no different from a garbage pile indeed.

        It's just that Qi Yi Yun attached great importance to the cake, if she came home and saw that the cake was gone, she would be devastated, I'm sure.

        After throwing the cake away, Han Qianli's heart was a bit heavy, he didn't think a cake would trigger such a consequence, if he had known, he would never have done it.

        "According to the efficiency of the Black Sheep Organization, their people, there should be a second wave coming to the door, with your understanding, what kind of people will they be this time?" Han Qianli asked Dagger Twelve.

        When it came to business, Knife Twelve's expression became much more serious.

        "The people who dealt with me last time were the lowest level of bronze medal assassins, and I'm sure that the people who came to assassinate you are also bronze medal assassins, and generally speaking, if the bronze medal can't complete the task, the silver medal will come out." Blade Twelve explained.

        "Would the silver medal have more knowledge about the Black Sheep organization?" Han Giangli continued to ask.

        Knife Twelve fished his head in embarrassment and said, "I'm only a bronze medalist and don't know much about silver medals, but to be promoted to silver is already a very powerful role, so I'm sure I'll know more about it."

        "What about the gold medal? A silver medal is already very powerful, but how strong is a gold medal?" Han Qianli was curious.

        Speaking of gold medals, Knife Twelve's facial expression twitched, as if he had a sense of fear of the word gold medal.

        After taking a deep breath, Dagger 12 said: "Legend has it that the Black Sheep Organization has three gold medal killers, they have abilities that ordinary people don't have, and in this world, there is no task that they can't complete, according to my understanding, every time the Black Sheep Organization uses the gold medal, it must be an assassination that shocks the world, but these are just legends, whether they are true or not is not yet clear. No one can prove it."

        Having abilities that ordinary people don't have.

        This statement made Han Giangli very curious because he himself was such an existence.

        Could it be that there were others like him in foreign countries?

        If that was the case, it was still good news for Han 3,000, who was worried about not being able to get people around him to cultivate, and if such people existed abroad, it might even be a breakthrough.

        "It seems that only if the gold medal shows up, it might be possible for me to understand the Black Sheep Organization," Han Qianqian said.

        Knife Twelve's eyelids jumped straight, no one in this world was willing to face the assassination of the Black Sheep Organization's gold medal assassin, because once the gold medal was used, the target was bound to die.

        But Han Qianqian, seemed to be very eager about this matter.

        "Three thousand, this is no joke." Dagger Twelve warned to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Three Thousand turned to look at Knife Twelve with a smiling face and said, "Do you see me as if I'm playing around?"

        Knife twelve subconsciously nodded his head, Han three thousand can still laugh out at this time, this is not a joke, what else can it be?

        "You haven't seen a truly strong person yet, and I'll definitely let you see one when you have the chance in the future." Han Qianli smiled.

        There was no one in this world who could make Han Three Thousand take out 100% of his strength at the moment, and if the Black Sheep Organization really had a gold medal in existence, it might give Han Three Thousand a little interest and a chance to show Knife Twelve a real strong man.

        But before facing these problems, Han 3,000 had one more problem, and that was Qi Yi Yun, who was about to return home.